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⁰² yoonah c. 7 months ago

@⁰⁴ doyoung k. [ imagine this has been playing the entire time at the party! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KYoRN-RsERc ]

wasn't the party dwindling down? in the back of her mind, yoonah noted how the music changed and the crowd get rowdier, tipping right over the edge into something much more... a gasp slipped past her tiers, plump and swollen from the abuse she'd done bottle tips and some kissing frenzies, the moment he brought his mouth upon hers. she readily gave in, infatuated by everything he had to give and the lack of thought in her mind at that very moment. his fingers, lithe and expert, wrapped around her slender neck with enough pressure that adrenaline began rushing in her veins further, igniting a strange kind of fire as her own fingers tightened around his locks of hair, matching his kiss fervently in turn. now that was a proper kiss.

he let go after a moment, pulling away just enough so she could rest her forehead against his. her fingers left his hair, dropping down to his shoulders and digging into the fabric of his pullover. had it not been for the very brief flash of moral sanity and his words, she would have done far worse than this. just how much had she drank? surely, this was just the two bottles of soju and extras, right?

"I like this song," yoonah murmured, ducking her head down to press a fleeting peck on his lips just as the playlist changed, melting into a darker version of billie eilish's bad guy. ah, there it was; the loud, thumping bass that resonated in one's skull as if empty. and the crowd went wild, a chaos of drunken screams and so more. yoonah knew what he meant, about getting out of here— she wasn't an exhibitionist enough to ask for more right then and there, tucked in a cozy nook yet so very much out in the open. "pinky swear you'll to me then?" she chuckled, beginning to pull herself off from his lap. her hand stuck out, ready to hold his should need be in their intoxicated stupor as they began making their way back to his crib.

the night was a blur for the most part; of hazy colors that burned brightly, of shapes that whizzed too fast or too slow at times. but in the midst of the euphoria, yoonah remembered his touch, the sense of urgency that ran through both of them as their clothes came off, skin met skin in tight yet soft touches. she remembered dulcet moans, gentle sighs and pleas of all kinds and she was sure that come morning, it would have all been a dream.

— fin —
⁰⁴ doyoung k. [A] 7 months ago
@⁰² yoonah c. (sh) The air, reaching its midnight qualities as it becomes ever more gelid, imitates her as her frame takes a noticeable pause, going rigid beneath the effect of his words which left his mouth rather rashly. Doyoung takes notice of this himself, His fingers, which had been brushing against the skin near her ear, instead find themselves clasping her cheek as she repositions herself comfortably in his lap, legs on either side of him. Though the sober and levelheaded Doyoung would have widened his eyes the slightest at the woman's sheer boldness, the only sign which arises to his visage is a slight upward tug of his lips as both hands drop from her face to seek purchase upon her hips. Unable to help the slight tilt of his lips toward her, he can't help already wanting to close the space between the both of them.

And when she kisses him... , he thinks, fingers grasping at the fabric of her shirt which has amassed at her waistline. Looking back on this moment, under the control of her lips and aura, Doyoung will refuse to admit that he let out the lightest groan against her lips but the truth is, he does. He can't help it, really. He feels all of her一her weight on his lap sinking into him, her hands brushing the warmth of his skin and his dark tresses, her sinful tongue swiping across his lower lip一and he... he wants more. Was that not a proper kiss?

Even when she pulls away, frosted breath on his tiers, he can't help but utter, "As if I'd let you leave." It's the last phrase to leave him before he reaches a hand up, entangling itself in the mane of her darkened tendrils to pull her to him. In the instant their lips meet, his other hand hoists itself under her thighs to pull her even closer to him, chest to chest in their searing connection whilst his tongue swipes out across her lip. No, she's staying right here with him一he's quite over the party, after all. Fueled by nothing but alcohol and the adrenaline aided by her intoxicating kisses, Doyoung's digits urge up her arm, fingers dancing against her skin. He's not far gone enough to be sloppy; tongue slipping into whilst his hands make their way up to claim her neck. Not quite squeezing, but enough to apply pressure with his pretty finger round the column of her neck. He explores her for a moment, before retreating to le upon her lip, their mouths moving in unison. Breath ghosting upon her tiers, he breathes out, "You're really going to一" he pauses to breathe. "一kiss me like that, and not let me take you home?"

