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Angelina Ryu 9 months ago
@Wong Yukhei horror? mm, okay
*blinks at the question before chuckling softly*
do you want a legitimate answer or something smartass? i'm fully equipped for either~
*i quip lightly, stopping on Eli so the trailer plays*
[H] Wong Yukhei 9 months ago
@Ryu Won [] oop sorry was busy unu' am sorry wifeeeyyyy

let's have horror!
*grins, interested because i want to see your reaction*
*lets you lean on top of me*
just a random thought, why do horror movies always have pianos and suddenly ghosts are behind you?
*i chuckle from the thought*
Angelina Ryu 10 months ago
@Wong Yukhei cookbooks? good idea, that'll make it easier
*hums, nodding*
yea, i can't say fra di...that word
*moves my arms so i can flop back onto the bed and glance around for the remote. seeing it on your other side, i basically lean ontop of and over you without much thought before returning to my space*
okay let's see...
*trails off, turning on he smart tv and going to Netflix. after logging in, i begin scrolling idly*
what genre are you in the mood for?
[H] Wong Yukhei 10 months ago
@Ryu Won ooh, that's a great idea! plus, I could borrow my mother's cookbooks too!
*grins widely*
pizza that you can't pronounce-
*chuckles and lets gravity pull my body to the bed*
ooh yeah, movies! let's just netflix and chill, literally.
Angelina Ryu 10 months ago
@Wong Yukhei Oh good, then we won't starve! Between you and delivery, we're safe
*draws her legs up into a cross to lean against her knees*
Maybe we could learn how to cook together? We obviously can't go to any cooking classes now with the world basically being on lockdown but that's what YouTube is for, right?
For now, though, pizza that I can't pronounce! And..maybe movies? Let's have a movie night
[H] Wong Yukhei 10 months ago
@Ryu Won I could cook actually, just some 2 or 3 dishes taught by my mother. She taught me how to cook so I could live independently when I was in the pet shop while she's in the other branch working.
*scratches head and combs my hair with my fingers*
I'd like to learn how to cook, but work always make me busy, so I can't get any free time to learn.
*sighs, moving my feet back and forth*
but your massages are effective! my legs feel energized, hehe!
Angelina Ryu 10 months ago
@Wong Yukhei *laughs and shrugs lightly*
Your legs tell a different story but okay. You're welcome~
*leans back against my palms*
I make a good wife, right? I can't really cook but massages will make up for it
[H] Wong Yukhei 10 months ago
@Ryu Won do i look like an old man? *laughs*
am i that old enough? i'm just 21, y'know *pouts*
*stretches the legs and moving it to check if it's feeling better*
yeah, much better. thank you angel!
Angelina Ryu 10 months ago
@Wong Yukhei *laughs a little at the sound, biting her lip to hold any more in*
You sound like my grandpa. How are you peter pan and an old man at the same time? Please explain
*continues with the other leg while you order, silently marveling at how you're so chipper even with a menial task like that*
30 minutes? Okay, so we've got time to kill
*pats your leg once I'm done*
[H] Wong Yukhei 10 months ago
@Ryu Won *switches the legs, slightly groans from the pain*
yeah, i'm curious on what it would taste like.
*taps on the phone, and puts the phone on the ear*
good day sir! uhh, can we get the shrimp fra diavolo pizza, and the cookies n creme pizza?
mhm, yeah. yeah. could we also get some chicken nuggets?
hmm, sold out? how about chicken wings?
aye, aye, thank you!
*ends the call with the tap and puts the phone down*
they said that delivery will be here in 30 minutes.
Angelina Ryu 10 months ago
@Wong Yukhei i know, i know
*i reply, still working on the first leg. i hum in response to the pizza options, heading tilting a bit at the dessert pizza and then making a face at the name of the last one*
mhm, let's go with the shrimp fra dia...blah blah that one. i kind of wanna try to dessert one too, it sounds weird so i have to
*chuckles lightly, patting the first leg so you'll switch8
[H] Wong Yukhei 10 months ago
@Ryu Won thanks angel, you're the best.
