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taemin 5 years ago
@namjoon same.
namjoon 5 years ago
he just left. .__. there goes all my effort. ; ;
namjoon 5 years ago
@junmyeon [ shhhh. it was not, boo. u 3 u /pats you. ]

/it was a frustration to me already having to
attend my biology class for i had never been
much of an expert in sciences, i find myself
staring at the entrance of a history classroom,
there are plenty of people entering it and
they all seem pretty friendly which interests
me to go in with them and i do, wondering
when was the last time i had a history class
but then again i can't remember the last time
i had different classes from the ones i'm taking
/my gaze shifts from seat to seat and i don't
like any of them as much as i like the comfy
one behind the desk, so i choose that one,
not stopping to wonder if the professor would
mind and once i place my bookbag on the
ground next to my feet, i glance up at you,
watching as you talk with such knowledge
about the material, but as well how distracted
you seem to be for a professor and it makes
me quite uncomfortable, getting a feeling
that you might sense my presence and if
you do, that i might get in trouble for getting
into a class of which i'm not supposed to.
taemin 5 years ago
@junmyeon /watches you clean up the flower pot and flinches, realizing i was the one that broke it in my tantrum
I suppose I'm being unreasonable.
/admits and ruffles my hair, angry with how i'm acting
/gives the desk nearby a kick, my troublemaker demeanor showing up again
I don't know why the hell i'm like this.
You insulted me after all.
/gives you a quick glare
You're right, I shouldn't be so nice to you.
I guess I was just shocked.
junmyeon 5 years ago
@taemin /sets the furniture straight in his room and begins cleaning up the mess of a shattered flower post that used to sit at the edge of his desk; doesnt lament its loss but simply throws away the shards/
/can hear taemin clearly and falters in his step - the leviathan pauses and sizes up taemin; the words are just unexpected coming from the gumiho/
I am headmaster. I've prove myself capable thus far and regardless of this outbreak, I will be here... you have no reason to fear.
/junmyeon is puzzled by this creature who hated his class and suddenly gives a different message all together/
Why are you like... this? Fluid? Changing? I almost killed you and you act like I just saved you and your mother.
taemin 5 years ago
@junmyeon because...
/struggles to find the right words, obviously fighting with myself about what to say
/lets out a long sigh of resignation, realizing there is no going back
/hangs my head; ashamed of what I am about to say
/murmurs, barely audible for your ears
because I like you.
I don't want you fired.
/peeks up at you through my bangs, not sure what to anticipate for your reaction
/half expecting you to laugh it off
junmyeon 5 years ago
@taemin /stretches his arms over his head like he had just woken from a nap or was nonchalantly loosening up; junmyeon glances furtively at taemin, not disgusted by his presence but sure as hell confused/
. . . why?
/a little cold but he isn't sure what taemin could gain from that; the mutt has nothing to do with him and clearly expresses desires of leaving; junmyeon busies himself in manual labor - primarily realigning the desks and then using the water once more to turn his desk over; the papers could be sorted later/
why make such a promise? what's in it for you?
taemin 5 years ago
@junmyeon /watches you with eager eyes, jolting at the first crack of a bone settling into place
/calms myself down again
/finds myself crouching again, much like a dog who's waiting for the next command
well, you've done a good job since this has never been mentioned before.
/hesitates and takes breath
I won't tell anyone.
/suddenly promises, suddenly an eager to please pup
junmyeon 5 years ago
@taemin /moves to push himself off the floor; twists his head, pushing whatever was out of place back into their appropriate places with a chilling crack or snap; he catches a glimpse of taemin's changing expressions and mentions lightly/
I've been suppressing it for over a century. I started when I became a student and thought I got better as I became a teacher, then the headmaster.
/looking around the classroom, junmyeon - without having to raise a finger - wills the water to rise, be it from the ground, the papers, the walls, and disposes of it within a container in the corner of the room/
I try not to let it out. Thats why I focus on education. Its my suppressant.
taemin 5 years ago
@junmyeon /concern fills me now and I keep my close distance to you
/my ears lower slightly as I listen to you, my heart still beating erratically from the near death experience
/my body jerks in surprise at the cough, still on edge from what I had just experienced
I knew I had to either fight or flee, and since I saw you were struggling... I figured you needed a reality check.
/gives you a half smile briefly only to let it fade back into my expressionless face
since you've been surpressing it?
/stitches my eyebrows together in confusion
/shivers at the thought of what you would be like if you weren't surpressing it
junmyeon 5 years ago
@taemin [ ♥️♥️♥️♥️ ]

