--- historical museum

// historical museum
The historical museum located in Chimaera District. 
Ahn Heeyeon [A] 3 years ago
@Oh Sehun The idea of her being brave made her chuckle as she thought about it and she shook her head in a dismissive manner. “I mean, I didn’t exactly intend to come here or anything. My parents decided that it would be best for me to try and find my way without them so, here I am. Nothing brave or special about that.” The faerie explained with a quick shrug of her shoulders.

While it was nice to hear that not all humans would be cruel, she somehow wasn’t quite sure if she believed him. Hani had begun learning history and stories about them that would say otherwise but she didn’t want to contradict him either. Maybe everything she read wasn’t the whole story and so in this case she was okay giving him the benefit of the doubt.

“Okay so, umm, where are we going?” She asked, figuring that he hadn’t meant that they would eat at the museum. “I don’t know much of the city yet so you’re going to have to show me around, okay?”
Oh Sehun 3 years ago
@Ahn Heeyeon In a way, Sehun was impressed and perhaps also felt a small shred of envy, thinking of how she had been brave enough to leave behind everything she had known her whole life and move to Atlantis. "That is very brave of you."
He gave a nod in reply to her question. "I've been here my whole life. So have my parents and their parents. I used to live with my family, but I moved out this year and now share an apartment with a friend. Well, sorta. We shared a class back in school." He gave her a small smile.

"No, no. Humans are not known for such cruelty. It was probably just kids being kids. They can't usually figure wrong from right. You'll find most of them to be very helpful, when in need." Sehun explained, hoping he had not created an unpleasant picture of humans in front of her.
The male beamed when the faerie agreed to go for a treat, "Yes, we can most certainly do that, or find something that makes you as happy as apple pies make me. There's this cafe I know, which serves very good pies and pastries."
Ahn Heeyeon [A] 3 years ago
@Oh Sehun “I think about them all the time, and I think about home. I miss it but this is such a great opportunity to be and do more that I couldn’t pass it up.” Hani answered with soft sigh, thinking back on all of the things she longed for. “Have you been here your whole life? Is this where your family and friends are?”

Somehow, it seemed that he hadn’t noticed her embarrassing sounds or was too kind to mention them right away. Regardless of the reason why, she was relieved and began to relax around him again after a few moments. She was, however, vaguely annoyed once again when she heard about the things his classmates used to do as children. Her lips formed into a frown and her brows furrowed together as she looked at him. “Do humans always do this kind of thing? I don’t understand. Always hurting smaller creatures.” Hani voiced her concerns, not accusing him but rather just trying to figure out how she felt about the inhabitants of the world. “I would like to see if this apply pie can make me feel less unhappy.”
Oh Sehun 3 years ago
@Ahn Heeyeon Listening to her talk about her family made the caster realize that she was so far away from them at the moment. It must have been difficult for her to adjust in a very new environment, without the comfort of loved ones. "Do you think of them often? Of your home?" He asked, a little cautiously, hoping that it wasn't too intrusive of him to ask those questions."You know, if you need help with anything at all, please let me know. I'll be happy to help."

As Sehun was going down the memory lane, he heard rumbling of stomach. It took a moment for him to realize that it was not him, but Heeyeon, whose cheeks now adorned a new shade of pink, and arms crossed around each other. That was when he found out that she must've been hungry, which made him realize that so was he. However, he didn't want to bring it up just yet and add to her embarrassment, so he thought of moving his attention to answer the question that she'd asked. "I didn't get along with the kids very well, I guess. We had very different ideas of fun. They liked plucking flowers and squishing insects and trapping animals.I didn't like any of that, which made me the odd duck." He paused for a while, before speaking again. "You know, talking about my bullies and apple pies is making me want to have some right now. What do you think?"
Ahn Heeyeon [A] 3 years ago
@Oh Sehun When it came to things she did for fun, Hani was more or less coming up blank. “When I was home I used to spend time with my family, friends, dance and things like that. I used to garden and tend to the animals. We always had so many around the house.” She said, recalling the few things she could think of that might have been appropriate. “I don’t have any of that here yet. This city has only been my home for about a week. I’m still learning everything and settling down. I mean, I basically don’t even have furniture right now.”

The idea of apple pie sounded good, really good in fact, and she heard her stomach rumble as he neared the end of his description. An embarrassed flush colored her pale features in a rosy hue as she tried to over her abdomen with both of her arms awkwardly, hoping that he didn’t hear it. “How come you were bullied? I don’t understand why that happens or would happen.” She said, trying to distract him from anything about her tummy.
Oh Sehun 3 years ago
@Ahn Heeyeon "That's good to hear. Learning new things can be quite testing at times. I'm sure you will be able to perfect it, soon enough." Sehun said, to provide some encouragement to the faerie. "Yeah. I was trying to say for fun, or something equivalent to it." He gave a nod, as he attested to her query.