Perhaps his mind is too far gone, clouded by the thought of her and her inebriating effect, to think straight. "Unless, you /really/ like it out here," he mumbles, eyes darting to scan the balcony.
⁰² yoonah c. 7 months ago
@⁰⁴ doyoung k. Her body shifted, enough just as the breeze pulled at the tipsy tension between the two, ready to plot down on her calves but she had nowhere to move; in the fraction of a heartbeat, in the moment between the first and the next, she was engulfed in goosebumps that ran down her spine and arms coupled by a certain scent that sat upon her taste buds, titillating enough to cause to water.

“You’re enchanting.” the murmur takes her aback. And it’s not a sentiment she knows much.

Yoonah froze in spot, quite an awkward position where she was just in the middle of straightening herself when he touched her, his fingertips leaving a searing trail of warmth on her cheek to her ear. Her cheeks reddened, a mixture of flustered inhibitions and the cold spring breeze. She didn’t blush so casually, it was simply not who she was. But there she was, moving just enough so she could settle down on his lap, knees pressed to the sides of his thighs. “Mm, I think I like it here better,” she huffed, her hands moving on their own accord as they trailed up his lean arms and further up to cup his neck, her thumbs brushing against the curve of his jaw. If it could cut..

Her breath was a shaky sigh, tasting his breath on her tongue when he came closer to her. It was a ghost of a touch, a tease in the most innocent forms for now but Yoonah was not one to give him the upper hand so easily— not when she in turn ducked her head forward, closing the space between their faces. She couldn’t resist the rise of the smirk that tugged at a corner of her plush mouth, tongue swiping out to lave at his bottom lip before she took it between her teeth, and tugging on it just enough in a demand for more before she pulled away. There it was again though, the same commandeering attitude as she spoke again, lacing her fingers in the short locks of hair at the back of his neck. “If you don’t kiss me properly, I’m leaving.”
⁰⁴ doyoung k. [A] 7 months ago
@⁰² yoonah c. (sh) It was rare for someone to be able to pull such a smile from Doyoung, not demure and polite like one he would shoot to customers over the counter or the tight-lipped one utilized to get someone off his back. It could be the alcohol, or the idyllic nature of the night, or maybe even her—Who knows? Definitely not Doyoung—but as her lithe digits reach upward to faintly brush his obsidian tendrils from his eyes, the man finds himself cemented in his position like one of the many sculptures she had posted on her Instagram. (He swears that it wasn’t with strange intentions. He purely just wanted to be able to trust the person he was accepting free food from).

An inch is all that remains between their two faces, and Doyoung perhaps finds that with this proximity, she is even more breath-taking, though that could once again be the effect of his inebriation. Or maybe she really was just this dazzling, like observing a diamond’s authenticity beneath a microscope. Every nanometer only amplifies its gleam. There are better ways to tell a woman she’s pretty, she says. Her question catches him off guard; what /had/ he been saying? He blinks once, twice, three times before his words fly off his tongue. “I…” His mouth has run dry.. It was something about food, was it not? “You’re enchanting.”

Even with the wind creating a mess of her tresses, a chestnut mane made disheveled, the slivers of her face which peek through shine like the sunlight shining through morning curtains, an afterglow of an arduous night. As if it has a mind of his own, his hand reaches upward to brush the crazy strands from her visage, tucking some of it behind her ear. The cold air highlights their breaths, and Doyoung exhales a shaky one. “I was saying we should get out of here.” The hand which had been tracing her hair now finds itself at her chin, and the slightest tilt of her chin, the most miniscule ministration from his hand, could find the two of them in a very compromising position. He speaks directly onto her lips, breath dancing over hers. “What do you say?”
⁰³ jeno l. [A] 7 months ago
@⁰¹ jaemin n. At times like these when he’s staring back at Jaemin like there nothing to lose, he wonders if letting go and disappearing was the right way out of things. He wonders if all those years of those years attempting cut away at the red string of fate really paid off when despite all his efforts, he was still in love with him. How stupid of him because in this moment, he realizes not even the sharpest knife, a chainsaw, a sword could break that bond. Even if were to cut, it would grow back new strands—over and over again like it was meant to salvage its roots. Jeno wants to believe that his thoughts are intoxicated when he feels a bit of regret, knowing that Jaemin loves him too, but nonetheless, he continues to dwell over his incompetence, repeating that he could never love him the way he deserved, but out of nagging apprehension.

