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bambam 6 years ago
@jongin ~
*as I see your face fill with a look of guilt, I
quickly hide my hand behind my back, now feeling
bad for making you worry about me* A-Ani, it
doesn't really hurt. I've had worse so it's really
nothing... *lets out a small nervous laugh, only
forcing a small smile, not wanting to worry you*
*blinks at you as you apologize, causing me to
quickly shake my head* I-It's fine. I'm sure I
could take care of this in no time. *nods firmly
to myself as I raise my hand, eyes scanning over
the burn stretching across the skin; my attention
averts from my hand to you when you speak again,
and I shake my head, answering your question*
I don't know them... They probably just needed
someone to bully and chose me. It's fine though.
But if you didn't come, I probably would have
burst... *laughs sheepishly, rubbing the back of
my neck, but instead I can only think of how many
people I might ever injure if I were ever to burst
again, the old memories worrying me*
jongin [A] 6 years ago
@bambam -
/he stands there, looking down at you as you
seem to be quite concentrated in looking at your
now burned hand, a long sigh leaving plush lips
as part of himself starts feeling bad for hurting
you without really wanting to./ i know, it must
hurt, hm? /he lifts a hand up to push a few strands
of hair out of his eyes, looking elsewhere for a
moment before putting all of his attention back on
you after a moment./ i'm sorry- /his words are barely
audible as he speaks, yet he's sincere as he says
them and he nods once, as if wanting to approve of
what he's said to make sure you do believe him./ who
were these guys anyways, do you know them? /his brows
furrow in the middle of his forehead, once again as
he awaits your answer, not sure how he should be
reacting to what he saw since he's quite protective
over you and seeing other monsters wanting to bully
you like earlier is something that pisses him off and
he never really knows how to deal with it./
kyungsoo 6 years ago
@wonho are you stressed out, hyung?
/ tries to turn his head to face you, eyebrows knitted with worry even though you apologized for my worrying ; purrs as your lips come into contact with his ears, the ears twitching slightly as a sign of acceptance.
don't disappear on me like that, okay? i didn't know where you went..
/ turns around in your lap and coos softly, his tail curling in random circles ; pulls his tail to your neck and rubs the soft fur against your flesh, tilting his head.
did something bad happen? usually you aren't so down...
kyungsoo 6 years ago
@wonho / bites his lip in worry, not having seen you around the school the whole day ; clenches his tail in his hands out of worry and wanders up to the roof to get some air before going to look for you again.
hyung where are you...
/ sighs and pushes the heavy door with his body to the best of his ability, looking around at the scenery until his eyes fall upon your figure.
/ rushes over and takes your arm in his own, eyebrows furrowed together, showing his worry for you.
hyung i was so worried, i couldn't find you anywhere!
bambam 6 years ago
@jongin *as the bell rings, I quickly pack my things, wanting to
head to the rooftop for a breather, getting away from
the stressful thoughts of studying, tests, and whatnot*
*making my way up the stairs, nearing the rooftop, my
backpack comfortingly slung around my shoulder, I'm
clueless, not realizing that a group of a couple other
students are following me; I only sigh and continue to
make my way to the rooftop*
*once I open the door, I smile as I see the sun shining
brightly, the wind not too strong, but my happiness
and carefree self only lasts for so long, as the group
of bullies behind me shoves me forward a bit, and that
was when I realized that they were following me the whole
time; as they start to tease me and whatnot, I only bear
with it, clenching my teeth as I try not to snap, not
really in the mood to let anyone know of my second side
since I barely transferred into the school*
*I see you in the corner of my eye, averting my attention
to you, seeing that you noticed me surrounded by the small
group of bullies; blinks in surprise as you walked closer,
your flames causing the group of bullies to run off in
*smiles a bit as you drove them away, but I can only widen
my eyes as your flames moved closer to me, me not being
quick enough to move away; raises my hand and looks at it,
hissing a bit as a small burn was left on my hand and no
where else on my body*
*looks up at you, blinking in surprise, the fact that you
burned me leaving me a bit speechless* J-Jonginnie Hyung...
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jongin [A] 6 years ago
@bambam -
/tired of wandering in the hallways filled with
other monsters he dislikes, jongin decides that going
to the rooftop might be a good idea since he can feel
his skin burning, knowing he's probably going to burst
into flames at any moment now, and since he can't quite
control his actions, he thinks it's better to just go
somewhere alone rather than hurt others and then have
to help them heal even though he can't really do much
when these things happen since he'd only make everything
worse by touching them; he sighs quietly at that thought
and pushes the rooftop door open to walk out, the fresh
air soon brushing against his sun-kissed skin as he then
hears some unfamiliar voices coming from the side./ ah,
great- of course, i couldn't be alone here either. /he
sighs and makes his way towards the voices, only to see
you surrounded by taller males, making his brows furrow
together as he glances at every single one of them, his
skin turning red for a moment before he can clench his
jaw, knowing the flames are about to come out and as
soon as they do- he takes a few steps closer to the bullies
and find them running off, as if they're all scared of
being burned, which makes him scoffs to himself./ losers-
/his attention is brought back to you as he lowers his
gaze, noticing a few of his flames moving close enough
to your body, which might cause you some pain as he almost
instantly takes a step backwards, trying to calm down to
make the fire disappear./
taemin 6 years ago
@chanyeol i figured lmao
chanyeol [A] 6 years ago
@taemin LOL boo-top = rooftop o v o
taemin 6 years ago
@chanyeol i'm not quite sure.
[post deleted by owner]
chanyeol [A] 6 years ago
@taemin you still need what?
taemin 6 years ago
@chanyeol i still need it though--
chanyeol [A] 6 years ago
@taemin lolololol <3


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