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Park Bogum 9 months ago
@Chou Tzuyu "Thank you so much for this,you are so kind.My stylist is on vacation since I thought i won't have any schedule for a while,but then this just came yesterday right after she left for her trip....So I'm now all alone to do this...." He sighs at the situation that just make him panics,looking at the woman before carry her baby boy in his hand carefully." Ahh,are you planning on stop feed him anytime soon? " Bogum questions her one more time,tapping his chin and remember what he need for tomorrow." I need something pink,and some light color cloth...so maybe blue or peach? " He look over at the store to find the right color and size for him to wear for tomorrow's work."If you find anything just let me know." He carries Jiyong around the store as careful as possible since he doesn't want to hurt the baby boy." Jiyong...my name is Bogum,you can just call me bogum hyung~." He whisper softly at Jiyong as he looks at the boy in his arms,smile happily.
Chou Tzuyu 9 months ago
@Park Bogum "Mmmm... Of course. I'd rather be helping you than leave you on your own without any sort of help... Where is your stylist?" She questioned. She looked at Bogum and then Jiyong. "Ah... Yes... He loves to be carried around... And he hates it when I sit down while holding him. He isn't... If anything he's annoyed with me." She looked at Bogum with a smile. "Of course~. Here." She lifted Jiyong out of the carrier and held him out to Bogum. "Go ahead~. And... Yes. I am still feeding him myself... I've tried to do bottles and he's just not having it... But... I don't mind... They say it builds a bond between mom and baby..." Tzuyu hummed softly, nodding. "Yes. What did you want me to look for? What were the colors?"
Park Bogum 9 months ago
@Chou Tzuyu "Yea...Three hours...Thank you so much,I truly appreciated it. "Bogum smiled at her as they walks to the store,looking over at the female and nodded his head." Ahh,he is craving for someone to carry him? I didn't know that,but i'm glad that he is not annoyed by me." Bogum chuckled softly at her,a little surprised by her words." Maybe I can give a try,to see if he allow me to carry him?" he asked her to carry the baby,tilted his head at her.Blinking a few times when Tzuyu told him that she is still feeding her baby,he thought Jiyoung would be using bottle by now." Really? You are still feeding him yourself? " They walking into the store as Bogum began to look around for the thing he needed for tomorrow."You want to look at that section while I look over at this section?" He questioned her for help,that way it would save time for the both of them.
Chou Tzuyu 10 months ago
@Park Bogum "Of course~. Three hours? Oh my gosh... Well... We'll find you something good. Okay? Come on~." She said, smiling. She walked by him, humming softly. "Mmm..." She looked over at Bogum and shook her head with a small laugh. "No. He hates to be woken up... I had to wake him up again when we got here. I think he likes you actually..." She said this while noticing that Jiyong was staring at Bogum in awe. "He loves people. He always wants to be help by someone. Whether it's me or someone else.." Tzuyu shook her head, smiling. "It's not a bother. I'm always looking for a reason to check on my employees." She shook her head a bit. "No. No day cares... We tried that once already... They... Were not good with him. He came home with two bruises... And I pulled him out... So... He stays with me. That... And he wouldn't take a bottle... Because I haven't bottle fed him..."
Park Bogum 10 months ago
@Chou Tzuyu "Thank you so much,I just a little exhausted,tired and kind of frustrated because I've been looking for these for a like three hours or so already." Bogum sighs softly and look at the directions of the stores that Tzuyu points out,nods his head and slowly walking toward the stores." Ahh,i thought he is a little annoyed because of me.That's a relief then." He chuckles at the female and blinks a few times before answering." Are you sure,I don't want to bother you though,I can always go another day when the shop is open." Biting his lips,Bogum and Tzuyu walks side by side while the mother talks to the baby." Do you always take him to the store when you are busy,or do you send him to the day care? "
Chou Tzuyu 10 months ago
@Park Bogum Tzuyu gave a soft hum, noting everything Bogum mentioned liking. Nodding a little bit, she gestured to a store. "We'll find your casual outfit there. And your formal outfit over there." She hummed, pointing to another store. "Come on. I'll help you~." She laughed softly, looking down at Jiyong and shaking her head. "I don't think he's annoyed about that... But he is mad at me for waking him up to come here." She continued rubbing Jiyong's back, humming softly. "Huh, little man? You're not annoyed by him. Are you~?" Jiyong let out a small gurgling sound in response. Tzuyu looked over at Bogum and smiled. "Oh. Just because we're closed doesn't mean there's nothing there right now. Certain things get baked the day before~. We can drop by if you want to~."