/his gaze rises from the floor, a deep navy blue this time as he calms and quells the forces of the monster within him; junmyeon is spent and exhausted and the steady rise, then fall, of his chest stood as evidence of that/
/watches the young gumiho with the same cautious gaze that taemin was giving only mere seconds ago, and flinches a little at the touch - the tender skin ches a bit but junmyeon knows it'll heal in a mater of hours; he shakes his head and coughs as he opens his mouth to speak - it takes a minute as his body repairs the damage done to it/
/clears his throat and speaks a moment later/
The leviathan nearly killed you. You hit the leviathan, not me. My body will be fine... and for the record, it was the right thing to do.
/curious as to why the gumiho is confiding in him despite the events that had just transpired and junmyeon whispers... reciprocating the sudden action and confiding in the other/
it's the first time i lost control like that since i began suppressing it.
taemin 5 years ago
@junmyeon [; u; ikr <3]

/stops as you tell me to not stop closer
/keeps my eyes trained on you and _____ my head to the side, ears perked forward still as i keep my attention on you
/finds myself moving closer to again
but you didn't kill me, right?
/reaches out to touch your cheek where i hit
i'm sorry for hitting you but i thought it would help.
/drops my hand to my hand to my side
i... don't think i've ever been so scared before.
junmyeon 5 years ago
@taemin [ "give me back my steady teacher that i've come to admire despite my brattish attitude" ♥️ ]

Don't! Don't step closer--
/finds his voice as his hands come up to rub over his features, almost tiredly; junmyeon isn't worried about the monster or about taemin now that the ordeal is done with/
/simply feels shame and disgust - its ridiculous how so soon, already, the beast within is wretching free of his hold; junmyeon doesn't have any clue what happened today or why suddenly his conscience succumbed to the leviathan/
To put it simply...
/starts in a rasp, voice returning to normal but a little rough from the inhuman roars, and the stress his human vocal cords underwent - junmyeon's hellish but not invincible/
You saw a part of me that not many live to see.
taemin 5 years ago
@junmyeon [whats cute?]

/crouches by a desk, not completely trusting yet
/watches you with wide and worried eyes
/my ears perk forward as you say my name
/a frown graces my lips
/slowly gets to my feet
What happened?
/asks despite the blatant command for me to leave
/honestly curious and worried about what just happened to you
/steps closer to now
junmyeon 5 years ago
@taemin [] dats cute

