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The spa located in Lux District. 
Hayley Atwell [A] 4 years ago
@Park Jungsoo A soft voice greeter her with dulcet tones from somewhere behind the counter and directed her attention towards the speaker. Her large brown orbs watched the figure curiously, a vague hi to of amusement in them as the corners crinkled just slightly even though remained a thin line of focus. There was something about him and they way that he presented himself that came across as both genuine and an act simultaneously. It was like he was an actor or performer but that he truly lived to be something of a walking work of art and he certainly looked the part.

“Good thing I’m not looking for a bite or I’d be in the wrong place then.” Hayley replied casually, taking another step inside as she hooked both of her thumbs into the belt loops of her pants as a way to keep from either fidgeting or talking with them. “You do makeovers, right? Hair, nails, makeup; the whole look?”
Park Jungsoo 4 years ago
@Hayley Atwell Jungsoo had felt something in the air from the moment he had risen, even before he coiffed his hair, applied his creams or dusted his face with powders and pigment to maintain the presence that was expected of him professionally. Perhaps it was intuition, or perhaps it was a crick in his neck from falling asleep in his favorite armchair rather than in his bed. These things were difficult to discern even in the best of times, but recently it seemed as if "best" was a term that the angel was only distantly acquainted with.

After he had taken care of his first client of the day, Jungsoo stood looking over the pitifully blank page of the day in his appointment book. There were no big events looming. No one really required the man's deft hands to paint upon the blank canvases of their lives. And he was dreadfully bored for it. He thought he might scream between the walls of grey-veined marble and faceted glass if he was left alone with his thoughts much longer.

The chimes over the door tinkled, warning him of an arrival with their soft melody. He lifted his head to peer toward the door and took stock of the woman who pushed her way inside. His entire demeanor changed as he straightened up and squared his shoulders, his hands placed at either side of himself on the counter. "Well hello, darling." He greeted the figure with a soft, sweet drawl as his tongue caressed the syllables. "What can I do for you today?"

He stepped out from behind the counter and smoothed the layers of his clothes. The thin white cotton button down, semi-opaque and gathered at his waist, and the black slacks that tapered over a figure somewhere between slim and strong. His nails caught the light as he beckoned her with a wave of his fingers, the holographic powder offering a brief glimpse of scintillating colors. "Come in," he offered, "I promise I don't bite."
Hayley Atwell [A] 4 years ago
@Park Jungsoo The steady staccato rhythm of her tall, black heels on the pavement beneath her beat out a confident but almost manic pattern in its intensity as she walked through the Lux District in search of something. What it was, Hayley didn't know. The she-wolf couldn't know. It was something that she couldn't articulate there on the tip of her tongue; a song without melody and ineffable but deeply felt as the music of the city washed over her and seemed to somehow grow louder with each passing moment.

If she didn't know better she would say it was madness but somehow it wasn't that. The slow build, the rise without fall that felt to her like a symphony of sensation growing to crescendo was there just beyond the range of all of her senses pushing her into action. There was something that she had to do and her instinct was driving her in a way that she had never experienced before. It had been on the horizon for days, weeks, and maybe even months before it couldn't be quelled any longer and she took off from her apartment well before dawn to begin combing the city. So there she was in a pale blue blouse and a pair of well-fitting jeans wandering the streets for IT.

That was when something out of the corner of her eye caught her attention and she stopped her march for the first time in hours as a realization. An aria from the cacophony emerged in her consciousness as she finally knew what her subconscious and instinct were trying to tell her; its time for change. It just didn't hit her until she saw the sign for the spa advertising just that in regards to a new hair color and for the first time in a while, the music was quiet.

