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Kim Taehyung 9 months ago
@Park Jimin *looks at you in disbelief, shaking my head quickly
you are incredible, don't put yourself down like that.
*rubs the back of my neck with a shy smile
thank you.
i usually don't really get recognised as much
i'm glaf you like it, and you really add a whole other element to it.. with your dancing. you bring it alive.
Park Jimin 9 months ago
@Kim Taehyung O-oh.
*gets flustered when you mention my dancing*
You know. It’s not really that good.
I have a lot of room for improvement.
I just...really like dancing.
*halts myself before I start rambling*
But your music is really nice.
You have real talent.
Kim Taehyung 9 months ago
@Park Jimin [] you take care as well !

*hands over my license to the receptionist so she can verify my ID while I listen to you, my eyes widening a little when I hear your comment about my music and I let out a quiet laugh
*turns so I can look at you, sticking my hand out with a kind smile
I know who you are.
I like your dancing.
Park Jimin 9 months ago
@Kim Taehyung [oh it's okay! you should always take care of yourself first uwu I'm finally getting over a flu too]

No. It-it's okay.
*steps back a little more, not immediately walking away because like why would I when this is actually a good chance to talk to you, but also realizes that I could come of as creepy and hesitates*
Hi. I- like your music.
*yeah because that doesn't sound stupid at all, I clear my throat to quickly try again*
I'm Jimin. Park Jimin.
Kim Taehyung 9 months ago
@Park Jimin []so sorry for late response ive not been feeling well.

