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// drive-in theater
The drive-in theater located in Noctis District. 
Jackson Wang 4 years ago
@Jung Wheein “1848..” God, it even sounded old when he said it himself. Jackson tried to think back to such a time period. “I’ve seen you do a burlesque show once. I prefer the shows where women get and sit in my lap, but you’re pretty talented. To say the least.” He tried to shift away from the conversations of pasts and onto something else. His life wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t something he liked to talk about. Wheein talked about how willing she was to give up her stripper life, but it wasn’t so simple for him. He couldn’t live for only one person... and even if he could, Jackson was certain he couldn’t make them happy. WIth his bad temper and inability to make good decisions, he was destined to be forever alone. At least, that’s what he’d convinced himself a long time ago.

“You’re not missing out. All the good people walk around during the day, with their ugly mugs and regular lives.. Nah... All the fun happens at night.” The thought of taking her on a picnic crossed his mind, though he quickly tried to think of something else. That kind of stuff was for good people who deserved it and that kind of life didn’t belong to him. Jackson smiled anyway, like he always did, pretending to be some heartless flirt. “Maybe you would. If you did... I’d make sure to find a nice tomb stone for you and decorate it with a ton of roses~ What’s your favorite flower, I’ll put those on it.” He looked down at her, smiling from ear to ear at his own stupid joke. His shoulder playfully brushed against hers as he rested his head against the back of the seat, closing his eyes. “Yeah... Don’t fall for a guy like me. I’m gonna grow old and wrinkly and...” He paused. “I’d probably only bring you pain...”
Jung Wheein 4 years ago
@Jackson Wang "I have choices much like you and everyone else, but I have always chosen life as a stripper because that's what I have known since 1848. I stepped into the world of burlesque at 18 and had my final performance as a human at 25.. then continued on as a vampire. I haven't stopped sense, and I suppose some of it has to do with the fact that that was what kept me at least a little sane when those I cared for started to die off from old age and sicknesses." She shrugged a little and nuzzled into his neck, closing her eyes. "If my partner wanted me to stop that, though, I would. They would be more than worth it because.. I do long for love. I have always provided for others to make them happy. I want to feel happy too. Well, happier. I want to be in love."

She smiled softly again and let out a sigh, "and.. if you happen to be the one I do fall for like that, I won't regret it. It might hurt like hell in the end if the feelings aren't mutual, but I won't regret it. If I'm not the one for you by the end of this, I do hope that you will find yourself a good man or woman who can provide you with what you need. I want to see you happy, too, because you deserve it whether you wanna agree with me or not."

She felt flattered and.. quite warm hearing the were say that. They'd never been this way with one another, but it was such a nice change. "I won't get my hopes just too high, but it would be nice. Though, I wonder if I would actually just.. drop dead after that. Considering how old I actually am? I don't know how that all works," she murmured and shrugged again. "What I miss the most? Being able to go out whenever I want without worrying if I have been in the sun too long. I want to be able to enjoy the day time again, go out and make more friends and do other fun things. I hate missing out on stuff because of the damn sun."
Jackson Wang 4 years ago
@Jung Wheein She didn’t have to say it, he was already aware of how awful he was. Most of the time he could ignore it, but there were times where that wasn’t as easy as he would have liked for it to be. “Living life as a ‘free spirit’ isn’t all I’ve made it out to be. You being a stripper and all, I figured you’d have no choice but to be a free spirit like me.” He believed that she didn’t think he was a bad guy, but he wasn’t looking for compliments. Jackson said what he said because it was the truth.

Her kiss was soft and delicate, much different and more sincere than he’d felt in a long, long time. His gaze settled upon hers for a long time. How ironic would it be if he really fell for her like this? All this time he spent cursing her about her stench and now he was actually pondering it. When she looked down and began to fidget, the werewolf crossed one leg over the other. Maybe if all this had been different. If she never became a vampire, the two of them could have actually met and he could have smelled that sweet cherry scent she had buried under all the stench of death. It’s true it wasn’t her fault, but Jackson already knew that. He about her scent, sure, but it was never with sincerity. He listened to her story, tightly gripping her shoulder as she trusted him enough to tell him that information.