"It's actually a baked dish whose filling is mostly apple. It can be served with whipped cream or ice-cream." He replied, "It's more the memory that is associated to it, that makes me love apple pies. My mum used to make them for me all the time when I was a child. Mostly, when I got bullied by the other kids, it always used to make me forget that I was sad." It brought back the memories of days when he used to come back home crying, and his mother would make those sweet bundles of joy to cheer him up. "Maybe we can try it together the next time that we meet. And you can decide for yourself if they deserve such praise."
Ahn Heeyeon [A] 3 years ago
@Oh Sehun “In my free time? I’m taking classes in Atlantean. Wait, that’s not the word.” Hani replied and then second guessed herself, sighing as she furrowed her brows in thought. “Tutor? Someone speaks to me over the computer and I practice speaking and reading. We didn’t have this language back home so it’s new and I’m bad at it but I’m trying to get better.” The faerie paused then and considered her words, doing her best to answer the question he asked. “That’s not free time, is it? You mean for fun?”

A bright smile graced her delicate features as he didn’t seem at all bothered but the random bit of information that she gave him. “What’s apple pie? I don’t think I’ve had this.” She looked over at him with curiosity once more. “What is it about the apple pie that you like so much?”
Oh Sehun 3 years ago
@Ahn Heeyeon Sehun hadn't wanted to go any further to talk about the things that the museum held, because one- he wasn't really familiar with most of them, only the ones that he was interested in. And two, he wanted to know more about the faerie- her likes and dislikes, see if they had anything in common. So, it had been more of a good-hearted intention when he asked to know something about her. "What do you do most in your free time?"

The caster could attest to the fact that he could be a bore sometimes, mostly it was the inability to have things to say, about anything in general. Having stayed in his own company for most of his childhood and very few friends even now, Sehun had grown to be somewhat shy to conversation. However, with the faerie, he could see himself having fits of laughs as they shared each other's life stories.
"Waffles. That's a great choice." He commented. "I love apple pies." He said, with a huge grin, plastered on his face thinking about his favourite dessert.
Ahn Heeyeon [A] 3 years ago
@Oh Sehun None of the information he provided about the talismans really made sense to Hani because she didn’t really know what half of the words meant but she listened politely anyway. The only thing she could actually take from it was that he didn’t have one. She didn’t know why he didn’t have one or understand exactly what it would do so she could only nod vaguely while offering him a look of benign confusion.

The stuff about the sarcophagus wasn’t much more enlightening because yet again she didn’t know many of the terms he was using. Some of it she could put together through context but she didn’t get much more than it was a pretty box for a dead guy. There was a few questions on the tip of her tongue but she decided not to ask them, not wanting to appear too stupid of foolish in front of him.

“About me? Well, I guess, what do you wish to know?” She asked back, not wanting to disappoint him with any of the answers that sprung into her mind. Hani head learned pretty early on that her train of thought was different than many others so she wasn’t sure he would appreciate that from her just then. At least she had intended not to offer up any information but one little tidbit did bubble up. “I really like waffles.”
Oh Sehun 3 years ago
@Ahn Heeyeon Sehun gave a nod of understanding as she told him about the real problem with her apartment heating.
"I don't have one right now. A talisman is made by the caster, using his/her knowledge of divination and Alchemy. Coz one has to be very thorough when using symbols in the chosen jewellery. It could wrong and its implications devastating." Sehun replied to her question, "I'm still learning and to be honest, I still don't know the depths of my magic; and the infinite ways to which it can be used. Someday, perhaps." He said, offering her a warm smile. He was really enjoying her company and the way she made him laugh heartily. The male chuckled when the faerie commented about his cheeks, making him rethink if that was truly the case. "Oh, believe me, it is much better now. You should have seen me as a kid."

As they were laughing at their funny reflections, he was pulled by Heeyeon to another part of the room, where an ancient sarcophagus was displayed. "This is the corpse of an ancient Egyptian king, mummified and preserved for ages to come. It's been said that he was the richest pharaoh of all time and wanted his mummified coffin to be adorned by all the jewels the world has to offer." Sehun glanced at the faerie and a thought came to his mind. "Tell me something about you."
Ahn Heeyeon [A] 3 years ago
@Oh Sehun "Oh, I don't have air conditioning. Just a fan that keeps things livable. I couldn't afford the unit with the air conditioning so maybe I will have it next year." She explained, a rather cheerful and hopeful note ringing at the end of her words. "He told me it would be fixed before the weekend so I guess we will see, right? If not then I may need to bother the guy for more of that magic ice stuff."

