*Tsukuyomi District*

// tsukuyomi district
Home to most of the Kitsune who reside in Atlantis, this district is often characterized by the Asian-like aesthetics that decorate and dominate a lot of the architecture in the area. Though the designs harken back to silhouettes and styles of the past, they have been updated and merged with the modern touches throughout the rest of the city to create something that is truly unique. The River runs through this part of the city alongside the large Temple at its center, connecting it back to nature and its roots while the Amusement Park, and Arcade pull it into the future more with every new innovation. 
Shiroma Miru [A] 4 years ago
@Xiao Dejun /smiles to herself just looking around as she feels night breeze against her skin/
Xiao Dejun 4 years ago
@Shiroma Miru /smile softly as i can feel your small body snuggle up against my dragon body making our way to the forest as i enjoy the wind against my wings
Shiroma Miru [A] 4 years ago
@Xiao Dejun /holds on tight just gently laying her head against your neck just looking out at the night sky as you fly/
Xiao Dejun 4 years ago
@Shiroma Miru /lets out a low growl from your kiss before opening my wings flying upwards as i lesd us to ghe mountains slowly cruising the skyline
Shiroma Miru [A] 4 years ago
@Xiao Dejun /places a kiss on your head before gently climbs up to your neck and sits down just holding tightly/
Xiao Dejun 4 years ago
@Shiroma Miru / turns my head to look at you, the golden earth brown colored eye stares at you
/my dragon body relaxes, bowing my head lower for you to climb onto my neck
Shiroma Miru [A] 4 years ago
@Xiao Dejun /pulls on a hoodie and sneakers at the soft rawr just going outside/
/walks over to you/
Xiao Dejun 4 years ago
@Shiroma Miru /flys over to the shared house gently landing down as i gave a slight soft dragon rawr
Shiroma Miru [A] 4 years ago
@Emily Mei Miru smiled as she held onto her too as she smiled at thinking back about the memories as she nodded. "That I have, I have put out a lot little Emily fires in the day," Miru said as she looked at the other with a soft smile thinking about all the times she'd have to go grab the bucket and fill it up with water to put out Emily's fires. "Exactly, you got to do what you gotta do to survive," Miru said as she smiled to her. "I am glad that you made it back home, though, in one piece," Miru told her as she smiled her. Miru laughed as she nodded. "Oh, for sure, that I did. You guys couldn't have any all of the sugar yourselves," Miru smiled as she nodded. "They totally will go far," She said as she looked at her.

"Exactly, I'll get you all the passes and merch that you want," Miru said as she looked at her. "Oh, that is easy to get you more of. I am good friends with a lot of those merchants. They helped me make a lot of my weapons in my characters," She said as she chuckled as Emily was being really cute. "Of course, I can get you something at the next convention," She told her with a nod. "I know that you will, but I don't need to be spoiled just having your friendship is good enough," Miru smiled to her. "Oh you are? I mean, do whatever you want. Just doing it once in a while is good that is what I do," Miru nodded as she then shook her head. "You can stay at the sharehouse as long as you want," She said as she looked at her. Miru laughed as she shook her head. "I have had my fair share of the fun that is true. Oh, you want to know my ways?" She laughed.

Miru nodded as she looked at Emily. "Yeah, kitsune have to mask and hide things to survive. It is the only way for us to survive really," Miru sighed as she then gave her a look as she shook her head. "I mean, if you were talking bout that he was good at feeling the void then yeah - but I don't want to date him or see him again," Miru told her as she shrugged. "Training for what?" She asked as she was excited but she wasn't quite sure what to train for.
Emily Mei 4 years ago
@Shiroma Miru Emily hums happily as she held on to Miru afraid to let go but just enough for her to see her gin. "Everything in between. You see the best in me even at my worst. hehe. Watch me set fire when i'm an angry little kitsune." Emily shake that image away as it was something that she often accidentally set things on fire with her tantrum back then. She's glad she dont do that as often as she used to back in her younger age. "Hustling works so well in the other world. I'm glad thats something i can do to survive." Emily pulled away looking shock at her, "you sneaked our snacks and ice cream without us knowingg!!!!!" She gasp loudly as if she would never believe that. "They are smart. They will go out far. I'm excited to see."