'I don't generally believe in higher powers but maybe this is a sign.' she thought to herself as she pushed open the door and looked around the interior curiously. Hayley had no solid idea what she wanted but she figured there would be the first step in the next dance of her life.
Park Jungsoo 4 years ago
@Jackson Wang "Do yourself a favor and put your foot down before it finds a home in your mouth, hm?" Jungsoo had grown used to the younger man's big mouth, and on rare occasion even found it endearing, but the look in his eyes made it clear that he wasn't in the mood for his posturing. With the alpha finally seated in the chair, the angel slipped his hand away to prepare the foot bath instead, a little epsom salt clouding the water as he placed it before the chair. Still wielding the file like a weapon, he gestured from the larger male to the bath. "If you soak your feet like a good boy, then maybe I can find time to give you that kiss." He hummed, tapping the end of the file's handle to his chin. "Or I might withhold it from you to make sure you behave until I'm finished."
Jackson Wang 4 years ago
@Park Jungsoo “It’s cute when you try and act like my flirting has absolutely no effect on you.” It probably didn’t knowing the other, but his egotism liked to throw him for a loop most days. He could feel the shift as Jungsoo turned around, his hands holding firm to the other males slender hips. He certainly didn’t want to feel a nail file shoved into his nether regions, so what other choice did he have? Jackson slowly sat down in the chair, though his stronger hand moved to instead grip his smaller, dainty one. He liked the way that little hand felt against his chest and was quite sad to see it go. “You’ll make me do what, uncle. I‘Ve already done all that you asked me do~ I better be getting that kiss.”
Park Jungsoo 4 years ago
@Jackson Wang Jungsoo stood before the large mirrors, pulling the various stones and files and the like from among his sanitized tools to lay them out. The warmth of the wolf's hands on his waist was not an entirely unwelcomed sensation, but he still clucked his tongue. His eyes met the alpha's in the reflection of the mirror, a light caught within his iris seeming to glow honey-gold around the rim of his pupils. "Why don't you sit down and make yourself comfortable instead of being a flirt?" The angel glanced over his shoulder while holding up a metal file in one hand. "Unless you want to experience this where the sun doesn't shine." Slowly, he turned about in Jackson's hold, fought back against the shudder that threatened to give him awat at feeling the brush of a touch at his lower belly, and placed a hand on the taller male's chest. "I will make you do it, you know."
Jackson Wang 4 years ago
@Park Jungsoo Now, what was wrong with his eyebrows? His eyebrows were finely shaped. Despite it, he followed the angel’s trail closely, only stopping when they entered the private treatment room. Like a good were, he stepped out of his shoes, though he may have grumbled a little to himself. He strongly disliked people touching his feet, he probably disliked it more than he disliked people touching his face. However, it was probably worth it for a little kiss or two. He’d never get such a thing if he did otherwise. Jackson moved closer to the angel, placing his hands on his hips from behind and watching him prepare his tools through the mirror.
Park Jungsoo 4 years ago
@Jackson Wang "Why do I feel like I've said that same thing to you before-- about you using me to waste time?" He quirked a dark, well-groomed brow at the wolf. If anything, he could recall similar words coming from his own mouth once while in the midst of forcibly kicking a certain alpha out from between his sheets once before. "But a kiss," he drawled, "that's going to cost you." He gave up on tugging the other to follow with him and instead turned his back on him. Placing one foot in front of another, the angel exaggerated the sway of his hips as he made his way past the counter to the first hall leading to the individual treatment rooms. "I could be persuaded if you let me shape those eyebrows of yours a little."
Jackson Wang 4 years ago
@Park Jungsoo He almost regretted asking for more as the consequence was almost far too grave. “You’re just using me to waste time.” He could have told the other he wasn’t going to do his stupid pedicure bull and snuck in to his be later while he was asleep. That wouldn’t stop the older male from kicking him out of the bed in the following seconds afterwards, but he didn’t mind trying. If it meant he didn’t have to sit in a chair for and hour getting his toes painted. Imagine what all the people he slept with would ask when they saw him with perfectly manicured toenails painted a bright hot pink? It didn’t match whatsoever. “What would be the cost to add in a kiss then?”
Park Jungsoo 4 years ago
@Jackson Wang The angel tilted his head and the light of the chandelier fixture overhead caught on threads of gold highlighting the otherwise muted brown strands. His smile was almost serene when he met the younger male's gaze. "I wouldn't know, actually. I don't spend my time looking at them except when you insist on putting them on my nice, clean white couch." Jungsoo's obsessive compulsions were a choice, but that choice came out clearly enough as he reached for the wolf's hands, his own slim fingers and short palms seeming very petite by comparison. "Are you really going to insist on that?" He gave the other a small tug the moment he found purchase. "Fine, you can sleep next to me. On the condition that I get to paint your toenails. And not just clearcoat either."
