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⁰³ dohyun l. 7 months ago
@⁰³ youngjae c. "no it's okay," he said in between weak grunts. "i got it." it was an obvious lie but he felt the need to make up for their lack of proper transportation. he had to be useful in order to be kept around, right? "and don't worry about the suit either. nothing a few safety pins can't fix!" pausing to take off the suit jacket, a heat surrounding his body after lugging the cello behind him, he paused, wondering if he had heard youngjae correctly. someone wanted to spend time with him? there had to be a catch. there had to be something the boy wanted. why would he possibly want to waste his precious time with someone like dohyun? he composed himself as best he could, blind to the other's anxieties as he was drowning in his own fluster and confusion. "i- i would love that. i don't think i'd fit in much at the formal anyways so escaping to the greenhouse was actually something i was already planning to do," he said with a soft laugh. unable to hide the stupid smile forming on his face, he picked up his pace before turning back to extend a hand out to youngjae. "c'mon. don't wanna be late!"
⁰³ youngjae c. 7 months ago
@⁰³ dohyun l. "i can carry it, you know." youngjae mentions over his shoulder, unable to hide the traces of a pitiful look across his face. "i'm just sorry that the suit isn't a perfect fit." he adds as he comes to a stop at the crosswalk, waiting on the light to change. his gaze shifts from his friend's figure to the trees providing shade over the crosswalk, catching sight of the vermillion feathers of a robin between the branches adorned with budding flowers. he watches, mien unchanging as the robin tweets a few times before flying away to a distant tree. his gaze returns to dohyun's face for a moment until the crosswalk notifies them it's safe to cross. he turns, leading the way with his hands in his suit pockets. "dohyun," he starts, kicking a pebble with the toe of his dress shoe to send it safely across the zebra patterned walkway. "if you don't have a date, after my performance could we go to the greenhouse together?" he purses his lips for a moment as anxiety festers from his stomach, anxiously twisting a stand of his hair between his digits before he continues. "i'd like to make you a flower crown."
⁰³ dohyun l. 7 months ago
@⁰³ youngjae c. "sorry," dohyun apologized with a sheepish grin for the millionth time as he struggled to carry youngjae's cello up the incline of the street. he knew he said he would the other to the formal but he was pretty sure he hadn't expected it to be like this - the two of them in suits, walking the entire way back to campus with all of youngjae's musical necessities in hand. why were cars so expensive? was it really that difficult to lower the price of things that would make living just a bit more convenient? he somehow found himself cursing the ridiculous expense of life, shaking the thought out as he stumbled over his own foot. "i'm probably the worst person to have accompany you to the dance, huh?" he let out a soft chuckle, grateful that there was at least a nice crisp breeze to keep them cool.
⁰¹ renjun h. 7 months ago
@⁰⁴ jaewon j. the basic skill of forming a coherent sentence almost seemed impossible, his lips parted to speak yet not being able to get a single word out as his thoughts bounced around his brain at a million miles an hour with no sign of slowing down any time soon.

his hand shook as they dropped down to meet jaewon's on his thighs, his breath hitching in his throat at how dangerously close they were to places that were so untouched by anyone. curling his fingers around his lager hands, he gripped them tightly pushing them against his tights firmly. he was suddenly thankful for the fact that they were tucked into the corner of the building, partially hidden away from any straying eyes, something he wasn't aware of until in this moment.

a shaking exhale parted from his lips as he squirmed in the males hold. "take me out of here, first, jaewon. get me out of here." he managed to get out, the only cohesive thought that he was able to get out in the moment. his head fell back wards as he strained his neck to look at the male in the eyes, his own dark orbs silently begging. begging to get out of this building. begging for him.

"take me out of here." he repeated, just above a whisper that he was unsure if it was heard over the music blasting around them. "...and i'm yours."
⁰⁴ seonghwa p. 7 months ago
@⁰¹ renjun h. the closeness the younger one was, the more impatient at how jaewon was when he was able to inhale the scent of the younger one and the way he was very much seeing the color of the lust growing, not just towards him but the sense of how fragile renjun was but at the same time the side of jaewon just wanted to destroy him in a good way, somehow. after the little kiss on the neck with the game began, he moved his hand that were on the thigh towards the other hand that were on the wheel as he whispered, "can i still, do anything towards you? for your consent before i continue?"

