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⁰¹ yibo w. 1 year ago
@⁰⁴ zhan x. It was undeniably disappointing when Zhan moved from his lap. The voice in his head nagging, voicing loud and clear every insecurity he had been nurturing since earlier that day. For some odd reason, despite the initiation being on Zhan's side, Yibo couldn't help but feel like he was in too deep for his own good. That he was the only one being a complete idiot with no reservations when it came to the other. Right, rationality, that's what he connected with Zhan. Rationality and maturity. Yet Yibo still had a gnawing in his stomach that he was pushing things too far too soon. Breaking out of his disappointment, he got to his feet again, rushing to his nearly organized closet. "Sure, I have many," Yibo announced, going through the options. He wouldn't just pick the first and sweats he found, that just wouldn't do. He had to look for his favorites, to brand them with the memory and make them even more preferable over the others. He pulled out a graphic tee and a pair of grey sweatpants, padding over to the bed again. "I usually don't wear clothes to sleep, so I have no pajamas," Yibo slightly pouted, apologetic for not being able to offer better sleepwear. "But since it's a dorm and , I wear like," Yibo trailed off, eyes widening. Why was he talking about his sleep outfits? "Uhh... u-underwear and shirts," he added quietly, finishing the thought despite the sudden realization and swallowing thickly, ears turning red. "Here," he said, handing Zhan the clothes, avoiding his eyes.
⁰⁴ zhan x. 1 year ago
@⁰¹ yibo w. Zhan's eyes had fluttered closed, the tender movements of the hand in his hair lulling him into a peaceful ease. "Half the time you call me a genius, the other half it's airhead," His eyes snapped open, shooting a glare up at his boyfriend, although his gaze softened quickly, all conviction behind the glare lost as soon as his eyes landed on his cute pout. "Oh" Was all he could muster, his brain mush after the younger's proclamation. "I-.. uh" There wasn't a single intelligible thought in his mind. "I'm..okay" He attempted to assure Yibo, but his brain had finally registered what was happening only minutes before and call it brain damage. All of his brain cells were busy processing the image of his boyfriend straddling him, his bare skin under his fingertips. Oh god. He wanted to melt into the bed."Uh..Y-yea?" He hadn't considered sleeping clothes when he agreed to stay. His usual habits consisted of, well, boxers. The senior pushed himself backwards off of his comfy pillow, onto the bed. His face was beet red. "Do you have sweatpants or shorts.. or something? that I can borrow?" He cursed his lack of foresight.
⁰¹ yibo w. 1 year ago
@⁰⁴ zhan x. "I wish your airheadedness didn't rub off on me," Yibo muttered, half serious, since the moment Zhan entered his life, or the other way around, Yibo couldn't gather one rational thought. Just like now, he wanted to punch the wall (and the movie for startling his boyfriend, ruining everything); a one on one fist fight with a ing wall, very rational, logical and mature way of thinking. Yibo watched how Zhan curled up to be able to lay in his lap and as soon as he did, there was a hand on Zhan's head, where the water bottle wasn't pressed to it, and the other was snuggled by his boyfriend. "I have to worry about you. Who else should I worry about if not you?" Yibo slightly pouted. Maybe it wasn't the best way to proclaim how much he cared, but he honestly did. Zhan getting injured on every other occasion they were together, it was concerning. However, not concerning enough to stop Yibo from wanting to meet up with his boyfriend every possible opportunity. "Are you sure you're okay? Do you want to lie down properly?" Yibo asked. "I'll get you some sleeping clothes. You're lucky though, I can watch over you so you like don't die over the night," morbidly, Yibo grinned widely, feeling suddenly very important and confident, the hand on Zhan's head raking through his hair in gentle movements.
⁰⁴ zhan x. 1 year ago
@⁰¹ yibo w. Despite the minor throbbing at the back of his head, Zhan felt a sense of disappointment as Yibo climbed off his lap, having been perfectly comfortable the way they were seated. He pouted annoyed at the ruined moment and slightly embarrassed, the senior wasn't known to be this clumsy. That was a title he had intended to leave to his boyfriend. The one who jumped into action immediately tending to his injury (?), similarly to the way he had at their first meeting, Zhan smiled at the memory.