Jackson Wang 4 years ago
@Park Jungsoo He was rich enough to have had the opportunity of a pedicure before, but it wasn’t something he felt obligated to do. He was an alpha after all, the toughest of wolves didn’t need to get pedicures, even if they were rich. That didn’t stop him from falling victim to the other males alluring voice, however. He looked at Jungsoo, inhaling the sweet scent he gave off as he came close to him. Jackson allowed the scent to overwhelm him as he felt the angel’s han against his broad chest. “My feet aren’t all that bad, you know..” They were just normal feet in human form, tidy without any hang nails and what not. He wasn’t one to go against the wish of Park Jungsoo however, especially when the wish included such a large loss on his behalf. “I get to sleep next to you then.”
Park Jungsoo 4 years ago
@Jackson Wang "Oh you would love that, wouldn't you, darling?" The aesthetician's soft smile twisted into something else, but he hid it easily enough as he stepped out from behind the front desk. The heels of his shoes click with each step he makes closer to the more imposing male until he's close enough to place a hand on the were's chest. "I can always sweeten the offer by saying that if you turn it down, I'm not opening my front door for a month." His eyes left the taller male's visage to travel down, what should have been a slow and sensuous path a quickly darting glance toward the alpha's shoes. "You'll get to continue dropping by my place without me shooing you off my couch for those unsightly feet of yours. Is that good enough?"
Jackson Wang 4 years ago
@Park Jungsoo The younger male didn’t quite like the smile that appeared on the other males face. He found it to be taunting to say the least. Jackson scrunched his nose. He was well aware that the other male liked to spend his time making people look just as good as he did, but to change anything about himself made the alpha feel queasy. “When you say walk-in, is that a ual term?” If it wasn’t he was most certainly going to make a dash for the door. He’d only come in to hit on the old man, not become his doll. However, that annoying, dangerous grin he had was kind of attractive. It was very rare that Teuk ever smiled at him of all people. Though, Jackson figured he had that effect on most people, not just the uncle standing before him. “If you intend to do what you do to your fancy uptight clients, I better at least be getting something out of it...” He’d even take just the time as collateral, he wasn’t always a .
Park Jungsoo 4 years ago
@Jackson Wang The soft tap of footsteps just before the front desk should have drawn Jungsoo's attention, but with his phone held to his ear he kept his eye on the books. "Yes, hello, this is Jungsoo calling about your appointment," he said crisply, a feigned sweetness in his tone. "I'm afraid due to our policy you've missed your appointment. If you will be needing another, please be sure to call back and leave a message and I will pencil you in for the earliest appointment that suits you." He rolled his eyes, only to set his gaze on the muscled figure across the counter from him. Jungsoo held up his finger, asking for a moment as he hung up the phone. He stowed the device away and crossed his arms, leaning into the counter until it cost him inches of height in front of the were. Standing up straight once more, he squared his shoulders, as if it might make him more imposing while his lips curved in a soft simper. "Lucky? No, but you are. I suddenly have room for a walk-in... and look who just walked in."
Jackson Wang 4 years ago
@Park Jungsoo Perfection. There was no other word to describe the man behind the counter. Jackson didn’t notice the irritation since he hardly ever noticed anything of importance, so of course, the wolf wasted no time entering the establishment. He looked around at the interior as his muscular frame became closer and closer to the front desk. Perhaps he only bothered people like this because of his lack of actual things to do. “Hey oldie~” As he recalled, the two of them had met a countless number of times and right now, the other male was just the way the alpha liked him: irritated. “She must be so lucky~” He teased, leaning against the counter quite comfortably.
Park Jungsoo 4 years ago
@Jackson Wang "Come on, honey, I haven't got all day." Jungsoo mumbled to himself as he tapped his own manicured nails on the edge of the counter. His client was late. No notice, just dreadfully late as far as he was concerned. He quirked a dark brow as he watched another figure pass by the glass doors and open windows. No dice. "Some people can be so," he drawled, his voice echoing off the polished marble reception, "uncouth." The muscles of his back twitched, his feathers both metaphorically and physically ruffled, as he opened the archaic appointment book on the counter to pull up the client's number. He paid no mind to the front doors, or the rest of the front desk, too engrossed by his own irritation instead. "She's lucky I'm an angel, not a demon."


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kumiho 4 years ago
Hey there. I was busy and only now noticed that I was kicked from my character, but it seems like I never got any sort of notice whatsoever...
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