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Sen Mitsuji 9 months ago
@Jessica Oh He nods in agreement. The flavored refreshment is truly enjoyable to drink especially when you try to finish it off with only the marbles remaining at the bottom. “Ive also tried this drink from a company that originated in Thailand, they have this coconut jelly in their drink and it’s quite good. I think its name is Mogu Mogu? Im just nit sure if that’s how you say it.” He shares, shrugging slightly with a smile as he continued to eat. “Hmm.. am I too honest if I say I wasn’t really expecting much?” He retorted, quirking his brow slightly as he watch for her reaction. He was simply teasing her, feeling a bit playful at that moment. He takes the bottle of Ramune and takes a drink from it, humming softly, still in a playful manner. “But I can’t do it better than you do.” He then winks her way before digging back into his lovely meal.
Jessica Oh 9 months ago
@Sen Mitsuji "Ramune? Of course I did. As a kid, I was always trying to fish that little marble out of its place." Jessica informs him with a nod, grabbing her own bottle and shaking it around just to watch the marble move within its enclosed space. She puts the drink down before she clasps her hands together, watching Sen take his first bite of the omurice with anticipation evident in her eyes. She's actually very confident in her ability to cook, but it makes her nervous knowing that this will be his first time trying her cooking. "Does that mean you had low expectations?" She asks with a laugh, knowing fully well that wasn't what he meant and only trying to . "I'm glad you like it," she comments with a nod, obviously satisfied at the outcome before she too starts to dig into her own plate.
Sen Mitsuji 9 months ago
@Jessica Oh Oh He chuckles lowly at her added touch and nods his head. "Way better." He smiles softly before taking the plates and properly arranging them on the table, taking two empty glasses and puts them on the table seeing that she already got the utensils. "You know about this?" He looks at her impressed, taking the bottle and utensils, looking at the bottle of ramune with some sense of nostalgia as he remembers drinking it in his childhood. With a soft hum, he takes a bite of the omurice, taking a spoonful of egg and rice and humming softly as he chews in delight. he chuckles a bit as he look at the dish then at Jessica, his eyes speaking of thanks and gratitude of the warm memories their dinner brings him. "It's far greater than anything I have imagined." He nods once more, taking another spoonful of the omurice, clearly enjoying every bit of it. Despite his rigid constitution, Sen is quite sentimental over certain things.
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Jessica Oh 10 months ago
@Sen Mitsuji She tilts her head as she watches him with her eyebrows furrowing together and lips pursed before she realizes he drew smiley faces. Dulcet laughter escapes from her lips and she just shakes her head as she grabs the ketchup bottle from him, drawing in a small heart on each plate before she closes the cap. "Much better, yes?" Jessica goes back into the kitchen to clean up, putting away the ingredients back to their places and putting the used kitchenware in the sink. She takes off her apron and hangs it back on the hook before she goes to grab two bottles of ramune out from the fridge. She also grabs two sets of utensils with her free hand before she returns to the dining table. "It's lychee-flavored. I heard it's the best one," she informs him, sliding the bottle towards him and handing him one set of utensils. "Dig in and let me know what you think, okay?" With that, she sits down in across from him.
Sen Mitsuji 10 months ago
@Jessica Oh "Well you instructed me very well." He says with a smile, going to the other side of the kitchen to check on the stainless steel container and gives it a gentle shake in a circular motion just to even out the chemicals inside and make sure the films are equally exposed to it. He watched her cook from there, leaning back on the counter with his arms crossed on his chest and he must admit its quite a sight to behold. With her request, he quickly got two plates and handed it to her one at a time, his eyes darting between the plates as he hands them and onto the pan. "Looks and smells good, Love." He nods and hums, smiling softly at her then only to blink off guard as she suggests that he should decorate it. "Well.. im not quite sure what to put.." Sen furrowed his brows as he gave it some thought nonetheless then he started to work soon after. With focused eyes, he decorated each of the omurice, decorating one with a simple smiley face with two round eyes then the other with the same smiley face but with lashes on the eyes, somehow representing a plate for him and the other for her. it was more like a handiwork of a child than a grown man. "Well... this is the best I can do for now." He chuckles softly as he stepped back to look at his work, finding it quite funny himself since it really does look a bit silly.