*shakes my head and shoots you a kind smile when you start to move out of the way, letting out a quiet laugh
Sorry I didn't mean to in
I kind of figured since we're both here they can just check us both in.
*looks over at you finally, my eyes widening a little when i recognise you immediately from your videos, but i quickly shut up and look at the receptionist again, too nervous to say anything
Park Jimin 9 months ago
@Kim Taehyung -check in and hears you behind me, not quite able to place your familiar voice until i turn to look at you after receiving my room card-
-opens my mouth to say something, but no words come out as I register that you said you're here for the event too, which means that you're also running late-
-bows my head in apology and scoots out of the way so you can sign in-
Kim Taehyung 9 months ago
@Park Jimin *arrives just after you do, also running extremely late and flustered, barrelling into the lobby area only moments after you've done the same, dragging my suit case before me as i rush up to the desk, hopping from foot to foot behind you as i wait impatiently
*comes forward when i hear you say you're for the event, quickly explaining that i am as well, yet to look at you and realise who you are
Park Jimin 10 months ago
@Kim Taehyung -finally arrives at the hotel, showing up just barely past the scheduled time, tripping over my luggage as I try to drag it along behind me, approaching the front desk in a hurry-
-apologizes to the clerk for being late and explains that I'm there for the current event-
Angelina Ryu 11 months ago
@Oh Sehun Her eyes narrowed into suspicious slits, a brow lifted as she looked the man in the face to figure out if he was telling the truth or not. At first, there was a moment where she may have believed him—but it was only a split second. She was never one for face value, and it didn't take a detective to tell that he was being completely facetious. The poorly retained laughter was the dead give away. Won shifted her weight back onto one foot and crossed her arms over her torso. "You're so lying," she accused with a soft, incredulous laugh as her gaze briefly traveled the room before landing back on him. She lightly shook her head and downed the rest of her wine, touching the shoulder of a passing server to send the empty glassware and a short thank you off with her. "Okay, so there's no handbook. You were just raised right." She kept her arms crossed, hands gripping the opposing arms lightly to prevent herself from raising a couple of air quotes at the "right." It was all subjective, after all. "A book sounds way more interesting though, I'd stick to that. Anyway, what are you here for? Obligation or actual free will?"
Oh Sehun 11 months ago
@Ryu Won Sehun allowed his disinterested dark eyes to wander around the room once again, the venereal hunger of men with loose skin and equally lose morals broughtforth a nasty wave of nausea. Turning away from the repulsive image unravelling infront, his contorted expression softened when he reestablished eye-contact with the lovely woman in his company such a pleasant deviation from the countless women who plunged themselves quite literally onto him. This woman who introduced herself as Angelina seemed to have no knowledge about his family's social standing in this superficial paradigm of the world. Frankly, Sehun couldn't be any more pleased by this fact. He noted how her eyes moved pointedly towards the direction of an elderly women blabbering and though he failed to recollect her name, he couldn't forget the obnoxious interrogation badgered at him a few nights ago at another party. Once gaining her attention, Sehun sniggered at Angelina's remark. "I feel unworthy of such high praise." His playfulness bounced back, only reserved for those who earn likeness from him, something that doesn't happen often. "I jest you not. I can lend you 'the handbook of chivalry' if you want, Angelina. " He choked back the laughter as he spoke, struggling to convey his false story with a straight face. Perhaps the alcohol was seeping into his consciousness.
Angelina Ryu 11 months ago
@Oh Sehun "No, no, it's fine. You don't have to apologize or anything, I'm just...weird about those things," she explained away, habitually tucking a lock of hair behind her ear only for a few strands to fall right back into place as he continued. Her lips pursed momentarily as she gazed around the room, an agreeing hum bubbling from the back of when she caught sigh of the woman she'd had the unfortunate luck of being greeted by. She then trailed her gaze back up to him and gave a single nod toward him. "See? Already an amazing candidate," she replied with a cheeky chin before returning to her usual, softer expression. "So, is there an actual handbook for this crap or are you just messing with me?"
Oh Sehun 11 months ago
@Ryu Won Apparent discomfort didn't go undetected and the male was swiftl rectified his unintentional error, "I shall settle with Angelina for now. My apologises, I was simply following the handbook which dictates the usage of such titles." the mellifluent laughter providing somewhat of a reassurance that companionship wasn't distasteful as of yet. "I am not much of a conversationalist and possess a very large sense of personal space, Angelina. Although the same cannot be guaranteed by the majority of the population in this room. " Concluding that he'd just enough of alcohol intake for the night, Sehun desposits the glass on the adjacent table.
Angelina Ryu 11 months ago
@Oh Sehun Formalities like miss, madam, ma'am, and whatever else always made Won's skin crawl just a bit. She couldn't exactly explain or pin down the reason, but she'd always hated it. Still, it was innocent enough and she hummed in response, taking another sip of her life-force for the night. When the title was repeated, she cringed once again but this time it vocalized in an involuntary, "Ah, god," in English. A soft laugh escaped plush tiers as she waved a dismissive hand. "You don't have to call me miss, that's so stuffy. Just Angelina is fine, Ange if we end up friends. But it's very nice to meet you as well, Sehun. I can hardly call you boring since we've just met but I'll say this: you're infinitely better company than anyone else that might have approached me. You don't talk a mile a minute or try to touch me, so that's already a bonus."
Oh Sehun 11 months ago
@Ryu Won Complacently accepting the swift exchange of the glasses, the initially offered drink back in his loose albeit careful grasp. Sehun raised the crystalline glass and pressed the brim against his slightly parted lips then slowly tipping in order to take a mouthful of the wine. "I suppose so, Miss Angelina. I am not a sommelier but this wine has an exquisite taste. " He commented dryly before taking another sip of the wine, the casually cruising tenebrous irises inspecting the sea of vaguely remembered faces then settled back on the newly-acquainted companion. "Sehun. It is a pleasure to meet you, miss Angelina. I hope you aren't too upset about having such a boring man occupy your evening tonight. "
Angelina Ryu 11 months ago
@Oh Sehun the thinly veiled joke had been in complete interest of self-preservation, the young woman having gone to far too many of these sort of gatherings, and more casual ones, to not have witnessed her fair share of heinous acts. as he laughed, the sound and reverb of it practically rattling her skull, she arched a neat eyebrow as if to say she was still waiting for an answer. laughing wasn't a definite no. her eyes followed his movements and met those of the server, her head habitually dipping into a brief bow of acknowledgement before he was on his way, and she turned her attention back to the stranger. a smile curled onto her lips at the conditions of the trade and she let out a husky chuckle, giving a minuscule nod. "sure," she replied, free hand already lifting the glass from his fingers before the other settled the original back in its place. "not much of a wine girl, but i'll have to make due. beggars can't be choosers, yeah?" the question had been rhetorical but still punctuated with an interrogative tilting of her head before she lifted the wine in a silent toast and tipped some of the contents past her lips. once sated with at least a taste, she nodded her head in thanks. "i'm angelina, by the way. you are?"
Oh Sehun 11 months ago
@Ryu Won The female's curt response was met with a polite nod. Sehun had no intention of gaining acquaintance and simply planned to aid her then continue on minding his own business. However, the woman's query coupled with an accusatory stare caught him with evident surprise, much to his own amusement. Mirth spilled past the ravern haired male's lips, reverbating warmly beneath casual rise and fall of sternum upon inhaling a lungful of stale air. His straight nose automatically scrunched when an overwhelming multitude of various scents socked his olfactory and laughter gradually tranmutating into a slothful half-smile. Leaning his torso forward, he plucked out one of the many glasses arranged and carried skillfully by the server which he brought closer to the woman. "Shall we switch, then?" Sehun asked lifting the glass in his grasp, deciding to entertain himself a few minutes more. "Though I must warn you, if you take either of my drink you'll have to accompany this evening." He continued on swirling the deep red ambrosia in his hand.
Angelina Ryu 11 months ago
@Oh Sehun while weighing her options—either faking sudden, horrible nausea and escaping the Ball of the Peacocks or drinking her way through it —a voice broke through Won's reverie. she peeked up through the curtain of hair that shrouded her own features in the slump, gauging her willingness to entertain even the idea of a conversation since it was usually 'creepy old dudes' that liked to accost her at these sort of events. that, or overly exuberant women who wanted to know her "secrets." 'how'd you get your hair so shiny?' 'what's your skincare routine?' 'no way those are your natural lips!' so on and so forth.

