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Choi Bitna 10 months ago
@Joshua Hong [ it's okay!! ]

"I'm putting all my trust in you and your team. I know you're all really smart and that you'll solve it way more quickly than anyone else would be able to." She says, nodding her head as the smile returned to her face as Joshua took a step towards her, relief washing over her as she realizes they're okay, just like they were before this fight happened, mostly due to a huge misunderstanding. They'll have to learn how to love and care about each other and it was evident that they could do it, it would just take a bit of time.

"Yes! They have been calling to ask all the time when they'll get to meet you, it's getting a bit annoying; especially when Tyler calls." She says, shaking her head at the mention of her younger brother who was really eager to meet Joshua, her husband. "We will, babe." She said, squeezing his hand to reassure both him and herself.
Joshua Hong [A] 10 months ago
@Choi Bitna [asdfjk; I'm so sorry this is really late ;; ]

It was a different kind of sorrow that Joshua had held inside of him, he knew that he had chose to stay with Ash for a reason, and her the same, and he would be stupid to just throw it all away, but he couldn't have put any of the blame on her for being upset. He knew that it was hard to leave your family behind in another country, in fact that's what he did until he was able to personally help his parents come to Korea with him. "I know, and it's difficult, but if we figure it out quickly then we might be able to go visit them by next month." He said with a soft smile taking a step towards Ashley.

"I want to visit your family though.." He paused momentarily, leaning against the wall beside her. "I'm sure your parents would like to get to know the man that their daughter has married too." He said a bit playfully letting out a chuckle. "We will work on making this relationship work together, my love." He said holding onto the others hand just barely with his.
Choi Bitna 10 months ago
@Joshua Hong Bitna let out a soft sigh as Joshua apologized to her, shaking her head lightly as she realized that she was partly to blame for this too, it wasn't only Joshua's fault - she needed to apologize too, for being too haste and angry while she was spouting those words at him, making him feel guilty most probably. "No, I have to apologize too. I understand it was wrong of me to attack you when you're not the one to blame for having to work to catch a suspect and I know you can't just say 'I can't work on this case' when your team is being put to work on the case." She said, slowly lifting her head to look at her husband, feeling bad that she said all of the words to him before he apologized, before they both apologized.

"Y-you don't have to, Joshua, really. I know your job is important and I understand now. I promise I won't make such a big fuss again in the future - because your job is not as easy as mine and I should be more considerate of that. And as you said, I myself have been only in one relationship that didn't end nicely, and I should too work on my communication skills because communication is a big part of a relationship." She concluded, offering a small smile to her husband.
Joshua Hong [A] 10 months ago
@Choi Bitna Joshua looked at Ashley as he saw the tears welling up in her eyes and he could tell she was fighting to keep them falling down her cheeks. It was then that he realized the damage he was causing the girl he had sworn to love, and he knew that right now she felt far from it. He took a moment to calm down as Ashley continued, and he let out a small breath and opened when she beagn to speak again.

Joshua wanted to move from his spot but he felt frozen, and as he tried to speak it felt as if there was a lump in his throat. Looking back at Ashley, let out another sigh. "I am sorry, I didn't mean to explode on you." Josh now could feel tears welling in his own eyes and decided to look down to keep the other from noticing. "I'm new to this, I have never been in a relationship and then I am married, I need to work on my communication skills and I am sorry. I will go back to work and see if I can find some time that we can go see your family... together."
Choi Bitna 10 months ago
@Joshua Hong Bitna took a step back as Joshua said all of that, irritation evident in his voice before he let out a frustrated breath, making her scoff under her breath, the tears appearing in her eyes yet again - but she wouldn't cry, no. She wouldn't be seen as weak or something over a fight like this, and she was mostly agitated with his behaviour and harsh words about her seeing her family - she hasn't seen them in a whole year - and that is really hard for her, to be able to handle life here in Seoul and life back in New York while trying to maintain some balance at least.

"Can you even hear yourself? Do you hear the words leaving your mouth? I'm not dumb, I know it doesn't work like that!" She said, inhaling deeply, trying to calm herself down, her bottom lip quivering as the tears threaten to roll down her rosy cheeks - she looks down at the floor, clenching her fists before she faces Joshua once again. "I'm not asking you to lose your job or whatever; I just. I don't know, I expected we would be spending more time and that we would be able to visit my family. I-I was looking forward to that, I really was," She says, looking back at the floor once again, feeling awkward just standing there after she calmed down and realized that they had a fight over something that they could have talked normally and calmly about, but her stupid brain had to start a fight. She was so embarrassed now that she's calmed down completely.
Joshua Hong [A] 10 months ago
@Choi Bitna All the feelings running through Joshua had left hin confused, a part of him was screaming at him saying that he doesn't eed to start a fight with his wife, she has a reason to be upset, but Joshua still was learning the steps of being a married partner, and taking others feelings into consideration. He felt like his heart was being torn in half just from not knowing how to handle the situation.

