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Seo Soojin 9 months ago
@Jessica Oh "You welcome,unnie.I'm just glad that we can meet up again~ " She smiles softly at the older woman,nodding her head and chuckle at Jessica's words." You know me,I like to get everything done as soon as possible." Soojin tilts her head and look at the designer,thinking about what she said." I thought you and Sen are doing good,did something happened? " She questions her friend before sighs in relief when she said that it was just a joke." You scared me,I thought something bad happened..." Soojin looks at the older woman as she remembered what happen with herself with her ex-wife." Yea, i'm ready for this collaboration~"
Jessica Oh 9 months ago
@Seo Soojin "Thanks to your thorough directions, I'm here safe and sound," she reassures, patting the younger woman's back as she returns the hug. "Always so straight to the point, aren't you?" Jessica comments with a chuckle, shaking her head at the question she'd expected. "It was okay." The answer is brief and she knows they both know she's withholding details on purpose. She adds in a wink for good measure before she breaks into laughter. "I'm kidding. It was great! Lots of fun." She tries her best to not go into the topic too much, worried she might cross a line after what happened with Soojin's ex-wife. "Anyways, you ready to design this collaboration?"
Seo Soojin 9 months ago
@Jung Wheein She chuckled when her friend dancing with excitement." I'm glad you enjoyed so far." Soojin nodded her head at Wheein,smile happily." You were on dance team when you were young,I didn't think you were since you are so good at art.I will for sure to teach you,help you get back to your groove in dancing.Just hope you can keep up with me,since i tempt to dance a little fast.y and tasteful,I can definitely teach you that,maybe you can use dance to make people fall for you."She chuckles as lead her to the middle of the room,putting on some music." Hope this song will be good for you,then we can start something fast."
Jung Wheein 9 months ago
@Seo Soojin "Mm, it was amazing!" Wheein giggled and hopped up from the floor when Soojin approached her. "I'm even more excited now that I was able to witness one of your lessons." Wheein bounced on her toes a little. Now fixing her sports crop top, she took in a breath and looked towards the mirror. "I was on dance teams when I was younger, but I never danced again after that since all of my time was taken up by art, which is now my career. I was hoping to learn a lot from you.. You are amazing at dancing, and.. you have a y aura. I wish to pick back up on my dancing and learn how to be y while doing so.. A little more on the tasteful y side, but y nonetheless," she laughed at herself and blushed. "Think you can help me?"
Seo Soojin 9 months ago
@Jung Wheein Soojin smiles at her friend who come all the way just to learn dancing again,she couldn't be happier to do that for Wheein.She goes back to her lesson after greeting her friend,continue with the lessons with her students as they dancing to the music that she chose just the night before.The choreographer peeks at the female that has been warming at the back of the studio as she pays attention to her lesson as well,nodding at all her students for remember the moves correctly and smiles." I think that's enough for today,guys. Thank you for coming,see you guys soon,okay? And don't forget to practice those moves,okay?" She reminds them before ending the class for the day,she walk to the speaker and stop the music before she walk to her friend." what do you think about the lesson now you watch it yourself? Thinking you can keep up and handle it? " Soojin questions her friend as she continue warming up for a private lesson.
Seo Soojin 9 months ago
@Jessica Oh Soojin is listening to music with the speakers on as she tries to find the music for her lessons in the future,enjoying and thinking about some new choreography,she always does this whenever she doesn't have any lesson or anyone around.Just when she is in the middle of thinking about new moves she heard a familiar voice coming from the door,so she turns around to see one of her best friend who is here to discuss about their collaboration for the future." Jess~ I'm so happy you found the place,hope is not that difficult for you to find this place." Soojin gives her friend a smile before gesture her to come over,she gets up from the floor and goes to hug her." So how was your honeymoon with Sen? "
Jung Wheein 9 months ago
@Seo Soojin Wheein offered the woman a bright smile as she took her hand to shake. "Mm, it is! The pleasure is all mine, really." She let forth a giggle before looking over the woman's shoulder. "Oopsies, sorry to have interrupted. Of course I'm ready! I'll be back here warming up while you finish then. No rush by any means." Wheein bowed to her friend and made herself comfortable at the back of the studio so she could do her stretches and warm ups. She was thrilled to see one of the lessons firsthand then to be receiving one as well. She heard nothing but great things about Soojin, so she couldn't wait.
Seo Soojin 9 months ago
@Jung Wheein Soojin was in the middle of dance lesson when she heard a voice coming from the direction of the door,she pause the lesson for a moment when she looks at the said direction and saw a girl that looks like someone she knew online for awhile." Is that you Wheein?Oh my,is a great pleasure to finally meet you in person~." She exclaim with excitement in her voice,walking to the lady and reach her hand for a hand shake." So are ready to get your groove on and have some fun dance lessons? " Soojin tilted her head and look at her friend." You can watch my lesson first and warm up,I will be with you after this one is done,okay? "
Jung Wheein 9 months ago
@Seo Soojin It had been quite some time since Wheein had danced. She was on her school dance team from middle to high school, and when she graduated, she never really danced again. It wasn't her passion like art was and still is, but it had been a hobby that she now desperately missed. With her job, she didn't have to get out too often, and she was honestly tired of being cooped up inside all the time. After meeting Soojin online, she decided it could be helpful to get back into dancing. She'd be getting more social interaction, more exercise, and more fun. With her bag on her shoulder, she made her way inside. "Soojinie! Wheeinie is here!" she called out to the other with a playful smile.