surprisingly, she was met with the visage of a young man, not terribly older than her, if at all. undeniably handsome but that didn't matter if the personality was trash. 'please don't let this one be creepy or annoying' she prayed silently before putting on a practiced smile: friendly, inviting, but not terribly so...more relaxed. she'd witnessed enough people who looked like their teeth would pop out of their gums if they were put on anymore display. "thanks," she responded shortly, tucking some hair behind her ear and receiving the glass with her right hand before shifting it to the left. she paused just before lifting the delicate glass to her lips, eyes narrowed and brow raised playfully. "you didn't put anything in it, right?"
Oh Sehun 11 months ago
@Ryu Won The hotel was a prominent testament for the excellent contemporary architecture practiced and augmented with each individualistic flare(or signature, if you will) impressioned by the number of people who designed, at present, the lobby where this extravagant gathering was hosted. Colossally high ceiling with handpainted mural depicting the scene of greek gods and goddesses. The room is supported by ostentatiously detailed pillars and polished marble floor withholding "prestigious assemblage" of celebrities and businessmen (an elite crowd, apparently) exchanging generous servings of nepotism, followed by obvious bootlicking to avoid conflict and extend collaborations. Even the air is rich with the pleasant fragrance of blossoms which never seemed to wilt despite the flowing time.

Upon entrance, lassitude percolated through his pores of consciousness, fathomless dusky orbs impermanently flecked by the kaleidioscopic lighting explore the interior lazily when lifting his chiseled jaw upwards. He earned favourable glances and smiles directed at him yet he confesses that attention was nothing but a burden for this man. So, plastering on a professional grin he maneuvered his way through the crowd, his thick dark mane bouncing with momentum until long legs halt at a corner less occupied. A low snigger slips past his fleshly lips prudently hidden behind the right hand curled into a loose fist. Without a doubt, the exorbitant party today reminded him of anxious peacocks during mating season, arrogantly showcasing their feathers- outrageously priced garbs in this case. Rather hypocritical considering he was one of the participants in the ery. Sehun was dressed in a carmine blazer with aiguillettes and midnight black tailored pants paired with spotlessly polished black shoes.

Formulating plans and alternatives for a successful exit, Sehun's thoughts were punctuated by the murmur of a honeyed voice and he turned to address the female slumped defeatedly beside him. "Here, another glass to help your cause, miss." Sehun outstretched his left hand having the possession of a slim-stemed wine glass prudently held between the gap of his slender fingers, his voice weaved in good-humour raised a notch higher than his usual low, even tone attempting to speak above the music filling the entirety of the lobby.
Oh Sehun 11 months ago
Angelina Ryu 11 months ago
the ornately decorated hotel lobby was abuzz with voices as various executives, celebrities, and general high society people mingled and conversed among one another. there was the occasional clink of glasses as flutes of champagne were lifted from offered trays in the same breath as hors d'oeuvres. won gave a polite smile and thankful nod of her head as she handed her coat to the waiting hands of the coat check, revealing a diamond-studded gold floor-length dress. the expression was soon replaced by a practice look of excitement as she met eyes with those of a familiar face. "ah, you made it!" she was greeted, the middle-aged woman—a friend of her grandmother's—engulfing her into a hug as she went for a more self-contained bow. "oho wow, you really went for it!!" she said in English, using an excited voice so the foreign sentence wouldn't be understood as negative like it truly was, while bringing her arms up to return the gesture. once they split apart, the woman launched into a way-too-fast, way-too-eager one-sided conversation about something completely intelligible for won and she was only allowed to breath when the woman was called over by another. straightening up from the involuntary, relieved shoulder slump won looked around for the nearest caterer, mumbling to herself, "so not making it through this totally sober.."
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carpediem 9 months ago
ciao, take care
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love you all. maybe some other time ♡
insomnia_bish 9 months ago
later guys,love,very much
shoshin 9 months ago
until then, my mfs family. ♡ - nana
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crust_of_summer 9 months ago
If I may reserve two with a favorite and upvote, could I please have Kim Nahyun and Nam Joohyuk
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hi, may i reserve got7’s im jaebum?
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could you add jorge lopez for me
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Could yoona and yein be off hiatus andcould i cc xin to lily macapinlac?
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