He lets out a shaky breath when the other male shrinks into his arms, but hesitantly, he lifts up a hand to soothe the back of his head, tenderly and lovingly. With his other arm, he loops around his lower back in a brief squeeze. Theres a dozen of thoughts rummaging through his head as his headache crescendos and decrescendos, pounding to the beat of the bass. Besides the whiff of alcohol excluding from cup to cup, Jaemin’s aroma tucked in the comfort of his clothes, simmering of a fireplace on a frigid night—drapes his sorrows away like a remedy. Jeno fails to hide his first genuine smile of the night in reminiscence behind Jaemin’s locks, biting back a laugh. He missed this.

“Nana,” he hushes, tugging back slightly to grab his hand in his, interlacing them with a squeeze. He pauses, smiling a smile that was too happy for their broken hearts, “Let’s go home.”

Within seconds, Jeno was lightly tugging Jaemin through the crowd and off into the night where by the end, they cradled each other in his bed, completing one another like how yin and yang cradled one another.

The next morning, Jeno was left alone almost as if none of it happened.
⁰² yoonah c. 7 months ago
@⁰⁴ doyoung k. he smiled and yoonah was tipsy enough to begin comparing the grin that graced his swollen tiers to the sun, reminding her of the thousand and one lines of prose and poetry she was such an avid closet fan of. It was one of those smiles that made one reciprocate, no matter the occasion or moment and her own mouth curved upwards into a matching beam, hanging off her ears and pushing her cheeks flushed from the alcohol into pink cushions. “Why then, thanks,” she laughed, the sound low yet hearty.

Yoonah had always known she wasn’t too bad of a looker but there was something so arbitrary about the sudden comment that her blush intensified- it was just the alcohol! Still, she wouldn’t be who she was without a quip back, filled with saccharine mirth and innocence that rivaled a devil’s. “And maybe there are better ways to tell a woman she’s pretty, y’know?” she drawled, shifting her body slightly to get a better look at him and in doing so, her knee came to nudge his thigh, merely a hair's width away from resting on it.

In the moonlight, coupled by the distantly dimmed lights of the party, he was a handsome lad too and for all the somber and brooding looks she’d seen him sport around campus, at that very moment, he appeared just a boy. A boy who looked back at her with as much drunk fervor and with hair that had been too run through that a lock fell over his forehead in a messy strand, marring her view. Her hand automatically reached up as she leaned forward, picking herself slightly from the floor so it was easier for her to do what had to be done- her finger found the soft lock of hair, pushing it away from his handsome visage. And by then, there’s merely an inch from their faces but she cared only for one thing. “There, that’s better. What were you saying?”
⁰¹ jaemin n. 7 months ago
@⁰³ jeno l. Jaemin’s lips parts slightly, a hand finding itself around the other’s neck, he kisses back longingly, hoping it’ll convey the amount of love he has for him, how much he had missed him, even though he knows very well they would probably never be together. The gentle kiss then turning into something more desperate, a kiss that filled with so much want, so much longing as he backs up against the wall, his fingers tangling themselves in jeno’s soft black locks. he wants the kiss to last forever, he wants to remember it, the taste of him, the warmth radiating from the other’s body because deep down he knows, it was likely the moment they break away, that would be the end of it.

He didn’t want them to end.

It’s only when Jeno pulls away, leaving a slight gap between them did his eyes flicker open to meet a gaze filled with tenderness and warmth, leaning into the gentlest touch. It was as if time stopped there and then, save for the fluttering in his chest and butterflies in his stomach, lips puckering on instinct when the other leaned in for another quick kiss. Everything was all he yearned for for the longest time. Yet, the words that leaves the other’s lips next reels him back into reality and he can feel a new wave of sadness washing over him no matter how much he had prepared himself for it. It was so stupid, all of this, he berates himself for getting carried away by his emotions. What he thought was a glimpse of hope was nothing but mere pity, a lie. A lie which Jaemin wanted the other to continue.

“jen.” His voice is small and he doesn’t look directly at the other male but he tugs on the other’s arm with gentle force, effectively pulling him close, his arms coming other’s waist to embrace him, taking the opportunity to bury his face against the curve of his neck. “take me home with you.” /please/, he wants to add, but he doesn’t, it’s pathetic enough that he has such a request.
⁰³ jeno l. [A] 7 months ago
@⁰¹ jaemin n. The next few things that happen are a blur because Jeno’s stuck in a trance, unable to rip himself out the hallway of their memories. He no longer hears the bass the speaker drowns throughout the room because their quiet giggles, snorts, laughter they shared years ago could be heard in his mind with clarity. He remembers their little moments where they laid tucked under a blanket fort, flickering off their flashlights with bit back giggles when their parents gained suspicion over their two troublesome boys. He remembers when they failed to toast their first marshmallows, igniting them in a dark ball of flame and waving them in hopes of the winter‘s whispers to brush it away. Needless to say, eventually it worked after their first attempt became the fuel of their fires. After scrambling in fear, they exhaled an amused breath of laughter, but as Jeno looks over to meet eyes with his best friend, he remembers the flame never burning as bright as the one in Jaemin’s eyes. It could never anyway—not even now.