Emily raise a brow at her. "Will you spoil me with more passes and merch from those conventions you go to to sell your mangas????" She said excitedly. "And i like those replica artifacts of weapons and swords.." She pleads at her tugging her hand like how the younger kits often do to get things. "And i'll do anything you want to spoil you back heheh." Emily shook her head at Miru. "I'm thinking of retiring. Maybe even just doing so once in a while if they need people." She looks at the kits. "Maybe try something new you know. I'll probably bother you here until i find my next thing." She nudge her shoulder gently as she poke a tongue out at her. She smirk slyly at the other. "You had your fair share of fun here. Maybe you'll teach me your ways."

Her gaze stayed on miru watching her, the energy reflecting into her own emotion. She first realized the calling while working on an short video that involved a human baby. It was weird at first for her but after a a few hours with the baby, her inner kits wasn't sitting too still as she pushed it off. "Masking and hiding expert we are." She pats her back as she grins. "he must be good if he spent the night til daylight." Emily teases her even more. She thinks as she look at the app once more looking at her application. "Well we should start training just in case its the both of us. so... LETS GO." she said excitedly.
Shiroma Miru [A] 4 years ago
@Emily Mei Miru was glad and let out a breath of relief as she saw Emily show another card with her name on it, which made Miru feel better than the other had funds for herself as she hugged her back just a tight as she pulled back a little to see the other grin. "Yes, best friends, sister - and everything in between. Oh gosh, you sure do know how to hustle well - ain't that the truth," Miru laughed a bit as she smiled at her friend. Miru laughed once more, softer through as she shook her head. "I will totally make a small part of this fund for junk food and ice cream - you know, I sneak in one of two those ice creams or piece of junk food out for myself when you guys aren't looking," Miru winked at her, playfully. Miru shook her head a bit. "You're smart, but those kids, gosh. They are going to go places," Miru smiled to herself a bit thinking about it.

Miru had never mind giving Emily her sweets or bribing her to do well because Emily was there for her too. She would help her through things and have her back when she needed it. "I will totally take you up on that spoiling, but just know that I'll spoil you still. I can't help it, it's become a habit by now," Miru let out a soft chuckle as she stuck her tongue right back out at Emily. "I can do that too," Miru told her. "Well, now it can your thing. I only do it occasionally now or when a magazine needs to fill in a last-minute spot or a good friend needs model. Or, if the pay is really good," Miru told her with a nod. "I still love doing, but I want to put all my focus on my art and stuff," Miru told her. Miru wasn't surprised that it was lonely nor was she was surprised about luring in human males. "They are easily to lure in over here as well, as well as other creatures," Miru said

Miru had always had the calling ever since she really took over the sharehouse, and probably a little bit before that when the old lady died. Miru always ignored it as she had more important things to do like school, making money, and taking care of all the kits and others that came through the sharehouse. She really didn't have a true moment to focus on herself. "And we've learned how to mask it and hide it through years of training and figuring out the best ways to do it," Miru added with a short nod. Miru hid her face in her hands for a moment as she shook her head. "Let's promise never to bring that up again," Miru lowered her hands as she looked at the other. "Exactly, I have you and the others. But, what if both of us go? Who'll take care of them then? We need to start teaching some of the slightly older ones things too," Miru nodded as she looked at Emily. "Of course, yes, it is too fast right now - but at some point when we are both ready both of us, I am sure, will be great moms," Miru said
Emily Mei 4 years ago
@Shiroma Miru Emily nods happy as she showed a matching card to the one Miru is holding. "i did savings for myself as well. I promise i have enough to get by. Probably more than enough since i lived ling enough on the outside world." Emily gives her a tight hug. "of course i know you too well. You're my Best friend. My sister. You taught me well even though you're bribe me most of the time. I hustle well you know." She grins proudly. "Plus, the kiddo and i will need that money when you arent looking so we can buy ice creams and junk foods." She was glad to see how excited Miru were talking about all the great things they can do with the money for the kids. "So much smarter. I mean look at me. ehehe" Emily was definitely glad she was at least street smart.