Jessica Oh 9 months ago
@Seo Soojin [ i'm going to drop this starter/reply here before i forget, but don't feel pressured to respond since the priority is the honeymoons rn! ]

"Is this the place?" Jessica mumbles to herself, double-checking the text her friend had sent her earlier and making sure the location matches up so she doesn't embarrass herself. She's dressed in a matching pink set of athletic gear topped with an oversized sweater, which is quite different from her usually polished appearance. She has a rather large purse with her to carry various things like her sketchpad and a change of clothes in case Soojin actually decides to teach her a choreography routine. "Soojin?"
Seo Soojin 10 months ago
@Lee Hoseok Don't worry I will teach something east,buddy.
O course,you will be just fine under my watch.If you have any question,just let me know
"chuckle softly"
I know,but sometime you just need to practice,that's all. and you are doing a great job at keeping me health and well,so great job at that~
I know what you mean,I just want to dance until my body scream at me to stop
Lee Hoseok 10 months ago
@Seo Soojin for sure, i'll need the easy stuff.
but it shouldn't be too difficult if i have a good teacher like you, huh?
*smiles softly at the thought*
of course...it's important being in tune with your body, and being able to be in tune with others if you're an ATC as well...it's my job to make sure you don't strain yourself more than your job needs you to.
and trust me, I know the struggle. Even if I'm not an athlete anymore...it's hard to get out of that work 'till you drop mindset.
Seo Soojin 10 months ago
@Lee Hoseok Don't worry,we can just don't something light to get you started
"chuckle softly"
I will do that,I always stretch my body,warm my body before I workout and start my lesson
"looking at you and smiles"
Really? You are truly a professional,that's why I have you as my trainer. You helped me a lot ever since we met.
I try not to push myself to hard,just the right amount of workout
Lee Hoseok 10 months ago
@Seo Soojin Alright, then I'm totally down. I'll be your worst student, but I'm up for the challenge.
*hums happily*
please do...if you have to work this long, be sure you stretch well and use a roller on the spots you've been straining.
*laughs softly at your thought*
aiyoo, i don't need a hidden camera...just seeing you know and helping you stretch, i can see all the spots that your body wants to rest.
at the same time, i know you work really diligently, soojin, it's admirable.
Seo Soojin 10 months ago
@Lee Hoseok I think you will be fine,we can take things slow.
"chuckle and sigh in content as you help me relax"
I know,I will come to you sooner next time
That's true,like you will be watching over me with a hidden camera...okay that sounds creepy,but you know what I mean
I know,but i'm just trying balance everything I can.
Lee Hoseok 10 months ago
@Seo Soojin some lessons? you think I have the coordination for such a thing?
*laughs softly as I massage your neck, humming happily*
I know that feeling all too well...but you should still come before all that, Soojinnie.
It's like, my whole job to scold you for such things, keke~
being any kind of athlete...it's hard to give yourself breaks, since you're always such a big critic of yourself...
Seo Soojin 10 months ago
@Lee Hoseok It is,that's why I love it so much. I hope I can help you with that,maybe some lesson for you?
I know I need some rest,but these days I'm busy with schedules and lessons.
"smile softly and look at you."
I know,but I can't rest right now,need to set my schedule,and try to give myself some break.I will try my best not to push myself too much.I promise you~
"chuckle and nods my head"
Lee Hoseok 10 months ago
@Seo Soojin dance is really quite lovely...it's a shame i never really got into it.
Seeing you guys around here...it's always really nice.
*hums a bit in understanding as I listen to you*
mm...you've just been straining yourself a lot, soojin. I know how important dance is to you but you shouldn't push your body too far.
you need some nice rest and a good massage, doctor's orders.
*laughs softly, moving behind you so i can rub your neck lightly as we speak*
Seo Soojin 10 months ago
@Lee Hoseok It's okay,we are almost done.taking a break won't hurt.
"smile softly and place my hand on your shoulder,resting for moment before looking at you."
Don't worry I didn't get any injure at all,but I do need to check up on my neck though.
kind of feeling sore sometimes,what do you think is wrong with that?
Lee Hoseok 10 months ago
@Seo Soojin no pressure, Soojin. I like watching you guys work.
*watches you as you guys practice before you head back to me, smiling at your presence*
hm? just something routine, wanna make sure you're not pushing your body too hard like last time.
can't have any injuries when you're working this hard, right?
Seo Soojin 10 months ago
@Lee Hoseok "focusing on my dancer lesson when you walk in the studio,didn't even notice you come in as I continue teaching my students,following the music as I dance in front of the mirror with them enjoy the moment i shared with them,turn around when I heard the noise coming from the corner of the room,saw you sitting on the bench before chuckling."
How can I forget,I know you will come today. I just don't want to stop my lesson.
"shake my head and stop the music before taking a break from the lesson,walking towards you and sit down next to you."
So what are we doing today,any plan for me to help with my body?
Lee Hoseok 10 months ago
@Seo Soojin *heads over to the studio, knocking before letting myself in, quite used to the layout of this place by now as I walk in, going to one of the dance floors as I seemingly catch you at the tail end of a choreography, silently watching as you finish up before coming in and putting my bag down with a small thud, catching your attention*
hm, you didn't forget about my visit did you Soojinnie?
*asks with a teasing smile*


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ciao, take care
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love you all. maybe some other time ♡
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later guys,love,very much
shoshin 9 months ago
until then, my mfs family. ♡ - nana
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