Hani was in awe as she heard the story around the talisman, impressed that it was more than just a mere trinket. "So you are a caster too, right? Do you have something like this?" the fae inquired earnestly as she began searching what she could see of his frame for any hints of similar jewelry. Or she attempted to but they were both still having fun with their reflections and she quickly began to laugh again. "Who says you grew out of it? I see them cheeks still."

Just past him, something else caught her eye and she lightly pulled him along with her as she went to investigate. Past a few velvet ropes and encased in glass she could make out a sarcophagus of some kind, bright gold and inlaid with jewels in nearly every shade imaginable. "Ooh, I wonder what this does." she mumbled as she tried to locate a sign to read.
Oh Sehun 3 years ago
@Ahn Heeyeon Sehun listened attentively as she talked about her wings, and was sorry to hear that she was caught in a rock slide. "Is it an air-conditioning gone wrong kinda situation?" He queried, waiting patiently for her answer.
"I hope it gets fixed sooner, rather than later." As they made their way inside, he could sense her draw a little closer than before. Although it was all new to him, he didn't mind the distance knowing firsthand, how intimidating it could get, the first time in this museum, that felt like it had a world of its own.

Having reached the glass cabinet, he was really enjoying looking at the faerie, as she gazed at the display with fascination. She had this way about her, this innocence that was so childlike and mostly admirable. "This talisman belonged to the very first caster to ever walk the earth. It is believed that she was one of the most powerful casters and lived for almost five centuries. After her demise, it was handed down to quite a few generations, until it found its place in this museum."

The next moment, he felt her reach for his hand, only to find out that she was pointing to something, with a huge grin on her face. When he followed her gaze, he saw how the glass reflected their images in a very funny, contorted way. The upper part of his face bulged up like a balloon, while his cheeks and jaw had shrunken up, giving him a hilarious look. Hers was the same. He let out a laugh, looking at their disfigured images again.
"I could swear this resembles the way I looked like, as a kid. My parents constantly kept worrying if I would grow out of it." He added, with a goofy smile. "Fortunately, I did."
Ahn Heeyeon [A] 3 years ago
@Oh Sehun There was a definite look of confusion that washed over Hani's face as she regarded Sehun trying to take some of the blame for her actions. She furrowed her brows and scrunched up her nose just a little bit before giving her lavender-haired head a good shake. "Nope, nope. I did that all on my own and would do it anyway whether you were here or not." The female clarified before glancing back towards her still bandaged wings. "Yeah. I got caught in a rock slide but I am alright. Oh, and they are kind of wilting because of the nonstop heat in my apartment but that will get fixed eventually."

Explanations out of the way, she was quick to move inside of the main building though her pace slowed drastically once in. There was so much to see and take in that it was almost overwhelming. Instinctively she found herself moving closer to Sehun, taking a bit of comfort from his physical presence even if they weren't actually touching.

As they moved towards the necklace, Hani gaped in awe at the way the light seemed to dance off of it like magic. Her eyes glittered as she stepped around the display, watching the refraction with an almost childlike glee. "The earth is so pretty sometimes." she mumbled and let her eyes wander up and down the glass, chuckling when she saw something that amused her. Hani reached for his hand and pointed at their reflection with her free one, bemused by the way their forms were distorted in the mostly transparent pane.
Oh Sehun 3 years ago
@Ahn Heeyeon Sehun was glad that she was alright and standing straight in no time. "It happens, sometimes, even to the best of us." He said, a small attempt to console her, as he saw colour rise on her cheeks. "Although, I should take half the blame for it, as it was for my benefit that you did it." He gave her a reassuring smile, hoping to bring her back to her former lively spirit. "If you don't mind me asking, has something happened to your wings?"

Seeing the smile return to her lips, he felt relieved that she was back to her previous self. He watched her give a quick glance at the museum entrance, making him realize that they should be going inside now, instead of just standing there. "We better go inside." He stepped aside, gesturing her to walk in first. "I am probably not the best person to go to when it comes to history. But, I can tell you about a few things I learned on the way."

As they entered the huge door of the museum, Sehun gave a glance at Heeyeon, who was looking around with a newfound interest and awe. He had also only been here a couple of times, one time being lost in this very space which had been designed like a maze in a way. Leading the faerie towards his favourite part of the museum, the one that was just a few steps away from the main entrance, he stopped before a huge vitrine that displayed a very ancient necklace with a round silver pendant.
Ahn Heeyeon [A] 3 years ago
@Oh Sehun Thank goodness he was quick with his casting or she was pretty sure that she would have been face-first into the marble floor. Hani let out a nervous laugh, somewhat embarrassed that she needed his help in the first place as she regained control of her body and stood still once more. "Yeah. This wouldn't have happened if I had my wings." The faerie explained, a gentle rose hue coloring her cheeks as she took another couple of steps towards the male. "But thanks, I do appreciate it."