And that was probably one thing that she felt the most guilty now that she can look back. Both of them only have one another to lean on and yet, Miru was constantly giving and caring for her even to giving up her sweets that they both know is hard to save up in the sharehold back then. "I'll bribe you with sweets this time around. It's my turn to spoil my Miru." She stuck her tongue out at Miru playfully something that she often did as a kid to just mess with her best friend. "Oh you know....modeling was always more of your thing. I only join in when i make a fuss bout how amazing you are." She winked before shaking her head at the later question. "You know...i wont lie to you, it was lonely but most times, it was easily to lure in the human....especially with the ears and tails since most are to intoxicated and fascinated with the whole pet play thing."

Em rubs Miru back. If anything, she felt like Miru would had experience more of a calling, already being more of a mother figure to many of the kits here than anything. "A long time. We hide it well cause we are still young and learning." She grins softly. "Plus the single life was too good." She teases her remembering the man from earlier. Emily claps her hands happily as the younger gave in to the idea of joining. "Yes. Let's do this. You have me here to help the kids. If i go first, they got you, if you go first, they got me---" Em frown as she said kits of their own. "Too fast. hahaha. My kits will probably think you're their mom compare to me."
Shiroma Miru [A] 4 years ago
@Emily Mei Miru looked down at the card as she looked at Emily worried about if the other had enough money to take care of herself. "Do you have enough money to take care of yourself? I wouldn't like it if you gave away this money when you might need it," Miru said as she looked at the other. She knew that Emily was a smart girl and wouldn't give them money to her or the house if she was serious - but Miru wanted to make sure as she was just worried about the other. Miru chuckled. "You know me too well, Em," Miru commented as that is what she would do or send it back saying that Emily needed that for herself. "Hm, that is true. We could use it for that or an emergency fund - but it seems best used to fund the kids' college forever wants to go which a few of them really do. We've got a couple of future doctors and other professions up in here - they are so much smarter than us," Miru laughed with a smile.

"You're such a stubborn one that I had to work hard on bribing you and give you all my secret stash of sweets and snacks," Miru gave her a look then giggled. "I know you didn't mind, and I never minded giving you anything - I just wanted you to be the best you," Miru nodded as she gave her another look of disbelief. "Me - your role model for getting into modeling? You've always been the better model, really." Miru told her with a short nod. Miru laughed a bit as she shook her head a bit Emily leaned in. "There is only one way for us to survive the outside world when we get lonely. I hope it wasn't too hard out there by yourself," Miru nodded to her

Miru looked up at Emily as she wrapped her arms around her just wrapping her own arms around the other. Miru sighed as she stared at her friend for a couple of seconds. "It does seem to be calling to us, and I think it has been calling to us for a long time - but we just didn't know about or well I didn't know about it," Miru answered as she nodded. "She's been longing for a soulmate for a very long time, so yes, I think it is time to search for one," Miru nodded as she looked up at her. "Oh, believe me, I am not leaving these kits. I'd think that would kill me harder than not finding my soulmate," Miru told her as she breathed out. "Okay, let's do this. It is about time we do this, and maybe we'll find our soulmates and maybe bring in some kits ourselves or not, do what you want," Miru teased a bit.
Emily Mei 4 years ago
@Shiroma Miru Emily waves her off as she continue to defend her from being the bad one. Her eyes flickered even more to a golden color masking most of the brown as she shook her head. "I wanted to. I realize in the outside world, i didnt need a lot if i made the right friends a long the way. So at least i save...bout half of my pays." She calculated over the years thats shes gone, she must had saved at least 2 million in the US currency which would be a lot more in the Atlantis currency. "I keep thinking of you. I was scared that if i send it you'll ignore the money so i saved it instead over time." She thought that out well just in case she had some issue as well sending the money. "You can use the money to help fund some of the kids college....especially since i didnt go to college." She grins cheekily.

"Hey...you did bribe me so much to be able to be where i am today so i dont mind at all. Hehhe." Emily nudge her body against Miru happily. "Plus, youre the role model for me anyways. Did i tell you i got into modeling because of you???" Miru have no idea that theres a large suitcade with all ger modeling gigs and magazines that she kept just for her to see when they do get to catch up. Emily leans in whispering to her as she smiles sadly. "I know its lonely. Who did you think i survive ghe outside world??"

