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Oh Yeonseo 10 months ago
@Kim Kibum Yeonseo tilted her head to the side as she looked at Kibum. "Well most of the lost puppies that come in are trying to make up for something stupid or show their love to their girlfriend puppy that is mad at them or make her happy so just they want something pretty to give her," Yeonseo bantered back with a nod as she shrugged. "Or they are buying flowers so that they impress people who have homes so they'll take them in," She laughed a bit as she shook her head. She handed him the business card just watching him look at it as she stood there.

Yeonseo face crinkled up again as she shook her head just softly sighing herself. She didn't like that idea of him calling her that even if he was just teasing. "Why do you like me shuddering and making my nose look like a pig when it scrunches up - or do you just like to see me squirm?" Yeonseo questioned as she nodded slightly. "It's just me and my mom didn't have a very good relationship - so I called her that as I was never comfortable calling her 'mom' because she never acted like one to me." She watched him make his way to the door as she waved to him. "Well, then now that this is settled, I'll see you tomorrow Kibum-sshi. Have a good rest of your day," Yeonseo smiled as she waved once again as she assumed he was heading out.
[H] Kim Kibum [A] 10 months ago
@Oh Yeonseo "And now I wonder what it is that lost puppies need flowers for? Why are they spending money on floral arrangements when they should be finding a home? These are some strange puppies that you help, Yeonseo." Kibum teased gently as he watched her scribble something into her notepad, probably the time of the meeting. The male stretched out his hand for the business card with a cheeky grin and slid it across the counter, glancing down to admire the little piece of board before tucking it away in his pocket.

Kibum raised his gaze to her once more and smirked at the look on her soft visage, unable to hide his mischievous delight in it. "But now I kind of want to call you nothing but 'Miss Oh' if it means you will keep making that face." He teased once more as he took a few steps back from the counter, casually heading back towards the door. "Unless there is a reason you'd prefer not to think of your mom. In which case, I will relent."
Oh Yeonseo 10 months ago
@Kim Kibum Yeonseo shook her head as she looked at him. "I mean, it's fine not to know anything when you can come in. It is my job to help people figure out what they want to even have in their arrangement, so you don't have to apologize either. I never mind helping the lost puppies find their perfect flowers for whatever they need them for," Yeonseo chuckled a bit as she gave a short nod. "Ah, that is right - I should have known that ten would work better for you," Yeonseo mumbled as she wrote that down in her planner as she set down her pen. She turned to the laptop sitting on the counter as she opened it up just typing on it as well to put in their system as well.

Yeonseo had picked up one of their business cards from the little container on the counter as she placed it down as he was writing his information on the sticky note. She watched his expression and heard the click in his tone as he spoke. She frowned for a minute just removing it as she gently shook her head. "It's the first lesson in any retail business is to make sure that your customer knows who they are talking to - it is only polite even if we got caught up in the business side of things, I should have introduced myself," Yeonseo spoke as her nose crinkled up at the sound of hearing Miss Oh. "Oh, you don't have to call me Miss Oh, just Yeonseo is fine. Miss Oh makes me think of my mom and I'd rather not," Yeonseo commented as she glanced at him.
[H] Kim Kibum [A] 10 months ago
@Oh Yeonseo Kibum chuckled at himself and lifted his hand to raise it dismissively of her apology, shaking his head. "No, no. That's actually completely okay. I am the one who should have done some research instead of wandering in here like a lost puppy." He replied with a somewhat sheepish expression on his face. The timeframes that she gave for her visit were a no-brainer to Kibum and he was quick with his answer almost before she even got done with the question. "10. 12:30 is the lunch rush and I wouldn't be able to be available unless you somehow did everything from inside the kitchen."

The tall male took the pen and the paper, quickly jotting down the address of the restaurant as well as his name, phone number and the work phone number just in case. When she was quick to insult herself for a simple over sight, he looked up at Yeonseo and jutted his lower lip forward slightly in a light pout as he clicked his tongue on the back of his teeth. "You're not either of those things, we just got swept up in the business side of things instead of the personal stuff." he commented, turning his expression into that of a playful smile once more. "And It's nice to meet you too, Miss Oh."
Oh Yeonseo 10 months ago
@Kim Kibum Yeonseo chuckled a bit at his statement as she slightly nodded her head. "Ah, I see - sorry then If I bombarded you with a bunch of information and you didn't get any of it. Usually, people come in knowing what they want or I can give them some examples and then they know," Yeonseo answered as she looked at him with a slight bow of her head. "Oh, great, then I can totally do that tomorrow around-" Yeonseo paused as she opened up another drawer as she pulled out a planner just flipping through the pages as she looked back at Kibum. "I have open appointments at 10 in the morning tomorrow or 12:30 in the afternoon, do either of those work?" Yeonseo asked as she looked at him.