He doesn’t hear what Jaemin utters before he feels the same pair of lips he’s been yearning for on his own. There’s an urge to grimace when he tastes the beer lingering on his lips, but even then, if there’s anytime he’ll take a beer, he’ll take it from his favourite lips. Jeno finds himself on the urge of crumbling, trembling as his heart rapidly ricochets against the cage of his chest, but his lids falter shut. He hates how he feels the fireworks in his chest with a hopeful ending, but Jeno knows he can’t give what Jaemin deserves. He tugs him closer by his shirt, almost desperate to salvage this moment before it ends, pressing deeper into the kiss with the slight tilt of his head and his hands now perched on his hips. He backs up to the nearest wall, pressing Jaemin up against it with light nips to his bottom lip and a shaky breath. Reluctantly, he parts offs by an inch before leaning in to leave a chaste kiss to his lips, mumbling with a hand holding a side of his face and expression casting a tender yet conflicted look, “Go home, Nana,” he pauses but continues, “I’ll take you home.”
⁰⁴ doyoung k. [A] 7 months ago
@⁰² yoonah c. A light grin graces his swollen tiers, though not bright enough to showcase his infamous gummy smile. The night is dying down, the party's intended mood beginning to simmer as partygoers begin to dissipate into the darkness, as does Doyoung's earlier elevated mood. He bends a knee up to rest his elbow on it, leaning his head against his palm for support as he gazes at her, watching lazily whilst she expertly maneuvers her dark hair into a loose ponytail. A few ochre strands fall to curtain her visage, the pallor of her skin pinkened by the warmth of the alcohol. Her lips, roseate and plump, tug upward into a smile as she snorts at his comment, and it's at that moment that Doyoung realizes he had been staring in his inebriated daze. "I'm not trying," he responds with a small snort of his own, running a hand through his obsidian locks. He had forgone hair gel today, aiming for a casual look, and his tresses had been made a mess from his earlier activities, anyways. His hair now resembles hers, slightly disheveled but he's sure she looks much more presentable than he. "I never said you looked bad, and it wasn't a line. Just... thought I'd say it."

He doesn't have much filter when he's drunk, especially because he spent so many waking hours of sobriety holding back his tongue. Tongue darting out to gloss over his chapped lips, he continues, "You could take a compliment as it is." It's true that she /is/ very pretty, though Doyoung might suddenly feel like an for subconsciously trying to make a move. "If not a drink... wanna get out of here and get some food? My treat."
⁰⁴ taehyung k. 7 months ago
@⁰² chungha k. it was the way she spoke, just now, that had his heart immediately spike within his chest. no -- taehyung thought he'd gotten over this. over her. why was his heart denying the fact? after everything he'd done and all of the girls he'd gotten with.. out of all of the nights spent attempting to cut her from his memory, she still somehow has him wrapped around her finger. how? why? why was he so unable to let her go? "don't worry," he begins, regardless of the warning from his head to his heart. his heart would be leading tonight. "i'll definitely help you next time. and the time after. knowing you, you're bound to hurt yourself somehow."

a teasing simper tickles the right corner of his tiers as he shifts his gaze towards her, almost as if to check if it was okay that he said such a thing before raising his drink to take a sip and nodding. "yeah, let's get out of here." his fingers twitch in temptation, for her smaller hand definitely fit snugly within his own palm if he remembers correctly, yet they curl around the cold glass instead. "c'mon," his head tilts to the door as if to signal their exit before looking over his shoulder to make sure she was still following him. it wasn't long until the fresh air filled his lungs, palm elevating to rub at the nape of his neck with a gentle clear of his throat. "is this better?"
⁰¹ jaemin n. 7 months ago
@⁰³ jeno l. He attempts to look impassive when the other pulls him so close but it fails him almost immediately, his breath hitching at the sheer proximity between them. Jeno is breathtakingly gorgeous and even more so upclose if jaemin were to begrudgingly admit. His hands itching to hold the other’s face in his palms, to gently caress his every feature and to tell him how beautiful he really is, how he had always been. There were many things that Jaemin hated about his current predicament, like how even after so long, Jeno could make his heart flutter without trying, how he could still read him like an open book or how he knew him more than himself and for all the years that it took for him to build up those walls, he tore it down so effortlessly. 'Letting go' of anyone for Jaemin was never a particularly easy task, what more when it came to Jeno, forgetting someone whose world revolved around each other wasn't a mere snap of his fingers, it was always easier said than done. There were plenty of times where he had told himself to just move on, why not right? no point in waiting for someone who didn't even have a slight indication of returning. If Jeno had the intention to mend what they had between them, he would have returned a time ago and if he had loved him just like he did, he would have never even left in the first place. But did it all matter to jaemin? No. Because there he still was, a ing fool hanging on to that very thin thread of hope that the other would still come back. and he did.