"You know what, visit them! I cant lose my job just because you miss your family. And yeah, I would like to spend time with you but I'm sorry if I just tell my boss no I will lose my job and where am I gonna be? Without a job hoping everything is gonna turn out okay? It doesn't work like that!" He said with irritation evident in his voice, letting out a breathe.
Choi Bitna 10 months ago
@Joshua Hong Bitna stared at him in disbelief as he scoffed and took a step back from her, frowning even more at this point. She didn't know why, but she felt this urgent need to just fight about this with him because from her point of view, business wasn't more important than your spouse or a big event with your spouse's family - but who was she to tell if he thought the same or not - in her eyes it was evident that they had different opinions and instead of respecting that, she wanted to fight for it because it just wasn't fair. Work took him from her more than she wanted and it was starting to confuse her - does he even want to stay married to her or not? - was the only thought on her mind at the moment. "Yes, really! How- what," She started, looking down as she took a deep breath in, facing Joshua again. "I know you can't help it but I've been waiting for so long just to visit them and now you're telling me I can't because of some murderer? Is your team the only capable team to put a stop to that murderer? Or do you just want more work and money instead of spending time with your wife?" She asked, biting into her lower lip as she knew she probably crossed a line she shouldn't have, but it was the anger talking and not her - and she would be damn crazy if she apologized for her words now, in the middle of this conversation, fight or whatever this is.
Joshua Hong [A] 10 months ago
@Choi Bitna [ thats the hardest part is them to be in similar poses,;;]

A mix of emotions flooded through Joshua at the sight of Ashley's tears welling up. He was both angry at himself for causing it but when she spoke he couldn't believe her sarcasm, and took a step backas he let out a little scoff. "Really?" He asked rolling his eyes. All of this having been new experience for him and he didn't know how to react, as he was a man who always put his job first. "Its my team they're putting on the case. I can't just leave when my team needs me." Joshua could feel his temperature rising as he got more upset. "I can't help when a murderer is on the loose, you're family is just going to have to wait, Ashley." His tone was raising as he got to the end of his sentence.
Choi Bitna 10 months ago
@Joshua Hong [ i wanted to change it so we could match but she doesn't have one where she's looking at the camera like Joshua is,,,, but it's cute, yes! heh. ]

Bitna rolled her eyes playfully, not wanting him to worry about waking her up. "Don't worry, silly. I'm telling you it's fine." She said, shaking her head a bit before giving him a warm smile back.

As much as she tried to keep her facial expression straight, she just couldn't do it - she was feeling too upset and let down to be able to keep her disappointment away from her facial expression. His words stabbed her heart as he sounded short with her and she looked at him, tears in her eyes, no matter how hard she wanted not to cry, not to seem like a little baby in his eyes, but she couldn't do it, she just couldn't. "Of course they need you. Why would they have someone else do it when you can do it?" She said, exploding with sarcasm which she never intended, she never acted this way and she didn't know what came over her - but she was a bit too upset to control herself and her emotions at the moment. "They know that they can give you just about any shift and you'll have to take it, as always." She said, shaking her head lightly as she wiped away the stray tear from her cheek as quickly as possible.
Joshua Hong [A] 10 months ago
@Choi Bitna [ random but our hairs match in the dps lol it's cute. ]

Joshua knew that even still Ashley wouldn't have woken up if he hadn't stayed at work late, but the events that were to unfold wouldn't happen either, and a part of him were wishing they didn't. "I'm still gonna worry." He said giving her a soft smile.

Joshua could have been more careful with his words, and gave everything out into a better light, but as he spent most of his time at work and that was the majority of his being before he was signed up for this show, he was still working on his skills on communicating with others. He could however, read the expressions of the ones he was with quite well, and he knew that telling his wife that they wouldn't be able to visit the family had made her upset. "I mean I can't take off work again." He said a bit shorter than he intended to, but let out a soft sigh, glancing away. "Another big case came in, and they need me at work."
Choi Bitna 10 months ago
@Joshua Hong Bitna smiled as she heard Joshua's voice, almost timidly saying hey to her, nodding her head lightly before responding herself. "Hey." She said queitly, but loud enough for him to hear, shaking her head as he apologized for waking her, still smiling softly. "You didn't wake me up, you don't have to worry about that." She hummed under her breath as he said that he needs to tell her something, her heart skipping a beat already as she prepares herself for something terrible, as if she knew what he was about to say.