the husky voice rised towards the younger's ear at the same time with the glance of his eyes to the screen with the perfect score and being the first of the race, once the game end as he moved his hands towards both of the inner thigh from renjun and jaewon's face towards the neck of the latter. his mind were nothing but just wanted to take renjun right now
⁰¹ renjun h. 7 months ago
@⁰⁴ jaewon j. renjun struggled to find his footing as he was pulled from his seat by the other, a vocal surprise slipping from his lips at the tug on his arm. he blinked in total surprise at how he was practically man handled by the male while mentally cursing at himself for the fact that he was so easy to be pulled around like he was, yet that the same time...he liked it. he wasn't being treated like something delicate and easy to break like his family often treated him, especially his mother who he was convinced would have him wrapped in bubble wrap if she could.
the heat that was in his cheeks once before reappeared quickly, burning more intensely than the times before, the heat dragging down his neck and even into the tips of his ears, the close proximity between the two being enough to get him flustered but the warmth of the other's lips on his neck and his palm on his thigh added fuel to that flame, a flame that could cause a wild fire if not dealt with carefully. the older's warmth radiated onto him like the sun, leaving his own frame burning in a way that was almost impossible to describe. he shifted in the males lap, his slender fingers holding onto the wheel as if it were the only thing stable for his wavering head. despite watching the male play the game attentively, every single thing flew over the top of his head, his mind preoccupied on the male himself rather than what he was doing.
⁰⁴ seonghwa p. 7 months ago
@⁰¹ renjun h. seems like the distraction had successfully implanted to the younger one by looking at the far distance between both of them, just nice by the game ended with jaewon excitedly made a fist but the way he noticed renjun reaction went down, he felt bad for a moment before grabbing renjun close to him. with him standing next towards the older, he gently pushed the seat a little back so that there was a space at least for for renjun to sit on jaewon's lap.

pulling him to sit on his lap and let the younger one held onto the wheel while his legs on the pedal, patting his thigh and whisper to his ear, "let me teach you a little bit before we can actually get out of here to my house," looking down with the open neck which made jaewon unconsciously leave a kiss on it while one hand down to renjun's thigh and the other on the wheel, holding his hand while selecting the car and began the game.
⁰¹ renjun h. 7 months ago
@⁰⁴ jaewon j. he was visibly taken back by the older's conditions, his attention being pulled from the screen for a split second which would become detrimental to the fate of the game as he instantly ran into a wall. he let out a silent curse, the words that were just spoken easily flying over the top of his head as his attention was pulled back to the screen in attempt to catch back up with the male in the game. it was clear that this was one of the few games he didn't have much skill in but he would still fake it until the end. he shifted in his seat, his grip only tightening impossibly as he raced towards the finish line, shakily catching back up with the male, just missing running into different obstacles in the way by a hair, his driving shamefully shaky due to his lack of experience in the game itself and in real life.
In the short amount of time that the game ran, his defeat was expected yet was still a huge punch to his competitive heart. he let out a noise of discontent as the replay of the other's car raced passed the finishing line flashed across his screen, a pout forming on his features. "that's so lame!" he whined almost like a child as he slouched in the hard plastic like material of the seat, scrunching his nose up at the edm music blasting in his ears from the speakers built into the seat.
⁰⁴ seonghwa p. 7 months ago
@⁰¹ renjun h. the way he noticed how competitive the latter was which made this even much better, by choosing the car to the engine as well to the location of this car racing for the multi-player game, just as the game began right before jaewon could get off and whisper to renjun, "if you win I'll give you a reward, but if you lose we are going straight back to my house- i have more games than this," with the hope to distract the younger with a pats on the thigh of the younger once.