Park Bogum 10 months ago
@Chou Tzuyu Bogum looks at the female and smiles at her,nodding his head gently." I love t-shirt and jeans with sneakers for casual,and black and blue color combination for formal.Do you think you can help me with that? " He ask the mother as he pays attention a the surrounding to continue searching for a store." Okay,should we get it going then? I don't want the little guy waiting for too long since he seem a little annoyed when he sees me." Bogum stand up slowly from the bench and takes a long deep breath before grabbing his stuffs,he looks at Tzuyu once awhile to check on her and make sure she is okay with the baby." I see,I was hoping to get something to eat at your bakery after shopping,but i guess that's not going happen today. " He chuckles softly at the mother,scratching the back of his head.
Chou Tzuyu 10 months ago
@Park Bogum Tzuyu smiled as she waited for an answer from the other. "Formal... And then casual..." She mused. "Hmm... I might know a good place for formal wear. So... What is your style? So I can be of more help~." She noticed how he looked around and knew he needed some help with this. She cooed softly as Jinyoung made a soft noise. "I know, love~." She said softly. She glanced back at Bogum, nodding. "He is... Erm... A miracle baby. He just turned 3 months old yesterday... And he's getting big... So he needs new clothes." She nodded a bit at the question. "Of course~. My bakery is closed today. I have nowhere to be anytime soon~."
Park Bogum 10 months ago
@Chou Tzuyu Bogum looks at the female with the baby before thinking about the concept for tomorrow,tapping on his chin and answers" it just something formal for the first part and casual for the second part.But i just can't find anything that fits my style...." He sighs and look at Tzuyu,looking around the place and continue searching for the perfect store for him to shop." Yea,that's me. I wasn't expecting to see you here,and is that your baby? " Bogum tilts his head and look at the baby boy in front of her chest." So you really want to help me? "
Chou Tzuyu 10 months ago
@Park Bogum Tzuyu hummed softly, rubbing Jiyoung's back as she grew closer to the other. She tilted her head, listening to his situation. "Ah... Well... Maybe I can help you out. I'm no designer... But I know a thing or two about fashion..." She said, smiling. "By tomorrow? Oh. What's the theme? Is there a theme?" She smiled when he said he thought he recognized her. "Oh. Yes~! That is me! I do own a bakery. Tzuyu is correct~" She said, smiling. She tilted her head the other way before nodding. "Right! Okay! I thought you looked familiar! Bogum... It's nice to know the name of one of my regulars~."
Park Bogum 10 months ago
@Chou Tzuyu He was still looking around to find a store that he can buy something that he can use for tomorrow when he hears a voice that sounds familiar from a distance,he looks up to see a woman with a baby in front her chest." I..i'm just looking for a clothing store that I can go and buy some cloth for me that I can wear for tomorrow's photo shoot,but I can't find any so i'm just a little frustrated,that's all." Bogum sighs and look at the woman,then he realized that the woman is someone he knows from somewhere." Wait,I know who you are. Aren't the bakery owner,Tzuyu right? " He question the mother when he recognize who she is." My name is bogum,i always go to your shop to buy pastries. "
Chou Tzuyu 10 months ago
@Park Bogum Tzuyu gave a soft hum as Jiyong closed his eyes with his head still against her chest. Her hand gently rubbing his back. The diaper back, which looks like a backpack, was a bit heavy today. She looked around, noticing someone who seemed to be struggling. But he also looked so familiar. She walked closer and realized he was a regular at her bakery. She smiled a little bit. "Hey... Are you okay? You look a bit lost..." She said, with her head tilted. Jiyong let out a soft sound. "Shh... It's alright, little man..."