“I’m glad he didn’t kill you. You may have to outlive me and all, but I’m glad that guy didn’t take you for everything your worth.” Sanguinare Vampiris Was and incurable disease that the world had yet to tame, if it even knew about it to begin with. “Maybe one day they’ll find a cure for you... so that you can live like a normal person again. Have children, get sick, grow old.” There were things he never got to experience as a werewolf, but that didn’t compare to the disadvantage of being vampire. He could still reproduce and feel his pulse. His body was simply a better version of a humans while Wheein’s body was barely human at all. “What’s one thing you miss most?”
Jung Wheein 4 years ago
@Jackson Wang "I didn't say you were horrible, Jackson.. I wasn't trying to imply that either. I just meant that because you enjoy the freedom of the single life, I never expected you to join something like a dating service. You're a rather free spirit, and there's nothing wrong with that by any means," Wheein replied and gazed at him. "I'm sorry if I offended you. You know I don't have ill intent, or you should- By now, anyways." Leaning up, she pressed a gentle kiss to his cheek and offered an apologetic smile. Her expression softened at his next sentence. He could smell her human scent? She looked down and gulped quietly, her fingers fidgeting with the fabric of his shirt. "Lavender and cherries.. Mm, that's the lotions and shampoos that my mother used to buy for us. She got so excited when she found a cherry scented shampoo since she adored the sweet smell. Papa quite liked it too. He would bury his nose in her hair as he hugged her, you know- when he wasn't being a cynical and abusive ."

She looked over at him again and laughed at his joke, rolling her eyes playfully as she usually did. "I mean, you've been crazy and dangerous enough to stick around even as a friend despite my threats and endless attitude." She grinned, a fang poking over her bottom lip that was painted in blood red matte lipstick. "Mm, I assume you mean my transformation? I'm asked that by people often, and I usually brush them off, but I'll make an exception." She trusted Jackson as silly as it might seem to others. She adored him and wanted to be open with him, and so she promised herself internally to do so as much as possible, and she could only hope he would be willing to open up to her like she was to him.

"I was 25, and I had traveled to London for a few burlesque shows. We had been invited to perform, and we just couldn't turn down this opportunity, you know? We were all super excited because this was a completely new place, surrounded by people we weren't used to seeing, and of course, the pay was amazing," she smiled briefly before continuing. "I had been approached by someone who claimed to be a fan, and he wanted a private show. Promised to pay generously. I was naive and agreed to give him the show he wanted, and it started off alright, though that changed rather quickly. He ended up being a vampire, a very hungry one at that, and I was his next meal. He was set out to kill, but that didn't happen since we were interrupted. He got away and I was just writhing in pain on the floor while people scattered about and tried to figure out what to do about me. It felt as though acid had been shot into my veins. Everything felt scolded and.. I was in more pain than I could have ever imagined was possible. It lasted for a couple of days, and damn, did I wish the bastard had just killed me."
Jackson Wang 4 years ago
@Jung Wheein Her words created a tiny lapse in his confident demeanor and for a moment, his smile turned to a stoic expression. He brought the drink to his lips as he observed the screen. “Even horrible guys like me have times where they’re tired of ing anything that walks...” A part of him knew it was a problem and that he craved more of a connection, but there was the other part of him that wouldn’t allow him to acknowledge it. Maybe it was out of fear, maybe it wasn’t. All he knew was that he was a long ways away from happiness.

Wheein really thought that he had a distaste for her. She smelled and he made that very clear, but surely he hadn’t forgotten to tell her that she held value to him. There wasn’t one person in all of Atlantis that would come and lock pick his handcuffs when he got in trouble, only to beat him with her purse afterwards. Maybe he only called her when he wanted something, but she was always the person he wanted to call first. There were time he called just to bother her, just to hear her smile on the other end, didn’t she notice that. Jackson’s smile reappeared as he held her a little tighter. “You know, under the dead smell, I can still smell the human you used to be...” He said this because he wanted to make it very clear that he did not mind her species and knew the hurt that it could sometimes bring being a vampire. Wheein, for one, liked to act tough about it, but it was probably hard for her to. “You used to smell like lavender and cherries....” He mumbled, turning his head in order to look at her. “Strange, I know... but it probably would have driven some stupid alpha crazy. Not sure what guy would be dangerous enough to do that though.” He laughed at his own joke, taking the candy she placed on his lips into his skilled mouth. His eye moved back to the screen. “Wanna talk about it?” He was of course referring to her turning. Since he never bothered to ask before, he figured this was the first step they could take in getting to know each other.
Jung Wheein 4 years ago
@Jackson Wang She was quite surprised when the seats moved together and his arm wrapped around her shoulders. Was he pranking her? She swore she would kick his if he were. Her eyes focused on his handsome visage as he spoke again. "Hey, even feisty vampires want love. We just don't often admit it," she replied with a small smile and nestled into him. "I never expected you to join a dating service, though. Seriously, you don't seem the type." After sipping her drink, she set it back in her bag and shifted in her seat to put an arm around his waist. "You better have been kidding. I swear I'll rip your throat out," she playfully threatened the wolf with a much wider smile on her lips now, whining softly at the pinching of her cheek. "Thank you, trying is better than nothing, but.. don't be too weird. I won't know what to do if that cockiness disappears."

