┊welcome ghouls!

welcome ghouls。
   where nightmares come alive
students try not to bite the newbies (too hard that is)



maru 5 years ago
@baekhyun gasp. You love yixing too??
Bc ily=i love yixing
baekhyun 5 years ago
@maru ah, ily too
maru 5 years ago
@baekhyun ily
baekhyun 5 years ago
@maru welcome u v u
maru 5 years ago
hello peoples
pide 5 years ago
@yixing Welcome to Monster High! :)
pide 5 years ago
@tao welcome! :)
taemin 5 years ago
@changmin I think I can survive it. there are other gods out there that I believe in.
/eyes you and shrugs
honestly, I believe a lot in first impressions
and that's what I've gotten so far.
/makes a face at
taemin 5 years ago
@yixing /holds your brows
junmyeon 5 years ago
@yixing its the high way or no way bruh
taemin 5 years ago
@yixing anytime /grins
taemin 5 years ago
@changmin gumiho's are more dangerous than one would expect.
/gives you a toothy grin
you sound full of yourself.
i don't care who your dad is.
/looks less than amused
you're just too good for everyone else, aren't you?
junmyeon 5 years ago
@yixing happy 4/20
taemin 5 years ago
@yixing welcome <3
taemin 5 years ago
@tao hey, welcome.
junmyeon 5 years ago
@yixing hello u w u
junmyeon 5 years ago
@tao aye welcome to the roleplay O/
chanyeol [A] 5 years ago
everyone welcome tao & yixing!
taemin 5 years ago
@changmin /snorts at your offense
because i stay up there a lot?
/rolls my eyes
don't be full of yourself.
/facepalms and sighs
well, considering we have to go through the forest to get out of here, i do.
it's a way to get past the teachers without them knowing.
taemin 5 years ago
@changmin /returns the smile
ah, it's only dangerous because i'm up there.
/jokes and things
not too many yet. i heard there are secret hallways though that lead you into the forest though.
taemin 5 years ago
@changmin me.
/coughs, covering up what i said
i mean, i'm not quite sure. i usually hang out on the rooftop.
it's fun to explore the place too.
there's a lot of hidden rooms.
taemin 5 years ago
@changmin hey, welcome /grins at
pide 5 years ago
@changmin hello. Welcome. {rp?]
pide 5 years ago
@junmyeon Lol, either is fine. Thanks. Hehe, I don't mind biting. *winks*
pide 5 years ago
@jongjin Hi. Thanks~
chanyeol [A] 5 years ago
@baekhyun w u w
baekhyun 5 years ago
@chanyeol /yes bc __________
chanyeol [A] 5 years ago
@baekhyun /becuz __________
junmyeon 5 years ago
@pide im split between replying namaste or annyeonghaseyo so imma just stick to hello, welcome. dont fret we all probably bite. /shot
baekhyun 5 years ago
/decided to rate this room bc reasons.


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Yunho4ever 5 years ago
Yunho has left. cleaning rps.
jamless 5 years ago
Can you add and reserve BTS' Jungkook for me?
Bamsauraus-X 5 years ago
Please add and reserve BamBam~ ^^
IrkenInvaderMilk 5 years ago
Please don't let this rp die. :( ----Pide.
-Clap- 5 years ago
Kibum has left due to business, sorry love!
stoner 5 years ago
namjoon left, sorry. : c
SHINeewifey 5 years ago
Can you please add and reserve Taemin? Thank you~
azerty 5 years ago
minseok left, sorry i wasn't active ;;
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