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⁰⁴ youngdae k. 6 months ago
@⁰¹ renjun h. i don't know who lied to him, but youngdae seemed to think he was funny. drugs are like totally not allowed on campus. they're not even legal in the country. and yet... somehow youngdae was able to get his hands on cannabis infused oil and asked a friend to use it to bake brownies with. :) in a pot. :) just so he could put it in the dorm lounge and say he had pot brownies. :)

after placing these pot pot brownies in the lounge, he did himself the service of announcing it to whoever was at the dorm right now. "BROWNIES IN THE LOUNGE," he shouted on every floor, making sure that at least somebody would come out to eat some brownies with him. it was the dorms, though, so like, yeah people were gonna come down to grab a brownie or two.

once he had a few people gathered in the lounge, youngdae went ahead and took half a serving of a brownie. yeah, sure he liked to get high but :) brownies were a different league from smoking and he was not taking the risk of seeing god again.
⁰² ungjae n. (h) 7 months ago
@⁰² hyunjin h. Hearing the faint whispers from others, Ungjae looked around in confusion as he wasn't quite able to make out what they were saying. Was there something everyone else knew that he didn't it? It made sense, seeing as Ungjae wasn't exactly the type to sit around and listen to or be apart of gossip and rumors. He was very out of the loop when it came to things such as that, as a lot of it was either not true or completely exaggerated and blown out of proportion. He also didn't like to take the word of random people, but actually wanted to speak the actual person themselves as people will often lie for entertainment. Turning his attention back to Hyunjin, Ungjae tilted his head in confusion to what he was saying. "Hyungjin, what are you talking about? What do you mean you're not like other students?" Ungjae asked, his head still tilted, eyes locked onto Hyunjin. He was right, he wasn't like other students, he didn't appear to be the type to get caught up in pointless drama and gossip. From what Ungjae had seen and experienced, Hyunjin was very kind, friendly, and down to earth. Though, Ungjae was fairly certain that Hyunjin wasn't referring to this when said that. Noticing someone intentially bump into Hyunjin when passing by and then giving a sarcastic "Sorry", Ungjae started to put some things together. "So, I'm guessing that there is some rumor or something going around then." He said as more of a question than a statement.

He wasn't quite sure what this supposed rumor or gossip could be about, especially when it came to someone like Hyunjin. From what Hyunjin had told him and what he had seen, he didn't talk to very many people anyway, so what exactly would people have to discuss? Then again, Ungjae had to remember that college wasn't all that different from high school, and was sort of an extension where people had more freedom than they did back then. "Of course, I wouldn't be sitting here and talking to you if it were the opposite." He said before quickly remembering that people do often pretend to be friends with people just so they can humiliate and torment them behind their back or at a later time. Ungjae would just have to try and find a way to try and prove otherwise to Hyunjin, though he wasn't quite sure how to do that and it would likely be a bit challenging. "You're welcome, and you may be waiting quite a few years for that." Ungjae replied in a half serious half joking manner. "I have nearly finished something pretty small and basic, so maybe I could show that to you when it's done." He added on, returning the smile.
⁰² hyunjin h. 7 months ago
@⁰² ungjae n. ontinuing to look down at his lap, Hyunjin could still feel the glares of others as he heard their whispers. “...isn’t he from that Hwang family?...” “..I bet he pushes everyone and makes them do things for him...” They were things that Hyunjin has heard before, but every time he heard it, it always made him feel so small and just want to run away from the world. “I’m not like other students, Ungjae....” Glancing up at Ungjae to see if he really meant those words of his, the smaller continued to bit his lower lip and nodded, slowly turning to his laptop, reopening the tabs as well as some new ones where rumors have started to come upon him, calling him the ‘The Hwang ’. “It’s alright if you do....I-I wouldn’t have a grudge on you....but just know I’m nothing like my family like how others s-see me as...” He would mumble before feeling a student’s hand push his shoulder slightly as they walked by, saying sorry over their shoulder before laughing with their friends.