‘For you to love me back.’ he mumbles bitterly to no one, so softly it’s almost inaudible with the loud bass music blasting from the speakers just above them. There’s a nervous look on Jaemin’s face as he looks up to meet the other’s gaze, his lower lips caught between his own teeth, his brows slightly furrowed at inner turmoil within him, he wants to push jeno away but more so, he more tempted to kiss him. So he does what he heart tells him to do, eyes trailing down to the other’s lips, his heart racing so loud and he wonders if Jeno can even notice it in his drunk stupor. Maybe he’ll forget just like before and it will hurt, Jaemin tells him but that doesn’t deter him from leaning in to close that gap between them, pressing his lips against the other’s tiers, soft and gentle, like he did just like that very new year.
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⁰³ jeno l. [A] 7 months ago
@⁰¹ jaemin n. A coward? Perhaps that was true. It would take a toddler to know that he was one, let alone his damn soulmate spitting it right in his face. Jeno tries not to let his expression crumble in his act, but his chest squeezes and he winces when there’s a sharp pain ceasing the size of his head. He clutches it briefly with curses scattered under his breath, soon reeling his lower lip between his teeth as he attempt to block out their past. To his dismay, visions of their New Years Eve hit repeat. It was just two young best friends in their rebellious years, sneaking up onto the roof top despite the danger. Sprawled out under the basking sea of stars where there were muffled sounds of laughter, music in the home under them as they reached out with one eye closed to catch the moon in their small palms. They talked, laughed, laid in silence up until they heard the countdown, springing up to look at each other.

Ten quickly turned down to five then down to one. Zero when Jaemin had kissed him ever so softly, leaving him with fireworks in his chest (even now), but seconds after were when Jeno started to run away emotionally—soon, physically. But here they were years later, not sober enough to reconcile with too much left up say. Jeno stood silent, too exhausted to put up a longer fight with his eyes never failing to stray away from Jaemin’s broken gaze. “You loved me?” He hushes to himself with fragility, almost if the question were to break him if that were a lie. He takes a steps forward to close their distance, gaze determined as he steals the cig, dropping it underneath them as his shoe scuffs away the remained flame. A hand draws up to tug at the hem of Jaemin’s shirt, pulling him close enough their noses nearly inch to touch. Jeno gaze narrows, stoic in nature behind the drunken mask as he utters, “You still do, Nana,” it’s a short lived low chuckle, brittle grin casted along his expression, “To think I gave you enough time— you’re a ing fool. What exactly are you waiting for?”
⁰⁴ taehyung k. 7 months ago
@⁰² chungha k. upon their arrival to, what seemed to be the drink stand (albeit the seemingly endless amounts of drinks laying around make it tough to make out a single location for such), his palm immediately retracts from her side. too fast, his head warned, yet his heart makes it tough for the swift movement to be done. "sorry," he would've guessed the whisper was lost within the beat of the music, or perhaps the word never even slipped from the knot within his throat.

"i haven't tried it." he's a coward. he walked away from her initially, and although he was acutely aware of the pain he'd brought not only her, but also himself, the temptation to do so once more lingered. she deserved to give her time to someone more worthy of such. yet, he fails to walk away; instead raising the bottles to observe them closer before grabbing at the closest bottle opener. "here, i've got it." a faint smile dares to tickle the corners of his tiers as he grabs the bottles one by one to open them for her.
⁰² yoonah c. 7 months ago
@⁰⁴ doyoung k. “likewise Doyeon,” she chuckled in a playful manner as he settled in right next to her, the curve of her shoulder pressed into his arm, her leg that were stretched out brushing against his. She didn’t mean to say his name wrong, not at all; in fact, a Yoonah who was induced with liquor was someone who was as impish as a kitten hence her mischievous response. But the idea of more drinks and McDonalds after she’d just stuffed her face was not a welcoming idea; her stomach churned and she didn’t know if it was because of the alcohol kicking in or the the beginning of the nausea and hangover she would have to face tomorrow.

