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Kwon Soonyoung 10 months ago
@Kim Taehyung it's my fault. I wanted to spend longer with you...
*cups your cheek, pressing a soft kiss to your lips, reluctant to let go*
I'm gonna miss you...let me know if you need anymore help, okay?
*blows you another kiss as i head out*
Kim Taehyung 10 months ago
@Kwon Soonyoung oh, oops i didn't realise i kept you longer than i should.
*nods my head, leaning in to wrap my arms around you gently
mhm of course.
i'll see you as soon as we're both home!
Kwon Soonyoung 10 months ago
@Kim Taehyung about...15 minutes ago?
*sighs softly*
god, i don't wanna leave, though. I miss you too much.
*kisses your cheek*
ill see you at home though, yeah?
Kim Taehyung 10 months ago
@Kwon Soonyoung *gives your hand a gentle squeeze in return before pressing a soft kiss to your skin
yeah, i think you'll need to remind me a little.
but eventually i'll relax. you're so sweet.
how long until you need to head back?
Kwon Soonyoung 10 months ago
@Kim Taehyung hm, that sounds amazing, my dear.
and whatever you want to do...i'm gonna support you, my love.
*squeezes your hands*
i'll have to remind you often that I don't feel burdened by such things, yeah?
then eventually, you'll start believing it.
Kim Taehyung 10 months ago
@Kwon Soonyoung alright.. well.. in that case, if i decide to leave this place i will come and volunteer with you..
then you also have an extra pair of hands and im not gonna go crazy not working.
*smiles gently, my hand reaching up to gently hold your wrist before i nod
i know.. you keep saying that but it's just how my mind things.. like if i use you then youre eventually going to get over it..
Kwon Soonyoung 10 months ago
@Kim Taehyung *perks up at the thought*
ah, that would be perfect! then you can feel like you're earning your share, and I could get to see you around often...nothing would make me happier, my love.
* your cheek*
but just so you know, my love...you don't owe me anything. all i want is for you to be the happiest you can be.
Kim Taehyung 10 months ago
@Kwon Soonyoung Hmmm..
*looks a little surprised when you suddenly pull out a card, admiring the way that both our names are on it, but i still feel worried that im not offering you enough, despite how much you reassure me
*lifts my gaze to you again, nodding my head slowly before i exhales softly
i cant help but feel like its not enough from me.. but thank you for reassuring me..
i could.. volunteer with you?
Kwon Soonyoung 10 months ago
@Kim Taehyung what did I say before baby, all that's mine is yours. Oh! speaking of which, I got you this.
*pulls out my wallet, grabbing one of the cards now adorned with both of our names, showing it off and slipping it into your pocket before you object*
I put your name on my bank accounts. I know you feel guilty, but...baby, I like taking care of you.
You take care of me so much, giving me your emotions, your time, your care, your sweet gifts...this is just a way that I can make sure my baby is safe and comfortable whenever.
Kim Taehyung 10 months ago
@Kwon Soonyoung i... feel bad if yuo do that though.
i feel like i'm not pulling my weight if i'm not doing anything..
*returns your kiss, still quite pouted though
maybe for now i'll dod both.. see what happens..
maybe mijoo will come back after all..
Kwon Soonyoung 10 months ago
@Kim Taehyung exactly, baby. just live life comfortably and I'll have your back, okay?
I have enough to support us...so don't worry about money, and focus on your passions.
*cups your cheeks, pressing a gentle kiss to your lips*
you're gonna be amazing, baby.
Kim Taehyung 10 months ago
@Kwon Soonyoung there's no rush either, anyway.
since if i did sing i'm not an idol so i don't need to be in a little boy group from 14 years old..
i can sing whenever i want..
i don't know. *puffs my cheeks out before i look at you again, nodding
you're right. how will i know if i don't try..
Kwon Soonyoung 10 months ago
@Kim Taehyung *smiles gently at you*
please do, baby. go with your gut.
if it doesn't amount to anything, at least you tried, right?
it's not wasting time if it made you happy.
Kim Taehyung 10 months ago
@Kwon Soonyoung *looks over at you agian, biting at my lip gently as i nod
yeah.. i'll spend a while to think about..
and see where i go with it, i guess?
it may never amount to anything and i don't wanna waste my time..
Kwon Soonyoung 10 months ago
@Kim Taehyung think on it a little, my love.
*pecks your cheek sweetly, holding your hands as i look at you*
don't worry about me, just...do what makes you happy, love, and I'll always be supporting you.
Kim Taehyung 10 months ago
@Kwon Soonyoung *lays my head down on your shoulder as i let out a soft noise of frustration
i don't know..
it's not a decision i could make in a day.
with my hyper mentality i dont know if i could handle a career in the spotlight.
plus it would affect you as well.
Kwon Soonyoung 10 months ago
@Kim Taehyung * your hair lovingly as you speak*
oh my love...it'll be okay.
If you want to leave here, I can support us, we can wait for your singing or modeling to take off...
and if you want to stay, do it because it makes you happy, alright?