“R-Really?....I’m still trying to find my way away and don’t know that many people yet....b-but thank you for being so nice to me...and for talking to me, Ungjae.” Hyunjin would say in a soft voice, taking a few glances at the other. The male before him was different unlike others, it was odd that Hyunjin would even be this close to someone and them not making fun of him or pulling their drink on him. But Ungjae didn’t do that, he seemed more kind-hearted and wanted to be friends with Hyunjin. ‘I don’t think he would use me.....but would he?...’ The smaller thought to himself, feeling his walls be up as he guarded himself, not wanting to be hurt even more than he already was. His smile widened a bit as he nodded at the other’s words but would pout softly at his last few words about his work. “Thank you, Ungjae~.....but even if it isn’t completely finished...I would love to see it whenever you are ready to show it. I’ll always be here waiting, so you can count on me to be there and look.” He would say, giving the other a reassuring eyesmile.
⁰² ungjae n. (h) 7 months ago
@⁰² hyunjin h. Ungjae squinted a bit, his head tilting slightly in confusion. He wasn't exactly sure what Hyunjin was referring to, and now he felt the strong need to find out. "What do you mean?" Ungjae asked, a strong sound of confusion and concern in his voice. "Why would others start to look at me funny?" He added on. At this point, it was obvious Hyunjin was hiding and not specifically saying something. Ungjae hadn't wanted to pry too much, but it was starting seem more like Hyunjin wanted him to know or find out. Otherwise, he wouldn't have mentioned anything, right? "I know we don't exactly know each other too well yet, but if there's something you want to tell me, you can. I'm not the type to just run away or abandon people after a confession or anything like that. But, I also understand if you don't want to since we don't necessarily have that level of trust established yet." He said, arms crossing.

"Well, that's nice to hear. I can't say I've seen or met too many people who do the same, so you're a rare type of person. I mean that in a good way of course." While the two hadn't known each other for very long, Ungjae felt that everything about Hyunjin seemed genuine. As Hyunjin continued to speak, Ungjae gave a few small nods. "Yeah, I guess that's true, I've never really though much about it, at least not like that anyway." As friendly as Hyunjin seemed to be, Ungjae was pretty surprised by the fact that he seemed to be alone a lot of the time, it didn't make much sense to him. But then again, people are often drawn towards others who are extremely extroverted, so that likely attests to a lot of it. "Of course, no problem. And I'm sure with how amazing your pictures look, you'll definitely be able to do it professionally." He responded, deciding not to comment on the last bit about his family's support. "Oh uh, I'm aiming for Web Development, which is essentially just making websites. Though, I'm still a ways away from making anything too amazing or fully functional. I'd show you some things i've made, but I'm not the proudest of them and definitely don't think they're worth showing anyone." Ungjae stated, feeling a bit of embarrassment at the thought of showing anyone the dismal state of his coding.
⁰² hyunjin h. 7 months ago
@⁰² ungjae n. “I’m positive~“ Hyunjin would say with a soft smile, wanting to reassure the other before blinking as he listened to his next few words. It kind of got him by surprise, but made him bite his tongue, as he glanced around them, before seeing some students come into the lounge. They would look around before walking by where Ungjae and Hyunjin sat, glaring towards Hyunjin, making him look down at his lap quickly to avoid their glares, moving to bit his bottom lip instead as he quietly spoke. “N-Not really.....but I’m sorry if other students will....start doing....or look at you funny....I don’t usually hang out with many people...due to personal reasons....so if don’t want to sit with me....it’s alright, Ungjae.” He would say in his more softer voice, not wanting the other to feel like he had to be there. He knew that he let it slip a bit but not everything to the other, still having his guard up in case Ungjae would be someone to use him for his own personal gain. Hyunjin had been hurt before with people wanting to associate with him for money or for the popularity. Women would throw themselves at him, when he was secretly into males, something his parents looked down upon.

Blinking at the Ungjae’s next few words, he would glance up at the other, seeing the shocking face on him, making Hyunjin look back down again. “I like considering everyone I meet on campus my friends....especially when I want to meet those here, rather than at home with my family’s parties.....even if I don’t talk as much or if I’m shy to approach someone, that’ll make them happy...right?” Hyunjin would ask, looking over at Ungjae. Happiness. Something that Hyunjin wanted to provide for everyone that he met or came across to. It was something where he was the most opposite of his family with, but whenever his family made the news, many people associated him being just like them, so they wouldn’t be able to witness Hyunjin’s true side. He couldn’t help but to smile warmly to himself as he showed the photos to Ungjae, before biting his lower lip at the video, quickly turning off the camera, hoping Ungjae didn’t see his silliness, letting his camera rest on his lap. “Thank you, Ungjae~....and I’ve been doing photography for years now, I think.....especially before coming here to the university. But I do, one day~....especially if it comes down to without my family’s support.” Hyunjin would say before mumbling the last few words as he looked back down at his laptop before shaking his head lightly. “W-What kind of coding do you like to do, Ungjae?” He would say, wanting to make sure that he wasn’t the only one talking, as well as wanting to listen to the other speak too.
⁰² ungjae n. (h) 7 months ago
@⁰² hyunjin h. Ungjae felt a small wave of relief upon hearing Hyunjin verbally confirm that he wasn’t bothering him. “Are you sure?” He asked, wanting to make sure the other wasn’t just saying that because he felt obligated to. It seemed as if Hyunjin wanted to say something else, but then decided against it at the last moment. “Is there….” Ungjae began to say before quickly cutting himself off. He’d contemplated asking him if there was something else he wanted to tell him, but quickly came to the conclusion that he shouldn’t try to pry or be too invasive with someone he didn’t really know yet. Maybe Hyunjin would tell him later down the line if the two really did happen to become friends. Besides, if there was really something else Hyungjin wanted to tell, he most likely would have said it. Still, Ungjae couldn’t stop himself from wondering if there was something more.

