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Shiroma Miru 9 months ago
@Seo Soojin Sou peered up at Soojin as he stuffed more cake in his mouth after dancing his seat a little bit. "Okay, noona," Sou sounded as he beamed at her. He turned back to his cake as the older girl put her focus back on his mother. Miru smiled and nodded as she felt Soojin pat her shoulder. "Yes, see you soon Soojin. Thanks for inviting us out here," Miru smiled as she waved to her a she turned to Sou. "Say goodbye to Soojin," Miru told the younger boy as he looked at her. "Bye-bye!" Sou waved to her. Miru stayed at the cafe to let Sou finish his cake and clean him up before they left. She picked up Sou just setting him on his feet after they finished as she took his hand. They started their walk home as Miru looked at her phone to nagviate them home, which was only a short since the shop was close to her apartment.
Seo Soojin 9 months ago
@Shiroma Miru Soojin gets up from the chair as she smile at the both of them,gently pats Sou's head and lean down to look at the boy." Good boy,take care of mommy okay? I will be counting on you to be a good boy,cutie." She whisper in his ear before pats miru's shoulder and nods her head." Okay,I will see you soon then.and thank you for coming out with me,i'm looking forward to our next session together,with Sou as well." Soojin looking at the boy dancing cutely with his arms and body shaking.

Soojin walks to the counter as she pays for everything for today before waving good bye at both MIru and Sou with a big smile on her face,walking out of the shop before getting back to her car that park right in front of the coffee shop.She gets in the car with her phone in her hand as she sit down on the seat,closing the door and puts her purse on the passenger seat before starts her car."Today is a good day so far,I'm glad to i get to hangout with them,lovely people." She smiles in content as she begin drive back to her studio,still have a lot of lessons to teach afternoon.
Shiroma Miru 9 months ago
@Seo Soojin Miru smiled as she ate some more of her cake as she nodded. "He is a cutie, and thank you. I try." She said as she looked at Soojin. Miru nodded as she looked at Soojin. "Of course, when wherever I am free and around then we will love to come by the studio to hang out. I can understand that. I get lonely sometimes too even having Sou around. Sometimes you miss talking and being around adults, " Miru laughed a bit as she finished her cake as she placed her fork on the plate as she placed her drink in front of her. Sou looked over to Soojin as he nodded. "Yes, Soo-noona," Sou babbled as he smiled at her.

Miru looked over to Soojin as she took out her phone as she looked at the time. "Yeah, it is getting about time for n-a-p for Sou," Miru said as she nodded. Miru watched as Sou nodded again. "Yeah, I go and dance," Sou got out as he didn't pronounce them right but you could what he was saying as he raised up his hands and shook his arms and body like he was dancing. Miru turned back to Soojin as she nodded. "You take care of too, Soojin. Yes, I have your number and I will text you to hang out or chat whenever, Soojin. Thanks again for today," Miru smiled
Min Dohee 9 months ago
@Choi Minki Dohee straightened in her seat a bit, happy to have helped her friend in some way because she genuinely didn't know how she'd ever repay Minki for the companionship shown during some of her darkest times. "You're welcome~ you know can come to me whenever you're unsure about something. Call or text, any time," she said before humming, nodding a few times as she thought about things they could potentially do all-together. "Anywayyy~" She tilted her head to the side curiously, a little smile on her pink lips as she toyed with the little plastic stopper on her cup's top. "How's the love life, Minks?"
Choi Minki 9 months ago
@Min Dohee "Ah, you're right. I've made my decisions, and so far I've been happy. I'll ride everything out until that changes, I think." Minki always appreciated being able to be so candid with his friend Dohee. He had always been shy and it had been hard to make friends because of that. This did make him all the more grateful for the friends he did make and keep, however, and Dohee had become his closest one. "Thanks for your insight, sometimes I overthink things and work myself up when nothing is really wrong." Minki relaxed a bit, and smiled slightly again. "Anyway, I'd love to meet Wonwoo, maybe we can plan something soon," Minki said as he raised his cup to take a sip of his drink. "And we definitely shouldn't leave so much time between meeting up again, now that we're both a bit more settled in."
Seo Soojin 9 months ago
@Shiroma Miru Soojin's smiles softly at the boy's answer and nods her head at the both of them." He is really a cute boy,Miru. You raise him well,polite and adorable." She eats some of her cake as well then sip on her coffee,looking back at them with another smile before putting down the fork." So if you want to come to the studio often you can,not only for lesson just hangout you two are more than welcome.I love to have some companies during off days in the studio,I tend to get lonely sometime." Sighing softly as she look out of the window before returning to present." I'm glad you like it Sou,you guys come come to the studio to hangout with me,okay? "