I don't want my baby to be all stressed out over it here...
Kim Taehyung 10 months ago
@Kwon Soonyoung *laces my fingers gently with yours, lifting your hand up so i can press a kiss to the back of it
i don't know though..
*slumps back in my chair, staring straight ahead as i shake my head slowly
i don't know what i want to do..
i don't have hope for my singing dream, i think it's always just going to be a side thing. plus i don't think i could handle fame.
i love to perform but it seems like it's a lot that i could do.. same goes for the modelling. it was never something i wanted to make a career out of, i just like having my photo taken.
Kwon Soonyoung 10 months ago
@Kim Taehyung *bites my lip shyly at your words*
thanks, baby.
*holds your hand, giving it a light squeeze*
your dream is what's important. if your dream is to take over here, to do this kind of work, i'll trust you 100%.
and if you want to leave, if you want to sing, model, anything...then we can make that happen too, right?
don't feel pressure to be stuck where you're not happy, my love.
Kim Taehyung 10 months ago
@Kwon Soonyoung Hmmm, you're right I do.
but this isn't just bbecause i love you. i genuinely think you are incredibly smart, hoshi
*takes your hand into mine, breathing out a heavy sigh before i look over at you
it's a smarter choice to take the business if it's offered right?
a career not a dream.
Kwon Soonyoung 10 months ago
@Kim Taehyung ah, you just love to flatter me, though.
*nods a bit in understanding*
whatever you do, baby, I'll support you. and if it's too much working here...you can always leave to focus on what makes you happy.
Kim Taehyung 10 months ago
@Kwon Soonyoung well.. i think you're pretty damn smart.
*leans into as soon as you've pulled inin, my lips pouting after you kiss them
like.. what if i discover i really enjoy the modelling, or what if suddenly my music takes off?
can i do everything i want to be doing as well as running a business?
Kwon Soonyoung 10 months ago
@Kim Taehyung Exactly...I'm not smart or innately good at this stuff, just experienced enough that I can pretend to be, I'd say.
*does a bit more work before finishing up, pulling you into my arms to press a kiss to your lips*
ah..it must be confusing, hm? my poor dear...
Kim Taehyung 10 months ago
@Kwon Soonyoung wow, that's a long t ime.. no wonder you're so smart with everything, hmm?
*presses another soft kiss to your cheek before sitting back, brushing my fingers through my hair gently
it's just things she says. like oh you'll be fine if i never return, you seem to be handling it okay.
i'm like.. okay but can you hurry up? i don't know.. i'm not sure it's something i want though?
Kwon Soonyoung 10 months ago
@Kim Taehyung right...i started my work when I was...16, i believe? So I've had 7 years to get to learn all this from the superiors above me before i took over.
as for you...it's quite sudden, so i can't imagine how hard it must be.
*listens to you as I finish organizing your invoices*
you think so? does that mean youre going to be the one taking care of these things indefinitely?
Kim Taehyung 10 months ago
@Kwon Soonyoung ah, right of course. so you had heaps of time to learn everything..
this is all my first time and like i don't even understand half of what i'm looking at..
*shakes my head as i look over all the spreadsheets, admiring how neat and organised everything seems to suddenly be since you worked on it
i have this worrying feeling that mijoo isnt coming back.. i dont know why but i just do..
Kwon Soonyoung 10 months ago
@Kim Taehyung lots of practice, baby. you forget, i started out as a voulenteer...
I had a lot of time and practice before I was able to calculate wages, earnings, inventory, and all of that...
it all worked out well since I could help you, my love.
*smiles at you gently*
Kim Taehyung 10 months ago
@Kwon Soonyoung Sounds fair to me.
*smiles softly when you start to help me, listening to any instructions you give me and my eyes watch literally every move you make to try and commit it all to memory
hmm, really? you seems like youre so good at it though!
way better at it than me..
Kwon Soonyoung 10 months ago
@Kim Taehyung We'll just have to fight about it 'til we cant anymore, hm?
because i totally love you most~
*sticks my tongue out teasingly before getting serious so that I can help you, filling out the backlogged spreadsheets as if it's second nature now*
you know, i totally at this kinda stuff back at school...how weird that it's my job now, keke-
Kim Taehyung 10 months ago
@Kwon Soonyoung no way i wanna love you the most ~
*smiles softly as i shake my head, letting out a quiet laugh
they are very sweet and they're very hard working. i'm super lucky that's for sure.
*pulls out some files and a program up on the computer, talking with you quickly about what it is and how it's supposed to look and what i'm having trouble with, my eyes on you once i'm done


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carpediem 9 months ago
ciao, take care
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love you all. maybe some other time ♡
insomnia_bish 9 months ago
later guys,love,very much
shoshin 9 months ago
until then, my mfs family. ♡ - nana
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crust_of_summer 9 months ago
If I may reserve two with a favorite and upvote, could I please have Kim Nahyun and Nam Joohyuk
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