It was somewhat surprising to him that Hyungjin had more than a general idea of who he was, considering that he tended to be on the more introverted side and stayed in his own little bubble. “Oh, so, you consider me a friend now?” Ungjae asked, a bit of shock in his voice. Looking down at the camera along with Hyunjin, nodding when hearing him speak again. Watching as the images shuttered by, Ungjae looked on in amazement. He’d never really been one to be too interested in or care much for photography, but seeing the images Hyunjin had taken, he’d suddenly gained a newfound respect for it. "Wow, these are really amazing." He said aloud, still mesmerized by what he was seeing. "I can definitely see why people would pay you take to pictures of them. How long have you been doing photography? I assume you're planning on become a photographer, right?" Ungjae asked, kicking himself mentally right after, seeing as how the last question was fairly obvious.
⁰² hyunjin h. 7 months ago

@⁰² ungjae n. Hyunjin was a bit observant, mainly due to having been told to whenever his parents hosted parties at their home, making their son interact so they could gain connections and that people knew him. Even when he would go out to the garden or the balcony to get some alone time, he would be dragged back inside by his parents or bratty sister. Whenever he would be in classes, he was aware of certain classmates, but didn’t really interact as much, mainly due to being shy and seeing most of them interacting in the more bigger crowds. Hyunjin noticed that Ungjae on his laptop when they were in class from time to time, looking frustrated, and glaring at his screen. He wasn’t too sure what it could of been, coding maybe?...but he kept to himself, even though he did want to help. He wasn’t a stalker or a creep, it was Hyunjin’s true self, wanting to be there for everyone, and to listen whenever they needed a shoulder or an ear. There were even times where Hyunjin tried to give money to the homeless when him and his family would visit places in the city, but they would scold him, taking the money back from the homeless as if it were nothing. Blinking up at Ungjae, he listened to his words before shaking his head quickly, giving him a soft reassuring smile. “No no~....stay~...I don’t mind at all.” He would let out a small sigh before humming to himself, debating whether or not he should tell him why he was sitting all alone, especially what happened before he got here, with the questioning of other students and glares. But he decided against it, thinking it would be best for another time, as the two just met in person and with Hyunjin still having his walls up a bit.

Seeing Ungjae flash a toothy grin, made Hyunjin feel very happy, glad that he was able to make someone around the school smile like that and that he got his answer correctly. He would nod at Ungjae’s words, smiling softly at him, “Well....what kind of friend would I be if I forgot~?..” Hyunjin would say, with a bit of a teasing tone before looking down at his camera as what kinds of photos did he take were mentioned. “Oh!...I prefer taking photos of the outdoors...or anything really~....mainly anything that catches my eye." He would say before taking off the camera around his neck, turning on his camera, clicking the photo button, and showing his camera screen to Ungjae. But what he forgot that there was a short video of him in it, as he was testing out if the recording part of his camera worked. "I take some for fun, or for my photography class or the club....a-and I've been making money by taking photos for the students around here or for whoever would like for me to take some photos."

Some of the photos that Hyunjin took:




⁰² ungjae n. (h) 7 months ago
@⁰² hyunjin h. Ungjae recalled seeing him in class occasionally, he never really seemed to talk to others or be very social. At least from what Ungjae could remember seeing. But then again, Ungjae wasn't exactly the most observant in class, often tuning everyone else out. Hearing Hyunjin say that he was about to being working on some assignments, Ungjae wondered if he should leave him alone. "I see, did you want me to leave and let you continue to work or...?" He asked, feeling a bit guilty about preventing him from doing his assignments. Then again, he always could've told Ungjae to go away, that he was busy, or just flat out ignored him when sat nearby and spoke. His brows furrowed a bit as he noticed Hyunjin biting his lower lip as if he were trying to hold something in and it made Ungjae wonder if he really was bothering him.