Her eyes focused on the screen now before she laughed and shook her head, "Ah, Jackson.. Even if I wanted to or if I do, I know better than to expect anything. You wouldn't be caught dead actually being with and committing to someone like me. You absolutely cannot stand my kind, and you have made that very clear. I do appreciate you going through with the match, though, honestly. I hope during the time we're dating we can at least get a better understanding of one another and just maybe you won't disapprove of me so much, huh?" Wheein murmured and opened a piece of the candy, placing it to the were's lips. "The movie is Alita: Battle Angel, by the way. Been dying to see it, but I've never had the chance. Glad they're showing it here."
Jackson Wang 4 years ago
@Jung Wheein She wasn’t a bad person, she’d always made his time with her quite meaningful actually. Most people were terribly boring, but never the tiny vampire. Jackson laughed at her response. Why’d he join that stupid dating service anyway? To be paired with some feisty e. He took the bag of candy she handed over and pressed another button within the car that made the console fold away and there seats move together. His arm wrapped around her shoulder as he focused on the screen with his feet still on the dashboard. “Didn’t know someone as feisty as you are would be looking for love.” Jackson joined because of a stupid lapse of judgement. There were times he felt incredibly lonely sleeping with any piece of he could find and felt the need for something more permanent. That feeling never lasted long and was replaced with the same old wreck less person he’d always been.

“Aw, comeon... I wasn’t serious, shorty~” He pinched her cheek as he continued to sit close to her. “Technically were kind of dating... I’ll try to be nice.” He could at least do that for the duration of their little match thing. It was his fault for signing up. “Just don’t fall for me or anything, I know it’s kind of difficult.” The commercials finally ended and a movie began to roll on the screen. “What movie is this anyway?”
Jung Wheein 4 years ago
@Jackson Wang When Wheein had heard the news of these two of them being matched, she wasn't quite sure how she should feel. Part of her dreaded it simply due to the fact she knew how Jackson was. He wasn't someone who settled with one person. It was as if he would die if he couldn't have multiple people. Not to mention, he always expressed distaste in Wheein and her kind, as if she could control what she was. She'd been horribly attacked many years ago, an attack that was meant to kill her, and now she was like this. The other part of her kind of looked forward to this match, though. She really didn't mind the other's presence, and their bantering sometimes was rather amusing.

Leaning down, she pulled some snacks from her bag and handed them to the wolf next to her. "I keep my promises. Don't doubt me," she replied and leaned back against the seat, her hands resting on her lap. "You belong there with me, so hop off the pedestal you built for yourself, Wang." The vampire pulled out a flask of blood for herself next, raising an eyebrow and looking at him. "Um, first of all.. I don't have an official boyfriend. Second of all, you and I were matched on the dating service. This is our first date- The least you could do is try to be nice to me. I don't exactly know what I have done to irritate you so badly, but damn. You need a chill pill."
Jackson Wang 4 years ago
@Jung Wheein The alpha thoroughly believed he was here against his will. The stinky vampire showed up as she usually did, fluttering those stupid eyelashes and threatening him to drive her somewhere or else. Apparently they were showing some movie she just had to see and he was the only one of her friends with a car. He’d been gullible enough to agree to it and so, the alpha sat in the driver seat with his arms crossed over his chest as the commercials rolled on. The movie hadn’t started yet, but he didn’t even want to see what was playing tonight. “You promised me snacks...” It didnt sound all to sound of an offer now, considering the woman probably didn’t eat a whole lot of human food. “You drug me all the way out here with you... If you don’t provide me with food, I’m dropping you off at the dump where you belong....” He leaned back against his seat and propped his long legs up on the dashboard. He’d already pressed the button to make the steeringwheel fold into it, so there was plenty of space for them to watch. “Next time you should bring your boyfriend.”


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kumiho 4 years ago
Hey there. I was busy and only now noticed that I was kicked from my character, but it seems like I never got any sort of notice whatsoever...
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