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⁰¹ miyeon c. (h) 6 months ago
@⁰³ junhoe k. given she hadn’t initially noticed the boy’s presence, miyeon jumped a bit when she heard his voice, startled out of her wits, her gaze quickly flitting to look up at his face, chocolate eyes wide like a child who was caught stealing from the cookie jar. immediately, a faint hue of pink painted her smooth cheeks, and she found herself unable to speak, just staring at him as a whirlpool of thoughts and emotions overwhelmed her, the most prominent falling between ‘oh my god it’s one of the hot seniors why is he talking to me’ and ‘wow how did he manage to make wiping his face with a towel look so y?’

when he focused his gaze back on her, miyeon quickly snapped out of her ogling trance and nodded slightly, the pink dusting her cheeks transforming into a darker shade. “uhm- yes, i am. i grew up abroad, so...yeah,” she mumbled shyly, fingers twiddling with the armholes of her sweatshirt, creating little sweater paws - as was her nervous habit. trying to imagine what a normal korean girl her age would do in this situation, she defaulted to bowing politely, offering him a bashful version of her usual angelic smile. “i’m sorry if i interrupted you. i’m cho miyeon, a freshman.”
⁰¹ miyeon c. (h) 6 months ago
@⁰³ junhoe k. it was almost 9pm, signally the end of the boy’s basketball team’s practice, and miyeon watched with dreamy eyes as the sweaty team huddled up around the coach, most likely discussing their plans for the next day. she was seated comfortably in the top row of the bleachers, pressed against the railing all the way to the left side, so as to stay out of sight, not wanting to attract any attention. this was like her guilty pleasure: taking a break from working to watch the team play. miyeon considered herself to be their unofficial biggest fan, not just because of her passionate love for the sport but also because of her growing obsession with the hot seniors on the team. it was a weird concept to fathom, given that she had never really idolized other people in such a manner, but something about the allure of the tall, muscular seniors she just couldn’t resist. besides, she was an innocent freshman—why not enjoy it while she can?

peeling her eyes off of the men, she pulled out her phone to shoot a quick text to her roommate, raving about how gorgeous so and so was and how her only goal in life at this point was to interact with them. with a small smile playing on her lips, once the men dispersed and headed to the locker room, she quietly skipped down the bleachers and discreetly headed for the gym’s exit.
⁰² yeji h. 7 months ago
@⁰³ mingyu k. knowing fully well she shouldn't test the man's patient any further, yeji couldn't help the scoff that makes its way up , mindlessly staring down at the jersey. now lamely strewn over her white converse, the prior condiments makes its mark upon her own possessions, and she couldn't help but to bitterly swallow any retaliation - karma, that's what this was. "sheesh, yeah, sure, i'll pay for it if it can get you to calm down! what's so. . . expensive about this jersey anyways? i bet i could just toss it into a laundry machine and get the work done. . ." at this point, the oranghead began mumbling different possibilities to herself, picking up the cloth with her thumb and forefinger to pinch its hem as she lifts it up to her face. but all thoughts of actually /finding/ a solution was swept away at the barrage of questions, followed by the final assumption that caused her face to distort into disgust and horror. "i-, wait, what?!" her splutters were followed by strained laughter, before she brings up her other hand to swat at the latter's finger. "listen, even if i /was/ going to spy, i'd find a place with guys who are actually good looking, sorry to break it to you." with a harrumph, she's folding the jersey into a messy square to prevent the mess from staining anything else, craning her head back and away from the nudging finger. "and yeah, i . . i guess i got lost. i'm eerr --" almost sheepishly, she's glancing away from the latter to gaze over his shoulder, opting to not reveal her name just yet. "i'm a sophomore. . so you probably never met me before, aha. not that you need to, yeah, totally, just forget i was ever here."
⁰² yeji h. 7 months ago
@⁰³ mingyu k. the best thing to do as the person at fault was probably to take a step back, apologize, and take responsibility for the mess. and yet, the only thing that registered in her head was the mentioning of 'weasley.' and with a flabbergasted, distorted look of surprise, yeji tilts her head up to peer at the latter. "/you/ watch harry potter? huh. . . such a slytherin for sure." her lips curl into a grimace, eyeing the condiments that began seeping into his shirt in a rather disgusting manner, and without a single tissue in sight, began using the tips of her fingers to scoop up whatever she could from the material of his uniform before flailing her hands to wave it off. "well, clearly, i used my eyes to get here in the first place! damn, it's just a shirt." despite her efforts, however, there was an obvious stain that remains smack dab in the middle of the uniform. "okay, er. . . so this isn't working. can i - pay you to get it dry cleaned? or, i don't know what do you want me to do? i obviously can't clean it when you're still wearing it -- and no, if you're about to strip please let me close my eyes. i don't need any unsolicited image in my mind right now."
⁰² yeji h. 7 months ago
@⁰³ mingyu k. yeji believes her detail oriented trait is both a blessing and a curse. a blessing when she was in class, or working late hours at the studio, carving down the final line to her model project. yet, a curse when she finds herself so caught up by miniscule features around her, she completely ignores the words uttered by her friend who'd left her alone by the hotdog stand. it left the orange-headed girl aimlessly walking around in circles for the next minute or so, two large hot dogs in hand, completely doused with condiments. "i'm pretty sure she said court. . . but which court, damn. did she say north? what the is on the north?" and perhaps it was a cliche, overtold lesson -- watch where you walk. but do people ever listen? perhaps, some do, but definitely not yeji. instead of stumbling into her friend out of pure luck, her fortune struck out as she quite literally faceplants against a person. there were a few things that registered in her mind in that moment: 1) it was a male, she'd assume. strong pectorals felt against her hands, but it's sweaty, kind of gross. 2) he was definitely taller than her, line of sight barely able to catch the tip of his chin. and 3) she had completely wrecked his uniform with streaks and splatters of red ketchup and yellow mustard, lonely hotdogs now laying upon the dirty ground. "holy crap, i'm so sorry? wait, i- where did you appear from?!"


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theblueberries 2 weeks ago
⁰¹ yewon c. 2 weeks ago
⁰² doyeon k. 36 minutes ago Reply
the way i would prefer to attend saebom more than my actual uni pls

not me reminiscing about this hardcore rn
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wonholic [A] 5 months ago
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― total: 41 students.
narcotic 5 months ago
aghkjfds i'm sorry, can i get chaeyoung back? forgot to hit the point req T_____T
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Wiggles booteh
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