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Momo Hirai 6 months ago
@Son Dongwoon () yup we can.

"Oh you look so handsome woonie!" Momo said as she grinned at him before leaving the house, closing and locking their front door before going to the car and getting in it after putting the house key back in her purse.
Son Dongwoon 6 months ago
@Momo Hirai "Alright—", he said with a click of his tongue before rushing up to grab the first blazer he could see in the closet: a red one. Going back down as he completed his look, he grabbed his phone before tapping onto Momo's shoulder with a quick "let's go" and continued over to the door and outside to start the car.

[] Should we move to the restaurant room hh
Momo Hirai 6 months ago
@Son Dongwoon "Hmmm I think you look handsome as is. Plus I think the blazer would be a bit too much for the club but it does work with restaurant dates... yeah I think you should wear the blazer." Momo said as she gazed at him for what felt like an eternity as she thought about the choice. "Yeah an hour and a half would be perfect!" She said with a grin.
Son Dongwoon 6 months ago
@Momo Hirai He nodded at her reply, placing a kiss to her cheek before he reached for his wallet and slipping it in his pocket. "Should I get a blazer or just go with this? What do you think?", He asked, glancing over to his wife while he grabbed the key fob to his car. "Aw, alright. Maybe an hour and a half would do in the club?"
Momo Hirai 6 months ago
@Son Dongwoon Momo pecked his lips in return with a smile on her face. "Thanks honey, and I'll wait for you to change." Momo said as she sat down on the couch. She grinned when he came back downstairs. "My hubby bubby is so handsome. And that's fine, I just wanted to go with you and hang out. After dinner we don't have to stay at the nightclub for very long. I don't think I wanna stay out extremely late tonight." Momo said as she got her purse.
Son Dongwoon 6 months ago
@Momo Hirai Sitting up from the couch, he cracked his neck— a weird version of him stretching out. Hearing the question he looked up to see Momo in her dress. It elicited a smile from him, walking over to peck her lips. "Absolutely dazzling, peachy baby. Now I have to change too".

He changed into black pants and a black button-up that fit him just right, partly choosing the color so he'd get lost in the dark easily. Styling his hair for a short while, he fixed his shirt before going back down. "I'm going to tell you in advance that I barely dance and find me at the bar—"
Momo Hirai 6 months ago
@Son Dongwoon "The nightclub near our house is fine. I just want to dance for a bit and have a drink or two." She called back as she came downstairs in her flowy yellow dress. "How do I look?" She asked with a smile as she gazed at him.
Son Dongwoon 6 months ago
@Momo Hirai Letting out a groan from the realization that his time was up, he rolled on the couch, burying his face on the backrest. He'd have to move soon to get dressed for dinner, but it was as if every nerve on his body would tell him to do otherwise. "Momo, which club do you wanna go to?" He asked with a loud voice, hoping the it would reach his wife wherever she was in the house.
Momo Hirai 7 months ago
@Son Dongwoon "Yeah, I understand." Momo said before she got onto his lap. "Also, I'll be going into the bathroom soon to change... I want everything to be perfect. Like I always pictured it." She said. She always had fantasies about her wedding night when she was a teenager. She had dropped by a saucy little lingerie shop on the edge of town with her friends before she had even got married. She had blushed at every single skimpy piece of lacey lingerie she had seen, but she had bought one anyways at the request of her friends. They swore that eventually she would need it and would put it to good use. She had hidden it deep in the closet after they moved in, she had never even taken it out of the bag. "Gosh, I'm so nervous and we haven't even done anything." She said as she gazed at him. "But, I trust you honey and I love you. And I'm ready for this. I'll go change in a few minutes." She said softly.
Son Dongwoon 7 months ago
@Momo Hirai Dongwoon only hummed as he headed for the bedroom, pressing a kiss to her forehead. "Anything for you, Momo".