once the game began, jaewon started to speed up as if he played this on almost his daily basis and never once lose and noticing with a glance from the younger one how he too, being competitive as much as the older one was. the grip on the wheel and the hand doing manually on the gear at the side, whether if it's an actual car or the game, doing it manually with more speed excite the older one which brought him a smile on his face.
⁰¹ renjun h. 7 months ago
@⁰⁴ jaewon j. renjun never knew such small actions could have such an effect on him. the pathetically crying renjun that existed less than an hour ago was long gone and forgotten about, his eyes shined brightly under the neon and florescent lights of the surrounding games, the tears that once diluted that brightness dried up and replaced with the joy the older male had sparked inside him with the little bit of care he offered, the weight of his problems being lifted off of him with the help of jaewon.
he was admittedly competitive, it being hand sewn into his veins by his family at a young age. a person wasn't successful with the hard work that came in the form of competition after all. the competitive side often peaked through in moments like this, playing video games or placing joking and silly bets with friends. his fingers curled around the game wheel tightly, knuckles losing its color with it's tight grip and before he knew it the game had started and a switch flipped inside him, he would win this game, he was sure of it.
⁰² hyunjin h. 7 months ago
@⁰⁴ seungcheol c. Hyunjin would look over the other, smiling warmly taking in everything he saw about him and just...wanted to keep him to himself. He’d wonder why he shook his head at first, nuzzling his nose against the other’s. The younger saw how sweet, amazing, selfless, supportive, and loving Seungcheol was being with him, and that was all he wanted. He saw the older as perfection in his eyes, knowing that he had been the prince of his dreams, even if the other didn’t see it, his focus was only on his Seungie. Giggling happily during the kisses, kissing him back softly, walking side by side as they headed back to the dorms, he nodded in agreement, giving his hand a gentle squeeze. “Of course~....I don’t want to hide secrets with you....or even lie to you....or even do any hooking up....I just can’t imagine myself doing so. I want to be the best princess you’ll ever have. And yes, I know how you feel and I’m sure you know how I feel about you....I really would love to have something between us and want to just keep you all to myself, Seungie~...”
⁰⁴ seungcheol c. 7 months ago
@⁰² hyunjin h. Seungcheol shook his head a little, all too sure that he hadn't been doing enough for the smaller. Hyunjin had gone through so many hardships for him, a man who didn't deserve any of his adoration. And if Hyunjin was really going to stick around...he had to do better. Because Hyunjin deserved a prince, and Seungcheol would do anything in his power to give him one. "Of course, baby..." He promised, sealing another few kisses before finally starting to make their way to the dorms again. "This shouldn't all just be...secrets and hookups... not when you know how I feel about you."
⁰² hyunjin h. 7 months ago
@⁰⁴ seungcheol c. Letting those words slip pass his lips felt so natural to Hyunjin as he said it to the older. He never had said those words to anyone, and yet, it felt right to say it to him, as well as in public for everyone to see or hear that had passed by them. He didn’t care if the media caught him in this vulnerable moment, he was with the one he wanted and it brought out the best in him, instead of locking it away for no one to see. His eyes immediately looked into Seungcheol’s eyes as he heard him repeat his words, blushing deeply, knowing that he caught Hyunjin say those words before closing his eyes as he fell into the gentle kiss, kissing him back ever so sweetly. He couldn’t believe that he had found someone who would make his heart flutter the way it did. “R-Really?...you mean it, Seungie~?.....but you’ve already looked after me~....but I really do appreciate and love that you would do that for me.” Holding him closely, Hyunjin would nod his head lightly, smiling warmly at the other. “I will~.....i always want to stay with you, my prince.”
⁰⁴ seungcheol c. 7 months ago
@⁰² hyunjin h. My love. Two simple words that made Seungcheol melt, words that he'd never been called before. He was Hyunjin's before now, certainly: he supposed his all belonged to Hyunjin the moment he signed away their first kiss. But to hear it so plainly, here where everyone could see...it set his soul ablaze him a way he'd never dared to feel before. "My love..." His mind became blank outside of those two beautiful words, resting his forehead against Hyunjin's own before capturing his lips in a gentle kiss oncemore. This would take a lot to get used to, he thought to himself, heart never ceasing to jump out of his chest when Hyunjin was near. He wondered if it would ever be able to subdue now that Hyunjin seemed to be in it for the long haul, if ever years from now his knees would go weak with every soft word. "Let me take you on a date tomorrow, Jin... I want to look after you properly, starting now." How could he dare ask someone like this to only look at him when he still hadn't romanced him, Seungcheol chided in his head, holding the other close. "But for now... come stay with me."
⁰² hyunjin h. 7 months ago
@⁰⁴ seungcheol c. Hyunjin would watch Seungcheol pat his blushing cheeks, making him giggle to himself at the adorable moment that unfolded right in front of him. It made him wonder what went on in his mind, that made him blush like that. 'is he thinking about what just happened~?.....or about how we're showing one another that we both need and want each other?.....am I even allowed to call him my boyfriend~?.....that word....it sounds so weak~....maybe lover?.....aigoo~....' With his own thoughts swarming in his mind, Hyunjin couldn't help but to blush deeply, himself. He had felt so much for the male before him, he would want to do anything for him, as long as he was by his side, being able to show his support and affection towards the other, then he didn't mind being anything that the male wanted him to be.

Smiling widely as he felt the other press his nose against his cheek, he couldn't help but to melt with Seungcheol, wrapping his arms around his arms around his neck as he mumbled. "Again~...you're telling me, you make my mind go blank and just think of you all the time.." The younger hadn't felt this much happiness with someone before and Seungcheol was just special to him, changing up his quiet ways, only wanting to show his warmth that he had been saving up for someone special like the poet. 'he's mine~....' Hyunjin could only think before he held the other closely, nodding his head lightly as he pecked the male's cheek. "And I'm all yours too, Seungcheol~...I'll always want you...no matter what....and as long as you want me, I'm here for you too.....and I would love that, my love..."
⁰⁴ seungcheol c. 7 months ago
@⁰² hyunjin h. Seungcheol couldn't help but laugh at the ridiculousness of all of this before him, somehow all culminating in such an embarrassing event. Was he really going to confess like that...and this early? Such a thought made his cheeks glow red, patting at them lightly as he thought it over. What he had with Hyunjin...it was unlike anything he'd ever experienced. How was he supposed to know how to describe it in a confession of the heart? I like you. Such words felt trite almost, not able to capture the way that Hyunjin made him weak in the knees with simple words no matter how hard he tried.