“I think i’m good for now,” she drawled, playing the bottle she took from him between her legs, keeping it upright as she brought her hands up to her hair, tying the short locks into a mildly haphazard mess of a ponytail. Yet, all the time, her gaze was fixed on his face, pools of obsidian that bounced back reflections of light staring blatantly at the man. Why did his skin look so white? How were his cheeks so plump- they reminded her of mochis. Mochis, god she would kill for some sweet treats now… his little comment snapped her out of her reverie, a very unladylike snort resonating in . “Why, did I look bad on Instagram? Please, that’s such an inane line if you’re trying to flirt, sir
⁰⁴ doyoung k. [A] 7 months ago
@⁰² yoonah c. The lightest smile bites at his lips at her quick and snarky retort, the smallest upward tilt at the corner of his tiers when he brings the bottle down from his mouth. It's gone just as quickly as it came however, his hand coming up to wipe the wet residue left on his face. He had consumed her chicken nuggets generously, glad to have some semblance of a meal that wouldn't put pressure on his limited college student wallet, so he figures it would be okay to trust her alcohol. "You had it the first time," he says, moving on less than steady feet to her side, making his presence beside her. Her toothy grin springs a playful roll of his eyes as he takes a seat beside her on the ground and hands back her bottle, nearly empty now. "Want another drink? I still have to pay you back for the McDonalds'," he mumbles. Another drink sounds terrible in his mind; luckily for him, his alcohol tolerance was notably exceptional, but thinking about the amount of liquor he had consumed... was a straight one-way trip to nausea. Sitting next to her, their legs brush against each other and Doyoung swears that even with his subdued senses, he can make out the light smell of her perfume—no, what the , Doyoung? He's letting his inebriated state get the best of himself, and he knows well enough that in contrast with his usual disposition, he's a flirty drunk. Maybe he can... be self-indulgent for this one night. "Didn't think you'd be so pretty behind the screen," he drawls.
⁰¹ hyewon k. 7 months ago
@⁰⁴ joohyuk n. zhan, huh? the name definitely sounded foreign. she wasn't familiar with him but then again she wasnt familiar with most people around the school. taking a deep breath, she fidgeted with her can as the growing cherry red blush grew against her canvas of her cheeks. "he doesnt like parties either. t-thats nice. maybe you can introduce me to him one day." hyewon gave a small smile before remembering, "ah! I have a roommate and shes amazing. I love her! her name is miyeon and shes really into boys. it's almost all the time that I listen to her stories about a new crush every other week. do you..perhaps..more friends? just so I can come home and introduce her to someone nice too." hyewon laughed nervously. her arm reaching to her nape to gently rub.
⁰¹ jaemin n. 7 months ago
@⁰³ jeno l. “because you’re a ing coward.” Jaemin tried his best to sound calm, the strong front he had earlier on clearly dissipating the longer he stood infront of him, but it was evident how hurt he was by the other’s words. He wish he could tell the other how wrong he was, how he had moved on just as how Jeno had but that would only meant lying to himself. Initially, Jaemin thought it was just a mere rejection from the other when he had walked off that night on the rooftop but what jaemin wasn’t expecting was for him to pack up his bag, taking everything including Jaemin’s heart along with him as he walked out of what they had between them without turning back. It wasn’t as simple as he thought it would have been and perhaps, no matter how foolish it sounded he wished Jeno would see the pain he felt.

“I’ve loved you for a long time. ” he casually admits. “even when you left.” fingers trembling as he brought the stick up to his lips for another long drag, indulging in the warmth, the only source of comfort he currently had before stubbing the half-lit stick out. “but it was so easy for you, jen.” he chuckled, sadness evident in his eyes. “it was so easy for you pack everything up and just simply leave.” jaemin knew deep down inside, no matter how hard he tried, years after years, he would never have the closure he wanted.