Soojin finishes her coffee with one big sip,checking the time on her phone before looking up at the mother and son." it's time for me to go back to the studio,see you guys next time,okay? Come to the studio more often Sou,okay? " She ask the boy one last question before getting up from her chair,gently pats the boy's head and smiles." You two take care,okay? And just text me whenever you want to hangout or just chat with me,Miru. You have my number right? "
Shiroma Miru 9 months ago
@Seo Soojin Miru smiled as she looked at Soojin. "Thank you for saying that it makes me feel like I am doing something right," She said as she returned the smile to her. Miru laughed as well as she nodded. "Yeah, they do need to read underneath the covers and read them," She ate some more of her cake. Miru nodded in agreement as she looked at Soojin. "And when we come back then I'll play that time," Miru said with a nod. She smiled as she nudged Sou as he was busy eating and humming to himself. "Soojin asked you a question Sou," Miru said as the little boy looked up at his mother then to Soojin. "She asked if you liked it," Miru repeated the question.

Sou smiled as he nodded. "Good, good. Like, like," Sou hummed as he sipped on his straw with his drink. "Yummy, yummy," He sang as he laughed a bit just going back to eating his cake.
Jessica Oh 9 months ago
@Lee Soohyuk She's nervous, to say the least. Perhaps even that was an understatement for the myriad of emotions that Jessica was feeling in the moment. Incoherent thoughts whirled within her mind and her heart seemed to beat louder with every step she took that led her closer to the coffee shop. "You can do this," she attempts to reassure herself, but there is a falter in her voice and she wonders if she should just run away now and change her number.

However, despite the heartache Soohyuk had given her, she still believed he was phenomenal. They had created an abundance of fond memories together that she will probably cherish forever, and that is more than enough reason to convince her to open the door to their favorite café with her shaky hands. She doesn't need to look for him and she doesn't need to order a drink for herself. If he was still the Lee Soohyuk she had known and fallen in love with, she knew he would be waiting for her at their usual table on the second floor with their orders already on the table. Needless to say, she's right. "Long time no see," is all she says before she takes the seat in front of him and looks up at him.

When Jessica meets his gaze, the memories come surging at her. How they met, their first kiss, the first time they hooked up, and the last time she saw him. The laughs they shared, the jokes only they knew, and the way they’d stay awake and talk to each other all night despite having work early in the morning. Every single memory. It’s all the little things that truly haunt her. Like the way he would pull her close in his sleep, the way he’d kiss her forehead goodbye before he left her apartment, the way he spun her around as they danced to songs on the rooftop of his penthouse after a bad day.

He was the first. The first person she wanted to stay for. She’d always been constantly on the move, jumping from one job opportunity to another, never settling. But then he had come along and she wanted to settle down with him. She would’ve stayed where he was for as long as he was there, if he had asked her to. If he wanted her, she’d be there.

Their physical connection was never in question, although their emotional connection always was. The only time he allowed her a glimpse into his heart was at three in the morning, when they were both and wrapped in each other’s arms. He’d smile at her and kiss her hair and she’d be able to feel his heart beating against her own. These would be the little moments that always pulled her back into the dark abyss, where the ghost of him wouldn’t let her move on. Since she had left him three years ago, there had been no one else for her - both romantically and physically. How could there, when he had ruined every other man for her?