Closing the door behind them, he gently put her down, keeping a grin on his face as he pulled her closer, arms wrapping around her waist. He places a kiss to her forehead, then finally down to the lips he so adored. "You do not know how I was itching to get those cameras out myself", he muttered out before pulling away to sit on the edge of the bed, patting his lap to gesture for Momo to sit. "Come here, honey".
Momo Hirai 7 months ago
@Son Dongwoon "Oh okay." She said before smiling and kissing him as he carried her. "I... I want it to be slow, but not agonizingly slow. I guess I kind of want my body to be worshipped with and I'll take care of you too... you just need to show me what to do. Uh and I want the missionary position... I think that's the most romantic position or so I've heard. But most of all, I just want you woonie." She said softly as she gazed at him, her body getting hot with slight arousal, nervousness and a bit of embarrassment.
Son Dongwoon 7 months ago
@Momo Hirai "No way", Dongwoon replied in a soft voice. He was almost speechless as he listened to what Momo had to say- of course, not missing the chance to find her blush so adorable. A grin makes its way to his face, trashing his earlier plans of whatever he wanted to do to his wife. Instead, he places a gentle kiss to her lips before running his thumb over her warm cheek. "Alright, let's take it slow, then. I gotta say though, uh, I might get carried away and be uhm, a tad bit too rough so tell me when I do". He followed up with a laugh, reaching down for a moment to carry Momo in his arms, literally sweeping her off her feet. "Peach, just tell me what you want to happen, okay?"
Momo Hirai 7 months ago
@Son Dongwoon Momo put her arms around him and grinned before she heard him speak. "Ah, woonie! I wanna do it in our bed. We didn't have a traditional wedding night you know... and I want it to be romantic. Plus I didn't tell you this but now since the cameras are gone I can... uh I'm a . I was always too shy to talk to guys so I never had actually, plus I was too busy. I know the ins and outs though. I just want this to be special, I want you to make love to me." Momo explained as she blushed a bit. "Plus it'll be our first time as a married couple anyways." She said as she gazed at him. She was always nervous when she talked about , even after she would lose her ity her embarrassment on would never change, but that didn't mean she wouldn't like though. She was excited about this new experience.
Son Dongwoon 7 months ago
@Momo Hirai "Woah- I think Dohee and Wonwoo got together too, though", he replied, with his eyes widening a bit in shock. Hearing the knock, he didn't pay any attention to the sound as he let Momo take care of it, replacing the cheese in his hand with the sandwich she made. He only watched as the staff took the cameras one by one out of their house, busying himself with eating instead.

Finishing his lunch in a few more bites, he was already flicking away any crumbs stuck on his palm by the time Momo came back. "Lunch is already finished for me, though", he said before he reached up to hold Momo's chin, his free arm pulling her closer. No cameras, no one else in the house, and definitely no show to have the need to get his words picked carefully. "Say, you still up for it if I ed you over the counter?"
Momo Hirai 7 months ago
@Son Dongwoon "I guess we were the only couple to stay together in season 1." She said with a shrug. She then took a bite out of her sandwich. She then heard a knock at the door and opened it. The camera people had come to get all the cameras out of the house. It took them quite a few minutes but they did it and were soon out of the house. " I thought they'd have way more cameras in the house than that." Momo said after she closed the door and locked it before making her way back to the kitchen. "So, I wanna talk a bit about our plans after lunch." She said before taking another sip of water and gazing at him.
Son Dongwoon 7 months ago
@Momo Hirai Chewing on the scooped cheese, he brought his hand up to his chest, carefully so that the spoon doesn't touch his clothes. He cooed at Momo's words, although for a dramatic effect only along with his previous act. "That's sweet, Momo. But I still get so dumb some days—", he trailed off. A soft snort escapes him, hearing read whatever text she received. He wasn't used to any event going way too positive in streaks. " Cameras out, nice. But featured? What kind of stuff were the staff on to think of that? Pft".
Momo Hirai 7 months ago
@Son Dongwoon "Ah okay, that's fine with me, where you go I go. Woonie, you're not a don't call yourself that." Momo said gently as she looked at him. Momo's phone lit up and she had gotten a text from the show's producer. "Woonie, great news... our season is over and we're the featured couple! And the producer also said that the camera people are coming over to get the hidden cameras out of the house." She said with a smile before she sipped her water.
Son Dongwoon 7 months ago
@Momo Hirai A pout formed on his lips at her answer, taking the bar of cheese from the fridge after Momo left to make the sandwiches. "There was a reason why I only packed my clothes—", he began, taking a spoon for himself and scooped up a part of the bar he held. "I legitimately thought this wasn't permanent. My dumb , really. But yeah, my house is kinda... Too big for one guy. How about we just move after I get approved for the specialty switch? They delayed it because I have no replacement yet".
Momo Hirai 7 months ago
@Son Dongwoon Momo giggled and got the water pitcher from the refrigerator as well. "I mean, we can stay. Is your place big enough for both of our things? I don't want it to be a hassle for us to move again since we just moved in here." Momo said hesitantly as she thought about it. She got two plates and two glasses and assembled the sandwiches and poured the water in the glasses.
Son Dongwoon 7 months ago
@Momo Hirai "Cold water would be just fine, sweetheart", he replied, quietly following her to the refrigerator with a smile lingering on his face from the kiss. He couldn't exactly stay put at one place doing nothing as long there's the chance to do something else: in this case, it was bothering his wife. "By the way, do you plan on staying in this house? I mean, personally, I'd like to stay at my place- I thought we were going to move out after the show".
Momo Hirai 7 months ago
@Son Dongwoon "We could start planning after lunch if you want." Momo offered with a smile. "Maybe we could have pasta for dinner? And a ham sandwich sounds delicious! What do you want to drink with it?" She asked as she kissed his cheek and made her way over to the refrigerator to get the ham.
Son Dongwoon 7 months ago
@Momo Hirai "Could work if we plan enough, I think-" He wondered aloud before shifting his gaze towards the direction Momo was pointing at. Humming, he slowly nodded, taking back his previous offer. "Since you already have the bread, alright, I'll cook some pasta next time, yeah? I was thinking of ham sandwich though!"
Momo Hirai 7 months ago
@Son Dongwoon "We can get rid of the cameras tonight... can't we?" She whispered in his ear as she felt him her . When he pinched her cheek she grinned and giggled. "I don't think we ever agreed to it but if you want to cook that's fine too. I was originally gonna make us some sandwiches for lunch." Momo said as she gazed at him before pointing at the bread she already had on the countertop.
Son Dongwoon 7 months ago
@Momo Hirai "Cute, cute". Dongwoon could only say seeing how Momo reacted. He couldn't help but take the chance to lower his arms in the hug, sneaking a on Momo's - hopefully barely noticeable on the footage. Casually kissing her forehead, he reached up to cup her warm cheek, giving it a gentle pinch. "I would have replied differently to that but uh, didn't we agree it was my turn to cook? Wait did we ever agree to that one or am I just remembering something else?" He asked with a hum.
Momo Hirai 7 months ago
@Son Dongwoon Momo almost completely froze when she heard him whisper in her ear. Oh Gods the cameras... she completely forgot about the cameras. That only made her more embarrassed and the fact that her husband was on board with it made her blush even more. She was as red as a tomato. "W-Woonie... lunch? O-Oh yeah lunch! Uh w-what do you want for lunch?" She asked as she turned around and gazed at him nervously.
Son Dongwoon 7 months ago
@Momo Hirai Dongwoon held back the smile that threatened to show on his face. He wanted to listen to Momo as she tried to voice out whatever thoughts that he may have caused earlier. Pulling her closer to him, Momo's reddened cheeks just made him feel so soft yet the words that fell from her lips were something way far from it.

