--- mountains

// mountains
The mountains located in Drakon District. 
Shiroma Miru [A] 4 years ago
@Xiao Dejun /hums happily just feeling your heartbeat and your smile/
Yes, it is very good. Me as well.
/wraps my arms around your neck gently as you pull me closer/
My world feels complete too with you in it. The void that I was always feeling is gone. I can't and wouldn't trade it for the world.
/hums against your lips just kissing you back as head naturally follows, parting my lips as I flick my own tongue gently against teasing a bit/
Xiao Dejun 4 years ago
@Shiroma Miru /feel your heart beat just as fast and mine smking me smile dorkily
Ohh.....bursting in a good way is good. It does make me very happy.
/pulls you close to me looking into your beautiful eyes
My world feels complets with you in it now. I wouldnt trade it for anything else.
/presses my lips more against yours as i tilt my head to the side, trailing my wet muscle slowly against your lower tier
Shiroma Miru [A] 4 years ago
@Xiao Dejun /smiles at the feeling of your beating heart then gently take your own hand and places it over my chest to feel my heartbeat/
It's the same with me. Your affections and actions make my heart wanna burst - but in a good way. It makes me happy. /shakes her head/
No, no - you make feel the exact opposite of loneliness when I am around you.
I'll do the same - making wonderful memories with you!
I am happy to be stuck with you. /pecks your lips/
Xiao Dejun 4 years ago
@Shiroma Miru /takes your hand setting on my chest over my beating heart
all your words and affections is making my heart feel like its going to burst.
That's how happy i am whenever i'm around you or whenever you smile to me
i hope you don't fell too lonely now with me in your life.
I'll make everyday as eventful as i can and as memorable as i can just for you
you make me flutter in general my sweet love
and us dragon mate for life too. you're just as stuck with me as well.
/squeeze your waist gently
Shiroma Miru [A] 4 years ago
@Xiao Dejun /nods/ Me too. I'll make all the time for you too.
/smiles thinking about it/ They will, and they'll be so happy.
Me too, even though I had a lot of people around me - I still felt lonely.
/just leans into you as you rest your head on my shoulder/
Your gummy smile is precious and makes my heart flutter.
Well, kitsunes mate for life - so you're stuck with me~ /winks
But, I will love you forever until my last day as well.
Xiao Dejun 4 years ago
@Shiroma Miru as i'll make time for you and the shared house and our future kids
/rubs your side gently as i chuckles. They'll grow up with lots of cousins to play with
I'm glad they wont be lonely like me growing up
/rests my head on your shoulder as you smile always make my hear flutter
im glad you like my gummy smile.hehe
I will love you forever, more and more each day.
until my very last breath if thats what it take
Kwon Jiyong 4 years ago
@[SH] Lee Hoseok That amused him. He hadn't thought most creatures were real, but he'd long ago learned that if it was heard of, it likely existed. Now he frowned. "How do I smell exactly?" He sniffed himself. but didn't smell anything abnormal. Of course his own scent was lost on him. Hearing the vampire, he grinned. "Dragons haven't had it much better. I'm not worried though." At the mention of being burned, he rolled his eyes. "See? I don't burn people. I don't need to. I could hurt you in other more painful ways, but unless you threaten me or someone I love, I have no reason to. I think most creatures are that way. Vampires included." He then laughed. "We're pretty rare at this point." He looked at the guy. "This is probably a stupid question, but is it true that vampires get really pale when they need to feed or are they always pale?" He truly didn't know.
Shiroma Miru [A] 4 years ago
@Xiao Dejun I'll always make time for you too. We won't always need a babysitter since the baby will have tons of siblings and stuff at the sharehouse who can help look after them too.
/beams at your gummy smile as her fangy canines spread in her own smile/
You're gummy is so cute~ /pecks your nose/
I know that I'll love you forever and cherish you~
Xiao Dejun 4 years ago
@Shiroma Miru Ill always make time for you. We'll have a baby sitter for them so we can go on vacations as well
/eye smile as my gummies flash you happily
Mmm to love you forever i shall. And to cherish you foo.
/chuckles at your shyness
Shiroma Miru [A] 4 years ago
@Xiao Dejun I'm yours too until like you said when we have little ones running around - but we can still make time for each other.
/tilts her head to the side/
Hmhm, there are many ways to keep me forever - but the easiest is just to love me~
/buries her head into your neck a bit from the her cheeks going red/
Xiao Dejun 4 years ago
@Shiroma Miru Im all yours....that is until we have our own little ones taking away our attentions
/looks at you smiling.
There is ....and please share how i can do that and keep you forever.
/rubs your arms gently
Shiroma Miru [A] 4 years ago
@Xiao Dejun And you're my dragon. /smiles snuggling up to you/
Well, there's an easy way to always keep me by you all the time /winks
/nestles into your arms just bringing my arms up to hold your hands/
Xiao Dejun 4 years ago