"God, I'm helpless when it comes to you," Seungcheol admitted, nosing against the other's cheek as he only let himself fall harder. How many times had Hyunjin already made him smile, warmed his soul in a way that nobody else could even dare? "I'm yours, Hyunjin. As long as you want me...I'm here." A promise to not be taken lightly, he was sure, arms wrapping around his lover and pulling him a little closer. "I think he's out today... let me take you home and order us something to eat, yeah?"
⁰⁴ seonghwa p. 7 months ago
@⁰¹ renjun h. the flushing face of chenle which made jaewon softly chuckled by the sudden cuteness and he kept a thought by himself, just how long can he take this cuteness and just, you know, shower with more kisses and stuff but maybe not now and probably not in here. by the distance close between both of them, jaewon couldn't stop taking a glance at how much he tried to not unintentionally cling but somewhat standing directly close next to him.

even though the game was just next to each other, the car racing game that were chosen for the first game made him excited yet in actual fact that he was very much love this game among all and sharing with someone whom he doesn't know well just given a thought that renjun might be little special. "sure, let's play this car racing first then the next round you will choose," jaewon insert the arcade token in both of the machine that both of them sat on while his eyes were fixed onto the screen without a glance to the younger one.
⁰² hyunjin h. 7 months ago
@⁰⁴ seungcheol c. The female before looked to flustered, most likely due to the sight of them, as Hyunjin glanced up to look at between the two. But once he saw Seungcheol lean down to pick up the remaining books, he would let go of his hand to help him out, before seeing how they were in foreign romance aisle, seeing how it was ironic with the relationship the two had built up and now they had one another likes lovers would. “...w-we’re sorry for the mess~...” Hyunjin would politely bow his head a bit, before letting Seungcheol drag him out of the book shop, out from that embarrassment, and yet, it was a thrill that the younger enjoyed as he was with the older the whole time.

Once they were far from the sight of the book shop, about a block away, the photographer heard the male’s chuckle, making him look over as he let out a small breath before giggling along with him. His own red cheeks calming down from the excitement but was still slightly there. Before, Hyunjin would of not pictured himself being this way and doing this type of thing as he was always polished and just followed what he was told to do by his family. Now, with Seungcheol here with him, it was different and refreshing, he couldn’t wait to be able to relax and explore everything with the other. Hearing his words made the younger let out a soft laugh before speaking as he looked over at Seungcheol with an eyesmile. “You’re telling me~...You’ve been on my mind and all I’ll ever think about is you....but I can never complain, I’m just so thankful to finally have you, baby~...” As they stopped at a street corner, Hyunjin would smile sheepishly, giving his lover’s hand a squeeze as kissed properly. “Only if your roommate doesn’t mind, love~....unless you don’t have one like me...Other than that I would love to~...” he would mumble against his lips, giving him another sweet kiss.
⁰⁴ seungcheol c. 7 months ago
@⁰² hyunjin h. Min. Such a sweet girl, put such a terrible sight to see in this state, lovestruck and needy, with his lover one minute away from being strewn over one of the tables like a new centerpiece. He wondered if he'd ever be able to live down the girl seeing this side of him, face hot as he picked up the books he's knocked over in his haste to press Hyunjin all over the foreign romance aisle. "Here's, um, your keys," Seungcheol mumbled, handing them to the smaller girl as the other boy held up close to them, all of them visibly flustered at such a scene.

Seungcheol didn't let them spend more time than they needed to in their before running off, his own book in one hand and Hyunjin's hand in another. They must have walked nearly a block before the read on Seungcheol's cheeks dissipated, finally being able to let out a soft chuckle at all that they'd pulled. Past Seungcheol would have never believed that there was a person on this earth that could make him act so shameless, revolving around him like the sun and the earth. But he never knew Hwang Hyunjin. "She's never gonna let me live this down," He finally spoke, soft laugh spilling past his lips. "God, look what you do to me, Hyunjin...I don't think straight when i'm with you." Not that he'd be one to complain much when he received such doting affections, stopping at the street corner to lean down and capture Hyunjin's lips in a proper kiss. "Want to come back to mine this time, love?"
⁰² hyunjin h. 7 months ago
@⁰⁴ seungcheol c. How could someone as precious as Seungcheol come into his life and steal his heart away. The thing was, if it was him that stole it, Hyunjin did not want it back, letting him keep it as long as the younger stole his heart as well. The younger had made up his mind, not wanting to leave his side, wanting to be the one to listen to him, and to be there whenever he was at his lowest. “Oh Seungcheol~....” Hyunjin knew that the word ‘love’ was an early word to use, but nothing could even match what he had felt for the other. His heart was set on the other as he blushed deeply from his words, nodding lightly. “I honestly....and really....can’t get enough you, Seungie~....of course~....I’m scared of you meeting my family....they’ll do anything to get you to go against me so I won’t have my happiness.....but I know I can trust you and I’ll always be there for you, and I want to get to know all sides of you.”