Yeonseo nodded again. "Yes, just put down your information here and then I can stop by with some sample arrangements," Yeoneo instructed as she tore off a fresh piece of the memo pad and handed him a pen. "Oh, no the consultations are always free, so there is no need for a down payment." Yeonseo shook her head with a smile as she blinked as she then realized that she had introduced herself. "Oh my gosh, I am sorry! Oh, I'm such a ditz and dummy," Yeonseo bowed almost smacking her head on the counter. "I am Yeonseo, Oh Yeonseo! It's very nice to meet you, Kibum-sshi," Yeonseo bowed again offering an apologetic smile afterward.
[H] Kim Kibum [A] 10 months ago
@Oh Yeonseo Once again she was describing things that he could barely follow along with and definitely had a hard time picturing, even with the example in front of him. Unless it had to do with food, he felt a little out of his element and thus like a complete idiot. "I could look at flowers all day but I am fairly certain that would be a train wreck because I have no idea what I'm doing." The male admitted with a slight shrug of his shoulders. "Having you pop by for a consult and then to finalize the deal would probably be for the best. I don't even remember how many planters we have. Or if they are even called that."

Kibum smiled warmly at the woman and nodded a few times. "Alright so do I just give you the address? Some kind of down-payment for services?" he inquired, giving her a curious look as he folded his hands together in front of him. "I am Kibum, by the way. In case you need anything I figure it might be better if you knew me by name instead of that calling me that 'weird skinny guy' or something."
Oh Yeonseo 10 months ago
@Kim Kibum Yeonseo opened up another drawer as she pulled out a pen and memo pad as she started to jot down some notes before they moved onto a real contract form so that they could edit and change things without having to start a new one or anything. "Custom, we can do that," Yeonseo noted to herself as she looked back up at him as she could tell that he had no clue what she was talking about as usually people had an idea of what they wanted or they had already been browsing around the shop. "So uhm, I do have a big book of all the flowers that I can get if you want to look at that?" Yeonseo asked as she looked at him.

She then listened as she nodded her head just jotting down some notes as he spoke. "Then you probably want some more elegant centerpieces probably that looking like terrariums with a couple of flowers in it with some greenery and made some pretty stones or pebbles?" Yeonseo tapped the terrarium next to them as she looked at him. She snapped her fingers as he mentioned making house calls. "I do often do consultants at the venues to see how many arrangments you'll need and kind of get a feel of the place. Then I might do a sketch or come by the next day with a sample arrangement. We could do that? I could come by the restaurant sometime tomorrow maybe with some sample arrangments that I think might be good for the restaurant from what you've described today and if you like them then we can write up a contract?" Yeonseo asked
[H] Kim Kibum [A] 10 months ago
@Oh Yeonseo "Custom." Kibum repeated, still feeling a bit overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information in front of him. Flowers definitely weren't his specialty, nor interior decoration or design so he could do little else but to nod numbly along with whatever she said. At least that was the case until a totally wry thought entered his mind and he had momentarily forgotten where he was so he didn't even bother to stifle the chuckle that issued up from his chest until it was already bubbling out. He tried to hide it with a clearing of his throat though and flashed the woman an apologetic smile before returning his thought process to the task at hand.

"Theme? We don't really have a set aesthetic that the restaurant uses right now. It's standard white table linens, natural woodwork, and like a beige?" He asked, trying to find the right words to describe what the inside of the restaurant looked like. Kibum honestly didn't spend much time up front so he was surprised he knew even that much but he understood that it didn't help her at all. "Do you do housecalls or something? Like, step in, look at the place and then tell me what I need?"
Oh Yeonseo 10 months ago
@Kim Kibum Yeonseo nodded as she listened to him speak as she stood there at the counter just nodding as he went along. "Then yes - we can totally do a long term contract for your establishment. We can totally do year around contracts," She noted as she had brought up a page of their different kind of arrangements as she could start to tell that he didn't know much about floral arrangements or knew what exactly what he wanted. She just let him look at the pages of the iPad as she explained everything. "I think that you might be looking more for a custom arrangement since our premade ones are usually for birthdays, weddings, deaths in the family, funeral arrangements, and other things like that," Yeonseo said as she nodded to him.

"Ah, this is for a restaurant so totally a custom arrangement is totally the way to go so you can customize them to get the feel and vibe of the building," Yeonseo made a soft noise of recognition and nodded. "So if you want flowers that more natural to here, South Korea - then going with flowers like hibiscus syriacus, chrysanthemum, roses, magnolia, ginkgo biloba, gentiana, camellia, nakai, paeonia, lilium, and other flowers. We have some most of them in the shop," Yeonseo rambled off a list of the some of the names of flowers naturally growing in South Korea as she noticed that he didn't really know much about flowers or anything. "Uhm, it might be good if you describe what what type of theme you are looking to make and that could help narrow what type of flowers that we put in the arrangement?" Yeonseo asked
[H] Kim Kibum [A] 10 months ago
@Oh Yeonseo Awkward and somewhat unsure of what to do in such a situation, Kibum strolled casually towards some potted plants that he couldn't name if his life depended on it and acted as if he was interested in them. Typically, unless he could eat the flower or use it for cooking he had little interest in them at all and just then was no exception. It was just that he didn't want to make the woman nervous or feel rushed while she was doing her job so he pretended to be otherwise occupied to alleviate any pressure. He hated it when people stared at him impatiently when he was cooking so he tried not to do that to others.