/roars once more as the monster withi comes to terms with what's happening and junmyeon keeps the er in place, driven by the need to control the disaster-to-be/
/through the eyes of the leviathan, though, junmyeon watches the swift fox plant a solid punch that sent junmyeon staggering back a step or two, and slipping back on the water as he scrambles to the surface of his consciousness, and beats the leviathan back down; the soreness doesn't bug junmyeon but reminds him that he's conscious of his human body - he still needs one more shake to get return the devil within to it's submissive state/
/junmyeon writhes but against all odds- the battle ends with him clutching his head in pain; this was the first truly terrifying rebound he's had in the past half century/
/his hands soon falll from his pounding head and he's limp against the back wall of the classroom/
... Taemin, go.
taemin 5 years ago
@junmyeon /my eyes widen in horror at the sight of your face
/stumbles back, a small cry of terror falling form my lips
/frozen in fear as the water goes to take me own
/finds my instinct kicking in, telling me to fight against the threat
/finds my feet carrying me forward and lands a solid punch on your jaw, praying that it will snap you out of it and give me back my steady teacher that i've come to admire despite my brattish attitude
junmyeon 5 years ago
@taemin /turns, revealing the horrendous expression- his aquamarine eyes spilling tears, his human form's reaction to the anxiety caused from the split persona and lips curled up in a menacing grin, nearly inhuman: junmyeon's sane half kicks and fights for dominance but the monster within still has most of the control/
/an arm raises with the malintent of getting a hold on taemin via a water like whip but junmyeon catches the leviathan fast enough that the water falter's; junmyeon's in a dead lock with the bemeoth inside - he fights it off but the strain is clear on Junmyeon's body as veins appear/
/one eye flickers from blue to brown but the monster roars-- he looks for control and forgets about taemin in the moment/
taemin 5 years ago
@junmyeon Only because I want to get away from you.
/a shiver runs down my spine, the hairs standing up on the back of my neck at the sound of your voice
/my animal instincts are screaming at me to run and i take a step back
/lifts my nose into the air, taking a cautious sniff and letting out a quiet whine at the change in your scent, hinting at the change in you
/takes another step back
I'm no one's pet and I'll be no one's pet any time soon either.
/my hands form into claws, ready to fight or flee at any moment
/my own power starts to resonate, ready to transform into my more powerful and faster fox form
junmyeon 5 years ago
@taemin Oh, so you'd like to fail? That can be arranged too.
/muses and his.voice sounds a little eerie, a little distorted - as though his voice was resonating from under the water; a metallic taste filling his mouth as junmyeon tries to bite his tongue/
/he remains with his back to taemin - junmyeon, while in conflict with his monster, is losing this battle, and the conflict plays clearly across his features where tears accummulate around his eyes but the wicked smile is clear across his lips/
I could make you pass quite easily, little Gumiho. Your family has a history of being pretty pets, obedient and all.
/at this point, junmyeon's eyes glow an aquamarine - a color that screams demonic; he's not in his right self/
taemin 5 years ago
@junmyeon /keeps my eyes on you the whole time, no longer trusting
Why do you think I need help?
I don't need anyone's help.
/crosses his hands, still defiant
/glances down your hands and then up at you
How can you make me pass?
What if I don't want to pass.
I honestly don't give a _____ at this point.
/my lip hitches up in a silent snarl again, warning you to keep away from me
junmyeon 5 years ago
@taemin /stands straight, moving his weight from the desk before it's kicked over; he is intrigued by the feisty creature and begins to walk down the row of desks, back to Taemin/
It's not my business no, but let's not get heated and focus at the matter ar hand. I'm extending help.
/his words are tainted with a slight rasp and a hint of a smirk; it takes junmyeon a moment to realize he's not totally in control of himself but he junvenile is having too much fun-- he needs to stop soon and he's suddenly thrown into conflict/
/part of him wants to warn taemin but a majority of junmyeon shushes that urge; he slips his hands into his pockets - he wears human clothes, tailored to fit perfectly over his seemingly delicate human form/
I can make you pass.
junmyeon 5 years ago
@namjoon [] FINALLY. TT TT < 3 that was a fail PMSL.