The younger was not going to let go of his lover any time soon, even if his family thought of him as the worst son, for not being like them, he wanted to keep his lover, feeling like he only had him left in the word. He wanted to be the most thoughtful, affectionate, gentle, loving princess that he could ever be for the older, knowing he fully deserved it. Hearing his next few words, it made him light up, having a feeling on what it would be before turning his head as a chrime had rung in the bookshop, making Hyunjin tighten his grip a bit from the surprise. ‘...dang it~....’ He thought to himself, as the female cut off their special moment, feeling like it was a tease to the younger. But as soon as he heard his lover’s words, his eyes would widen and his cheeks would fluster deeply, as if he had a fever, but mainly due to the position that they were in and the embarrassment of getting caught. As he was put down, Hyunjin slowly reached down to grab Seungcheol’s book that he had dropped before that landed on the ground, holding it closely to his chest while his other hand reached to hold the other’s hand, lacing their fingers together, as his gaze was to the floor biting his lower lip, giving his lover’s hand a gentle squeeze.
⁰¹ jaemin n. 7 months ago
@⁰⁴ seungcheol c. And there it was, that slight glint of mischief in his eyes that he was known for. His doe eyes, blinked once then twice at the other’s reply almost as if he knew the other wasn’t speaking the truth, beneath his words another underlying meaning. Jaemin has observed a fair share of people in his life and if it wasn’t for the fact that Seungcheol was more of a brotherly figure to him, he would have called him out earlier for the way he was acting. But Jaemin knew, jaemin knew that his mere existence was the reason for seungcheol’s panic. It didn’t take even a second before Jaemin was out of his seat, leaning close to the other’s face, too close for comfort but not that his minded, invading the other’s space, a smug grin playing on his lips. “ you like girls?” he says almost in hushed tone “I’m not quite sure about that.” Jaemin continues, letting the other speak, totally unfazed about the closeness. He was just shameless like that.

“well. you liked it then? I suppose.” Grinning, he decides to stop his teasing, placing a distance between them both again, leaning back onto the chair as he crosses his arm against his chest. “for someone who claims that he likes girls, you sure don’t look like it. is it something about me? you look pretty nervous whenever I came over and not to mention how red your cheeks are. Don’t worry, cheol. I like boys too. “ it’s not even a secret that na jaemin has never dated a girl, though he isn’t opposed to the idea. “there’s nothing to be embarrassed about.”
⁰⁴ seungcheol c. 7 months ago
@⁰² hyunjin h. "Of course, Hyunjin," He spoke more confidently this time, chest swelling with happiness as he looked up at the smaller, letting their foreheads rest against each other. "Who else could it be?" It was embarrassing almost, the way Hyunjin had so quickly become such a mainstay in his life. How quickly Seungcheol had chosen to protect the boy before him with everything he had in him, to adore him until the strength left his body. He was fully connected in a way he couldn't even find words to describe, even his gaze so affectionate that he just couldn't help but take in every feature of the boy before him. Maybe it was too early for words like love, but even such a word didn't do justice to the way Seungcheol found himself so hopelessly devoted to the boy before him. "I really... can't get enough of you," He sighed out, words spilling past his lips now as if it were second nature. "I'll try to be an open book for you, but... I want to know you, too..."

The way Hyunjin moaned against his lips was all too sinful as he pulled the younger closer, cute sounds sending excited shivers down his spine and not so innocent thoughts in his head. Hyunjin was his, in the strangest surprise in his life that he was all too prepared for. Such a perfect stranger had picked him out of the billions of people in this world...and now, he couldn't let himself mess it up. He's simply have to become the prince of his lover's dreams, after all. "Hyunjin, I think I lo-" He started, only to be met with the familiar chime of the door bells that told him his shift was over. The only problem being the state of things at the shop, books on the floor with Seungcheol holding the smaller flush against the wall. This certainly wasn't something he could make up a nice excuse for, eyes going wide as he let the smaller down gently before turning his attention to the girl before. "Oh, Min... you're here...early." Like the switch of a light his normal demeanor came back to him, aside from the blight red cheeks that clearly refused to dissipate at the feeling of being caught red handed mid confession.
⁰² hyunjin h. 7 months ago
@⁰⁴ seungcheol c. Hyunjin couldn’t wait for the many adventures that the two would face. Already Seungcheol was his first kiss, his first make out with, his first time ever sleeping on the same bed with someone, his first time making love with and will most likely be the very last person he would ever want to do that with, and many more to come. Blushing deeply at the male’s words, the younger felt like many people would go after his knight in shining armor. He was just a masterpiece in Hyunjin’s eyes. “R-Really~?...” He would start out shyly at first before claiming his lover’s lips passionately before pulling back his lips, whispering against the other’s. “....I know I have many flaws but I want you to be mine...I don’t care if we haven’t gone our first date yet....this is our story....we have all the time to do so....and out of all the things in the world, I want you to mine, Seungcheol.” As the older pressed up against the wall harshly, Hyunjin didn’t expect that, surprising him in a good way, as he kissed back the other, letting out a muffed moan in between their kisses.

