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Yoon Donggu 9 months ago
@Bae Joohyun Donggu laid there for a few moments, holding his breath so it wouldn't impede his hearing before he concluded that she definitely hadn't responded. "Joo Joo?" he called once more and waiting in the same fashion. No answer. With a soft grunt beyond his years, he stood back up and made his way through the house in search of her. "Joo? Joohyun-ah, are you hungry?" he called. When he finally got to the room, his eyes landed on her figure and he let out a soft, endeared chuckle. "I guess we can eat later," he said, mostly to himself, before walking further in. He took a moment to actually pull the covers over her and he pressed a brief kiss to her forehead. "Sleep well," he murmured before heading back out to start unpacking.
Bae Joohyun 9 months ago
@Yoon Donggu After she had reached the bedroom, she was checking the bathroom before a small yawn slipped from her lips. „I think I‘ll take a quick nap..“,Joohyun mumbled to herself while laying down on one side of the bed, closing her eyes and quickly drifting to sleep, barely hearing his call for her.
Yoon Donggu 9 months ago
@Bae Joohyun The back and forth between the car and the house didn't take too long, but it was a lot of effort that had Donggu pretty tired. He didn't make any claims to being 'in shape.' Walking back into the house, he sat the last of the bags down and sprawled out onto the couch, holding his otter to him. After taking a few moments to regain his breath, he glances around before calling out. "Joo, where are you? I miss you," he said with a soft chuckle at his own cheesiness. "Are you hungry? Should we order in?"
Bae Joohyun 9 months ago
@Yoon Donggu „Heh, that‘s a good thing. I‘m lucky to have a husband who‘s not easily scared“,Joohyun spoke up, watching him before she hummed in response to his next words, continuing to inspect the rest of the house, liking how there was a walk-in closet although smaller to her own before ending up in the bedroom.
Yoon Donggu 10 months ago
@Bae Joohyun "Eyy, not even," he responded with a laugh. "It'll take a lot more to scare me off. I like you too much." He spoke idly, walking a bit further into the house to really get a look at at least the main area. "It's waaay different than mine, I live in an officetel so this is nice! Lot's of space~" He spanned his arms out to punctuate his point before lowering them and returning to her side. "You can look around, I'll get the rest of our things." With that, he headed back outside.
Bae Joohyun 10 months ago
@Yoon Donggu „Oh, we will see about that. Who knows maybe my singing will scare you away?“,she chuckled back at him, nodding her head as she found the interior quite cute. „It is. I mean it‘s way different than mine but that‘s okay.“
Yoon Donggu 10 months ago
@Bae Joohyun "You know," he called out, a soft grunt leaving his lips as he hefted the largest of their bags out of the trunk, "I'm gonna get you to sing one of these days! Maybe we can go to karaoke on our next date. You have to sing there, that's the point." He'd continued speaking on his way to the door, walking in after her and taking in the sitting area that they were immediately met with. He let out a low whistle, setting the bags down and brightly adding, "It's nice here!"
Bae Joohyun 10 months ago
@Yoon Donggu The whole ride was quite interesting and hyper as Donggu kept dancing, trying to get her to sing along even just once but she was not giving into it. She glanced out as they finally arrived at their new home, unbuckling the seatbelt to climb out. „Wow, it’s cute“,Joohyun spoke up with a smile, nodding at his words as she started to look for the key. „Got it!“ She found it, quickly pulling out a tissue to wipe her fingers before heading to the door to unlock it.
Yoon Donggu 10 months ago
@Bae Joohyun Donggu smiled and hummed in understanding. "Yes, ma'am~" he chimed, minimizing his wiggles to something a little more driver-safe. The ride continued pretty similarly, with him car-friendly dancing along to songs and glancing her way when it was her turn to sing, or at least as invitations to. Before long, they pulled up in front of the house and he glanced at the directions to be sure. "Looks like this is us, Casa del Yoon~" He eagerly patted the steering wheel before taking the keys out of the ignition and getting out to start moving their things. "I think they said they left the key in one of the plants."
Bae Joohyun 10 months ago
@Yoon Donggu „Right..“ Joohyun slowly nodded her head upon hearing that from her husband, chuckling in amusement. She had realized during their honeymoon that she felt different than before she met him - she felt more happier, more relaxed as well. „Sure.. just keep your eyes and attention on the road, Gu.“
Yoon Donggu 10 months ago
@Bae Joohyun "Ehh, he'll be fine," he responded with a dismissive wave of his hand, a jesting smile lingering on his lips. "He survived a stint up in the closet through high school." Despite his jokey words, he was being pretty serious. He honestly hadn't thought about it until then, but sharing a bed with her had given way to surprisingly peaceful sleep that he was certainly getting used to. He was looking forward to more, along with more times like these where he acted a total fool to get her to smile. He continued his little dance all the way keeping his main focus on the road. "I'm holding you to that~" he sang in tune with the song.
Bae Joohyun 10 months ago
@Yoon Donggu Remembering their honeymoon in the Maldives, she nodded her head as she knew what he meant. It was the first time that she was sharing the bed with her husband but he was very respectful and had placed a pillow between them. "Poor guy, I took his job." She blinked as he started to pout but continued to sing, almost rolling her eyes at how cute he looked. "Maybe with the next song."
Yoon Donggu 10 months ago
