--- flower shop

// flower shop
The flower shop located in Seelie District. 
Wong Yuk-hei 4 years ago
@Shiroma Miru Time has flowed like sand running through the gaps of one's finger, Yukhei's countenance brightened when he spotted Miru walking inside the shop. Standing up from the tool he'd sat on, the male respectfully bowed back followed by a small shake of head in hopes of reassuring the woman's worry. Taking the floral corsage containing white lilies tied by a yellow silk ribbon into a near little bow so it could be easily slipping around the arm, he outstretched holding his handmade accessory towards Miru. "You must have a reason for your lateness so you needn't apologise, Miss Miru. I am the designer that Jacob mentioned. It's a pleasure to meet you."
Shiroma Miru [A] 4 years ago
@Wong Yuk-hei Miru was hoping that she wasn't late or anything. She has woken up late due to staying up late taking care of the kits, and getting them to bed - and making breakfast for them. She sighed as she looked at her phone as she was texting some of the older ones to make sure that they got the kits to school or their lessons, or there was someone there to look after them as they all knew that she had a job today. She was contacted by a mutual friend to be a fitting model for a designer's small line. She loved doing these like this as they were always fun, exposed her to designers that would hire her again, and paid decently that she could put to the sharehouse. She headed down the street as the Seelie district wasn't that far from the sharehouse, and she didn't want to waste money on a taxi or cab when she could simply just walk. She pulled her hair up into a high ponytail after combing out the rats as she really didn't care if people could see her doing this. She had done some light makeup, but most left her face bare so that they could do whatever makeup they wanted on her.

Miru headed down the street as she looked at her phone as she inputted the address of the location so that she would find the place easily rather than walking around. She looked up at the street lamp as she wished the light to turn green already. She hurried across the street as she finally found the location. She made one last text to the sharehouse that she was at work now and not bother her unless someone was dying. Miru slipped her phone into her bag after silencing it as she walked into the flower shop just looking around, hoping that they weren't too mad that she was a little late. "Hello, I am so sorry about being late. I'm Miru. I was called here to do a fitting model meeting?" Miru questioned as she bowed and smiled to the only person that she could see in the flower shop.
Wong Yuk-hei 4 years ago
@Shiroma Miru He caught the spring green-hued stem in his fingertips, mindful that's it brilliant purple albeit thin petals doesn't touch his scruff palms. Once satisfied, he clipped of the excess length to form a cluster of a single ranunculus, plumosa and tiny white flowers neatly gathered by a silk violet ribbon. A triumphant grin accentuated his plush tiers while pinning the boutonniere on the lapel of his white blazer. Yukhei had deliberately arrived an hour earlier and scurried within the shop with glimmering eyes brimming with excitement for he genuinely loved flowers and creating some sort of accessory with them. Presently, the Phoenix was preoccupied making a wrist corsage for the fitting model he'd connected through a mutual friend and had promised to meet at the current location to discuss business. Although, this chosen place diverted from the stereotypical first meeting for any sort of business, it made sense in Yukhei's mind. His collection of clothes, though small was intended to capture the wonderful and warm essence of spring-time. The male glanced at the door several times while picking out flower for the corsage awaiting his companion's arrival.


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kumiho 4 years ago
Hey there. I was busy and only now noticed that I was kicked from my character, but it seems like I never got any sort of notice whatsoever...
TheKpopRPGlossary 4 years ago

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Hey hey! Is this rp still accepting? ^^
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Can I request Lee Hoetaek (Hui) please?
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May I have Kwon Jiyong added please?
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a/r kim jongin for me please
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