Park Bogum 10 months ago
@Chou Tzuyu Bogum walking around the mall trying to find some clothes for his next photo shoot for the magazine on Tuesday,looking around to find the best store for his desires but after almost two hours of walking around the mall he still can't find anything that fits the concept for the shoot.He decided to sit down on the bench to rest for a bit before continue his search,taking out his phone to read and look through the concept again to make sure he has the right idea for the cloth." this is so hard....where is my stylist when i need her...." Bogum complains at himself,he really need his stylist right now but she is on vacations with her family at the moment."
Chou Tzuyu 10 months ago
@Park Bogum Tzuyu hummed softly, adjusting Jiyong in his carrier as she walked towards the mall from her car. He had his head resting on her chest as he made the cutest little gurgling sounds. "Mmm... I know! We're gonna get you some knew clothes today~ Since my little man is getting bigger!" Thankful that he was at a healthy weight.
Yoon Donggu 10 months ago
@Lee Hoseok ah, you're too much-
*laughs sheepishly at your complimentary words, a hand coming up to idly ruffle my hair*
honestly, just supporting like this is really nice, don't worry. maybe stop by sometimes when you're free. that'd be enough
*grins, pointing to you in agreement*
definitely. good company can make anywhere a dream vacation, so fingers crossed we both get really nice, fun people
* continue chanting for a bit, it only dissipating as you speak, earning a cheeky remark*
just some payback~ anyway, you've totally got it and then some!
*gestures around*
nobody else is cracking home runs like that in here. my seokkie's a star, i'm like a proud dad!
Lee Hoseok 10 months ago
@Yoon Donggu I wish i could help..opening a business is no joke, so I still commend you...you've always works quite hard, at your family's company and now this...you deserve a good break soon, hyung.
*smiles softly*
ooh, that could be fun hm? wherever you go, hopefully it's more enjoyable with some good company, right?
*your enthusiasm makes me laugh softly, blushing a little at your gentle praises*
aiyoo, hyung, you flatter me too much~
i may not be mlb, but i still got it somewhat, hm?
Yoon Donggu 10 months ago
@Lee Hoseok *chuckles lightly*
i'm fine, i'm fine. all i do at the cafe is talk people's ears off and change the music...sometimes the coffee bar, if we're short-staffed. i literally just have a terrible memory, out of sight out of mine. i'm like a toddler...though a vacation would be super nice
*hums lightly, nodding*
i love hawaii..for south america maybe salvador or willemstad? both look really nice, but i've never been either
*laughs in anticipation as you adjust your stance, biting my own lip in anticipation of the hit. when the crack of it landing rings throughout the arena, i laugh in amazement and applaud*
whoa, that was amazing! ho-seok, ho-seok, ho-seok!
*stands chanting your name, shaking a fist to the rhythm*
Lee Hoseok 10 months ago
@Yoon Donggu aiyoo...you're too busy for your own good, hyung, you're gonna burn yourself out at this rate.
a honeymoon should be doctor's orders by now, keke~
*laughs softly at your reactions*
hm..i haven't even thought about it since it still feels so far away...hawaii? i really like the states...or maybe somewhere in south america since i've never been. Anywhere that I'm clueless about, because i wanna make cool new memories.
*laughs as you teasingly chide me, getting in stance as I want to prove myself now, gaze getting more serious as i follow the ball, swinging with a harsh hitting sound as the ball flies out much farther this time before being caught in the netting, victorious grin on my face*
Yoon Donggu 10 months ago
@Lee Hoseok *hums in agreement*
Exactly! Gotta hold onto that hope. And of course, I haven't! You know me. I save emails, mark them as unread AND important so I can get to them when I'm free, and then completely forget they exist until next time. Then the cycle repeats..