Emily wraps her arms around the other Kitsune smiling softly. "Its scary yes. Especially coming from a matchingmaking app but it seems like a calling to us. Its been a long time and i think...our foxes is really searching for their soulmate." She reminded her. With so many in atlantis, someone is bound to be theor soulmates right. Emily was just as scared but she knows both of them do need this. "We arent leaving the kiddos behind. We'll still be here for them." She reassure her.
Shiroma Miru [A] 4 years ago
@Emily Mei "Oh, they'll never see you as the bad one. You let them do what they want and give them candy while I am the one that gets on to them and takes the candy away - you'll never be the bad one," Miru laughed a bit as she looked at her. Miru blinked as she watched Emily take out the card as she looked at her. "You didn't have to do this, we are getting by and things are okay right now," Miru said as she nodded to her but the card was placed in her hand anyway. "Are you sure? You really don't need this money for yourself?" Miru asked as she looked at her as her tails folded inwards an in a bit, feeling guilty from taking money from one of their own. Miru hugged the other as she smiled. "Thank you, the kids and I - everyone really appreciates this," Miru pulled back as she looked at her friend.

Miru nodded as she looked at her. "Yeah, they are very serious about doing well and getting into a good school - and some of the ones thinking about college are even thinking about the first kitsune doctor form here or others things like that. I know, I remember all the bribing that I did to get you through school - but you turned out okay," Miru teased a bit as she winked at her friend. "Oh yes, you do. Things have changed, and we've added on a little bit to the back. We have a garden now too," Miru nodded. Miru smiled as she remembered the old lady as she nodded. "Yes, she did. I am just trying to do that for these rascals and then some. Oh, I am not the greatest role model that there is out there, really," Miru answered as she then sighed as her face was picked up as Emily held her cheeks. "Yeah, it sure does get lonely," She mumbled as she watched her friend pull out an app.

"Forever love? On a cell phone app, I don't know - I mean it sounds wonderful but right now, this is working. Yeah, it's not perfect probably not safe - but what if whoever they match me with doesn't like all of this? I am not leaving the kits or the sharehouse - they'll have to live here. You know, I am not one for a stuff apartment overlooking neon lights - even though I always say I want the neon lights," Miru started to rambled as her eyes glowed her deep bright golden brown slightly getting that reddish glow to show her emotions working overdrive with the sudden panic of thinking about this. She sighed once she saw the loneliness as hers towered over a bit. "You're right - it is time, but it's scary, Em." Miru mumbled.
Emily Mei 4 years ago
@Shiroma Miru Emily hums as her best friend agrees. Miru was always the one more understanding between the two of them while she was the brattier and more troubled one. She shook her head before grinning. "How long do you think it'll take the kiddos to realize that i'm the bad one between us because i'm teaching them all the bad ways??" A soft laugh escaped her lips as she pointed to the kids going and out of the room eating the snacks she got them. "oh, speaking of which," she pulled out a bank card with the Shared house name on the front. "I've been saving some money time to time with my jobs." She place the bank card in Miru hands smiling. "Lets use these to feeds the kiddos so that whatever other funds you have, use it to spoil them. I know we had it tough growing up."

Emily's eyes widen at the statement. "They made it into a study room?? Wah i remember never wanting to study," she stretch a bit. "I guess i'll have to take a tour around here eventually." Emily wasn't fond of studying and schooling but was glad Miru helped her pass enough to survive. "Old Lady taught and raised us as well as she can. Now the kids have a good rolemodel to look up too." She reaches up to Miru's ears caressing it gently. Emily raise a brow as the older one passed by mumbling what she almost couldn't believe she was hearing, almost choking in a way. She chuckles shaking her head. "That seems to be me as well." She cups Miru's cheeks. "It does get lonely. But...." Emily pulled up the dating site for Atlantis on her phone showing Miru. "I think it's time we both settle down, stop chasing temporarily comfort when we can fins forever, Love." She gave her a glance, her eyes also showing loneliness that they both have experience for so long now.
Shiroma Miru [A] 4 years ago
@Emily Mei "Don't worry, you're secret is safe with me," Miru chuckled as she really did miss her friend. She knew that she didn't mean to up and go - and that she was only trying to learn about the outside world and run with an amazing opportunity that Miru didn't want her to pass up. She was all about making her friends and family lives better, so she was happy that Emily got all the opportunities that she had gotten. "We always need help with the food - they eat so much and sometimes we don't have enough hands to keep food on their plates then they whine," Miru said as she nodded a bit.