/watches the class slowly file in after the first bell rings - within the three minutes between bells, junmyeon sees all sorts of interactions between the ghouls and a collective dislike for history; can't blame them because he found it too cut and dry too, once upon a time/
/sits at his seat waiting for the stragglers to come in but not just them - there's a third entity outside of the students and junmyeon; it's presence tickles the periphery of Junmyeon's senses/
/waits patiently and he watches the class settle, slowly the chatter calms to a stray whisper here and there; junmyeon starts roll call and marks down the attendance before diving into the new material - all the while, junmyeon is keeping an eye out for the third presence, intrigued/
[post deleted by owner]
taemin 5 years ago
@junmyeon If getting expelled means getting away from you then I really have no complaints.
/says in a low growl, his eyes staring down his teacher
/doesn't like one bit how i'm being treated
So what if I'm taking liberties? It's none of your business. You're not my mother and if you're no man then I have no reason to listen to you.
/gives a kick to the desk, tipping it over as if to make a point
/doesn't even care about the punishment now
junmyeon 5 years ago
@taemin It's what you didn't do. Get your grades up and you won't have to be expelled.
/comments quite casually and shrugs at the gumiho's comment; for the most part, junmyeon's unfazed - sure, he's instigating the foxy figure, but what junmyeon doesn't know is that his monster is pushing the envelope/
I recall hearing that you enjoy taking certain liberties when your mother isn't around. Frankly, I'm not here to fight. And if you believed in such an ultimatum, you would throw the first punch to show that you're stronger. I'm no man.
/naturally has conflict with creatures of the land and his eyes narrow slightly as he sizes up taemin; he is ready in the case the gumiho does throw a punch - they could prove a bit painful/
taemin 5 years ago
@junmyeon /my lip curls up in a silent snarl
/slams my hand on the desk
You don't know anything about us then if you think all we do is _____ everything in sight. What gives you the damn right to talk _____ about us?
/you seem to of struck a cord as anger flashes in my arm
/tears the paper in half
What was that you called me?
I don't know what I did to have you start throwing shade at me but if you want to fight then be a man and throw the first punch.
junmyeon 5 years ago
@taemin Gumiho's are one and all alike; I've seen so many of your kind.
/comments offhandedly as he turns to rifle through papers before picking up the note - a little wet from when junmyeon furtively took it from the ground as the students filed out, but he simply draws the water from the paper and holds the paper out to taemin/
A bunch of hormonal pests, if you ask. This is just one piece of proof... Unless you have something in your defense?
/with a flick of his wrist junmyeon discards the paper by flinging it at taemin and crossing his arms once more; his lips curl downward a little more as he adds under his breath/
Sooner or later you'll be back with mommy if you can't keep your grades up. No more taking the liberty of your freedom, mutt.
taemin 5 years ago
@junmyeon /with untrusting eyes, i watched your every move carefully
/knows there is a reason that you called me up and is tense to find out just what i am in trouble for; enough to apparently need to lock the door (which i could tell by the prominent click through my sensitive ears)
/watches your water drop to the floor before turning my eyes to you/
/leans up against the desk and I prominent frown graces my plump lips
My family's reputation? I did not know there is one to begin with.
/says rather challengingly
I thought I already made it obvious though that I do not give a _____ about this school. I could be doing better things.
junmyeon 5 years ago
@taemin /frankly, a tad bit amused at how frustrated the student seems but he brought it upon himself, junmyeon was convinced as he stands and leans against his desk - arms cross across his chest as he regard Taemin with a stern look/
/looked down upon and not liking it at all - the amusement dries and junmyeon manipulates the water he had used to play out the scene from early to form an extension of his arm; the tendril of water unfurls and closes the door - his control on the water is fine enough that he is able to lock the door by molding the water to the keyhole/
/lets the water drop, and become a puddle against the linoleum floor, and junmyeon finally regards the student with a blank, near-uninterested expression/
Your grades are dropping more than they were before. Either you don't care or your living up to your family's reputation.
taemin 5 years ago
@junmyeon /finds myself bored with yet another lecture of monster history
/doodles on my notebook of rather graphic scenes, not paying attention at all to the lecture
/had thrown a piece of paper across the room at the kid that was sleeping, snickering under my breath as he nearly falls out in surprise
/my attention snaps to the front, grinning at the fact that we were getting out early... until you announce my name
/my mouth forms into a frown and i draw out a sigh, letting you know just how frustrated I am
/picks up my bag and walks up to the front where you are
What is it?
/asks rather disrespectfully as I look (down) at you

[it's alright, still good <3]


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