@Bae Joohyun Donggu hummed in false thought, lightly drumming his fingers against the steering wheel before shrugging. "Maybe not~ I did pretty well with you in the Maldives. Little guy might just be out of a job," he replied with a chuckle. He continued singing and egging her on to do so until she indirectly refused, at which point he put on a little pout despite continuing to sing. "C'mooon, it's not about being good, it's about having fun," he said, starting to lightly sway away with the song. "Sing with me, wifey~"
Bae Joohyun 10 months ago
@Yoon Donggu Joohyun listened to him, chuckling at the thought of him sleeping in the bed with his stuffed otter. "I see, I guess I would have to share the bed with you and your little friend, hm?",she flashed him a teasing smile and glanced out of the window, when he started to drive down the road. Upon feeling his gaze on her, she moved her gaze back at him as he sang along to the song on the radio. "Ah.. I'm not good at singing, Gu."
Yoon Donggu 10 months ago
@Bae Joohyun "Yeahhh" he replied with a chuckle, "I've had tons of people poking fun at me for it, but guess what? I don't care, I sleep well every night because of that little guy." With both of them settled, he gave things one last look to make sure he didn't have to backtrack and grab anything from home. Satisfied, he restarted the engine and they were on there way with an excited, "New home, here we come~" Shortly after, he turned up the radio and began singing along with the song playing, glancing briefly at her a few times to get her to sing along.
Bae Joohyun 10 months ago
@Yoon Donggu Handing him the last luggage, she placed her blanket on the side where she found a space and her eyes widened upon seeing the stuffed otter, a coo slipping from her lips. "That's so cute, and it's rare to find a man who is still holding onto something from the past",she spoke up, heading to the passenger side before climbing in, putting the seat belt on. Looking back at him, she nodded her head with a soft smile on her lips. "Mhm, ready."
Yoon Donggu 10 months ago
@Bae Joohyun Hefting the larger bag up, Donggu looked after her curiously as she disappeared back into the house before smiling, brightening in amusement at the sight of the blanket. It was incredibly cute, something that was unsurprising considering the person it belonged to. He waited for her to finish locking up before starting towards the car and popping the tailgate. "It's adorable," he said genuinely, setting her things in the back and reaching forward to the backseat to retrieve a stuffed otter that had certainly seen better, younger days. "I don't have a favorite blanket, but this guy is the next best thing. I've had him with me on every move," he said with a chuckle before putting it back. He closed the trunk only when she was done putting her things in and rounded to the passenger side to open the door for her. Once she was in, he shut the door and go into the driver's seat. Sighing out his excited energy, he buckled up and grinned at her. "Ready?"
Bae Joohyun 10 months ago
@Yoon Donggu She tried to move all at once but found it to be a little difficult until her husband came up and greeted her with a kiss on her head, smiling back at him. „Hey you“,she spoke up and shook her head, quickly heading inside to pick up her favorite fluffy blanket which was rolled up, it was in a baby blue color and had several small totoros on it. „Now that‘s everything.“ She nodded her head and locked the door behind her, taking the remaining luggage before heading to his car. „It‘s .. uh my favorite blanket that I use whenever I feel cold at night.“
Yoon Donggu 10 months ago
@Bae Joohyun After hitting send, Donggu got out to lean against his car. His mind drifted to things to come as they would be moving in together, doing little more than simply sharing space in a vacation spot. This would be them living together for real, learning each other's habits and pet peeves, if any. He'd lived on his own for the better part of a decade so it would be a big adjustment, but it was one he was excited for. As he read her new message, he smiled and started to reply when the door opened. He looked up to find her moving her things to the door and pocketed his phone, quick to go up and help as he could. "Hey!" he greeted, stealing a quick hug and pressing kiss to the side of her head. He grabbed the biggest bag and one of the others before looking at her. "Is this everything?"
Bae Joohyun 10 months ago
@Yoon Donggu She managed to close her last luggage, letting out a long breath as she checked over the other two again. "I hope I didn't brought too much",she chuckled to herself since she could never be sure what she might needed when she was going to live with Donggu now. Just thinking about him, made her heart flutter a little and she shook her head before she could get too lost in her thoughts, receiving another text message from him.

[ text to: Gu *heart emoji**fox emoji* ]
- I'm coming out now!

Hitting the send button, she moved the biggest luggage to the door first before opening it and poking her head out, spotting his car. Joohyun opened the door wider to push it out first then moved the other two smaller ones as well so it wouldn't take them long to get it all in.
Yoon Donggu 10 months ago
@Bae Joohyun The latest reply caused Donggu's heart to flutter and he read over the second message a few more times. Already in the car, he responded with his own series of heart emojis before setting his phone up on the holder and pulling out of his spot in the parking garage. To say he was excited for the day was an understatement and his happiness showed through as he idly sang along with the songs on the radio, numerous spring hits playing with the arrival of the season. Before long, he found himself outside of Joohyun's place and sent off a quick text.

[text to: Joo *heart emoji*]
- I'm here~ come meet me?


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