it hits him, realising belatedly, despite all the self-deception over the years, he might still be so very much in love with the person in front of him.
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⁰¹ hyewon k. 7 months ago
@⁰⁴ joohyuk n. hyewon mouthed a thank you as he passed her the bag of chips as it helped dismiss the acrid taste. his little oath was one of the most delicately comely things she saw him do and quite honestly a sight. chuckling, she nodded her head in approval. signaling that she definitely relished his little show but additionally appreciated that he understood to keep her little secret between them. "i-i dont think i can mingle with seniors." hyewon stuttered. it wasnt like she was opposing it- she was just..nervous. as usual. the seniors of saebom were definitely a batch. the whole class was charming, both female and male. they were definitely a looker. miyeon and hyewon would infrequently gush over the upperclassmen on their free-time. the campus was plenary of natural beauties. all that she wanted to befriend. hyewon was just as shy and nervous as any other first year. trepidacious to put herself out there. she bit down on her lower lip, rethinking the offer. it might just accommodate her well in the future. "i-i mean..w-what..kind of friends.."
⁰³ jeno l. [A] 7 months ago
@⁰¹ jaemin n. How nicely the dim lights set on his grown features even if Jeno could spot the distaste his gaze; he swears he almost spots a grimace, or perhaps that just his own guilt reflected in his tipsy vision. There’s also no denying that apart of him had always missed his presence despite him being undeserving to feel that way. With all the chances he chose to miss to pursue the art of communication, he instead left their one-in-million bond decay and rot without an explanation due to his outgrowth of cowardice. The humour of it all was that he knew they had a relationship that could live beyond a millennia.

Jeno knew they loved each other enough to never let go with just how they were, but he chose to anyway.

He watched him steal his cigarette and set it a blaze as he stood frozen. It takes him a few seconds to break out of shock as he thinks, ‘Whatever is mine is still forever yours it seems, huh?’ while taking a glimpse of his empty hand with a quiet scoff and the shake of his head. “Fancy seeing you here,” Jeno hears as he parts his lips to respond, but quickly the next few words draw him into silence as his blood runs cold and heart drops to his feet. . This is exactly why he didn’t want to bump into him again, but why now? When his head is pounding at twenty miles and when he’s hot, bothered, and yearning to go home?

But Jeno lets him speak with his chin lowering near his chest, head swaying briefly from side to side in what it seems to be disinterest. Once he finishes, he cuts through with an airy laugh, “Been that many years and you’re still hanging onto me, Nana?” He takes a glimpse at the other male with a rather annoyed grin. “It would be a bit stupid of me to hang onto the past seeing that things in life always go on, but what do you know? Knowing you’re still hungover us and all.” Jeno let’s his head fall back to the wall, emitting a rather a happy yet sarcastic sigh with the raise of his shoulders. “But you’re right. It’s what I do best, so if you have more unimportant things to say, keep it. You’re wasting my time. You know it yourself this doesn’t matter to me, so why mention it.”
chancellor booty [A] 7 months ago
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⁰² yoonah c. 7 months ago
@⁰⁴ doyoung k. it was an amusing moment, as bizarre as it sounded. There were the kind of people at the party that looked happy to indulge into whatever shenanigan the world had to offer, materialistically so. Then there were the type of party-goers who looked like they just couldn’t wait to get away from the noise. And just like her, he sported a look of a mixture for both. Yoonah watched as he took the bottle from her, bringing it to his lips for a sip. Ah, another soju drinker. Frankly, she’d gotten tired of the beer and n amount of tequila shots she’d taken; then again, soju was comfort. With soju, one cried and laughed like- his scoff took her out of her drunken stupor, the rant about soju coming to a creaking halt in her brain. Oh hey, wasn’t he the guy who she had bought nuggets for on her first day at school? Well, one of them anyways. She shifted slightly, making a bit more of space in the cozy nook she’d made her own and tilted her head back, letting herself rest against the cold concrete. “Aren’t you Doyoung, Doyeon, Dowoon or something?” she bit back, yet her toothy indicated anything but poison. Soju did wonders, afterall.
⁰⁴ jisoo k. [A] 7 months ago
@⁰⁴ doyoung k. Yuta. Yuta. Yuta. Oh why Yuta? Those were the thoughts she had in mind while pampering her drunk roommate to bed, knowing he would forget how he'd end up in his bed all tucked in nicely by tomorrow. Besides, it wasn't her first time she took care of him anyways or her friends in general, considering how she had always been seen or perpetrated as the motherly figure in her group. Hence, explains why her friends relied on her for support but when she had her own needs, was anybody else there for her? To be frank, not quite as much since she wasn't as social or freely expressive like the rest of her small group. Yet, with the other man in the room with her, she found him as an exception to speak with especially after having to drag her intoxicated friend up stairs together. Hearing his answer to her offer, she managed to put up a smile, greeting the lad with a genuine smile to hide how exhausted she was to end her day with a party. "Alright, great lets go."