Pulling back as he saw the blushing cheeks of his knight’s, the younger couldn’t resist to lean in and kiss his red cheeks, loving how they looked him. ‘..his one~...’ He would coo in his thoughts as he nuzzled his nose against the other’s. “Yes~....all the time, my only.....and I told you, I’m not as innocent and pure as I look....there’s more to me then you know in that area, love~...” The photographer would blush deeply, giving him a playful wink, before listening to his words, nodding a bit as he gave him his full attention. “I see~....when you work alone...I can, if you want me to, but also want to be here with you, Seungie~.....I wouldn’t mind keeping you company, even if I just sit in the corner and read. You have me all to yourself too and I’d be more than happy to accompany you however you like.”
⁰⁴ seungcheol c. 7 months ago
@⁰² hyunjin h. Losing his composure had never felt so natural before. He couldn't remember the last time he cried, much less around another person. But Hyunjin was a lot of firsts, and perhaps a lot of lasts as well. "Then steal me away, dear," He spoke all too candidly, cuddling closer. "Last time I checked I didn't have others vying for my attention. And even if I did... It's you every time. It always has been." How odd life had become for Choi Seungcheol, the boy who had once rejected the one he loved out of fear of opening up. Things had changed so much in those few years in between, trials and pains that had led him right to Hyunjin, the only one to see right through him. Giving into all he wanted he only kisses his lover with more fervor, pressing him against the wall a little too harshly as he allowed himself to get lost in it.

Hearing the other's playful words sent a shiver down Seungcheol's spine, blushing a little at words that felt all too lewd to come from such an innocent mouth. "We have all the time in the world from now on, my one," He mumbled between kisses, sighing happily against them. "Who knew my innocent baby would even think of such things," Seungcheol wondered aloud, holding him slightly closer as he started to explain. "I work alone...I prefer it like this. I stay until the next girl comes to take over... it's usually pretty quiet in the meantime." Perhaps that was why Seungcheol liked it here so much, a way that he could just get away and write. And how fortunate the silence was right now, when all he wanted to do was put his hands all over Hyunjin's body. "You've got me all to yourself."
⁰² hyunjin h. 7 months ago
@⁰⁴ seungcheol c. As he held onto the male, as he stayed hidden in his neck, Hyunjin knew that the other had tears in his eyes, feeling the wetness against his neck, making him squeeze the older, stroking his hair to assure him that it was alright. “...I could never be a good man, Seungcheol....but it makes me feel finally accepted...and that I belong when I’m perfect in your eyes. I think of you as my perfection...in my eyes, you are the most perfect human being, that I ever want in my life....I just want to snatch you away from everyone and keep you to myself. I don’t care how possessive I sound cause I know that’s my flaw....but I really do need you to complete my life..” The younger would say softly before the male pulled away, making him look at him in the eyes. He would slowly move his arms, so he can cup the other’s cheeks, wiping away the tears from his eyes gently before hit with many stolen kisses. That only made Hyunjin, wrap his arms once again around the other’s neck as he kissed him back affectionately, not caring about anything else except for the wonderful poet before him.