As she moved to the counter, he glanced up curiously and waited for her to get situated before joining her there. He rested his forearms on the flat space in front of him and listened to her, nodding when appropriate. "Yes, long term. We are in need of fresh flowers pretty much year round." The tall man answered, dark eyes gazing at the ipad as she began to explain everything. It was no joke to say that he felt a little bit lost. When it came to clothes he could grasp and understand that but flowers were a whole different beast so he just blinked a few times to try and soak in some of the information.

"I do like the idea of local flowers or using mostly local flowers for the restaurant but I honestly can't tell you what those even are or if they would even look good." Kibum said rather quickly, deciding to just be straight with her since she was the professional in this particular field. "And by local I don't mean just grown here. I'd like flowers that are natural to this area mostly. This restaurant started as a love letter to Korea and I would like to keep it that way as much as possible. Expense is not a problem."
Oh Yeonseo 11 months ago
@Kim Kibum Yeonseo was cutting end of flower stems as she had a large bouquet in a vase with a large pink ribbon around it as she was cutting different white and pink rose steams with a few stems of baby breath already in the vase with a stick inside as well that had a ribbon on it saying, 'it's a girl' on it as she heard the doorbell chime as she looked over her shoulder. "Hi! Welcome, I'll be with you in just a second," Yeonseo watched the male approach the front counter as she was working at a back counter as she put her shearing scissors back on the board. She stacked up the flowers that she had finished cutting just stacking them gently together as she placed in the a metal light pink bucket that water inside. She did this same process with the white flowers as she then grabbed a nearby towel just wiping her hands clean.

She walked up to the main counter as she heard his question from before as she nodded. "We do, but usually it like big cater events, weddings, or like banquet type events for commissions - but those are typically just one time deals," Yeonseo said as she pulled out an iPad from a drawer just tapping on it. Over the year, she had moved away from paper contracts and order forms that her parents had made, and digitalized them on the website that she had gotten created for the shop. "I think you might be looking for long-term contracts?" Yeonseo moved the Ipad around for him to look at.

"We have standard sets here, or we can do customs arrangements - all the costs are here. They are a little more expensive than other flower shops since every arrangement here is hand-crafted so each one is a little different and unique - but I'm always on time and every arrangement is perfect!" Yeonseo smiled as she explained everything. "Our flowers are locally grown, some right here in the flower shop, or in the greenhouse out back," She added as she motioned to all the gardening carts around and rows of buckets of flowers growing. "So uhm, is what I am describing what you are looking for?" She asked as she blinked at him.
[H] Kim Kibum [A] 11 months ago
@Oh Yeonseo Fresh flowers had been a staple at the restaurant since it had opened and from its very first day, they had an agreement with one of the local flower shops to supply all of the flora and needed greenery for both the interior and the exterior of the building. Every few days the plants would be shuffled around and new ones brought in like clockwork. Kibum never even had to think about since he took over as head chef and manager but when the old florist retired, that meant things were going to have the change. That shop had been boarded up and closed which left Kibum looking elsewhere to find the flowers he would need before the last set dried up. After talking to a few people he found his way to the little place that nearly everyone recommended and opened up the door, smiling to himself at the chime that greeted him.

“Hello?” He asked aloud as he stepped inside, keen eyes wandering over the leaves and brightly colored petals contained within. The male stuffed his hands into his pockets and walked forward before glancing at the young woman that seemed to be working there with one of his most charming smiles. “So do you take contracts here? Or commissions? Sorry, I’m not sure what else to call it.”
Oh Yeonseo 11 months ago
@Kim Kibum Yeonseo pulled her hair up in a bun as she tied her apron around her waist as she made her way outside. She was carrying a bucket of dog food as she needed to feed the few couples of dogs that lived around the florist shop as she had always taken care of them for as long as she could remember. She filled up the metal bowls as she looked around just whistling as she watched the few dogs come out of the little area that they usually hid in as they were sleeping during the night. She went back inside as she set down the bucket back on the shelf as she looked around the shop just seeing anything else that she needed to do before opening up the shop. She rearranged a couple of displays for their wedding arrangements and other carts that held plants growing or different little herbs and other things were growing. She watered the plants in the back of the store as she looked at the time as she walked to the front of the store as she unlocked the doors as she flipped the sign to open. She had already all the lights as she had some music playing as she moved to behind the counter.

She started working on the arrangement that she had started before she went out to feed the dog that lived around the shop. She kept her eye on the door just glancing back ever so often when the bell on top of the door would ring. She would help customers as they came in just bundling up flowers that they needed, making quick arrangements for people, or selling their premade arrangments for people that needed them. "Thank you for coming, please share our store name around or my name for anyone that needs bigger arrangements or flowers!" Yeonseo smiled as she picked up a glass bowl of lily pads, lotus flowers, and other little things as she set it on the counter to decorate it as she loved making little terrariums or arrangements while she waited for work. She could often sell them as well if people came in. She grabbed a vase as she started walking around the shop just picking some items to work on her next order.


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