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cha • eunwoo
green ranger amigay

pancake daddy's cute ok

i like hi ... s thighs a lot

cute things he says h eh

lee seokmin 6 seconds
ago Reply
trashu: yoU ONly take up
like 0.001% in my mind bYE
also him: seokmin's
thighs r so thicc and
nice nghG

lee seokmin 10 hours ago Reply
@cha eunwoo im dedicating my 4k to you bc you make my life High Quality and i just want to say that i love you so muc h and i hope you're getting the rest that you deserve and i hopE you had fun reading these posts even tho i cant do it the way you do but nyac i had fun dying while visiting your tumblr tag :")

lee seokmin 10 hours ago Reply
@cha eunwoo im sor r y i didnt get to reply to our longass thread im truly ded and lost it while doing tragic life stuff :"( im kinda running out of images so like hEy let me tell you a 3am late night thought that isnt tragic as jie's. i keep imagining those Tumblr Boyfriend Scenarios™ and im exploding bc i keep imagining of doing those floofy things with you and like i told myself that im seriously determined to make you m*ne but like yuha's gon kill me if i go first and i wanna make it extra special e heh oops did i spoil byE

lee seokmin 10 hours ago Reply
@cha eunwoo im feeling sOoOOO lonely without your kisses. i miss it i miss you :"-( but i hopE you're having a nice slepe atm bc yesterday was prolly tiring for yo u u u but wow let me talk abt how Offended i am bc every pic of you makes me drop to the ground and raise a white flag bc im Defeated. this is cruel why r u so cut e im suing ur parents j k jk

lee seokmin 10 hours ago Reply
@cha eunwoo sh a k e s fi s t how do you do these thingies to my heart ur making it w ea k and flo of y like ur eyES are literally sparKLing,, i keep losing my breath at every picture of you that i see h el p

lee seokmin 10 hours ago Reply
@cha eunwoo its like 3aM and im typing this out bc i kinda rly miss you but im not good with this like the ones you tag me im cryOnG but wow look at my late night sobbing about how you nom that food in the cutest way without even trying i didnt know god was capable of doing that

lee seokmin 10 hours ago Reply
@cha eunwoo i wanna be with *** f*r m* en**r* l***

lee seokmin 10 hours ago Reply
@cha eunwoo im sorry if i cant talk that much bc im conserving my pts for this dedic i cant just spam tf telling how much i l*v u bye

lee seokmin 10 hours ago Reply
@cha eunwoo i was supposed to do this yesterday but i keep yellING while going through your tag and kinda passed out after then i woke up and realized that wow im bendable 720° for you there i said it (thats your magic trick)

lee seokmin 10 hours ago Reply
@cha eunwoo hi god i mean cha eunwoo but its not like its any different

lee seokmin 10 hours ago Reply
@cha eunwoo hi this is lee seokmin your p*nc*k* d*ddy (okay but between me and you (not rly bc im posting this in the chat and im nevER safe there) you're the only one who can call me that ny eac) ykno how they would say that im the sun w my smile but now i discovered a stronger force bc you just outshined me with your smiLe

lee seokmin 5 seconds ago Reply
and cha eunwoo is so fkcing cute my love meter for him is 10282383838292

lee seokmin 47 seconds ago Reply
cha eunwoo 43 seconds ago Reply
d add y?

yes bby

lee seokmin 8 seconds ago Reply
google search: Why is Cha Eunwoo so Cute -
yelLs ¡¡ ooʇ noʎ ǝʌoๅ ᴉ
and enjoy your trip :")

lee seokmin 26 seconds ago Reply
cha eunwoo only changes his dp once in a blue moon rt for good luck

lee seokmin 25 seconds ago Reply

lee seokmin 17 seconds ago Reply

lee seokmin 1 minute ago Reply
yELLS i lOVE cHa EunWOO so Mucho >:(

lee seokmin 8 seconds ago Reply
trashu you're the llamaf my life

lee seokmin (cha eunwoo's llama) 42 seconds ago Reply
KJDKJA WH Y is cha eunwoo so cute it's bad for my Heart

lee seokmin (cha eunwoo's llama) 2 seconds ago Reply
i'll only kiss marry and fuq cha eunwoo bye

jeon wonwoo (pilot of jinan's heart) 9 seconds ago Reply
didn't think that my wedding would reveal the Real Top in eunwoo and seokmin's r/s

lee seokmin (cha eunwoo's llama) 14 seconds ago Reply
== Results from == 
100% Rigger 
99% Degrader 
92% Master/Mistress 
91% Voyeur 
91% Owner 
91% Exhibitionist 
90% Dominant 
81% Sadist 
78% Masochist 
75% Pet 
74% Daddy/Mommy 
67% Boy/Girl 
66% Primal (Hunter) 
65% Rope bunny 
64% Degradee 
59% Switch 
58% Experimentalist 
56% Slave 
49% Submissive 
48% Ageplayer 
47% Vanilla 
47% Brat 
26% Primal (Prey) 
22% Non-monogamist