Jessica Oh 10 months ago
@Sen Mitsuji "Hmm?" She stops whisking and walks over to look at the fried rice, the bowl still in her hand. "I think so. You did great, Sen," she compliments, shooting a smile his way before she goes back to the counter and finishes whisking both of the bowls. Jessica goes back to the stovetop and moves the pan with the fried rice to the back before she coats the new pan with oil and heats it. When she feels it's hot enough, she grabs one of the egg mixture bowls and pours it into the pan, tilting it around to make sure it's a nice circular shape. She takes a handful of cheese and sprinkles it onto the omelette before she adds half of the fried rice on top. She then uses the spatula to fold both sides of omelette toward the middle. "Two plates please," she asks, reaching backwards for it without turning over so she doesn't mess this up. When he's handed the plates to her, she puts one down before she flips the pan and moves the now finished omurice onto the plate. She repeats this process once more before she grabs the finished plates and puts it down on the dining table. "How about you decorate them?" She suggests with a grin, handing the ketchup bottle over to Sen.
Sen Mitsuji 10 months ago
@Jessica Oh Nodding proceeds to do what she asked right away, easily reaching for the switch on the hood and turns it on, the smoke from the pan being in immediately. "Sounds easy enough." He says quite confidently as he takes the spatula from her and sautees the onion and chicken for some more before adding the rice. He continues to stir until the rice and vegetables seemed cooked enough. He proceeds to finish it off with adding the ketchup and soy sauce, pouring them in the pan carefully, stopping when he felt it was enough for the portion. He stirred again, making sure to have the sauce and ketchup spread out evenly, even flipping the pan a few times out of habit. "Is this alright?" He turns to Jessica for confirmation.
Jessica Oh 10 months ago
@Sen Mitsuji "Thank you," she says once more before she turns to the non-stick pan that she's already oiled. "Can you be a darling and turn on the hood? We don't want the whole house smelling." She empties the onions into the pan and sautéed them before she proceeds to put in the diced chicken. She uses the wooden wok spatula to cook until the chicken is no longer pink, adding the mixed vegetables and seasoning the entire pan with the salt and pepper she'd prepared earlier. Jessica can only chuckle at Sen, sensing that he seems to want to help out even more. "Take my place here? In a few moments, add the rice and stir. When you think that's enough, add in the ketchup and soy sauce before proceeding stirring. I trust you'll know when to stop." With that, she hands him the spatula and pushes the prepared ingredients towards him. She takes the empty bowls and puts them into the sink, letting them sit in water before she takes out two bowls and another non-stick pan. She cracks one egg and pours a tablespoon of milk into each before she proceeds to whisk them.
Sen Mitsuji 10 months ago
@Jessica Oh He chuckles softly at her response and nods. "Alright. Guess I'll have to wait and taste then." Judging by how she conducts herself in the kitchen, Sen can tell that she knows what she's doing. He wouldn't be surprised to know that she can also bake. She seems like the person who's proficient in a lot of things and he's quite curious to know more about her and what she likes. He aids her with the ingredients, placing them down as soon as she hands them to him. "On it." Sen grabs a knife from the holder and works on cutting the onion and chicken. Starting with the meat first, he diced them neatly and quickly, having been quite adept with the knife. He transfers the diced chicken into a clear bowl and washed the knife before cutting the onion next, finely chopping them into smaller pieces as she instructed. it didn't take long and he's done, handing her the bowls of ingredients. "Here you go. Need me to do anything else?" He looks at her expectantly, quite enjoying cooking with her even though they weren't cooking anything grand.
Jessica Oh 10 months ago
@Sen Mitsuji "Do I know how to make it?" She repeats his question, but more in a teasing manner as she shrugs. "Guess you'll be the judge of that, won't you?" She winks at him as she takes the bowl from him and turns to set it down on the counter. Jessica opens the fridge and scans the shelves, taking out a multitude of ingredients and handing them to Sen to place on the counter. "Onion, chicken thighs, oil, mixed vegetables, sea salt, black pepper, rice, ketchup, soy sauce, milk, and cheese." She counts off the ingredients one by one before she turns to him with an onion and the pack of chicken. "Half an onion, finely cut. As for the chicken, dice them into 1 cm pieces. Thank you," she says with a grin before gesturing for him to get started. While he's doing his thing, she measures the rest of the ingredients into specific amounts and puts them into little bowls. "Let me know when you're done so I can get started."
Sen Mitsuji 10 months ago
@Jessica Oh He shook his head, humming slightly. He hasn't tried her cooking yet. They hadn't got the chance to have such opportunity and this would be the first time if ever. Sen quirks his brow slightly at her suggestion, quite surprised with her suggestion since he thought that maybe she would cook something of Korean origin. "You know how to make it?" He smiled softly at her, nodding his head at her thoughtfulness. it's an easy recipe yes but Sen had his fair share of failure in making it before since he always messes up the consistency of the egg, which was a bit more difficult to do than expected. He grabbed a couple of eggs from the fridge, taking a bowl and putting it in as he hands it to her. "Do you need any more help?" He offers then. Living on his own for 10 years now, He had always prepared his own meals, teaching himself to cook mostly from experience and experimentation. He wouldn't feel entirely comfortable to let Jessica do all the work despite the simplicity of the dish she was planning to make.
