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twenty three. 15 jun 1996. animal shelter owner. peep me on mfs season 2 !

♡ said i do to the love of my life: 14-02-20 ♡
On the surface, Soonyoung is a gentle, loving guy. his favorite thing is making others laugh, even if that means acting a little reckless sometimes. He's never been the type to earnestly date, simply because he has a problem with taking things seriously in general. The only time he can really act his age is at work, since his job matters a lot to him. Perhaps this goofy front is his way of protecting himself from getting hurt, just letting people see the surface levels of him and leaving whenever things actually get serious. Whether he would admit it or not, Soonyoung's had a lot of hardships in his life that hinder him from opening up, thus he is friendly with every one but never truly feels safe with anyone. In truth, he joined this show as he hopes a commitment like a first sight marriage can change his negative connotations with opening up and letting people see the sides of him that aren't all smiles and jokes.
☆Likes: dogs, iced americanos, dancing, sweets, cute things, cute people, sunflowers, affection (romantic and platonic), manga, meeting new people, home cooked meals and similar small affections.
☆Dislikes: cooking/baking, moody people, opening up, being serious, talking about himself, fireworks or anything else loud/sudden.
☆He doesn't like his birth name since it feels so serious. Instead, he often goes by his high school nickname from his sisters - Hoshi, meaning star in japanese.
☆He has two sisters, one older and one younger. 

☆ He speaks Korean and Japanese fluently

☆He has two pet shiba inus adopted from his rescue. Gyoza (black) and Mochi (orange). 

☆He has stress exacerbated schizoadffective disorder, but its something he doesn't share with people unless he forms a very specail bond with them since it has such a bad stigma.
Moon Byulyi 3:01:49 PM Reply
my lil star ♥ 

Jung Wheein 9:50:02 AM Reply
Hoshi, you're precious and handsome and very stronk

Boa Kwon [A] 13:49:58 Reply
I love how Hoshi’s version of stupid is adorable

Kim Taehyung 18 minutes ago Reply
Why is hoshi so cute 

Son Dongwoon 9:34:57 AM Reply
You're not a string bean
You are one fine man 

Keith Powers 9:56:44 AM Reply
hoshi is an literal angel I’m- 

Oh Sehun 1 minute ago Reply
Oh, you're the cutest one here, Hoshi 

Son Dongwoon 9:48:31 AM Reply
hosh /is/ precious 

Boa Kwon [A] 7:49:18 PM Reply
Hoshi makes everyone’s life more interesting 

Im Jinah [A] 17:02:11 Reply
tae: kamekamehas aggressively to hoshi's kokoro

♡ married ♡ - 14.02.2020 ♡
kwon taehyung. by now you know that I totally at words, to let me make this short and sweet. from the moment I saw you walk down that aisle, i knew that you were the one for me, and the whorlwind of love and happiness after just proved it to me further. never in my life did i think that such a beautiful soul would be my one and only, but now that you said i do, i'm not going to let go of your hand ever again. i love you, taehyung. i love not only your beautiful outside but your perfect inside, your heart and soul that lights up any room you walk in to. i still worry about being the perfect husband for you due to my own shortcomings...but i promise, my love, that as long as you're beside me, i'll keep you happy. 
☆ call me won, or by my faceclaim. 

☆ any POV is okay, just please no one liners. also please dont poke me, if i haven't replied it's usually because I thought our story reached a conclusion, since I would tell you if I lost muse and i don't forget people easily~

☆ when I'm too busy, selective replies based on muse, please try to understand

☆ random starters are loved! any gender/orientation is fine, truly. I'm not the relationship only-oriented kind.

☆ pm if you'd like to plot, I don't like a lot of structure so there's room to grow but basic ideas are always nice.