@Shiroma Miru My kitsune /pecks your shoulder gently. All mine
/grins. I already am....i meant....ima be full on addictive where ill want you by me all the time
/wraps my arms around to keep you warm
Shiroma Miru [A] 4 years ago
@Xiao Dejun /chuckles/ Yes, big adorable foxes.
/smiles with a soft giggle/
I thought you already were - but that be arranged.
Xiao Dejun 4 years ago
@Shiroma Miru Big adorable cats....fox actually.
/chuckles softly pecking your lips instead
Youre gonna make me addicted to your sweet kisses, Miru.
Shiroma Miru [A] 4 years ago
@Xiao Dejun Okay, noted. Yeah, we are basically like big cats in away /chuckles
/snuggles back just pecking your cheek again/
You're welcome, baby
Xiao Dejun 4 years ago
@Shiroma Miru And a nuzzle from you and pat on my dragon snout it okay as well.
/smiles happily. I can do that. I watch humans does that a lot with cats and dogs before.
/snuggle against you, resting my chin on your shoulder
Thank you love
Shiroma Miru [A] 4 years ago
@Xiao Dejun /smiles and nods/
I can do that. Easy enough.
And when I'm in my kitsune form, really just treating us kind like pets is the way to go. Like pets, stretches behind our ears, or things like that.
Xiao Dejun 4 years ago
@Shiroma Miru /squeeze your hand gently before bringing it up to my lips to peck the back of it
Mmm. That would be nice. A little sign....
A nuzzle and pat on my neck when we're flying???
Shiroma Miru [A] 4 years ago
@Xiao Dejun /takes your hand just linking our fingers together/
And it was amazing, thank you /pecks your cheek/
Oh, don't worry about it - I can't really communicate well in my kitsune form either. But maybe we can have some like little signs that tell us what we are feeling or something?
Xiao Dejun 4 years ago
@Shiroma Miru /reaches out for your hand smiling softly as i hum looking out at the trees surrounding us
I promise you a night ride. Its the least i can do especially after we both choose to stay together.
/smiles. I just wish i can communicate with you in my dragon form so that you arent too lonely riding on my neck
Shiroma Miru [A] 4 years ago
@Xiao Dejun /waits for you to turn back just looking around as she's never really been up here before/
/smiles to you just walking over to you/
Hi, thanks for bringing me out here. It's really pretty nice and out here.
Xiao Dejun 4 years ago
@Shiroma Miru /looks at you before my dragon body start to morphe back into mine walking towards the cave as my human form starts to take shape thr backpack i always carry more visible before grabbing my clothes out of my backpack
/changes beforw coming back out to you smiling
Shiroma Miru [A] 4 years ago
@Xiao Dejun /lifts her head up as we descend just smiling at the location just looking around/ /once you laid down she gently got down just standing next to you/
Xiao Dejun 4 years ago
@Shiroma Miru /smiles softly as i glided us over to one of my favorite spot on the side of the mountain that have a cave opening
/slowly decend down til my foot touched the ground as the wings tuck in as i lay down for you to hop off first
Shiroma Miru [A] 4 years ago
@Xiao Dejun /just smiles as the stars are out just keeping her hold on his neck just enjoying the sites and breeze/
Xiao Dejun 4 years ago
@Shiroma Miru /slow down as my wings stretch wide to glide slowly letting out a low growl as if to warn othera thisbis my territory for now
Shiroma Miru [A] 4 years ago
@Xiao Dejun /hums happily while we fly through the sky just resting her head on his neck/
Xiao Dejun 4 years ago
@Shiroma Miru /makes sure youre secure as i made a turn into the mountains slightly tilting to one side as it takes us deeper into the mountain
[SH] Lee Hoseok 4 years ago
@Kwon Jiyong Hoseok was surprised the being wasn't frightened and even more so that he could smell.the wolf as well. He looked at the creature curiously before humming out, "ah, a fire dragon? I didn't even think dragons were real. Thats why you smell like that~" he nodded finally understanding why this creature smelled like the sun. He sat down near the dragon but kept his distance and nodded at the man's question, "yes~ but I'm not gonna hurt you. I know vampires have a bad reputation but I'm not gonna hurt you or anything. Also because i don't want to be burned to a crisp~" Hoseok softly laughed and grinned widely, "I've never even met a fire dragon, or even a dragon before, so when i was passing by, your scent caught me off guard and i had to get a closer look"


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kumiho 4 years ago
Hey there. I was busy and only now noticed that I was kicked from my character, but it seems like I never got any sort of notice whatsoever...
TheKpopRPGlossary 4 years ago

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AureliaL 4 years ago
Hey hey! Is this rp still accepting? ^^
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Can I request Lee Hoetaek (Hui) please?
Jhopeexoticvip 4 years ago
May I have Kwon Jiyong added please?
jeonha 4 years ago
a/r kim jongin for me please
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Lottie Moss please!
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son chaeyoung please
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lalisa manoban please
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