Jessica Oh 10 months ago
@Sen Mitsuji Jessica watches him finish up what needed to be done and just nods, silently impressed by how cool she finds the process to be. She takes the rubber gloves off, heading into the kitchen to take an apron off the rack before she puts it on. "I was just going to suggest making dinner. You haven't tried my cooking yet, have you?" During the honeymoon, they had relied on the local eateries both to support the family businesses but also because they had wanted to make the most out of their time there. "Forty minutes is kinda short," she comments with a frown, her hands on her hips as she thinks about what they can do. "Can you check if we have eggs in there? We can do something simple. How do you feel about omurice?" She knows it's an easy recipe and she also wants him to feel at home somewhat so she hopes offering a Japanese meal will help the transition into domestic life a bit better.
Sen Mitsuji 10 months ago
@Jessica Oh Sen wrapped the film one after another around the makeshift reel tightly and as properly as he could. Once done, he placed the reel in the round stainless steel container that was enough to hold it. "Well yes and no." He says, taking the developer mix they made earlier and gently pouring it inside the stainless steel container just enough for the mixture to cover the top surface of the reel then covers it with its lid. "We have to let this sit for around 40 minutes then we'll just have to process it with more chemicals then let it dry." He takes a kitchen timer and sets it for 40 minutes then puts away the materials they won't be needing anymore. Checking the time on his watch, he realized it's almost dinner time. "I can cook us dinner while waiting." He says with a nod and looks at her. "Is there anything you'd like to eat?" He asked, walking over to the fridge to check what they have in store.
Jessica Oh 10 months ago
@Sen Mitsuji She scrunches her nose as he pats her head, but nonetheless lets him do so. She nods once again as he explains how to proceed and takes the scissors from him. Just like he had instructed her to, Jessica cuts the edge of the film roll carefully and gives him some time to wrap it around the reel before she gets ready to cut the other roll. After a few more moments of cautious cutting, she puts down the scissors on the table and lets Sen do his thing with the reels. The process of developing film is actually a bit more fun than she had originally expected it to be, and she's thankful she's now gotten the chance to experience it. "Are we almost done?"
Sen Mitsuji 10 months ago
@Jessica Oh He looked at the mixture and nods. "Just let it sit." He smiles softly at her, giving her head a gentle pat as if saying that she did a very good job. Her interest in what they were doing makes him happy. He feels like he doesn't have to worry much about himself when he's around her. He feels like he could just be himself around her and the feeling of not worrying about "Now this is the tricky part. We don't want to expose the film for too long out in the open so when I hand you the roll, please cut the edge then I'll wrap it around this reel." He briefs her, handing her a pair of scissors before taking one of the disposable cameras, opening it's back and taking the film roll out of it, taking the entire film out of its container after. He hands her the edge of the film for her to cut while he takes out the other film from the remaining camera. "Be careful now." He says, taking the other end of the film and pull on it lightly to make it easier for her to cut it on her end. "Ah right. please cut it sideways." He adds, chuckling lightly for forgetting that one detail as he gently redirects the position of the scissors by holding her hand.
Jessica Oh 10 months ago
@Sen Mitsuji A scrunchie is wrapped around her wrist and Jessica takes it off to tie her hair in a high ponytail before she puts on the pair of rubber gloves he's handed her. She nods as she listens to his directions, carefully measuring the water and developer respectively before she pours it into the bigger container just like he's instructed her to do so. "Should I be mixing this or do you want me to just let this sit?" This is probably the first time Sen's talked so much in the entirety of the time she's known him and it pleases her greatly. From his excited rambling, she can see just how passionate he is about his career and she cannot help but look at him with admiration. His eyes shine so brightly and he speaks so ardently as he thinks about photography. Perhaps one day, they will shine the same way when he thinks about her. She shakes her head at the sudden thought, smiling softly to herself before she asks, "so, what's next?"