*reaches for the phone and opens the delivery app*
what pizza should we order? they got pepperoni, bbq sauce, hawaiian...
*scrolls for more options*
cookies n creme dessert pizza? wow, i didn't knew that's a thing.
*chuckles as i scroll for more*
but this looks good, shrimp fra diavolo pizza, it's pizza with shrimp, tomatoes and basil. should we get this?
Angelina Ryu 10 months ago
@Wong Yukhei *hums in agreement, taking out my phone to pick a delivery app*
*glances up when you groan and lightly tuts, moving to sit next to you*
give it here
*lightly pats my thigh for you to put your legs up and starts massaging one when you do*
include more potassium in your diet, silly
*gestures to my phone*
you can order while i do this
[H] Wong Yukhei 10 months ago
@Ryu Won *stood up and stretches from all the unpacking*
ooh, pizza, great idea! what kind of pizza do you like?
hmm, i suddenly craved chicken nuggets... let's get both
*grins from the idea*
*legs suddenly got cramps, i sat on the bed, letting the cramp go by as i groan in pain*
aaah, cramps...
Angelina Ryu 10 months ago
@Wong Yukhei *softly scoffs a small smile growing as you get closer. meets you halfway with a quick peck before returning to my bubble*
*hums thoughtfully, picking up my stack of folded clothes to stick them in drawers*
i kind of just want pizza or something, I'm all new food-ed out after Cook Islands
[H] Wong Yukhei 10 months ago
@Ryu Won *looks at you, smiling mischievously*
hmmm, maybe. perhaps you want a kiss?
*leans closer to you and pouts lips for a kiss*
*laughs and closes the empty luggage bag, and pulling it on the side*
yeah, i feel hungry. what do you wanna eat?
Angelina Ryu 10 months ago
@Wong Yukhei sleeping beauty..
*chuckles, reaching up to smooth my no doubt sleep-tussled hair*
sleeping beauty only woke up with a kiss. are you trying to tell me something?
*asks jokingly before crossing my legs and really getting to work*
are you hungry? should we order food?
[H] Wong Yukhei 10 months ago
@Ryu Won *noticed you woke up, and shows a big grin*
good morning, beautiful!
*continues unpacking*
well, didn't want to wake up the sleeping beauty, do i?
*pauses for a while to get some rest and sat comfortably, watching you unpack*
probably 10 minutes after i woke up? sorry, i didn't check the time, haha. *scratching my head*
Angelina Ryu 10 months ago
@Wong Yukhei *stirs after a few more minutes just laying there until i register the empty other half of the bed. sitting up, i look around and spot xuxi before spotting you*
you could have woken me up, you know?
*i say, stifling a yawn and lightly stretching before climbing out of bed. kneeling next to you, i pull my bigger suitcase over and start unpacking it*
how long was i out?
[H] Wong Yukhei 10 months ago
@Ryu Won *after an hour of nap, i woke up and saw you still sleeping*
well, gotta let the sleeping beauty take her beauty rest.
*stood up from the bed , stretches and goes to pets xuxi who's sleeping in a corner*
aight, gotta work!
*opens the luggage and starts pulling out stuff, fixing it*
*saw a letter given by mother, LUCAS written on it*
*smiles* i gotta read this later, *leaves it on top of the table*
Angelina Ryu 10 months ago
@Wong Yukhei *starts to protest the notion that I look any sort of way but is abruptly cut off and stunned by the kiss. after blinking in surprise for a few beats, i turn so my back is facing you to hide the touch of blush quickly rising but make no moves to go further away from you*
mhm, you too...sleep well
[H] Wong Yukhei 10 months ago
@Ryu Won nah, let's enjoy our nap. there's a lot of time for it.
*looks at you*
plus, you really look like you need some rest. all that travelling must have drained you.
