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In this room players can request rooms to help enrich the roleplay experience in Atlantis. Got a cool idea for a location that people can hang out in? Request it. Want a specific building in which your character can work? Go ahead and ask for it to be added. The only thing we wont be adding for free will be personal housing for characters and couples. If that is what you are here for, it will cost you.
A personal home costs 500 activity points that can be divided among the residents any way you wish. Once you've got the points, tag the admins, indicate who will live there as well as how many points will be deducted from each, tell them which district you'd like to make your home, you may even provide a picture, and they will take care of the rest. When your house is ready, the admins will inform you.
This is also the room where Humans can apply for a Species change. Changing Species for a Human costs 300 points which can also be split if there is a supernatural creature turning them. If the Human is doing it on their own then they alone incur the fee. Humans can become Valkyrie, Vampires, Weres and Casters. Should the human undergo the change by themselves then nothing else needs to be done. If the Human is changing with another creature then it should be roleplayed out in the hospital of their choice as if it was approved by the Powers That Be and then safely observed by healthcare professionals. 
20 points per day can be rewarded to each person who posts a blog advertising the roleplay. In order to claim it, provide a link to the post. 
Recruiting awards 50 points for each person you have brought to the roleplay who reaches their 50 point initiation goal. That can be claimed here as well.
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kumiho 4 years ago
Hey there. I was busy and only now noticed that I was kicked from my character, but it seems like I never got any sort of notice whatsoever...
TheKpopRPGlossary 4 years ago

Hello, beautiful admins! Please, please, forgive us, if we have reached out before! We are simply just making sure that we are inclusive of EVERY rp possible in order to be fully thorough and available to the rp community on all platforms! After noticing the lack of open and active roleplay directories on tumblr, here we are. We are The Kpop Roleplay Glossary™ and we are honored to be able to invite you to join us! We would love to be able to assist you in growing your members, promoting your rp, and/or anything else we can do for you. We are here FOR YOU... and we would be extremely honored to be able to list your rp on our roster in order to promote your roleplay. We are unbiased, nonjudgmental, and offer 100% unconditional assistance. Whenever you get a free moment, please read through our rules and when you are ready, please submit your application - you are more than welcome to submit your application via an email address if you do not have a tumblr blog.

The rules:
The application:

A million +1 thank you's and we very sincerely look forward to having you join us!
~The Kpop Roleplay Glossary (#krpgloss)
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AureliaL 4 years ago
Hey hey! Is this rp still accepting? ^^
b5bd0aeded08c4e83d72 4 years ago
Can I request Lee Hoetaek (Hui) please?
Jhopeexoticvip 4 years ago
May I have Kwon Jiyong added please?
jeonha 4 years ago
a/r kim jongin for me please
Everme29 4 years ago
Lottie Moss please!
ab2b8ad03591c319871c 4 years ago
son chaeyoung please
0b18bc729aa513357aa1 4 years ago
lalisa manoban please
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