Sen Mitsuji 10 months ago
@Jessica Oh "I just know-how." He chuckles softly then as she starts to ask him questions on what to do, finding her curiosity and excitement quite adorable. If she was asking him about something he doesn't even know himself, he would have got flustered but since it was on a topic he's very familiar with, it's as if he wasn't even fazed. "The only thing we'll have to be careful with is handling the chemicals." He explains, handing her a pair of rubber gloves for safety just in case. "It might be confusing and difficult at first but don't worry, I will guide you." He smiles softly at her and nods, turning to the bottles before them and bringing a plastic container closer to her. "Let's have a mixture of 2 part water and 1 part developer." He starts off, handing Jessica a smaller container to measure the developer as he poured it in slowly. "As the name itself, this will develop the films." He further explains, his eyes focused on what he was doing. After pouring a certain amount of developer, he puts away the bottle as he gestured her to pour it in the bigger container, next he got a glass of water and asked her to pour it next. "As for the stop bath and fixer, we don't have to do anything with them and we'll just have to add it later on." He wasn't usually talkative like this but if it's something about what he likes or enjoys doing then he's just comfortable and relax. That's why it's difficult for him sometimes to talk socially and casually since he gets caught up with what he should say or do.
Jessica Oh 10 months ago
@Sen Mitsuji "Developing those?" Intrigued, she repeats his statement and walks over to where he's standing. Jessica's never developed film before. In fact, she hadn't used a disposable camera for a long time now, and even then she was used to dropping the camera off at a local photo studio and picking up the prints afterwards. "I guess it pays to have a husband who's a professional photographer, huh?" She teases, a smile on her face now as she mimics his own. Now that she actually thought about it, she wasn't sure why she was expecting for them to just drop it off and pick it up. If she had learned anything about her husband in the past week, it was that he was actually very sentimental at times. It should've been a given in her mind that he'd want them to do it together, just another one of the many firsts they continue to experience together. "Sounds fun," she says with a nod and a purse of her lips. "Let's do it! What do we need to do? Are we getting messy? Should I change and tie my hair up?" The questions flow out naturally due to excitement, and she hopes she's not overwhelming him.
Sen Mitsuji 10 months ago
@Jessica Oh He just found the last thing he needed, placing a small stainless steel canister on the counter before looking up at her with a triumphant nod. "Let's develop these." He says, holding up the disposable cameras with a small smile. He wasn't even asking but instead, he was revealing his wish to do it with her. Sen would have offered to develop the films himself but since they made those memories as a pair, he thinks it will be more meaningful if they were to do it together. "This will be fun." He assured her, gesturing the other over to where he was as he broke into a brighter smile, somehow elated to process the films for some reason. It will be his first time to develop films without professional tools and so there was this certain excitement whether or not his makeshift idea would work, like an experiment he'll be performing for the first time. Good thing he was able to bring with him a few small bottles of developer, stop bath, and fixer needed for the process, enough for the two rolls of film they'll be working on. The process of developing films was one of the reasons he fell in love with photography. Ideally, it would take delicate time and practice to get the mixtures of chemicals and the process itself right, especially when you're only starting out. He wasn't sure if Jessica has tried developing films before but if not, he'll be more than glad and willing to share his knowledge with her and perhaps show her the real beauty of photography.
Jessica Oh 10 months ago
@Sen Mitsuji It's been a few hours since they had returned from their honeymoon, and Jessica had been focused on unpacking. She never liked to start something she couldn't finish, and if she didn't unpack now, she probably would never. The week they had in Maldives had been enjoyable, to say the least, and it felt like any other vacation she went on with friends. However, now they were 'home,' and the situation she was in left her feeling just a tad bit awkward. After moving away from home ten years ago, she'd adjusted to living by herself and valued her freedom greatly. She knew getting married would change a lot of things for her, but she hadn't really taken into consideration how so until they had arrived at the show's housing and it had finally hit her like a ton of bricks. Although they had gotten along relatively well during the honeymoon, they were now awkwardly tip toeing around one another and basked in a weird silence. She watches as Sen leaves their bedroom and moves over to lean against the room's doorframe, her head poking out to watch him shuffle around in the open kitchen. Knowing his tendency to keep to himself, she takes it upon herself to break the hours-long silence between them. "Whatcha doing?"
Sen Mitsuji 10 months ago
@Jessica Oh One week passed too quickly. Sen personally enjoyed the past week, having done a lot of activities and having new and enjoyable experiences with his wife. He didn't really think much about what's there to do since Maldives offered a lot to them. Now that they are nestled in their home, he suddenly got blanked out. He was not used to having someone else live with him, especially not when the other person is your wife. Sen is a mix of a homebody and someone who loves the outdoors. At home, he would simply laze around, read books or do work and does not do much around the house. He wasn't sure as to what they should be doing at home together and it made him conscious. Unpacking his luggage, he came across their disposable cameras and an idea suddenly came to mind. Carrying the cameras with him, he went out of the room and to the kitchen, placing the cameras down on the counter for a moment as he started to look inside the drawers and cupboard, searching for specific objects, placing them one by one on the counter as he found them. He didn't say anything yet as he simply tries to accomplish the first part of what he had in mind.


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