lee seokmin 56 seconds ago Reply
other snekes: pancake
me: yuck what kind of Fish
trashu: panca-
me: pancake is a flat cake, often thin and round, prepared from a starch-based batter that may contain eggs, milk and butter and cooked on a hot surface such as a


park junghyun 1 minute ago Reply
why havr a rowoon seokwoo when you can have a seokmim + eunwoo seokwoo

jeon wonwoo 2 minutes ago Reply
wwe is gonna go on while pancake daddy's pouring pancake syrup all over eunwoo and it off

jeon wonwoo 4 minutes ago Reply
eunwoo and seokmin are gonna fight in bed

zhou jieqiong 1 minute ago Reply
eunwoo is the gayer version

bae sungyeon 1 minute ago Reply
eunwoo looks good in
his dpeee♡

kim doyeon 1 minute ago Reply
when eunwoo smiles he's like hii im an angel but
im also going to u
in the

chong tingyan [A] 1 minute ago Reply
finger hearts at eunwoo

yoon jeonghan 22 seconds ago Reply
eunwoo is the prettier version-

park junghyun 11 seconds ago Reply
eunwoo: violently moans as he geys ready to fite

park junghyun 23 seconds ago Reply
i forgot eunwoo is
fellow mc

yoon jeonghan 26 seconds ago Reply
eunwoo: this is spart-- hnnnnngngngggg

wen junhui 34 seconds ago Reply
kim yerim 5 seconds ago Reply
jeon somi 1 second ago Reply
kwon soonyoung 8 seconds ago Reply
kim seokwoo 2 seconds ago Reply
you know i saw eunwoo and got excited for a moment
and then i remembered

park junghyun 9 seconds ago Reply
baba black sheep have
you any cha eunwool

kim taehyung • jseph 46 seconds ago Reply
I love Eunwoo

kim nahee 3 seconds ago Reply
the rare and endangered eunwoo, releasing his mating calls for a mate as it was the mating season, in his natural habitat.

kim taehyung 15 seconds ago Reply
god made a male eunwoo and felt ashamed at his own creation so he made a female eunwoo to compensate for the mistake

kim nahee 19 seconds ago Reply
crikey! it seems like this cha eunwoo, is feeling more desperate than usual as his mating calls are getting louder and louder. i wouldn't go near it if i were you, it could pounce on you any time-

ahn hyungseop 14 seconds ago Reply
d a ddy dongmin

kwon soonyoung 18 seconds ago Reply
ur k drama life will
start now eunwoo b ab e

runs a car over u so u lose ur memories n
forget allnur loved ones

lee hojung 2 minutes ago Reply
cha eunwoo is my spirit amigay istg

kyla massie 1 minute
ago Reply
we should conduct
Operation 486: Find
Cha Eunwoo's Lover

park jaehyung 20 seconds
ago Reply

park junghyun 9 seconds
ago Reply
eunwoo is an
independent man who
don't need no man

park junghyun 3 seconds
ago Reply
oh what scarf are you
'seokmin's thighs'

jeon wonwoo 1 minute
ago Reply
eunwoo seokmin says his
thighs would make a
great seat but a better
seat for you would be

kim jaehwan [A] 1 second 
ago Reply
eunwoo: has pancake
daddy but denies
also eunwoo: romeo
where fo art thou im
so lonely boohoo

lee jihoon 9 seconds ago Reply
eunwoo be syrup d*ddy

jeon wonwoo [ sh ] 1 minute ago Reply
eunwoo you'd be vanilla bc classic and always good

lee jihoon (kim taeyeon) 12 seconds ago Reply
eunwoo before: bambi
eunwoo after: banged-bi

kim dabin (the biker girl) 1 second ago Reply
i imagined eunwoo just calmly playing the piano while the others are yelling in the church im

im nayoung (harley queen) [A] 19 seconds ago Reply

bae jinyoung (patrick) [ h ] 2 seconds ago Reply
eunwoo lookin like a fine business man

 im changkyun (seokwoo's soft princess) 4 seconds ago Reply
eunwoo always looks good though.
seo seunghee 31 seconds ago Reply
independent man cha eunwoo


lee minho12:27:42 amReply


lee minho1:23:17 amReply

yurin my heart

lee minho1:28:48 amReply

park yuri11:26:21 PMReply
oh goodness where did boyfriend go he did a magic trick

yuri: when you said "magical in bed" this isn't exactly what I was exp-
me: *holds up 8 of hearts* is this your card
yuri: *softly* holy