Ungjae brushed the thought away from his mind and continued to listen to Hyunjin speak. He was glad he had remembered everything correctly, it would've been a bit embarrassing if he had messed up somewhere. Nodding a few times and Hyunjin continued to speak, Ungjae flashed a toothy grin, eyes lighting up as he correctly remembered the things he'd said. "Yep, that's right, you also remembered correctly." He responded. "It is definitely interesting, to say the least. " He added on. Averting his eyes, Ungjae momentarily tried to come up with something else to say to keep their conversation going. "So, what do you typically take pictures of?"
⁰² hyunjin h. 7 months ago
@⁰² ungjae n. Hearing the other laugh a bit at how jumpy his reaction was as he came over, Hyunjin let his face turn down, to hide his slightly flushing face, wanting to just hide his embarrassment as he shook his head slightly. “N-No worries~...” He would say before blinking, slowly up at the male, running his hand through his hair to get it out of his face before speaking softly. “Well~...we do have a class together, so I see you from time to time..and I remembered your name after hearing it in the class as well as the texting. But yes, I’m Hyunjin...it’s nice to finally meet you in person.” He would reply, letting out a small giggle and offered a small, gentle smile towards the other. Looking back at his laptop screen, he would shake his head lightly, keeping his eyes on it as let out a hum. “Mm no~...you weren’t interrupting or anything~....I was just about to work on some assignments, that’s all.” Hyunjin would say, telling the truth but not the whole truth, as he was a bit afraid if he showed Ungjae the articles he was looking into about himself and family, that it would scare a potential person that he could talk to. It made Hyunjin bite his lower lip as he wasn’t the best at holding secrets or lying, making him let his hair fall a bit to cover himself.

Blinking away at his overthinking thoughts, he would look over at Ungjae, this time it was his turn to feel surprised because of him remembering what Hyunjin had said in the text group chat. “O-Oh!...yeah~“ He would say, his hands going to his camera, holding it with both hands as he nodded. “And yes~...those two too~....now it’s my turn to be surprised that you remembered.” He would say, in a bit more of a teasing tone, before he continued to speak with a soft smile. “Let’s see if I remember too....” Hyunjin would say, looking over at the male, his flush slowly disappearing before he spoke again. “hmmm....I remember you said you were in the coding club~....which is very interesting. But also...” He would make a small thinking face before continuing, tapping his chin lightly, hoping he remembered too. “....the...soccer and volleyball team~....am I right?”
⁰² ungjae n. (h) 7 months ago
@⁰² hyunjin h. Noticing the other jump slightly, and his face reddened a bit, Ungjae let out a soft laugh. "Sorry, I didn't mean to startle you." He said, nodding his head in response to the question he was asked. "Yeah, that's me, I'm surprised you could put it together that quickly. So, that means your Hyunjin, right?" Ungjae asked, head tilted slightly. Glancing over to the others laptop, he felt a twinge of curiosity as to what the other had been doing on it. It also occurred to him that he may have been interrupting him as was working, hopefully that wasn't the case or it wasn't something too important at the very least. "Oh, I hope I wasn't interrupting something important that you were doing. Was I?"

Ungjae hadn't really taken into consideration that maybe the male was busy and didn't really want to be bothered. After all, he wouldn't be too happy himself if he was deep into his work and/or trying to avoid distractions and someone came over and interrupted him. Then again, they were in the dorm lounge, a place where people often hung out. People usually went to the library, or their actual dorm if they wanted complete peace and quiet with no distractions, right? Hyunjin, hadn't ignored him or told him to go away, so surely he didn't mind being spoken to. "So, I remember you saying you were in the photography club." Ungjae said, looking at the camera around his neck. "As well as the lgbtq club and swim team?" Ungjae added on as more of a question, hoping that he had remembered correctly.

() Thanks, that's nice to hear, haha.
⁰² hyunjin h. 7 months ago
@⁰² ungjae n. () Thank you~ Aww~ you don't have to apologize~ I think it's perfect ^^
⁰² hyunjin h. 7 months ago
@⁰² ungjae n. After a few seconds went by, Hyunjin would open his laptop, debating on which classes he should focus on with assignments. But he couldn't help but to give in to temptation, looking at the news about what his family had said or done recently. He wasn't aware that someone from one of his classes had an eye on him from across the lounge as he was focused on getting away from being the center of attention that others had caused him. As much as his family was high, well-known and wealthy, he didn't really want to be the center of attention. He did want friends or at least one person to hang out with and that he would be able to talk to, but preferred sneaking off to the balcony or somewhere, where there would be peace and quiet, away from the commotion. There were times where he would want to talk to others and make friends with them, but would hesitate, unsure if they'd want someone like him in their circle.

