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Kim Jisoo [M] 10 months ago
@Meng Meiqi // LMAO you did well, not even I know when to tag the girl Jisoo, afraid to tag self //

It was a normal day to Jisoo, so he would like to think, it was an important day for the Korean National Soccer Team but making it sound crucial generated nervousness. The coach spoke one on one with Jisoo, he needed Jisoo to be at his best, being central midfield means Jisoo controls the team with his feet. He was well known for mastering every position, his velocity was no joke and that's why he started as winger.

Jisoo was ready, entering the field looking around imagining the whole stadium filled with supporter from both Korean and Australia's team. It was the final of the Asian's Cup, there was no favorite team, anyone can win. But JIsoo was focus on gaining that title again, he was one game away to become the best player of the cup. While going to get some water, Jisoo noticed a soft voice singing the anthem. His eyes quickly moved to the source of that sweet voice, he saw a girl standing alone on stage. Taking advantage of his break, he walked closer to admire the singing better, he stood in front of the stage with his arms crosses while listening.
Meng Meiqi [A] 10 months ago
@Christian Yu [I know this thread is supposed to be with Jisoo but Im only tagging Christian because I didnt want to tag the wrong Jisoo! I also hope this starter is okay? ;;]

It was an early Wednesday morning with the dew still taking home on the blades of grass and the sun making its morning debut in the eastern sky. Meiqi was used to early morning rehearsals, however this was the first time she was rehearsing for a stadium to watch her sing the korean national anthem before the game started. She took a step inside the playing field, following along behind her vocal coach and the event coordinator until she reached the microphone and the stand.

Pulling her hair back, she let out a stifled yawn before doing the vocal warm ups with her coach before the soccer team had made their way onto the field for their warm ups.


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