The smile returned to her soft features slowly as she glanced up at him and then towards the entrance to the museum itself. "I don't know anything about the history here on this plane so it's all going to be new to me." she admitted, chewing on her lower lip just a bit because she was a little uncomfortable sharing her shortcomings. "Hopefully you don't mind explaining but I would like to learn."
Oh Sehun 3 years ago
@Ahn Heeyeon It was probably that smile of hers, or just her aura, that made Sehun more and more comfortable around her. Gone was the nervousness and the uncertainty that now seemed too inconsequential to even mull over. A huge grin plastered on his face at her statement, was she doing it on purpose to make him feel less anxious about all this. If she was, then it was working its magic.

"Oh, I am very sure that it cannot be just the dress." He watched her twirl around, his attention all reserved by the way her eyes widened and grinned.The dulcet sound of her laughs echoed in his ears, as he joined in her laughter. "Maybe you should stop before you get all nauseous." Sehun said, worrying if she might fall. Just as he had imagined, the very next moment, she stopped twirling and reached out to get balance of her feet.

Call it reflex or his desire to help her out, the moment he saw her lose balance. Sehun held out his hands, focusing all of his energy to the air around her. A silver glow hovering around the faerie, helping her to straighten her up. "Are you alright?" He asked, worrying if she was hurt in any way.
Ahn Heeyeon [A] 3 years ago
@Oh Sehun As she drew closer to the male she couldn't help but to be surprised by his height, even pausing in her steps to get a full look at him from head to toe. "You know, you look a lot smaller on my phone." she declared brightly without even thinking about how that might sound for even a second. Not that she really had much time to think about it either because soon after that he was complimenting her appearance which made her stop yet again.

Hani glanced down at her dress and then back up at him with a perfectly mischievous smile as she took a step back from him once more. "I know I am so pretty, right?! It's this dress. Look what it can do." the faerie agreed and informed him, playfully demanding his attention as she did a quick spin in place. Blush colored fabric swirled around her pale frame in an almost hypnotic fashion and she laughed softly at the effect, clearly enjoying herself.

Well, at least she was until her equilibrium failed to help her right herself again; still hindered due to the damage her wings sustained from the rock slide she was in earlier in the week. The faerie wobbled and reached out blindly with her hands, half for balance and half to catch herself in case she fell. "I may be history!"
Oh Sehun 3 years ago
@Ahn Heeyeon Although he had reasoned with himself that there was nothing to be nervous about, Sehun could still feel his heartbeat pick up its pace as the time rolled by. However, when he saw his date approaching towards him, with a smile and an expression that mirrored his, he felt some of his fears fade away.

She looked beautiful in the sundress, and he surmised that pink suited her very well. What drew his attention next, and held it in amazement, was her concealed wings; which he could only get very tiny glimpses of. They did really complement her beauty, and for a brief second he wondered how they looked when not so restrained.

Putting the thought aside, he returned her smile with one of his own, and waved at her as she walked towards him.
"Would you mind me saying that you are beautiful." The words had already left his lips, before he could think if it was appropriate to be the first thing that he said.
"I like knowing about things that have been preserved for a long period of time. So yes, you can say that I like history stuff." He replied, a smile that widened with time.
Ahn Heeyeon [A] 3 years ago
@Oh Sehun Logically, Hani knew that eventually the app would select a date for her but she hadn't expected it to be so soon. The faerie had been in the city for only about a week, gotten a new job, a new apartment, and now a first date? Things felt very fast for the lavender-haired female as she walked along the street towards the museum.

Wearing a simple pink sundress with her bandaged wings sticking out the back and cream colored flats, she hoped she was properly attired for a first meeting that was also a date. Hani was nervous and it showed as her wings flitted and twitched from time to time as she drew closer to the designated location. As she neared the entrance she even considered just running away until she looked up and caught a glimpse of him standing there smiling.

Something about that put her at east enough to make her stay and she greeted him with a small, shy wave as she stepped towards him. "So, umm, its you! And I'm, well, I'm me." she declared, not really saying much at all but flashing him a cheerful grin anyway. "Do you, uh, do you like history stuff?"
Oh Sehun 3 years ago
@Ahn Heeyeon Sehun took a deep breath and waited outside the museum, for his date. This was a first for him, and he honestly did not have much idea what to anticipate. The prospect of meeting Ahn Heeyeon in person, was both exciting and a tad bit scary. For the moment, he just hoped that he wouldn't do anything to make her feel uncomfortable or anything of the sort. He put his hands inside his pocket and took them out again, not being able to decide which one was better. There was nothing to be so nervous about anyway, he decided. All he had to do, was be honest about himself and everything would probably work itself out. Keeping this in mind, he looked ahead at the street, waiting for his date to show up, with a small smile that he couldn't resist.


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