--- night market

// night market
The night market located in Noctis District. 
[SH] Kang Jiyoung 4 years ago
@Kwon Jiyong While waiting for her order and taking random pictures of anything she find pleasant to her eyes, Jiyoung noticed a young man who is just by the same stall that she got her order from. She can figure it out on her own that the young man is very familiar with the vendor as they happily chat while ordering. This makes her smile seeing how people are really friendly and accommodating to one another. With that, she takes a snap of the scene which was captured perfectly. Unfortunately after checking the picture, she accidentally take another picture with its flash on was kind of loud.
Just then, her food was serve, the young lad and the vendor look at her, and that being 'not-so' incognito while taking picture was out..
"" was all what she whispered and casually double check the camera to set it again in night mode.
Kwon Jiyong 4 years ago
@[SH] Kang Jiyoung As he closed the book on the sketch he'd been working on and stood up stretching, his stomach growled. It wasn't a soft sound either. He had skipped breakfast and lunch today. It hadn't been on purpose, but he was busy and this morning sleep too priority. Now that he was done for the day, he decided to eat. He didn't feel like cooking though and he knew he had to pass the market on his way home.
As he left the building, he turned out the lights and locked the door, before making his way down the street. It was quiet and almost pitch black in this part of town, but his dragon sight allowed him to see as though it was the middle of the afternoon. When he arrived at the market, he found the woman who was familiar to him. He went right up to her and ordered every type meat she had on hand as well as seaweed and kimchi. He was surprisingly looking forward to the calamari and octopus tonight.
[SH] Kang Jiyoung 4 years ago
@Kwon Jiyong It was just a normal night in the city of Atlantis. Everywhere you go is busy. Jiyoung being hungry, decided to check the night market in Noctis District. Aside from the available ornaments, clothes and things that can be sold there, she heard there is a part where there are food stalls available. It was already night, she haven;t eaten anything yet and too lazy to cook. Barbecue sounds nice.
When she got ythere, she sees one all the sumptious food. From simple rice cakes, desserts, fish, poulty and meat! Yes, meat! She went to the ones selling barbecues and immediately ordered. While waiting, she occupied the near table. She looks around and really like the place. She gets her phone and try to take pictures from stalls, candid and even the ground.


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kumiho 4 years ago
Hey there. I was busy and only now noticed that I was kicked from my character, but it seems like I never got any sort of notice whatsoever...
TheKpopRPGlossary 4 years ago

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AureliaL 4 years ago
Hey hey! Is this rp still accepting? ^^
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Can I request Lee Hoetaek (Hui) please?
Jhopeexoticvip 4 years ago
May I have Kwon Jiyong added please?
jeonha 4 years ago
a/r kim jongin for me please
Everme29 4 years ago
Lottie Moss please!
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son chaeyoung please
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lalisa manoban please
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