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Min Dohee 10 months ago
@Jeon Wonwoo Letting out a small whine, Dohee nodded in response to the question. She really didn't want to go to the doctor, citing a hatred for the place as one of the few reasons she didn't walk in the family footsteps. She sat up, lightly shaking her head. "I'm fine, it's just cramps. Really bad—" a lurch in her stomach caused the words to die in and she jumped up, hand clapping over as she ran to the bathroom to empty the contents of her stomach.
Jeon Wonwoo 10 months ago
@Min Dohee After sleeping in late with his love, Wonwoo awoke surprised to see the other with such distress on her face, the sleep leaving his groggy eyes immediately as he sits up. "Baby, are you okay? Feeling bad again...?" He lets our a small sigh, checking her for a fever as he looks at her with worry. "Maybe we should take a visit to the doctor, love..."
Min Dohee 10 months ago
@Jeon Wonwoo For the past couple of days, Dohee had been feeling off. She'd passed them off as usual symptoms of pms, seeing as they hadn't noticeably gotten any worse. They were nothing an Ibuprofen couldn't remedy, so she'd taken the meds and continued with her day. Today, however, seemed to be worse. She'd woken up feeling nauseous and couldn't bring herself to do anything besides curl in on herself as if it would lessen the abdominal pains holding her captive. She had a feeling she actually might have caught something and when Bingsu hopped up onto the bed to investigate her lack of presence in the living room or office, she merely reached out to lightly scratch his head.
Jeon Wonwoo 10 months ago
@Min Dohee I love you, noona.
*kisses the top of your head as we cuddle close before allowing sleep to finally take me, holding you in my arms through the night as bingsu nuzzles between us*
Min Dohee 10 months ago
@Jeon Wonwoo *having woken up a little on the way to the bedroom, i don't allow myself to fully sleep again until your back and i can curl up comfortably in your arms*
Jeon Wonwoo 10 months ago
@Min Dohee *looks down at you when I see you've fallen asleep, picking you up in my arms*
how cute you are, my wife...
*whispers the words affectionately as I carry you to bed, going back to put all the snacks away before coming back to your side and tucking you in, cuddling close to you*
Min Dohee 10 months ago
@Jeon Wonwoo *smiles, nestling comfortably in your arms and focusing back on the movie. eventually, though, all of the fighting sleep is futile and i fall asleep before the end of the movie*
Jeon Wonwoo 10 months ago
@Min Dohee *smiles at your cute words, pressing a soft kiss to your head*
i love you too, my lovely wife...
*blushes softly as u hold you close in my arms, watching you as you so cutely try to keep yourself awake despite your sleepiness*
Min Dohee 10 months ago
@Jeon Wonwoo *huffs softly, relaxing against you again*
fine, fine..if, no, before i fall asleep, I love you
*takes your hand to give it a small kiss*
and I hope you sleep well when you do~
Jeon Wonwoo 10 months ago
@Min Dohee baby...i know you too well for you to pull this on me~
*teases with a soft laugh, pulling you closer into my arms*
it's okay if you fall asleep, baby.just let yourself relax.
*pets your hair as you pet bingsu, watching the show together despite the grogginess*
Min Dohee 10 months ago
@Jeon Wonwoo *shakes my head*
no, no i'm-
*another yawn interrupts me and I sigh, reluctantly scooping Bingsu into arms and petting him to re-calm him*
we didn't even touch the ice cream
Jeon Wonwoo 10 months ago
@Min Dohee *laughs softly at your cute reaction, not wanting to startle you*
my love, we can finish it later...if you're sleepy, please do rest...
*kisses the top of your head lovingly*
Min Dohee 10 months ago
@Jeon Wonwoo *whines weakly when i realize what you're doing but makes no moves to get away as it'd disturb Bingsu who was already snoring away in my lap*
i'm not ready to go to...sleep
*i protest, ironically being interrupted by a yawn*
have to finish the movie
Jeon Wonwoo 10 months ago
@Min Dohee *smiles as i see you slowly fading to sleep, petting your hair as if to encourage your rest as we relax against each other, enjoying the calm in an otherwise busy day*
Min Dohee 10 months ago
@Jeon Wonwoo *chuckles happily, briefly sneaking my arms around your waist in a hug*
*with the natural lull in conversation, i focus back on the movie but hold your hand and trace random patterns on it. after a while, i feel my eyelids droop but try fighting against the sleep to spend more time with you*
Jeon Wonwoo 10 months ago
@Min Dohee I really didn't think it'd work...i just thought maybe i'll get some exposure and meet a good friend...
you're way past any of my wildest dreams, my angel.
