MFS // Season 4 + Updates


Hello everyone and welcome back to one of our announcements from your favorite place, MFS. We are back with another broadcast  so please join us as we are excited to announce the Season 4 couples! But first, there are a couple of updates that we would like to bring forth to you:

We have tweaked the rules a little bit - The character limit has been changed! It is now limitless, just upvote for the second, blogpost for the third, and wait a week after every character gained to get another, for those of you who are like me and have endless muses. 
The other rule that has changed, is upon joining the rp everyone has 3 days to get 25 posts in and after that please have 20 posts added a week. That  is the best way we can keep this place thriving, and also make sure that we don't have people that are trying to hog face claims. It's not so much that you have to be in the chatroom constantly, but allows you to rp with people and make some friends. 
I also seen some people ask about the houses and if you are staying in them, the houses are for you to keep if you stay together as a couple. You are welcome to change them to any house you like if you don't like the one you are given to stay in for the show. Just let one of us admins know - and please provide pictures if you want us to change them to the one you want! 

Season 2 is coming to an end this weekend and on friday the participants will be getting a pm from Jia asking if you would like to stay with your partner and a little question of how you thought of the show. You don't have to answer them right away, but I will need a reply back by Saturday night(or early sunday morning) if you want a chance of being the featured couple. 

Season 3 is going to be coming home Sunday night and Season 4 will be going on their honeymoons. 

To see who has been paired in Season 4 please go to the show tab under S4 Couples. If you are part of the new batch, feel free to tag your partner and let your journey begin! 

If you do not get a response in 48 hours, please let us admins know. If you choose to be paired again, we will try our best to pair you in the next season, and if you don't want to lose your partner - at least try to respond once a day, because if they decide to be re-paired then we will work with them! 

Please comment below that you have read the announcement! 

- Jia


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