*sighs in faux exasperation before chuckling at the true ridiculousness of the conundrum. i then give a touched coo at your words, putting both hands over my heart*
aw, hoseokkie ~ you deserve a great honeymoon too. where do you wanna go for yours? i want somewhere with really nice views, like a little more than a beach destination
*grins and rattles the fence a bit after the less than great hit*
c'mooon you can do better than that!
Lee Hoseok 10 months ago
@Yoon Donggu oh for sure, the amount that i've been on...god, and they always end up so atrocious. but it's hard to say no, because it very well could be your one at least one of the times, right?
aiyoo, you havent filled it out yet? i waited a little as well, though...i think i was just nervous to be paired up for this season, so i hesitated. but now...i'm a little more excited than nervous this go around, which should be a good sign, right?
*nods a little bit*
right, i love this sort of thing. i think it's the same reason i like working out and training so much...your mind kind of goes blank from all your wories and it's just replaced with that nice adrenaline...
you deserve a nice break, hyung. your marriage will hopefully be nice for that, too, going on a nice honeymoon and all~
*laughs shyly as you hype me up so much, your challenging tone only making me more excited*
alright, bet!
*keeps my eye on the machine as it throws another ball, hitting it a bit later than the other so it rolls off*
eh..not my best.
Yoon Donggu 10 months ago
@Lee Hoseok *laughs sheepishly at your complimenting words and holds up both hands, index and middle fingers crossed*
Here's hoping! Blind dates are more miss than hit, honestly. I've been on a few that noona set up and...I definitely think I'll leave it to the pros for now haha.. y'know, whenever I get around to answering those questions. Hopefully, that'll be sooner than later...if I don't forget again
`hums, idly rocking from heel to the pads of my feet*
It's definitely cool! But those things are exhausting, like, super tiring. I really need this: just being here and hanging with you, no pretenses. Aaand also securing precious gifts to make give my store a nice atmosphere~
*grins cheekily before giving a low, impressed whistle*
Nice cage bomb!
*applauds generously before deciding to jokingly heckle*
Bet you won't get another
Lee Hoseok 10 months ago
@Yoon Donggu You deserve someone perfect for you, dude. I can't wait to see who they match you up with, I can only hope it's someone who can match that great energy of yours.
*nods a bit at your words*
I've been a bit better this last year or so, stopping the flings and going on blind dates, but it just doesn't seem to really work out. something like this...i think it's a fun way to give it a shot...and i think i might trust these producers and a questionnaire far more than my mom or coworker's tastes for me.
god, you know i'm the same way. mom's been begging for me to bring home a girl i want to be with, and i hate to dissappoint-
*hums happily and nods*
it's nice, a lot of these guys i see as friends now, and i hope they feel the same.
ah, but that's so damn cool, hyung, bumping shoulders with cute models and all that.
*gets in position as the machine starts up*
happy to hear it! if i see any of my pro clients soon, then, i'll get some signatures for your place.
*as the ball comes I get the first easily, grinning excitedly at the feeling of doing this with you again after so long*
Yoon Donggu 10 months ago
@Lee Hoseok ohh yeah, this whole thing's wild in and of itself. i'm excited and i also feel like i might die, so we'll see what happens
*chuckles, giving a noncommittal shrug*
i'm sure everything'll fall into place for you. if you catch feelings, just act natural and go with the flow
there's so many single people, way older than us that end up finding the ever-elusive "one". i'm not worried, but Chairwoman Yoon said I can't come to Chuseok without a girlfriend or wife
*pouts lightly before smiling and nodding in agreement with your sentiment, glad that you're in a solid, happy spot*
see, that's even cooler! you're like a little more than acquaintances with these guys. all i do with Yuli now is show up and look pretty, so there's not a lot of time for bonding
*finishes reloading and half-jogs my way out to the safe side of the fence, making sure to secure the gate. i lean forward against it, fingers gripping the links. nods firmly*
still a big fan! i'll have a special section of the wall just for stuff like that. i was thinking of doing something similar anyway, like having people leave messages and things by the door. it'd be nice to see as you come and go, don't you think?