*smiles and kisses you on the forehead*
rest well, angel.
Angelina Ryu 10 months ago
@Wong Yukhei *snorts lightly at the finger guns and gives the camera one last wave before following you around to the next and the next until they're all done*
*crawls onto the bed next to you, laying against my arm*
wanna set an alarm or just wake up and get to work when we do?
[H] Wong Yukhei 10 months ago
@Ryu Won one down, more to go!
*goes back to the finger guns*
*everytime we find a hidden camera, we wave and make poses and go back to finding*

*drops to the bed, exhausted*
aight, mission complete! we should rest, angel.
*stretches and yawns*
we're gonna unpack later, so off we go take a nap!
Angelina Ryu 10 months ago
@Wong Yukhei *nods*
It kind of reminds me of home, so I like it
*stands up as Xuxi takes his exit and starts fixing my hair only to start laughing at your antics*
Oh my god, what are y-
*cuts myself of with a shake of my head*
When in Rome, I guess..
*i say to myself, chuckling and then running to catch up with you*
*smiles and waves at the camera you find*
Hi, people~ Welcome to chapter two
*tosses an arm over your shoulder, holding up two fingers with the other*
Chapter two of Lucas Pan and Angie's big adventure
[H] Wong Yukhei 10 months ago
@Ryu Won but y'know, vintage has its own beauty, i also like it.
*removes the leash of xuxi, letting him run around the house*
*laughs as you hit my hand*
sure, for now we got the mission called "Find-the-hidden-cameras-around-the-house" to do!
*does the finger guns, back against the wall*
*goes around the house like a police, pointing the finger guns*
*found a hidden camera in a bookshelf hiding in between books*
found one! *waves at the camera*
Angelina Ryu 10 months ago
@Wong Yukhei *nods, looking around*
i think so! it's kind of old fashioned, but i kind of like it. there's lots of places camera could be hidden, i waited for you before looking
*chuckles and crouches down to pet Xuxi, making kissy faces at him before wrinkling my nose at the head pat*
eyy, stooop
*lightly hits your hand*
you should rest too, let's just take a nap together when we're done finding cameras
[H] Wong Yukhei 10 months ago
@Ryu Won aww, you won't let me in?
*frowns but shows a big grin when the door opened*
*astonished by the furnitures in the house*
i'm home! and woah, did the staff fix the house while we were flying back home?
*looks at you as you yawn*
sure! i'd like to spot some hidden cameras around the house, i had fun in a hidden camera in our hotel last time *laughs*
*xuxi goes to you, asking you to pet him*
but you gotta rest after, alright? *pats your head* your battery needs to recharge, we need that energy to unpack our stuff later on. *smiles*
Angelina Ryu 10 months ago
@Wong Yukhei mm...alright, but only for Xuxi
*chuckles lightly and opens the door, stepping aside to let you in*
hey, welcome home~
*smiles and then stifles a yawn*
wanna take a look around together before i crash? then we can unpack properly, but that flight really took me out
[H] Wong Yukhei 10 months ago
@Ryu Won *i smile as i hear you talk on the other side of the door*
it's your very handsome husband and his amazing best friend xuxi! *laughs* would you please open the door and let us in, gorgeous?
*xuxi sits down, his tongue out, his ears twitching while we talk*


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carpediem 9 months ago
ciao, take care
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love you all. maybe some other time ♡
insomnia_bish 9 months ago
later guys,love,very much
shoshin 9 months ago
until then, my mfs family. ♡ - nana
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crust_of_summer 9 months ago
If I may reserve two with a favorite and upvote, could I please have Kim Nahyun and Nam Joohyuk
8acc2c4735ff21ed4709 9 months ago
hi, may i reserve got7’s im jaebum?
thelema 9 months ago
could you add jorge lopez for me
piixiedust 9 months ago
Could yoona and yein be off hiatus andcould i cc xin to lily macapinlac?
amillionstars 9 months ago
Can I have Gloria Tang please?
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