Lee Soohyuk was her first love, and he would live on inside of Jessica forever whether she wanted him there or not.
Seo Soojin 9 months ago
@Shiroma Miru "Don't worry about them,they are just jealous of how you beautiful your life is with Sou. That's all there is to it,think as a compliment when that happens,and convert that as your energy and encouragements." Soojin smiles softly at both of them as before pats her hand and looking at Miru." I know it's not easy to do that with the society always base on judgments,and then the crowd will follow.They need to look at the book beyond covers,and actually read them instead."Chuckling softly at their interactions with each other,nodding her head as Soojin take her drink and her portion of the cake before taking a small sip from the drink." It's refreshing,sweet and delicious as usual."She said to the waitress who brought their orders,smile and nods her head." I'm glad you like it,we can definitely come back sometime if you want,Miru." Soojin smiles happily as her friend approves this place already,taking a small piece and put it in " How is taste,Sou? Does it taste good,do you like? "
Lee Soohyuk 9 months ago
@Jessica Oh Soohyuk was born with an empire underneath his feet. But beyond what the eye can perceive and the walls of their supremacy was a whole different world - cold, abrasive in more ways than one. Growing up, he had to follow certain measures and standards, left to thirst for affection, approval and love. Such kind of living caused him to be void of the ability to express, let alone to feel as if he was really worthy of anything. That loop lasted for years until Jessica came.

He didn't fancy the idea of building any form of connection with anyone, whether it was to be friends or more but Jessica had his guard down with her persistency. She was extremely beautiful, attractive – brighter than the daystar. There was no use in going against everything that she was that subdued his recurring doubts and so their unlikely friendship blossomed into something fiery. He planned on just using her but his own devices backfired. The lust he had for the girl was recast to a foreign feeling he knew nothing of. For the first and probably only time in his life, he fell in love, finding the closest possible thing to home within the comforts of her arms.

Such illusion though was short-lived when lies got the best of him. Soohyuk wanted to keep her by his side but no matter how much she tried, he failed to see himself through her eyes. He decided for her, thinking she was too good for him and that she deserved someone better, someone with fewer issues. The only home he had crumbled down to oblivion's embrace when he selfishly held the words he should've told her.

"I love you too, so damn much."

If the man would have to be honest, he wasn't delighted at all when his assistant managed to reinstate the meeting he cancelled. Soohyuk pushed through with it nonetheless, being absentminded for the most parts. Each minute was a drag when all he wanted to do was to meet her, excitement melded with anxiety. Then again, for someone used to specifics, he had no clear plan. He could swear he practiced numerous times on what to say but it's of no use when the moment came in close.