"Yeah, we've been thinking about doing that - just haven't had the time with art stuff and school for them. Me adn the older kids will probably switch them out when exam time is over. The older kids have been studying like crazy, you should see the game room - it's been turned into a study room for right now since everyone wants to do well," Miru smiled as she was always happy when the kids wanted to further their education even if they didn't end up going to college or something. There was a rule in the sharehouse that you had to at least finish high school. It was one of the old lady's last request of the older ones. "We do have a lot to catch up on. I can only imagine, Emily. It's been a little crazy here too. We've had so many come and go - get their own places or even have little kits of their own. I am sure that we both have crazy stories to share with each other," Miru smiled as she smiled as she was pecked on the head as she returned the peck on the side of Emily's. She sighed as she gave Emily a short look. "It was -" Miru was cut off as one of the older passed by mumbling there is usually new one around every other day and that was lucky if Miru actually came home. "Sometimes I just get lonely and it's not every other day," Miru sighed as she looked at Emily.
Emily Mei 4 years ago
@Shiroma Miru She place a hand to her lips. "Shhh. Thats the only way they like me. Hehehe." Emily grins happily at Miru. god its been so long and she miss her best friend so much. She really didnt mean to up and go butbit was an opportunity to stop being sheltered her whole life. She wish she could of taken Miru with her. She was ghe closest family she ever had. "Great. Ill help with food. Thats the least i can do. Hehe." She held onto the ither hand securely, knowing they both were afraid to let go afraid to be seperated again.

Emily waves and greeting some of the kids making sure that they know she still misses them. "Yes it will always be." She pats some heads of the younger kids. She laughs shaking her head. "The odker kids would enjoy it more. Maybe switch them around. Poor kiddos. I didnt take into account of 5 year olds taking over my space." She said jokingly. She watch some of the kids run around before giving her attention back to Miru. "Theres a lot to catch up on. You sure youll be ready for how crazy I was without you taking care of me?" Emily kisses her head. Something she often did growing up to reassure both of them they'll be okay. "I know. I miss my Miru as well. No one really feed me....btw...was that a..." she looks around before whispering, "a one night stand that bumped into me. He smelt like you coming out."
Shiroma Miru [A] 4 years ago
@Emily Mei Miru smiled as she watched Emily interact with the kids as she stood back a bit. "Of course they missed you, you're the one that let them get away with so much and eat candy when no one else was looking," Miru teased a bit as she smiled at her best friend and someone she thought of as a sister. "Yes, they can have some. They are probably hungry since breakfast didn't happen, and lunch is late," Miru sighed as she shrugged. "I am not that much a mother figure, honestly," Miru mumbled as she looked at the other, noting letting go of her hand probably scared that she up and leave again.

Miru nodded as she brought her into the main room where more kids smiled and waved at Emily or older ones said hello to her. "It was and will always be," Miru said as she looked at her. "They love it - but we kinda had to make the escape room off-limits, they would find it, get trapped inside, and cry for hours - so until they are bit older, they aren't allowed to play in it," Miru laughed a bit as she shook her head. "And we are glad that you are home, how was traveling? You have to tell me all about your adventures," Miru hugged her back just resting her head on the other's shoulder. "I missed you too, and everyone missed you," Miru spoke as she lifted her head up as she backed up a bit, breaking the hug just looking at Emily.
Emily Mei 4 years ago
@Shiroma Miru Emily immediately drops down to the kida level smiling happily as she wraps arms around whoever she cam hug. "Awe....hey kidddoooos. You miss meeee???" She ruffles their hair happily not minding that their tails were also brushing agaisnt her as she grins. "Look what i gotttt." She showed them the variety of snacks for them excitedly before looking up at Miru smiling. "Can they have someee???" She stood up handing her the snack holding onto ther hand happily. "Awe im glad you took over. You were always more of the mama figure. I was the trouble maker." She squeeze her hand as she stare into her own light golden chocolate orbs.