She watches him curiously - he looked as if he was thinking carefully of how to word the thing he's about to say, probably worried that she won't react good - and when the words left his lips, Bitna frowned slightly, opening then closing before opening again, unable to say anything, he left her speechless. She was looking forward to visiting her family back in New York because they met his family already and it was Bitna's turn to introduce her husband to her family, and she hasn't seen them in a long while. She felt as if she's going to cry then as if her whole world was falling apart. She sniffled a bit, holding back any tears or whining. "What do you mean?" She asked as calmly as possible, not wanting to start a fight if it's not needed, yet, at least.
Joshua Hong [A] 10 months ago
@Choi Bitna As it was late, Joshua didn't expect to see his wife standing at the entrance of the bathroom when he had looked up, from the sink. "hey." He said, turning towards her, leaning against the sink while patting his face dry with a towel. He was still unsure of how to bring the news to Ashley as he knew their plans for the following week would be ruined. Setting the towel back on the towel bar he took a step towards his wife.

"I'm sorry for waking you." He apologized before giving her a small hug. "There's something I need to tell you though." Joshua said letting out a silent sigh before looking back at his wife, contemplating if it was better now or wait until the morning when they both had gotten some sleep. Of course, Joshua knew that it didn't matter if he told her now or not that she would still be upset. "I don't think we will be able to go see your family this week." He finally decided to just get straight to the point.
Choi Bitna 10 months ago
@Joshua Hong [ it's great, thank you!! ]

Bitna was in an excited mood until she got a message from Joshua, saying that he'll have to stay late at work, an instant pout forming on her lips, unconsciously. But she replied with a take care & stay safe before continuing with her shift at the radio station, as it was nearing its end - as excited and hyper as she always was, for her fans and listeners around Seoul. When she was done with her shift, she hauled a cab back to their house, looking at the time on the clock, being only 8 pm. She sighed under her breath as she took a shower and ate a bit of food so she's not as hungry as she wanted to wait up for Joshua.

She fell asleep while waiting for him, but she woke up when she heard the click of the light being flicked on, getting out of bed to greet Joshua and to see how he's doing after such a busy day at work. She tip toed, barefoot, to the master bathroom where the light was on, leaning on the door frame as she watched him, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes with the back of her hand. With a small yawn, she said a small hi so she wouldn't scare him.
Joshua Hong [A] 10 months ago
@Choi Bitna [Fast forwarding lol I also hope this is okay!]
Joshua had messaged Ashley earlier that day during his lunch break that he would have to stay later at work to finish up a case, as his boss wasn't letting anyone go home until everything was complete with the paperwork and all. It was almost 11 o'clock at night before he had been able to come home and finally take a rest for the day, and give some bad news to his wife.

Joshua unlocked the door to their house letting out a soft breathe, trying to be quiet and sure that he would not wake Ashley if she had already went to sleep for the night. Silently making his way in the master bathroom he had flicked on a light and headed towards the sink to splash some cool water on his face.
Choi Bitna 10 months ago
@Joshua Hong Bitna smiled more as she heard Joshua chuckling lightly, getting a bit shy as they were talking much more than they were before and it made her very giddy and excited. She was really looking forward to many adventures and fun times with him. She was already starting to trust him as it was one of her bad sides - she trusts easily and gets attached really fast, so she could only hope all of this will go well.

She was wiggling in her seat slightly as they got to the breakfast bar, so excited to see how the inside looks and to try the food, trusting Joshua's words that the food and the coffee here are great. "Yes, I'm ready to go in!" She answered with much enthusiasm again, unbuckling her seat belt after Joshua unbuckled his, opening the door so she could get out and probably take a few pictures of the outside of the breakfast bar itself.
Joshua Hong [A] 10 months ago
@Choi Bitna Hearing the enthusiasm in her voice a small smile curled on Josh's lips. She was adorable how she got so excited. "Breakfast bar it is then." He chuckled lightly, and made his way put towards their destination to grab something to eat. Even though it had been a short time that he was able to spend with Ashley, he was glad out of the list of people either of them could have been paired with he got to be with her.