He hurried to the cafe they were bound to meet. Choosing a spot that suited her liking, he sat down, ordering their usual in hopes that hers did not change. An inexplicable feeling made him a tad bit discomposed underneath his calm exterior. And so he waited.
Shiroma Miru 9 months ago
@Seo Soojin "I am always looking for new places to take Sou, so this will be perfect," Miru smiled as she looked at Soojin. "Thank you for saying that I really appreciate, Soojiin. Sometimes it is hard to do this by myself - but I love every minute of it," Miru sighed a bit as she kissed Sou's cheek as he pushed her way kind of a way to say he is busy. "Well, I know that - but it's hard when you get the stares or people whispering about you. I am pretty good at ignoring it though," Miru shrugged as bit as she smiled as their food was delivered as she gently took Sou's crayons from as she had started speaking in Japanese. "Okay, sweetie, your snacks are here - let's finish coloring later?" Miru mused as Sou nodded just clapping his hands. "User your fork and straw," Miru told Sou as he nodded just taking the small fork and sipped on the straw. Miru sipped her own drink and stabbed some of her cake and ate making sure that Sou could see as she was modeling what he should do. "It's really good, Soojin. We should come back here sometime," Miru nodded as Sou had started eating as well.
Min Dohee 9 months ago
@Choi Minki Not one to care much about external validation, it still meant a lot that her best friend seemed to approve of her husband. She thought about how they should schedule some time for the two to meet, finger idly trailing over her wallpaper photo and she snapped out of it when he spoke again. An interested hum escaped her as he mentioned traveling and she leaned forward a bit, leaning against her hand, to give her full attention. She donned a sympathetic frown when things took a slight turn, his feelings of longing to travel coming to light and she nodded a little in understanding before quickly shaking her head. "No, no, of course not," she assured, reaching across the table to take his hand and give it a little squeeze. "It's really nice," she said with a smile. "And there's no time limit for starting to see the world. Hansec is where you're currently happy, so who cares about Samsung and Lotte? If you really want to do this, start doing research and start putting yourself out there. The worst thing that happens is that you don't find something right away and have to keep trying. So, don't fret too much."
Seo Soojin 9 months ago
@Shiroma Miru She smile softly and look at the both of them." I'm glad you guys really like it here,I usually come here whenever I don't have a lesson."Soojin look at Sou coloring his book while he waves at everyone,nodding her head slowly." He is really good kid,Miru.Don't let anyone bring you down,just be yourself." Pats Miru's hand as she ensure her student to be confident,grin softly.The waitress brings the order to them." There is nothing wrong for being a single mom,I respect you a lot you know?Being a single mom is not easy at all,they don't understand what it takes to be a single parent." Soojin hands the drinks to her companions and the cakes as well." Try it,to see if you guys like it or not? "
Choi Minki 9 months ago
@Min Dohee "That sounds wonderful!" Minki exclaimed, "Wonwoo sounds like a great guy, you two are lucky to have each other it seems like! I sincerely hope you stay happy and work together for the future you want. These pictures make everything out to be so dreamy, too!" Minki looked through the photos and eventually returned Dohee's phone. He then caught himself thinking a little bit too much about Italy, travel, and all the good food that's out in the world. "You know, I've been itching for some change lately. I've thought about the possibility of using my experience in Hansec to travel around and find jobs in faraway places. It all sound so exciting, yet here I am in the same place where I grew up, not having ventured more than a few hundred kilometers from where I was born. I suppose I'm scared of letting everyone down. My family was not too excited when I turned down the offers from Samsung and Lotte." Minki paused. "Ah, I'm talking too much and dragging the mood down, aren't I." He let a shy smile escape and looked at his best friend again. "It really is nice to talk in person again though, isn't it?"
Min Dohee 9 months ago
@Choi Minki Still grinning, Dohee's only logical response was to let out a happy giggle at her friend's words and she nodded in agreement. Things had certainly come together remarkably fast and it was things like that that really made one think on the concept of soulmates. How else could it be explained? Sensing that Miki probably wouldn't be doing much talking about himself—at least for the time being—because of his interest in her marriage, she decided not to press asking anymore until she answered all of his questions. "We went to Italy, the Capris Islands. It was really beautiful there, not super hot because it was still technically winter, but way warmer than here. It was a nice relief. Our hotel was amazing," she explained, working on pulling up the appropriate album in her photo gallery. She simply handed him to phone, gesturing for him to scroll through the honeymoon pictures at his own pace. "We ate a ton of food, went to the beach, and we visited a few museums because Wonwoo really loves art. He's a painter himself. We got lost trying to find the first one and just ended up kind of aimlessly walking the streets of Capri and talking, getting to know each other. I miss Italy haha."
Jessica Oh 9 months ago
@Lee Soohyuk Jessica Oh first met Lee Soohyuk in her late teens, while he was still learning how to take over the family business and she was still pitching her design proposals to company after company. They were close friends for seven years, and friends with benefits for almost three of them. He was her first everything and the only man who was able to ignite romantic love from her. He was also the only man, alongside her father, to break her heart.

