--- beach

// Beach
The beach located in Ceto District. 
Kwon Jiyong 4 years ago
@Im Dohyeon People in need? It almost made him laugh. The only thing he was in need of was some relaxation, but he very rarely too the time. "Then I'd appreciate some company." The question was a fair one, but he didn't really have a specific answer. "I guess because it makes more sense to build a fire as the sun's getting lower. Plus, I've been busy all day." He then realized he'd forgotten a bucket for water to put the fire out if it got out of control. "Is there any chance you could get a bucket of water to extinguish the fire when it's time?" The question of hunger was something he rarely thought about. He usually forgot to eat when he was focused on work and today had been no different. "What kinds of snacks? I could definitely use one." He chuckled as his stomach growled.
Im Dohyeon 4 years ago
@Kwon Jiyong "No no, I insist..my surfing time is not important..and I want to help people in need without messing things up." Dohyeon said while setting his surfboard aside while rubbing the back of his neck. "Say, what made you come to the beach? Not a lot of people come to this beach this late except for me..not like I'm going to stop you coming here or anything like that." He begin to think of a way to gather wood without going woods while trying to figure out how to help the poor latter being alone by himself. "Are you hungry by any chance? I packed up some snacks for you to eat if you want."
Kwon Jiyong 4 years ago
@Im Dohyeon Jiyong was so deep in thought that when the man spoke, his head snapped up, startled. Taking in the surfboard, he shook his head. "Oh I don't want to interrupt your surfing." It was something he'd tried, but he preferred not to do something that could be so dangerous to his health. Instead, he liked building sand castles or just sitting on the sand sketching and relaxing. It might sound dumb to be at the beach and not interact with the water, but when it could severely hurt you, it was just better not to tempt fate.
Im Dohyeon 4 years ago
@Kwon Jiyong After the crowd left the beach after a while, Dohyeon brought out his surfboard and was about to go surfing until he saw a figure creating a bonfire before approaching them. "Hey there, man. Would you like some help over here?" He asked while giving the figure his bright smile plastered on his face as he stares at the set up of the bonfire in as if he never seen one nor heard one before until now.
Kwon Jiyong 4 years ago
@Im Dohyeon Looking down on the water, he let out a happy sigh. He landed gently, his powerful wings stirring up the loose sand on the beach. Dropping the wood he'd brought to counter the effects of the water on his being, he slowly shifted back to his human form. He loved the beach, but it didn't love him. Water sapped his strength and power quicker than anything else. It was why his parents had never allowed him and his sister to go to the beach. Even bathing was problematic when it came to his strength. It was one reason he constantly had a fire lit at night. He began to stack the wood to make a bonfire, so he could at least go swimming and not kill himself.


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kumiho 4 years ago
Hey there. I was busy and only now noticed that I was kicked from my character, but it seems like I never got any sort of notice whatsoever...
TheKpopRPGlossary 4 years ago

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AureliaL 4 years ago
Hey hey! Is this rp still accepting? ^^
b5bd0aeded08c4e83d72 4 years ago
Can I request Lee Hoetaek (Hui) please?
Jhopeexoticvip 4 years ago
May I have Kwon Jiyong added please?
jeonha 4 years ago
a/r kim jongin for me please
Everme29 4 years ago
Lottie Moss please!
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son chaeyoung please
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lalisa manoban please
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