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The library located in Tower District. 
Oh Sehun 3 years ago
@Lee Jieun Sehun was eager to know more about the angel and her past. Over the years, she had become a somewhat sisterly figure to him- although she was way older than him- and he cared for her deeply. Whatever seemed to trouble her, was something he wanted to figure out. If he could help out in any way, he would gladly do so.

The caster took the seat offered to him and looked at the female, trying to tell her that she could start with her story now. "You know that I have always been an attentive listener." She gave him a smile before she spoke again. "Yes, I am all ears. And no I do not wish to leave without hearing all that you have to say. And you can't make me." He said, with an amiable smile to encourage her to begin her narrative.
[SH] Lee Jieun 3 years ago
@Oh Sehun Jieun let out a chuckle. Sehun happened to be one of the very few people she considered friends, although to her, who had seen him since he was a teen, he was more like a little brother, a family member, someone she cherished. He was much more mature now, responsible and it made her feel a sense of pride to see how much he had grown as a person.

She pointed towards the chair next to her. "Take a seat then. My story might be a little long and its better than listening to it standing." She gave him a smile before looking around. There werent many people today so she figured no harm would be done if she indulged in a conversation with the caster. "Well.. should i start then? You still have the option to leave right now if you wish to."
Oh Sehun 3 years ago
@Lee Jieun The caster looked at the female and then at the book in his hand, before finally giving it to her with a cheerful grin. "Thanks for recommending this great book, Jieunee. You know, I can always count on you whenever I'm in doubt." It was the spellbook that she'd given him, that helped him with his healing spell for the plants. He was glad that he had arrived in the library right when he was needed. "I'm delighted that I can be of service, even if it's for breaking the silence of the library." He hoped that he was able to cheer her up just a little bit, and distract her from whatever was bothering her at the moment.
"I am sure I can. Infact, I'm pretty sure that I really want to hear about your past life."
[SH] Lee Jieun 3 years ago
@Oh Sehun With a smile and a nod, she looked at the book and held out her hand gesturing for him to give it to him. Jieun hummed absent mindedly as her thoughts still lingered over the ones that was going through her head before the younger had arrived. "I am glad you came. The library was starting to get a little too quiet for my liking." Letting out a deep breath, she looked at the male wondering if she should tell him. He was all grown up now despite her thinking of him as the little kid that she had met for the first time years ago.
"I am just thinking about my life before i came to Atlantis, the choices i made back then and the consequences of it all. " She tilted her head with a questioning gaze. "Are you sure you want to hear it all?"
Oh Sehun 3 years ago
@Lee Jieun Sehun had not given a second thought, when he came up with the idea of surprising her, but now he felt a little ashamed, of having scared her. However, when she greeted him with a smile, even after the quasi-attack, he was relieved that all was good and she was not angry. "I agree. I'm still a kid at heart." He gave her a wide grin. "Not at the moment. I'm just here to return this book." He gestured at the one in his hand. "Plus, I came to see how you were doing. And the state that I found you in tells me that there's something bothering you." Sehun could see that he had guessed it right, as her smile wavered a little at his statement. "You can talk to me if you want to."
[SH] Lee Jieun 3 years ago
@Oh Sehun Jieun was so lost in her thoughts that the other's went completely unnoticed to her. The loud thud of the closing of the book brought out of the reverie with a start and she looked like a deer caught in headlights, too startled by everything till she heard the familiar voice. Willing her heart to calm down after the surprise attack, she made a face at the younger but couldn't hide how pleased she was to see him as a smile tugged at her lips.
"Sehunnie. You are still as mischevious as you had been i see. Looks like growing up physically did nothing to your childish nature." Her eyes twinkled with mirth. "So what brings you here? Another book?"
Oh Sehun 3 years ago
@Lee Jieun It had been a while since Sehun had visited the library, quite a few weeks if he thought about it. The last time he'd visited, he had borrowed a book on ancient spells. And now, here he was, to return the same. Morever, the thought of meeting Jieun was something that made him look forward to the library visits. The angel had been his friend from the time he had started coming to the library, as a child. He opened the door to the library, and made his way inside, where he found Jieun staring into space with an open book in front of her. It looked like she was in deep thought, and the scrunched temple indicated that the thought was bothering her too.
Sehun stood a few steps further from Jieun, still unnoticed by the latter, and smiled slyly as a mischief played in his mind. With a little slight flick of his wrist, the caster made her book shut, bringing her out of her reverie.
"Hey, Jieunee."
[SH] Lee Jieun 3 years ago
@Oh Sehun It was one of those days when Jieun found herself lost in her thoughts, the book before her laid open to some page that she had been reading but couldn't bring herself to read any further. Her thoughts were far away from the library, far away from Atlantis. It was drifting into her past, into her life before, into the world where everything was different and to the man who changed her views. It had been so long yet she could remember every minute detail of that day. She was unsure if it was the consequence of being an angel or the everlasting impression the man had left her that she seemed unable to forget about that particular day. The day when she left her life behind.
[SH] Kang Jiyoung 3 years ago
@Lee Jieun *nods my head*
oh.. okay then..
I will just look around on the other floors..
[SH] Lee Jieun 3 years ago
@Kang Jiyoung Hmm.
I am not sure about that either. Maybe the students could be of more help. Since i only recommend books that they ask of me.
/says feeling bad that she was unable to help you much regarding that/
[SH] Kang Jiyoung 3 years ago
@Lee Jieun anything will do..
I just want to know what the university have done so far so that the next research we will be doing won't be a duplicate..
or if it would be the same, there can be changes..
*smiles at you*
Nice to meet you Miss Lee..
[SH] Lee Jieun 3 years ago
@Kang Jiyoung /listens to you and then gives a smile/
What is the topic you are researching on? That will help me narrow down the section for you.
/looking at your stretched hands, she extended her own to give yours a gentle shake/
Hello Jiyoung. I am Lee Jieun and i am the librarian. Its nice to meet you.
[SH] Kang Jiyoung 3 years ago
@Lee Jieun (nah it's cool... I like winged RPs)

*looks over the person who is talking as my hands are still in the top of the books*
I am looking for books on research as well as the researches done by the school.
Do you know where are they located?
*I let go of the books and stretch my right hand out*
I'm Kang Jiyoung, new teacher under the Research Department.
[SH] Lee Jieun 3 years ago
@Kang Jiyoung (I hope you dont mind if i reply^^)

*placing a bookmark, she closed the book and kept it aside to finish the book later and decides to walk around the library to see if someone needed any help/
/stretches her arms above her head and pats her legs to get rid of the stiffness that had settled in after sitting in the same position for so long/
/once satisfied, she starts to move along the expanse of the library giving small smiles to the ones who look at her and comes to where you are/
Would you like any help?
/says in a soft voice not wanting to startle you/
[SH] Kang Jiyoung 3 years ago
*looks over the whole library and settle for the history shelves*
*mumbles to self*
and here I thought the ones in the internet are the only ones with spacious and extravagant library..


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