She could still remember it vividly.

He had knocked on her door after a horrid meeting with his parents and she had comforted him the only way she knew how: through . Those three forsaken words had slipped out faster than she could realize and by the time she did, he had put his pants back on and rushed out of her apartment. “I’m sorry, Jess,” were the last words she heard before the door shut in her face. That was the moment she had realized that they couldn’t continue to be friends. There was too much attraction between them, and there was no way she could go on and pretend she wasn’t in love with him when they both knew she was. Jessica had no doubt that Soohyuk had loved her, too, but in his own way. He just never learned how to express it. And that was why, even after he’d broken her heart, she had still continued to love him. Because she had no idea what she was supposed to do with all the love pouring out of her heart when he refused to take it. She had felt the impact of his rejection for months on end, but eventually the excruciating pain had numbed down to an aching in her heart every now and then when she was all alone with her thoughts at night.

It seems like he had still had an effect on her three years later, since her heart had dropped to the bottom of her stomach when she received his text. However, instead of love, all she felt now was some twisted form of thankfulness. They had been two broken souls that found solace in one another, and their history as friends proved stronger than her irrational decision to avoid him forever. It was this reason that prompted her to agree to meet up with him once more and kept her patiently waiting for him despite their complicated backstory.
Choi Minki 10 months ago
@Min Dohee Minki smiled wide as he listened to his friend talk about her recent adventures. He felt so happy for his friend and was relieved to hear that she'd found someone who she could enjoy herself with so much. "I'm so, so happy for you! I had heard of the show before, but not before you got married. I was surprised at first since I didn't know you were dating anyone but it sounds like everything is going incredibly well and fell into place quickly! — and thank you! I am really liking it and I do hope I can stay there for a little bit at least..." Minki trailed off for a moment. "and where did they send you for your honeymoon?!" Minki was very interested in hearing everything about her experiences and the show, not just because he'd missed his friend and wanted to hear everything about her, but also because he'd watched the show quite a bit recently and had been thinking of applying.
Shiroma Miru 10 months ago
@Seo Soojin Miru nodded as she looked at Soojin. "Thank you again for bringing us here. It is a really cute place," Miru said as she looked around the coffee shop. Miru chuckled as she nodded at her. "Of course, next time is my treat," Miru said as she nodded to her. Miru ruffled Sou's hair a bit as he looked up at the sound of people talking about him. He just smiled at them as he waved his crayon at them before going back to coloring. "Yeah, we are loving it since everyone makes us feel welcome - most people stop talking to us after they learn that I am a single mom and all," Miru sighed a bit. "He is totally enjoying the class. He is, isn't he?" Miru smiled.
Seo Soojin 10 months ago
@Shiroma Miru "of course you can,i will get the order for us.I really hope you guys will like what hey offer here." Soojin smile softly as she told the waitress about Miru's order before nodding her head,looking her two companions wit her." Okay,next time you can treat me to something~ "She nods her head as she place waits for the drinks and cakes to be served,cupping her cheeks as Soojin and smiles at how cute Souske is." I'm glad you are feeling that way,he is definitely enjoying the class,she dance really cute when he shakes his ."
Min Dohee 10 months ago
@Choi Minki An impressed hum escaped Dohee as she took the liberty of having another sip. "Hansec? That's really nice, I hope you continue enjoying it and stay happy there," she expressed genuinely. Having one job forever may not be the ultimate goal in life, but if you have to be somewhere for an extended period of time, it should be something you enjoy. She was so happy that her friend enjoyed his job. She pressed her lips into a line to keep a wide grin at bay as the conversation turned back to her, though a smile still managed to slip through. "Okay, so, you know that show Married at First Sight? I was in the pilot season because of my mom and brother. You know, since I'd been avoiding dating since.." she trailed off, leaving the obvious to be inferred. "So, I ended up getting married to Jeon Wonwoo," she continued speaking while taking her phone out to show her wallpaper: a picture of Wonwoo and Bingsu. "The wedding was amazing, it was like a fairytale. We were both super nervous but he's so easy to get along with. He can't really dance, so I helped him with our first dance. It was so cute. Then, we left the reception midway to get away from the cameras and all to really have a nice conversation. It was cold, but we went out for ice cream. I honestly knew then and there that he had a lot of potentials to be the one," she gushed. "And that was just the wedding. The honeymoon was amazing."
Shiroma Miru 10 months ago
@Seo Soojin Miru nodded as she looked at Soojin. "Oh, could I get peppermint white chocolate mocha, a slice of red velvet cake, and small strawberry shortcake for Souske?" Miru asked as she had set down the menu on top of the one that Soojin had been looking at. "Alright then next time, I will get drinks and snacks next time," Miru told Soojin with a playful wink as she nodded. Miru thought about the class as she opened up to speak. "I thought this class today was really good and fun! Sou really liked it although it seems he likes to shake his than anything else - but your classes are always fun and a good workout," Miru answered her.
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Seo Soojin 10 months ago
@Shiroma Miru Soojin smiles softly at the answer she got from Miru,nodding her head at the female and order a glass of Juice for the little one who is more focusing on the coloring book that Miru give him." What would you get though,anything you want to drink or eat dear?" She looks at the her student as Soojin look back down at the menu as she waits for Miru to respond,nods her head when she ask her."Yea,I'm sure.It will be my treat~" Smiling softly at the waitress as Soojin lean back on the on the chair with her phone in her hand." So what do you think about the class today,Miru? "
Shiroma Miru 10 months ago
@Seo Soojin Miru smiled as she looked at Soojin as she helped her get a seat for Souske as Miru set out a small coloring book and a small box of crayons for Souske to be distracted by until their snacks and things came so he wouldn't get upset about waiting or anything like that. She looked over the menu as she looked up nodding to Soojin. "Yes, juice would be perfect for Souske." Miru answered as she looked at Soojin. When the waitress came over, Miru looked at her then peering down at the menu for a second before ordering herself a peppermint white chocolate mocha and a slice of red velvet cake. She ordered Souske a small mango-apple juice with a strawberry shortcake. "Oh, are you sure?" Miru set down the menu as the waitress nodded to them, telling them that their order would be out shortly.
Andy Blossom 10 months ago
@Kang Baekho “Mm our honeymoon.... right... I can’t wait..” I hum softly as I stay at your side happily.