Upon arriving at the breakfast bar, Joshua placed the car in park. "Are you ready to go in?" He asked while unbuckling himself.
Choi Bitna 10 months ago
@Joshua Hong Her eyes lit up as Joshua mentioned a breakfast bar, those were simply her favorite places to go to, she did not know why, it was just like that. "Are you kidding? That sounds amazing!" She said, the enthusiasm evident in her voice as she replies to Joshua, a smile still on her face - it seems that it would never leave her face. She was not so sure about this show, but she was invited to the show so she had no choice but to participate - and now she was glad her mother and brother signed her up for it, for sure. She was looking forward to many adventures and spontaneous decisions in the future.
Joshua Hong [A] 11 months ago
@Choi Bitna "That may be true." Joshua nodded in agreement, he didn't have much knowledge to know as to how any of the marketing behind shows like these works. However, he was grateful for it all as it allowed him to experience something as grand as this. After getting in the car, he nodded lightly. "I might now a place that is close to our new house actually. It's a breakfast bar." He said as he drove out of the parking lot. "Does that sound good?"
Choi Bitna 11 months ago
@Joshua Hong "I was just thinking the same. But I think they get lots of money from the viewer ratings and stuff like that." She said, not sure if she was right about it since she was not in the television business and she could easily be wrong. Thanking Joshua under her breath as he put her luggage into the trunk after he let her get into the car, Bitna sat down and put the seatbelt on, just in time as Joshua sat onto the driver's seat and started the car. "I'm a bit hungry, so we could go to a restaurant. If you know any that has good food and good coffee too, please do recommend." She said, chuckling softly because even though she loved finding small cafes and places, she did not know of any restaurant so far that had both good food and good coffee at the same time.
Joshua Hong [A] 11 months ago
@Choi Bitna Joshua nodded lightly, "I wonder how they afford it all, honestly - even with a high viewer rating." Joshua hummed, before looking at his wife, a smile appearing on his face, seeing the slight red tint on her cheeks, but not saying anything. As they exited the building Joshua had his car there, letting Ashley get in while he put their luggage in the trunk of the car, before moving to the driver side, and starting the car. "So, do you want to go to a cafe for coffee, or a restaurant for the food, and get coffee there?" He asked before he decided to drive anywhere.
Choi Bitna 11 months ago
@Joshua Hong "Oh really? I haven't kept track of that, unfortunately. But everything up until now was really nice so I kind of know that the house will be wonderful too." She said, smiling shyly at Joshua as he kissed her hand lightly, making her cheeks get a bit rosy red. "Ah yes! I was hoping you would agree. I miss Korean food a lot, and I have this need for some coffee right now since I feel like I'm low on energy from the trip back." Bitna said, humming under her breath as she nodded her head lightly, looking forward to finally eating some Korean food and to getting some coffee, she needed her daily fix after all - not like she's a coffee addict or anything like that, no.
Joshua Hong [A] 11 months ago
@Choi Bitna Feeling the other take his hand, Joshua smiled. Walking beside her knowing that he was able to call the lady beside him his wife, even if it was just for the two weeks was wonderful. "I heard the others had nice houses, so I wonder what it's going to look like." He hummed curiously, before looking over at the other. "Oh?" He nodded bringing his wife's hand up to kiss it lightly. "We can go get something to eat and some coffee if that's what you want." He smiled at Ashley. "It will be nice after the long flight and be able to have Korean food again."
Choi Bitna 11 months ago
@Joshua Hong Bitna was very excited to come home, back to Korea, from their honeymoon in Cape Town - although it was magical and wonderful over all, Bitna missed one of her homes, Korea. She turned around to face Joshua as she heard him ask the question, nodding eagerly. "I can't wait to see, I'm really excited about it." She said, taking his hand in hers as he offered it to her, humming under her breath as she thought about his other question for a moment or two, shaking her head lightly. "I thought we could go get some food, but I guess we could order food to the house, anyways. But if you're feeling up to it, we could go get some food and coffee?" She asked, tilting her head to the side as she watched Joshua.
Joshua Hong [A] 11 months ago
@Choi Bitna The honeymoon week had went buy so fast, Josh hadn't realized they were already on their way back from Cape Town, and home in Korea. The plane had landed finally, and they were de-boarding and got their luggage. "Well, I guess it's time to see the new home, Ash?" He asked looking at her with a smile, holding out his hand for her to take.
"Is there anything you want to do before we go take a look at it?" He asked, as the headed out of the airport.
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