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⁰³ hoseok j. 6 months ago
@⁰⁴ hyejin a. Stupid. That certainly was what Jung Hoseok was. Any other person that had rolled their ankle to the point of swelling would have allowed anyone else to bring them to the clinic. Maybe it was his pride as a man that he pretended as though he weren't limping and wincing in pain, or possibly it was just due to the mere fact that he was indeed an idiot. Whatever it was, he continued to smile through the pain as he checked in at the front desk, giving all the information that they had requested, finally being taken back and given a look when he finally admitted that he sprained his ankle while practicing on his own for soccer. And as he was walked to the back for an exam, he let out a laugh. Those around him seemed to have more daunting problems than he.

"I should have just treated myself at home, huh? Not like it's a fracture, right?" He said to the young woman that he was sat with, lifting his arm as he sat down for her to take his vitals. His right leg was stretched out as if to relieve itself from its bent position, allowing his ankle to have some relief from the weight of his body. "You come here often?"


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theblueberries 2 weeks ago
⁰¹ yewon c. 2 weeks ago
⁰² doyeon k. 36 minutes ago Reply
the way i would prefer to attend saebom more than my actual uni pls

not me reminiscing about this hardcore rn
wonholic [A] 5 months ago
wonholic [A] 5 months ago
― ❝ ɴᴏᴛɪᴄᴇ❞
✦ upvote & favorite the roleplay before reserving.
┊ reservation lasts 48 hours.
✦ all years + majors welcomed!
wonholic [A] 5 months ago
― ❝ ᴘᴏᴘᴜʟᴀᴛɪᴏɴ ❞

✦ freshmen
┊females: 4
┊males: 6
┊total: 10

✦ sophomores
┊females: 5
┊males: 6
┊total: 11

✦ juniors
┊females: 2
┊males: 6
┊total: 8

✦ seniors
┊females: 3
┊males: 9
┊total: 12

― total: 41 students.
narcotic 5 months ago
aghkjfds i'm sorry, can i get chaeyoung back? forgot to hit the point req T_____T
morosis 5 months ago
Wiggles booteh
6f86d2a681200aeea6d0 5 months ago
nijiro murakami pls :smirk: BHHDJ PROMISE ILL KEEP UP
oddtheundead 5 months ago
hewwo~ may i have choi yuna added and reserved pwease?
pixels 5 months ago
hi, uh, can i get wong yukhei added pls?
LeeJunhyuck 5 months ago
Can I be reserved for Park Jisung?
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