Lee Hoseok 10 months ago
@Yoon Donggu Right, maybe I'll only know if I'm ready once I see them walking down the aisle...in any case, I'm still excited. It's gonna be a wild ride no matter how it ends, right?
yeah, i guess that's my dealbreaker, huh? I don't really know what to do with myself when I start catching feelings. I guess being stuck together will make that a bit easier, though.
*this time it's my turn to grab the bat, practicing my stance as you reload*
that's right, i feel ancient because my mom keeps reminding me I'm too old to be single, but I guess I do still have time, hm?
agreed, if the universe took it a bit easier on me I wouldn't complain. but hey, I'm happy now and that's what matters.
*leans against the bat as we chat a bit*
right, I can't help but admire the boldness. when you see something you want...you just gotta go for it.
I don't get too starstruck these days...perhaps but because i see a lot of those people regularly now. But at the beginning...damn, I barely knew what to do with myself. To be teaching my influences felt a little wrong, even.
*laughs softly at your request*
hm, you still into baseball, then? I'd never say no, maybe you could hang 'em in the cafe even.
Yoon Donggu 10 months ago
@Lee Hoseok Mmh, i'd like to think...you only know you're ready in a moment. Like an instant where it's like 'holy , I'm ready' but that might be really idyllic aha. But passionate, right. I'll take it! Just like you'd better take the fact that you're a catch! We all have our 'things,' maybe a little beyond a fling is yours?
*quirks an eyebrow jokingly before shaking my head, chuckling*
Like 5tion said: Love takes time! So, don't worry too much. We're not /that/ old just yet
*hums in understanding, offering a smile*
Well, I think everything happens for a reason. Maybe the universe could have given you a sliiightly less painful path but seems like sports med is where you're supposed to be
*chuckles, shrugging lightly*
Yeah, a hustle is a hustle and life's too short for shame
*lightly chucks you in the shoulder as you walk in and starts reloading the balls*
I know what you mean! I'm not super big, at all, so I'm always crazy starstruck at events. Hey,
*straightens up after picking up a ball, grinning while tossing it from hand to hand*
Do you think you could get me an autograph?
Lee Hoseok 10 months ago
@Yoon Donggu Well, I hope so. Honestly...I'm not sure if I'm ready. Though I don't know if anyone ever is, huh...
C'mon, though, you're a total catch. What you see as talkative, they see as passionate, hyung.
*smiles softly at your sweet words*
you of all people should know how totally undateable I am compared to you. I at anything beyond a little fling.
but yeah, anything you need, let me know. I'm always happy to help you.
*rubs the back of my neck a bit shyly*
yeah, well, I can't say it was easy. I really did want to go pro...but honestly, I love what I do now. I still get to spend my time at the gym and on the field, so I'm not complaining too much.
*laughs softly at your reaction*
I swear, every time i get one girl client i get about 5 more because she tells her whole team or something. but I'm not complaining, since I respect that hustle. I'm a little shameless myself, so I can understand.
*smiles as you hit your last so well, slipping into the cage to help pick the balls back up*
can't complain about living the life, hm? It's really nice.
Yoon Donggu 10 months ago
@Lee Hoseok you think so?
*grins sheepishly, reaching up to habitually ruffle the back of my hair*
i feel like i'd end up talking her right out the door. you know i don't stop if the topic's right. but you?
*points at you, chuckling as i shake my finger a few times*
you're amazing and talk just the right amount. aand i might just take you up on that offer. though, it's not the lifting that so much as the alphabetizing. it's tedious as hell
*hums sympathetically*
i'm sorry you had to learn that the hard way, hoseokkie. it's really great that you're there for other people though. i know some people wouldn't want anything to do with the industry at all
*hits another ball while you think but misses the next when i start laughing at the flirting comment, having to dodge it instead and resulting in the ball hitting the cage*
you're handsome, it's an inevitable conflict of interest. but that's cool!