*pets bingsu as i rest my head on top of yours while we watch*
Min Dohee 10 months ago
@Jeon Wonwoo right..then i'm glad hehe
*gently brushes a crumb from your lip and leans up to give you a sweet peck*
no problem, my love. i'd be yours every time
Jeon Wonwoo 10 months ago
@Min Dohee no way. in hindsight, i'm pretty glad too. why else would I have signed up, right?
*hums happily as you feed me a few pieces*
thanks for being mine, noona. I can't imagine being a pair with anyone else...
Min Dohee 10 months ago
@Jeon Wonwoo *smiles, eyes sliding closed like a happy cat with the kiss*
mm, is it bad that i'm glad the dating around didn't work out?
*chuckles, popping more popcorn into my mouth before holding some up to you*
i'm glad you managed to be mine
Jeon Wonwoo 10 months ago
@Min Dohee yeah, they were rough. they just...everything was transactional for them. i didn't need to know girls since it didn't benefit them.
when i got to college i tried to date around with little success...but i think it at least opened me up to know you, right? and that's more worth it than anything else.
*kisses your forehead before stealing a bite of popcorn aswell*
Min Dohee 10 months ago
@Jeon Wonwoo *eats popcorn one-by-one as you speak, humming in wonder*
really? i don't think mine were ever strict to that extent ..if it's any consolation though, i'd say you're pretty good at talking to girls now.
*smiles, peering up at you*
there's one girl that's pretty impressed~
Jeon Wonwoo 10 months ago
@Min Dohee ah, cute...maybe i'm the same, i never had any serious girlfriends that I could share myself with.
when i was a kid, you know, my parents already planned out who i should be marrying, and they were pretty strict about me talking to girls...so when i left, i totally at relationships. even talking to a girl i liked was a rough feat.
*puts my arm around you as i affectionately play with your hair, nuzzling up close*
Min Dohee 10 months ago
@Jeon Wonwoo *scoffs lightly*
i think we've always been pretty mushy, it's just really coming out now
*moves the popcorn to your lap when Bingsu has other plans for mine and focuses on the movie, or I try to as your scent somewhat overwhelms my senses instead. i let out a content sigh and struggle closer, idly petting the dog*
Jeon Wonwoo 10 months ago
@Min Dohee we just get each other too well...is this what living together does?
making us all mushy and lovey?
*puts my arm around you as i start the movie, pressing a kiss to your cheek as bingsu settles into your lap*
Min Dohee 10 months ago
@Jeon Wonwoo funny, i was just thinking the same thing
*chuckles, setting the remaining things on the table before sitting next to you. after grabbing the popcorn, i make sure the blankets are around us and nestle comfortably into your side*
alright, Nausicaa time~
Jeon Wonwoo 10 months ago
@Min Dohee heyo, bingsu~
*cooes happily as he eagerly cuddles up to me, giving me a few kisses before you come back*
ah, my two favourites right here, I'm totally spoiled.
*grabs a few things from your hands to help you set it all down on the table before patting the spot beside me*
Min Dohee 10 months ago
@Jeon Wonwoo *grins and gives Bingsu a little kiss on the head before putting him down, watching him follow you*
Me too, Bingz, me too
*I mumble in agreement, chuckling as I go to the kitchen. i get popcorn popping and grab our ice creams out of the freezer before joining you with everything piled in my arms, unsure of how to set it down*
A little help, baby?
Jeon Wonwoo 10 months ago
@Min Dohee *smiles at your cute eagerness as we walk in, slipping off my shoes as well before hopping in*
will do, my love.
*goes to our room to grab our fluffiest blankets and pillows before setting the movie up for us*
Min Dohee 10 months ago
@Jeon Wonwoo *gets out, pocketing my phone*
Nausicaa sounds perfect~
*practically skips up to the door and inside, slipping off my shoes with the opposing foot*
I'll get the snacks ready if you get the blankets and stuff
*i say, easily scooping up Bingsu to pet him when he runs over*
Jeon Wonwoo 10 months ago
@Min Dohee *parks when we get home, getting out of the car as i listen*
ooh, lets go with nausica first then? that sounds lovely right now.
if that's okay with you, of course.


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carpediem 9 months ago
ciao, take care
12cf7f90d15ff7da4ebb 9 months ago
love you all. maybe some other time ♡
insomnia_bish 9 months ago
later guys,love,very much
shoshin 9 months ago
until then, my mfs family. ♡ - nana
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crust_of_summer 9 months ago
If I may reserve two with a favorite and upvote, could I please have Kim Nahyun and Nam Joohyuk
8acc2c4735ff21ed4709 9 months ago
hi, may i reserve got7’s im jaebum?
thelema 10 months ago
could you add jorge lopez for me
piixiedust 10 months ago
Could yoona and yein be off hiatus andcould i cc xin to lily macapinlac?
amillionstars 10 months ago
Can I have Gloria Tang please?
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