“...and you’re so damn ing perfect, my knight....and also my prince~...” The words of his coming out in a whisper after hearing his lover’s words, genuineness can be heard as he spoke them too. His eyes stayed on the older’s as they rested their foreheads together, with Hyunjin letting out a soft coo as he his cheek gently. “Good...because I don’t know where’d I go without you by my side~...” He would giggle softly before being swept by the sweet kiss, kissing the other back with love that he had carried for him. “There is no better man out there for me....you have all of me and all the time with me...and I’ve wanted to let you, so of course you are my everything...but I want to be your baby, your princess, and everything too, I want to see this side of you...I would never judge you, I want to show you how much my heart beats for you and only you, Seungcheol~....” The blond would nod lightly, humming softly as he kept his eyes on the older, letting out a small sniffle before speaking as he rested his arms on the other’s shoulders loosely. “Alright, babe....But I want to stay here with you until you do~...” The younger would say before leaning in to whisper against Seungcheol’s lips. “...plus I love the position we’re in.....too bad I can’t take a taste of you under the counter while you’re working~....what if someone comes in and sees? Or worst your manager?...” He would tease before kissing the other softly.
⁰⁴ seungcheol c. 7 months ago
@⁰² hyunjin h. Seungcheol couldn't help but wonder when the last time was that he'd laid his heart so bare in front of another person, if he'd ever. How often was it that a single person knew any fleeting thought of his, past any sort of basic obligations, even. And it terrified him, tears stinging his eyes as a few dared to break free, hidden in the crook of his lover's neck. "You're a good man, Hyunjin. ...you're so perfect that I can hardly stand it. Every part of you...every part of you is perfect to me." Seungcheol pulled his head away so he could finally look at the other boy, stealing an embarrassing amount of chaste kisses from the smaller's lips. God, how he wanted to just drown in them, revel in every ounce of affection that was for once, uniquely his. Affection from the only one who'd he'd ever let himself give everything to.

Seungcheol closed his eyes as he listened to such beautiful words about himself, stomach fluttering in such complete excitement that he could hardly stand it. Being perfect in someone else's eyes wasn't something he'd ever expected from his life, much less from a boy like Hyunjin. He just wanted to have the smaller all to himself, to live in their own little bubble without expectations or other's judging eyes. "You're so damn perfect, my princess." The words were meant to come out teasing and yet Seungcheol couldn't help the sincerity oozing out of them, stroking the smaller's cheek before resting his forehead against the smaller's own. "As if I'd have anywhere to go if it wasn't with you, he smiled to himself, threading his fingers through Hyunjin's hair. "Just...let me be selfish and steal your time from better men than I. I want to be your knight, your seungie, everything...so long as you let me." Seungcheol captured his lover's lips in a sweet kiss, letting himself get lost in it for just a moment before pulling away. "My shift is almost over, baby...let me take you home, clean you up a little and help you feel better..."
⁰² hyunjin h. 7 months ago
@⁰⁴ seungcheol c. Hyunjin would listen to the other speak, hearing how he ‘needed’ him, how he didn’t want those things with the younger at first, making bite his lower lip at first but would gasp softly, letting it go as he kissed him back, feeling himself falling harder for the poet as the time spent between the two grew. He would lean his head back against the wall, letting Seungcheol hide himself against his nape, making Hyunjin run his fingers through his hair smoothly, wanting nothing but to ease the male but listen to his every word. “You aren’t a bad person, Seungcheol....at least never to me. I’ll help you in any way I can...I’ve given you my body because I care for you so you can always sleep with me regardless...and even though I come from a high class family...I’m nothing like them. I don’t want luxuries. I don’t want big, fancy things and I especially don’t want to be with any woman. I’m a bad ing person too, Seungcheol....I know I can never meet the standards of how other perceive me to be.” Hyunjin would take a moment to close his eyes, letting the other speak as he felt like he could just melt. Feeling his body shaking, the younger would continue to hold the other closely and tightly.

“Seungcheol~.....you have no idea....how much you mean to me. I can never think of myself as that perfect like how you described....but I can see perfection when I see you. I love your voice, how you can be delicate, soft and warm...then when we’re alone, I love that demanding and commanding voice, you have me weak at my knees, making me want nothing more than to just be next to you while I hold you close, or on my knees, wanting you. I love your honesty with me. It may hurt and be very painful to admit your words, as well as mine, but I find that admirable and just pure amazing about you. I love it when you blush too, even when you just want to hide it from me, it makes me carry butterflies in my tummy, wanting to spoil you with so many kisses. I love how you’re always there for me and keeping me in harm’s way. Don’t worry about the mark on my cheek....I know you didn’t know...but I get hurt by my family....physically, verbally and emotionally....they treat me like for not being the ‘son that they’ve always want’.....I’m...I’m used to be hit like this....but I’ll always think of you as being my shining knight in armor....keeping me close and safe whenever I’m in your arms. I really....really like you so much too, my head spins with just the thought of you in it, I can’t help myself but to fantasize about you, wanting you by my side and wondering when I’ll be able to hold, kiss and talk to you again.” Still wanting to know more about him, Hyunjin never forgot about the book, knowing that he was going to read it to know more about the male that he was currently with. Seungcheol caused more than just butterflies in his tummy and fireworks that would go off whenever they kissed, he was everything. Was ‘love’ even the perfect word to use to how much he felt for the older? Hearing his words, his hold on the older only tightened, wanting him to be close to him as possible, feeling like it was just the two of them in the world. “...you know I’m never leaving you, Seungcheol....promise me you’ll never leave me...because I need you and want you to stay with me too. I want you to be...my everything. I really don’t know what I would do without you.”
⁰¹ renjun h. 7 months ago
@⁰⁴ jaewon j. whatever warmth was coming from jaewon's lips against his forehead radiated to the rest of chenle's face as it flushed a deep shade of pink. affection wasn't something he was completely used to, especially and obviously if it came from someone he hadn't known for a long time. he grumbled slightly at the feeling of the male's hand on his head, knowing it was already a mess from the helmet and he was only making it worse.