As of right now, Hyunjin wasn't in any particular friend group, not that he knew of, mainly just being in the clubs and some group text messages with others. Hyunjin would come off as shy and reserved when anyone would talk to him, it was just who he was, because of being unsure if anyone would accept him, despite his background. Because of how his family was, at times, there were moments he'd feel like he didn't deserve friends, knowing that if his family ever met those he was associated with, they would judge them, whether it be speaking to Hyunjin directly about it or paying them to not hang with Hyunjin behind his back, if they saw the people not worth his time. It frustrated him a lot, if they spoke to him directly, he'd just take in their scolding, but if they tried paying the friends he tried to make, he'd get pissed and stand up for his friends. Looking through news articles about his family, seeing some pictures of himself with them, he would jump slightly in surprise, quickly closing the tabs as he looked up seeing someone take a seat at the table he was at, near him. "H-Hey." Flushing slightly in embarrassment at how quickly he closed the tabs, he would mumble, sitting up straight, before blinking, doing a double take on the male that sat by him before questioning in a soft tone, tilting his head slightly. "...Wait~....are you....Ungjae?....from one of the general classes that we have together?.....I think we're also in the same year....I remember seeing your name in the group texts....umm....2nd year?"
⁰² ungjae n. (h) 7 months ago
@⁰² hyunjin h. Staring at his laptop screen, Ungjae ran his eyes over a few lines of code before letting out a disgruntled sigh. After a few more moments of glaring at his screen, he finally decided he was done coding for the day and that it was time to move onto another subject. Pulling a textbook out from his backpack, he sat it on the table, along with a notebook next to his laptop. He spent a few minutes starting at his laptop screen again, before noticing a figure walk into the lounge out of the corner of his eye. Out of curiosity, he glanced over at the figure and saw that it was another male. Ungjae was pretty sure he'd seen him around before, he was fairly certain they'd had a class together and we're in the same year. Seeing as how he was often in his own world, he couldn't quite place exactly what class it was, but the face was definitely familiar. He wasn't sure why, but something made Ungjae want to approach him and attempt to talk to him.

Maybe, it was the fact that he looked so familiar and he wanted confirmation on them having a class together and being in the same year? Though, Ungjae wasn't usually the outgoing or extroverted type. He could and would talk to others when he needed to and would occasionally strike up a conversation with others, but he wasn't exactly apart of a friend group and spent a lot of time alone. While he did get the feeling of wanting to be a part of a group, he was also one to easily get irritated and annoyed with others and wanted to be alone a lot of the time. He could also be somewhat awkward or considered to be weird at times. This often led to him putting minimal effort into befriending others. Shrugging to himself, Ungjae gathered his things and made his way over to the other male, sitting down in a seat near him. "Hi." He said aloud, eyes focused on the other male, waiting for him to notice his presence.

() Don't worry, it's not too long and definitely not bad. I'm probably the one who should be apologizing since it's been a while and my writing is probably lacking greatly.
⁰² hyunjin h. 7 months ago
@⁰² ungjae n. After attending one of his general classes, Hyunjin headed straight to the dormitory, going into the lounge to relax and catch up on some assignments from other classes. He would let out a small sigh as he settled down with his backpack on the floor, in between his legs and taking out a notebook, some stationary and laptop on the table, as well as his camera still hanging around his neck. Ever since he had started coming here, there have been some students who have come up to him, wondering if he was "The Hwang Hyunjin", and not wanting to be impolite, he would nod before staying silent or stepping away from the situation, while they would go on, asking many questions that he just wanted to get away from or gave him glares because of how his family treated others. Before arriving here, that very thing happened in his previous class, even though he sat on the side in the back of the class. It didn't happen quite frequently during his time of attending here, which he was thankful of, but the times that it did occur, it just made him want to hide away from the world or escape.

Hyunjin knew that he could have just gone to his dorm, where he could be alone, since he didn't have a dorm mate yet, but he didn't want to be cooped up in there so here he was. Deep down, Hyunjin wanted to make friends and have some people, or someone, who he could talk to, without judging him with his background. He's still trying to be a bit social by joining a couple clubs, a sport and even reaching out to those that were in the same year as him, but he still kept to himself. He even attended the housing party but didn't really drink and stayed outside, taking pictures instead of interacting with the big crowd. So here he was, in the lounge, alone, as he glanced around, seeing others interacting with one another, making him bite his bottom lip as he looked down at his unopened laptop, craving for that kind of interaction too.

() I'm sowwie if it's too long or really bad ;-; I usually write a para but when it comes to starters I tend to write a lot but get worried that it's just bad ><


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