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Hailee Steinfeld 10 months ago
@Lee Siyeon [ I am finally posting our starter. ;A; ]

If she worked any other job, Hailee might not have been a fan of slow days. When she got her first work at a convenience store, she was happier when there was enough business to make her nights go by in the flash of an eye. In a funeral home, it was the opposite. The more business there was meant that her day would be slower because she had to deal tears and heartache. So she was glad that today was a slow day. She walked into the lunch room and sat at the table, pulling out her super-special recipe pp&j sandwich to eat.


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carpediem 9 months ago
ciao, take care
12cf7f90d15ff7da4ebb 9 months ago
love you all. maybe some other time ♡
insomnia_bish 9 months ago
later guys,love,very much
shoshin 9 months ago
until then, my mfs family. ♡ - nana
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crust_of_summer 9 months ago
If I may reserve two with a favorite and upvote, could I please have Kim Nahyun and Nam Joohyuk
8acc2c4735ff21ed4709 9 months ago
hi, may i reserve got7’s im jaebum?
thelema 9 months ago
could you add jorge lopez for me
piixiedust 9 months ago
Could yoona and yein be off hiatus andcould i cc xin to lily macapinlac?
amillionstars 9 months ago
Can I have Gloria Tang please?
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