--- botanical gardens

// Botanical gardens
The botanical gardens located in Seelie District. 
[SH] Park Shinhye 3 years ago
@Kwon Jiyong Shinhye listened to the dragon as he explained, nodding with a soft chuckle because she must have gave him too much energy. Especially since she was an angel and their energy tended to be very strong in its purity. "Ah~ okay~ be safe on your way up" she softly laughed and hummed out when she saw him soar up into the sky; softly smiling before setting down a blanket on the floor and taking her basket and laying out some small containers of food she had packed earlier. She sat down on the blanket and hummed out softly, "no problem~ please help yourself" she patted the nearby spot on the blanket and handed him a small plate to help himself to whatever the dragon wanted. "I don't think you told me your name~" she hummed out
Kwon Jiyong 3 years ago
@[SH] Park Shinhye Nodding slowly, his suspicions were confirmed. Her energy was strong and powerful. His body needed to burn some of it off. "Thank you." He didn't mention that he'd have healed given time, but he appreciated what she'd done for him. He would often go days without food, ignoring his body's need for it. It had never hurt him before, but the amount of energy coursing through his veins made his dragon need the sustenance more than normal. "In that case, thank you." He laughed. "Just a bit. Your energy is pure and thus stronger than my dragon's. It is why my mark is glowing and why it was itching. It happens if I'm close to fire too long too. I'll be fine though." His dragon purred in his head at the thought of spreading his wings now that he was fully charged. "Oh no. You're fine. I just don't want to ruin the garden. It's beautiful." He moved to a spot that wouldn't be effected by his size and shifted before soaring straight into the air and after a few loops and blowing out fire, he descended and shifted back, putting on the shirt. "I am find now. Much better. Thanks."
[SH] Park Shinhye 3 years ago
@Kwon Jiyong She watched the dragon curiously and nodded, "mm, i did. You had too much water on your body. So i helped you with your energy a bit. You were very weak." Shinhye laughed softly when she heard his stomach. Figuring he must be in dire need of food since the man looked rather hungry and exhausted. "Not imposing at all~ i was on my way for a picnic anyways. Ah~ did i fill you up with too much energy? I was worried by how weak you are and may have over did it but please go ahead and shift if you need to~ i have lots of food to help replenish yourself when you finish~" she nodded with a kind smile. Shinhye had met only two dragons in her life time and they had always been kind to her. She believed that each species had the potential to be good and did not like judging others. Making sure she was steady she removed her hand from him and smiled warmly. "Do you get shy shifting? Should i look away?" Shinhye softly laughed, teasing the dragon in a playful manner.
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Kwon Jiyong 3 years ago
@[SH] Park Shinhye He eyed the woman warily. What was she? His dragon wasn't agitated, so she clearly wasn't a threat, but what was she. Definitely not a human. As he inhaled through his nose, he caught her scent and sighed. "Angel." When she brushed his mark, it indeed stopped itching, but the glow became stronger and he knew why. If she'd done what he thought, his body needed to release some of the energy running through him. "Did you heal me?" The offer of food made his stomach rumble. When was the last time he'd eaten? Last night when his sister had forced him. He always got so into his work he forgot to eat. Taking the shirt, he smiled gratefully. At least she didn't treat him like a monster. He'd met other species who thought he was just because of what he was, but he only hurt those that threatened or harmed those he cared about. "Thank you Shinhye. I appreciate this. And I'd like to join you if I'm not imposing, but I may need to do something first."
[SH] Park Shinhye 3 years ago
@Kwon Jiyong Shinhye sighed out in relief when the man came to, smiling kindly at him before gently placing a hand on his shoulder when he sat up, "hey...be careful...I'm Shinhye. You were in the sky and you fell into this garden~" she looked down to see his mark glowing and she moved her fingers over to brush the mark softly so the itching could stop. A soft healing light appeared from her fingertips to soothe the mark. "It shouldn't itch anymore...at least until you need to recharge again~" she hummed softly before standing up and slowly helping him up. "I was going to have s picnic and you look like you need to replenish your body. Would you like to borrow one of my gardening shirts? And then have something to eat?" Shinhye smiled softly before reaching into her basket handing him a big shirt.
Kwon Jiyong 3 years ago
@[SH] Park Shinhye Jiyong wasn't sure how long he was out for, but when he came too, he looked around for some signs of a fire. There were none. "How...?" He saw a beautiful woman and sighed as he pushed himself into a sitting position. Well, those clothes were ruined. Good thing he could make or buy more. He felt something coursing through him that he wasn't used to and it gave him a sudden jolt of energy. "Who are you and where am I?" Luckily he didn't hit his head, but his mark started itching and glowing red. It had only glowed once in his whole life, so why now? What was wrong with him? Had this woman done something to him? Why was he even conscious? He should have been out for at least a week, probably more. That was the last time he went so long without recharging.
[SH] Park Shinhye 3 years ago
@Kwon Jiyong Shinhye was happy to go outside and check on the flowers. Since this beautiful patch of flowers resembled home, she felt the need to take care of these flowers. She even planted some herbs in the garden. Shinhye had her basket in her hand as she went through and picked the herbs that were ready. And she watered the rest of the flowers and hummed out when she felt the energy of the earth flow into her. Shinhye heard flying above her and heard a plop in the distance, running over she saw a man lying unconscious, she looked over him and leaned in tpress her forehead to his and felt his weakened state, Shinhye put her hand on his forehead and heart, closing her eyes. Shinhye focused her energy to his heart and mind, white healing light flooded into you. The energy flowing into you and warming you. Mediating and quietly giving my energy to you. Filling your body and mind with warm energy that heals and flows into you.