She comes in slowly looking around as she nods. "Home. It was home for so long." She hums softly following Miru as she held onto her hand still taking on the whole place as if she was still a kid here. "My room is for the kids now. How are they liking it??? Have they figure out the escape wall i created?" She asked playfully as she look at Miru. "Ive been well. Im finally home now. No more traveling." Emily nods as she hugs the other girl. "I missed you and the kiddos."
Shiroma Miru [A] 4 years ago
@Emily Mei Miru smiled as she looked at Emily as the kids let go of Miru as they finally recognized the other as it had been some time since they had seen her. They had over to her hugging her legs as their tails waved around happily just squealing and saying hi and they were happy to see her. "Okay, okay - don't overwhelm her," Miru spoke as she snapped her fingers a bit. "Go inside and one of the others to play mailman while I talk to Emily," Miru set down the one her arms as the ones around them scampered back inside just yelling about that big sister Emily was back home. Miru nodded slowly as she heard Emily's words. "Yes, I am still here. I took over not long after no one of the older ones wanted to - so I've been the main owner and caretaker," Miru smiled back as her own eyes flashed a sudden light golden returning to their chocolate orbs.

"Come on in, please make yourself at home. Well, more like welcome home. Some of your things are still in the storage, but I think your room is home to a group of five-year-olds now, so you can room with me if you need a place to stay until we get a room cleaned up," Miru gently took her hand and guided her inside. "Uhm, so how have you been?" Miru asked as she closed the doors to the sharehouse so none of the little ones would slip outside without someone with them.
Emily Mei 4 years ago
@Shiroma Miru Just as she was about to open the door, a guy walked through bumping into her making her go wide. He murmured a quick apologies as the door shut again making her stand there dumbfounded. He fixes his clothes as he walked off making her gaze follow him before thinking it mightbe his walk of shame. But why at a shared house. "Okay...." Emily shake her head at what just happened before looking at the door once more. "Just open the door. Say hello. Share the sna-"

Emily looked up at Miru as she takes in the sight in front of her. She was definitely loved even by the little ones that was always so much better in Miru care than her own. Hecl, even at timez, Miru was taking care of her when she was at some of her lowest points. "Miruuu!" She quickly walked up to her before smiling happily. "Im so glad youre still here. I didnt know if you would be. I mean you could be elsewhere too and i might had missed you here but im glad you're here." She blabber on before breathing as her eyes turned a soft golden brownish red as her emotions where high from seeing her.
Shiroma Miru [A] 4 years ago
@Emily Mei Miru felt small hands and tails smacking her side as she started to hear the small voices and complaints about breakfast or now lunch that the hyungs, unnies, oppas, and noonas weren't making for them. "I'll be up soon," Miru croaked out as she heard the pitter-patter of feet disappear down the hall. She heard giggling of the boy who sneaked out early was cute and was big sister Miru dating the guy which was answered shortly by no from older voices. Miru sighed to herself as she ruffled her hair and ears. She got out of bed, taking a shower, getting dressed, and fixing her hair. She didn't really have anything going on right now, so she could slip out, leave money, and come back a couple of days before her next event. Yeah, maybe. She walked down the hall to the main area as she smiled just seeing grubby little hands taking plates from the older ones or those little grubby hands feeding ones who couldn't feed themselves yet.

"Does anyone want to come and play mailman with me?" Miru asked as the little kids loved pretending to play mailman and get the mail with her, or then pass out mail to everyone. Miru would help them open it up and see what it was, especially for the ones who didn't know how to read yet or were too young to deal with what was inside. Anyone outside could hear her voice and know that it was her. Miru laughed as a couple scampered up to her, small tails waving about eagerly. Miru picked up the smallest just letting him rest on her hip as she started for the door. She opened the front door just stopping her place as she looked at the other girl standing outside the door. "Emily?" Miru asked as she felt small hands holding her leggings or tails, hiding behind her from the new person.
Emily Mei 4 years ago
@Shiroma Miru Emily looks herself in the mirror one more time. Her ears were happily out as her two tail waves freely from behind. Letting out a deep breath, she smile grabbing her backpack to make her way to the shared house that once was home to her and her best friend whom she havent seen in a while. She wasnt even sure if her friend would still be there, considering that she left a long time back go explore the outside world. Plus, its been lonely coming back home. Her emotion was high so she hopes that visiting the new kiddos and older kitsunes, her emotions would balanced out.

Emily stopped by the convenience store to grab a bunch of snacks as before heading toward the shared house that raised her up. "I hope shes still here or at least visiting." She mumbles softly to herself starring at the building contemplating if shes really ready to walk in.


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