Leading him down the stairs, she realized the increasing number of people coming inside of the house and found herself rubbing her temples briefly with her fingers, soothing the pressure built around her head. "It's okay Jisoo, it's just for one day and they'll all be gone-" She murmured under her breath and hoped Doyoung heard nothing, before finally finding the drinks buried beneath some ice in a cooler that she had never seen before. "Pick your poison sir. I'm okay with anything."
⁰¹ miyeon c. (h) 7 months ago
@⁰⁴ seungwoo h. setting the can down on the table, miyeon happily took his phone into her hands, the sound of her manicured nails tapping on the phone as she put in her number under the contact 'cho miyeon❀' and sent herself a quick text so she could save his number as well. she handed the phone back to him with a smile, cheeks once again dusted a light shade of pink. "thanks, oppa. i'm happy that i met you," she replied, debating for a moment before tiptoeing to press a soft kiss to his cheek, immediately afterward covering her face with her hands in embarrassment and bowing to him. mumbling a soft "please take care!" and with that she was gone, disappearing into the wave of people entering the kitchen.
⁰⁴ seungwoo h. 7 months ago
@⁰¹ miyeon c. "of course." seungwoo replied, nodding. he took a longer look at the girl in front of him, humming before pulling out his phone and opening up a new contact on his phone and offering it to her. "you will, let's exchange phone numbers." he smiled and said, reaching out to pat miyeon's head. she was just too cute like that, he couldn't really resist it. "plus, if you do need something you can call me at any time. especially if you can't find your friend."
⁰¹ miyeon c. (h) 7 months ago
@⁰⁴ seungwoo h. fumbling with her phone, miyeon shook her head, a small pout finding its way back onto her lips. “not yet. i guess i should go look for him,” she mumbled, following his gaze to the doorway, thinking briefly about how unfortunate it is that she won’t be able to speak with him any longer. “thanks for keeping me company, seungwoo oppa. and for the drink,” she said with an angelic albeit bashful smile, her free hand twiddling with the sleeve of his cardigan, the fact that he had given it to her slipping her mind entirely. “maybe i’ll see you around?”
⁰⁴ seungwoo h. 7 months ago
@⁰¹ miyeon c. the soft giggles from miyeon's mouth was a success in seungwoo's books, he did like to make people laugh. he watches her expression intently, seeing carefully if she liked the drink. seungwoo felt himself relax a little once miyeon proclaimed she likes the drink. seungwoo shakes his head and gestures to the can, "you can keep it if you like it then." he looks to the doorway of the kitchen, hearing rumblings of people maybe wanting to go in. "looks like this place won't be that silent for long. i should be getting out there soon, has your friend texted you back yet?"
⁰⁴ doyoung k. [A] 7 months ago
@⁰⁴ jisoo k. The pair drag Yuta, completely gone to the world, into his room and after dropping him as gently as he can onto his bed, Doyoung watches from the door how carefully his friend seems to tuck him into bed. Figure leaned against the doorframe with arms crossed over the broadness of his chest, he briefly ponders just how lucky Yuta must be to have a friend like her. In hindsight, he's quite unsure if his own roommates would do the same for him; not because they weren't kind people, but simply because had the quartet thrown a party at their place, the rest of them would surely be too inebriated or occupied with their own fun to aid him. Wordlessly he tries to recall her name. Jisoo, was it? "Uh," he says before shrugging. He had been hoping not to get /too/ drunk, knowing he still had to study and work tomorrow. But when a pretty girl was offering it to him, why not? "Sure, why not. Lead the way," he says with a small smile before he begins to exit the room, closing the door securely behind them.
⁰¹ miyeon c. (h) 7 months ago
@⁰⁴ seungwoo h. her smile grew a bit as he poked her cheek, giggling softly at the light touch, dimples on full display. however, as he held the can out to her, her expression changed and miyeon eyed it skeptically, unsure of how to answer his question. every alcohol she had tried in the past had been absolutely disgusting; but, at the same time, this would give her an opportunity to brag to her roommate about having an indirect kiss with a beautiful senior. hesitantly, she nodded and took the can, taking a sip, her eyes immediately widening in surprise. “it’s good,” she exclaimed, more as a question than a statement, not knowing alcoholic drinks could be so sweet—and she loved sweet things. “you have good taste, oppa,” miyeon said, holding the can back out to him with a small smile, her tone still a bit shy.


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