()yeah let’s do that!
Kang Baekho 10 months ago
@Andy Blossom "Absolutely. We will be back here after.. our honeymoon?" I hum softly and leave the cafe with you close to my side.

() Should we move the chapel now?
Andy Blossom 10 months ago
@Kang Baekho I hum happily at your response, placing my hand on your inner arm. “Hmm, yes you will.” I nod, walking out of the coffee shop after paying and tipping them. “We should come back here again..” I hum, leaning my head against your shoulder.
Kang Baekho 10 months ago
@Andy Blossom I swallow thickly, getting kind of nervous at the thought of meeting your dad but shake myself out of it. There's no use in being nervous about that right now. "Yes, I'm sure I'll be fine." I flash you a confident smile and nod. "Let's go?" I offer you my arm, smiling softly.
Andy Blossom 10 months ago
@Kang Baekho “Mm I think I can handle your moms, your the one who has to be worried about meeting my dad.” I hum positively tracing your lower lip teasingly as I back away. “Unless you talk to him about business politics and current world issues then he’ll talk you up with that and tell him that you’ll protect his only daughter.” I shrug and pats your cheek. “You should be fine though..” I nod
Kang Baekho 10 months ago
@Andy Blossom I stand up, pointedly keeping my eyes on your face when I catch a glimpse of exposed skin accidentally. "I should be the one saying that.. are you ready to meet my moms?" I tease back, laughing as I playfully ruffle your hair then leans down to return the kiss on your cheek too.


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