*hits the last ball and turns to you, smiling*
look at you~ bumping shoulders with pros
Lee Hoseok 10 months ago
@Yoon Donggu same here, man. i think it's too early for either of us to get paired yet, so we still have a bit of time to bother each other right? my place is a small little thing but you're welcome in it anytime. and your future wifey is too, if you both hit it off well.
but you...god, you're such a genuine guy. whoever gets you is gonna fall for you no problem, hyung.
*laughs softly at your words*
man, i feel it. if you ever need help, let me know. my best friendship quality is the ability to lift heavy objects, so...yeah. no wonder im always the one being called when someone's moving, keke.
*teases with a small chuckle*
right...back then, nobody really looked out for us. so many injuries happened just because of carelessness. hell, i ruined my acl from just going out messing around with friends after an intense day, you know? I just pushed myself too much. I totally thought i was invincible.
*looks at your new stance and nods in approval, hyping you up when you land your first hit*
aye, nice one! you totally still got it, hyung.
*thinks for a moment*
i have a lot of cheerleaders and dancers these days...but they flirt way harder than they train.
in terms of notoriety, though, i have a few korean mlb-ers and i do some work for the myeongji college team at their events, so i'm pretty busy.
Yoon Donggu 10 months ago
@Lee Hoseok mhm, it's time for a little refresher, i think. something new, even if it's lowkey got me nervous as hell. but, hey, that's life! we need to hang out more. until i get married, my door's always open. even then it is, but i'd have to get some clearance
*chuckles lightly at the thought and hums, getting the most peace of mind from the fact that my sister is around to take over*
yep, proud and probably inhaling a lifetime's worth of dust. i've been trying to organize the storage closet this week. it's a nightmare, present Donggu hates past Donggu for procrastinating
*smiles, momentarily focusing on you rather than the task at hand*
that's really awesome, man. you're impressive, i'm proud of you! but i get what you mean: things would be different, huh?
wider? ah- alright..
*pulls on the legs of my slacks, relieving some of the strain around my thighs. turns the pitcher back on and reassuming position, making sure to stand a bit wider. after missing the first pitch, i manage to land the second and grin widely as the crack echoes throughout the arena, among the others from all around*
ayy! 'ol gunnie's still got it!
*laughs in triumph before preparing for another pitch*
have you gotten any interesting clients?
Lee Hoseok 10 months ago
@Yoon Donggu way too long. we used to spend like, every weekend at each other's house...I guess we've both been working a little too hard, hm?
but we should enjoy this time, this small window before getting married to just hang out and enjoy ourselves, right?
*nods a little at your words in understanding*
of course, but it's important to go after what's really making you happy, you know. and now look at you, a proud business owner...
*smiles a bit, leaning against the wire on the batting cage as I answer*
well, it's nice. i work as an athletic trainer, which is pretty much making sure professional athletes are staying mentally and physically healthy, and fixing them up when they're not. it's pretty demanding...like a personal trainer, doctor, therapist, and nutritionist all in one...
but at the same time, I really wish I had someone around for me like that when I was still trying to go pro, you know?
*eyes your form a bit, letting the analytical part of me come out a bit*
you're gonna be fine, dude. widen your stance and you'll hit it easy.


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ciao, take care
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love you all. maybe some other time ♡
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later guys,love,very much
shoshin 9 months ago
until then, my mfs family. ♡ - nana
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crust_of_summer 9 months ago
If I may reserve two with a favorite and upvote, could I please have Kim Nahyun and Nam Joohyuk
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hi, may i reserve got7’s im jaebum?
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could you add jorge lopez for me
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Could yoona and yein be off hiatus andcould i cc xin to lily macapinlac?
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Can I have Gloria Tang please?
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