"If this place wasn't filled with cameras I wouldn't mind even if it's right here, right now". He whispered, leaning down before smooching her cheek and smiling. "Now about that lunch?"
Momo Hirai 7 months ago
@Son Dongwoon Momo was blushing heavily. She had no idea on how to pursue this at all. She sighed as she felt his arm around her and hoped for the best. "Um... well... I need you... you know we haven't uh... done anything physical with each other yet... and we are married now... I don't wanna rush anything... if you're not ready its totally fine with me... Oh gosh I'm so embarrassed..." Momo blurted it out. She felt better getting it off her chest but she hadn't been this embarrassed in a long time. She looked away in embarrassment and fidgeted a bit.
Son Dongwoon 7 months ago
@Momo Hirai Dropping the phone on the bed, Dongwoon somehow felt a bit threatened reading the last few messages Momo sent to the chat. It had him walking out of the bedroom to go down, heading to the kitchen as ordered earlier.

"What did you need, peach?" he asked, wrapping his arms around Momo with a teasing laugh.
Momo Hirai 8 months ago
@Son Dongwoon "Aw thank you! Really? Well you've done something and you have a really strong back as a result of that, hehe." She said with a giggle before she continued massaging in the oils. Momo smiled at the compliment, "Aw thank you honey!" She said as she massaged a bit harder. Momo blushed a bit, she hadn't called him anything but nicknames... she hadn't even called him any pet names so calling him honey was new to her. "And really? What specialty are you moving to?" She asked.
Son Dongwoon 8 months ago
@Momo Hirai "That makes me soft, that's illegal- you're the sweet one here, really!" Dongwoon exclaimed in a soft voice, perhaps even with the smile on his face so obvious in his tone. Hearing the next set of words from Momo, he couldn't help but snort. "I wish I was active enough to actually have those. Back when I was in uni, I tried taekwondo because I had a lot of free time but quit after only three meetings".

Humming in satisfaction, he nodded at the question. "Mm, you're even better because you're the best thing. And by the way, I'm soon to move specialties at work!"


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later guys,love,very much
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until then, my mfs family. ♡ - nana
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