Kwon Jiyong 3 years ago
@Park Shinhye One of the best things about his job was that he got to travel and go to different and beautiful exotic locations. Those locations usually inspired new ideas and today had been no different. He had just finished a meeting and was walking back to his car from the hotel's conference room when a couple of kids bumped into him, knocking him into the hotel pool. Getting out as quickly as possible, he ran outside. He could usually tolerate water, but since he hadn't recharged in a good while, nearly a week, he was already weakened. Knowing what would happen soon, he left his car and shifted to his dragon form. Flying would be quicker and he needed to get home. When he took off, he felt a little less than stable, but he could do this. He just kept telling himself that. When he was about 10 minutes away from his house, his strength gave out and he landed in this beautiful garden. Using the last of his energy, he changed back to his human form and passed out.
Ahn Heeyeon [A] 3 years ago
@Xiao Dejun “Just my luck, the one thing I like is something you like too. Maybe we should make a schedule and divide up the city? That way we never bump into each other on accident.” The faerie reasoned aloud, still uncomfortable in his presence despite how kind he was being to her just then. Hani even considered darting away but when he got up to offer her something, she paused out of curiousity to see what it was. “Is that really all it’s for?” She asked as she cautiously reached for the object. “Do I eat it?”
Xiao Dejun 3 years ago
@Ahn Heeyeon Dejun smiles as he relax trying not to bother her so much until she was ready to talk to him or say anything back to him. He sat up a bit humming softly as he ran his hands through the grass watching it. "The earth is a part of me. So is the nature aspect of it. I'm actually drawn to many of the different earth like areas, gardens, forests, mountains to name some of them." He stretches a bit before getting up grabbing his backpack pulling out a tide pen. "Here, for the stains." he offers.
Ahn Heeyeon [A] 3 years ago
@Xiao Dejun Even as he was doing it, she could feel the build up in the energy around her when the grass began to grow and she wondered if he was going to try and trap her somehow. Hani had half a mind to throw things at him even though he didn't seem to be aggressive. Or maybe it was because he wasn't being aggressive. She didn't know exactly and she had no idea exactly what she wanted from him right then. The dragon was confronting her world view and turning it askew which made her uncomfortable. "Well, I didn't expect you either." she finally mumbled from her spot where she reluctantly and slowly sat up, frowning as she realized the front of her shirt was smeared green from the grass.
Xiao Dejun 3 years ago
@Ahn Heeyeon He knelt down to one knee in his spot as he watch her hide away from him into the grass. Dejun couldnt help but chuckles softly as his hands run through the grass making the area around her grow taller to help her hide better. "Are you sure you're not hurt anywhere??" he sat down crossing his feet as he enjoy the rays of sunshine against his skin as his hands rest against the grass not realizing he's making little dandelion and wild flower grow in those grass area. "Ani. i was flying back home and the garden was calling to me. I didn't expect to see you here."
Ahn Heeyeon [A] 3 years ago
@Xiao Dejun A frown tugged her lips downward as she laid on the grass and hoped that the dragon didn't or wouldn't notice her. As soon as he spoke, her expression became a grimace when she realized that he too recognized her. "Yeah, I am fine." she mumbled, face buried in the green with shame as the wings on her back flattened in what could only be described as a pout that betrayed her emotions. "What are you even doing here? Why are you here? Are you following me? OR HUNTING ME?!"
Xiao Dejun 3 years ago
@Ahn Heeyeon Dejun grins happily as he watched the flower he touched bloom wonderfully. "Wow. we're getting the hang of this." He said excitedly as it was getting easier for him to work with the earth elements making his dragon becoming stronger within him. With a smile on his face he continue walking and admiring the garden giving him a sense of calmness and happiness not really minding what was going on around him. It wasnt until he heard a dull thud that made him turn around to look at the source. Dejun eye's widen as he recognize the facial appearance from her online chat picture. "It's you...." he took a step back to give her room remembering that she wasn't so fond of dragons in general. "Are....are you okay, Miss?"
Ahn Heeyeon [A] 3 years ago
@Xiao Dejun For a while Hani was more or less alone as she walked along the neatly cultivated paths of the garden. There were a few others that she came across but they seemed to be just as interested in being alone as she so there was no interaction. Things were going well, peacefully even, until she spotted a figure in the distance that looked vaguely familiar. Two different reactions were immediate and, unfortunately, tried to take control of the frightened faerie at the same time. Her upper body lurched into action, trying to run while her legs and lower half decided that they were going to freeze. The result was the female essentially throwing herself off of the path rather disjointedly and landing on the grass with a dull thud.
Xiao Dejun 3 years ago
@Ahn Heeyeon Dejun been practicing in the woods to let his wings stretched. Hes been in his human form for a few days now and his dragon has been wanting to stretch and take in the mountain and surroundings to regenerate and feel at home. Dejun smiles happily as he stayed in the dragon form flying back towards town before shifting back down to his human form as he remember reading that the Botanical gardens was nearby. He figured itll be a good place to rest until hes ready to explor the town. Plus the garden will probably allow him to practice on the pants and stuff. His hand moves along the plants and flowers gently caressing it as he see them start to look more alive smiling happily. He is at peace with the garden
Ahn Heeyeon [A] 3 years ago
@Xiao Dejun It was a rare day off for Hani and her first real one since moving to the city but being both new to the area and somewhat scared of a few of the inhabitants she decided to play it safe by staying in her own district. She figured the dragons were probably busy doing dragon things in the mountains and wouldn't be interested in the flowers so that made the Botanical Gardens her number one choice. As she made her way inside the lush and fertile grounds, she found a deep sense of peace that soothed her worried heart while she wandered along the paths through the foliage.


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