with every step jaewon took, chenle took two to assure that he was right next to the older at all times. he was visibly timid as he looked at every person he glanced at, feeling slightly out of place in this new space. reaching the first game, he had to practically peel himself off of the male due to how close he was standing to him. "all games are fun, just gotta let it be fun. we're already here so why not play a couple games and then we can go, hm?"
⁰⁴ seonghwa p. 7 months ago
@⁰¹ chenle z. with the speed and everything coming in fast when he continued to ride his bike, jaewon managed to catch a glimpse of chenle's arms on his torso which somehow behind the helmet, he was smiling. the feeling of the protection increase and somehow another gut of him coming in the flash that he wouldn't actually thought of, maybe he was just little bit out of it for a moment or maybe not too long.

once they settled everything and after jaewon switched off the engine just to focus on the younger one, with his permission granted and immediately leans to give a little kiss on his forehead before helping him down off the bike. "good, no take back now until you tell me to stop for real," by the voice unknowingly deepened and the hand reached out to mess the latter's hair until it was a mess but somehow, he look pretty cute at the same time.

with the gentle touch of jaewon towards chenle's cold yet tiny hand to himself when he guided them to the basement with the fist bump towards the security in front that knew jaewon, making sure that the younger were actually following him welk enough until he get to the inside of the arcade. filled with the neon light and the music of the video games, greeting by the loud screaming and chatting until they get to the spot of the car racing game to let both of them sit first. "there wasn't much in here except some nostalgia games, you can give it a try first or else we can just head back to my apartment."
⁰⁴ seungcheol c. 7 months ago
@⁰² hyunjin h. Let me in. A huge request for the highly private boy, someone who went out of his way to make sure that nobody knew his darkest thought. And yet for Hyunjin, the words spilled out effortlessly, pent up emotions finally forcing their way to the surface. "I need you," He admitted aloud, feeling like a weight off his chest. "I don't want to need you, I want to go back to my normal miserable ing life, Hyunjin, I want to pretend that I don't look forward to every time that I see you more than anything else in my day, that I didn't dream about your body before I ever even laid my damn hands on it..." Pressing the smaller against the wall he couldn't help himself but to kiss the smaller until he was breathless, melting into it as if he needed it far more than the air around him.

As they pulled away Seungcheol nosed against his lover's nape, hiding himself from such an affectionate gaze as he continued. "I know that I'm a pretentious , a drunk, I give bad first impressions and even worse last ones. I sleep around and block out any feelings that are too inconvenient to me, I'm a simple boy from the countryside who's just like his family and always trying to prove he's not. I'm a bad ing person, Hyunjin." Getting it all off his chest in one fell swoop, he wondered if Hyunjin could ever accept such a man as him. Maybe he'd do what he asked at the very beginning, realize that it all wasn't worth it and finally find someone worth his time. And if he did, at least Seungcheol would have finally told someone his heart. "I love your voice, how cheery it in and how you talk in a sing song tone when you're really happy, I love how excited you are to talk about anything and everything, how you cling on to every word like it's the most important you've ever heard. I love it when you blush, and when you try not to show when you're flustered. I love that you're persistent and that you go after what you want without hesitation. I know I don't say it enough but I can't get you out of my head, Hyunjin, I can't stop thinking about all that makes you who you are... I like you so much that I don't know what to do with myself, every waking moment I'm thinking about the next time I can hold you and I feel like I'm going crazy..." Seungcheol barely realized that his frame was shaking as he spoke, holding the smaller so tight that they were flush against each other.

Seungcheol was certain he'd been in love before. He remembered all the beautiful sonnets he'd wrote about the girl that sat beside him in high school, the angel with the flowing hair that was the only one to give him the time of day. All he'd ever wanted was to selfishly steal more of her time, to give her the love that he knew she deserved much more than himself. But Hyunjin - whatever they had- was earth shattering. It was a need that transcended food, water, air. Something that resounded so deep in his soul even the very first time they'd met. It wasn't a spark, it was an inferno, something that easily tore down his every pretense and left him stumbling like a child for his affections. He wondered if such a thing was considered love. He wondered if such a feeling could even be described in a mere four letters. "Please...stay with me." Something he had no right to ask after all he'd put the smaller through, and yet it was all that was running through his mind. "I'll be what you need."


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