"I think your clumsiness is rubbing off on me" He grabs the water bottle from his boyfriend, holding it to the back of his head gingerly. "But I'm the one who keeps getting injured," His head falls into the younger's lap, his awkwardly long legs curling up around Yibo. "Holy , the wall is..ow" He couldn't help but laugh at the situation, and his own misfortune. "I'll be fine," The senior reached for his boyfriend's hand, kissing the pads of his fingertips "Dont worry about me." He snuggled comfortably in the lap he'd now made his pillow.
⁰¹ yibo w. 1 year ago
@⁰⁴ zhan x. The remark had Yibo chuckling breathily, pleased with himself and the effect he had on his boyfriend. He melted in the kiss, the hands roaming his body on places where he's never really been touched by anyone felt amazingly foreign, addictive even. The nibble on his lower lip felt different than the one he habitually did to himself, enticing a wince and a pleasured sigh to escape from his lungs. Before he could do whatever his bodily instincts told him to, encouraged by every stimuli Zhan was putting Yibo's inexperienced being through, the lips of his boyfriend abruptly stopped, detached and the thud made him jump and his eyes shoot open. ", you okay?" Yibo's haze was gone, quite completely. Lust taken over by concern from the very painfully sounding dull thud that could only mean that Zhan hit his head against the wall. And if that wall wasn't the one separating it from the outside wall, he would be even concerned that the neighbors would come knocking on the door, alarmed. Yibo quickly grabbed the back of Zhan's head with a spread, large palm, massaging his scalp in attempt to locate any bump. "," the freshman quickly scrambled to his feet, off of Zhan's lap, stumbling off the bed to grab a cooled water bottle from the minifridge. "Stay there, don't move," Yibo instructed, hoping the senior didn't suffer a concussion. It was unlikely, but knowing how many times he himself hit his head when he fell off the skateboard, it was always the number one concern. "Hold on," Yibo got back on the bed, sitting in his earlier position with his legs folded in a lotus position, pressing the cold water bottle against the back of Zhan's head as a prevention of any swelling that could have occur. "Does it hurt? , of course it does. Are you dizzy? What am I supposed to do? Should I call an ambulance?" Once again, Yibo was panicking, the deja vu of their first meeting caused him to shiver. If the situation wasn't so concerning, he would laugh at the misfortune.
⁰⁴ zhan x. 1 year ago
@⁰¹ yibo w. "Blood pressure is through the roof, the scale is broken" Zhan voice was low, breathless as his boyfriend settles into his lap with a natural ease. The senior had to gulp hard, needing to remind himself of how to breathe his self-control, hanging on by a thread as YIbo's warm body leans into his. An unexpected tug on the hair causes a gasp to escape his lips, 'Not yet', the words Zhan had hoped to hear. He searched Yibo's chocolate orbs, searching them for any sign of hesitation or doubt, neither was found before the younger's lips latched onto his again. Zhan's mind went into a frenzy, this kiss was hungrier, needier than before. His lips responded by parting slightly, molding seamlessly against the younger's, then a soft nibble to his lower lip, asking for entrance. His hands slipped up the smaller's thigh, grazing over his round , tracing along the waistband of his sweat pants, sliding under his thin t-shirt once again, stopping briefly on his waist, his thumb tracing the muscle lines on his abdomen. They once again started making their further up his back, only for Zhan to be awoken from his lust-filled trance by a loud /bang/ from the movie still playing on the abandoned laptop next to them. The senior jumped at the unexpected sound, quickly snapping his head backward, the lack of distance caused a loud smack of his cranium against the rough drywall behind "ow" he hissed in pain. " motherer" he cursed as if it were the walls fault.
⁰¹ yibo w. 1 year ago
@⁰⁴ zhan x. The pout of dismay became harder to maintain with every word past 'clumsy baby'. Yibo's lips twisted around and his eyes started to shift with every following word, confidence blooming and pride growing. His, yes, Zhan's anything, as long as he could use the same possessiveness towards him. Yibo tried to return the coming kiss through the -eating grin that was eventually a result of those very words. A roll of the eyes and a chuckle were his reaction to the tongue presented to him. "Yeah, but-" Yibo raised his voice at the end, as if to start an argument, but there was nothing following it. He didn't want to argue. He wanted to savor the compliments and the sense of belonging.

"And raising your blood pressure, right?" Yibo spoke absentmindedly, rushed and breathless for some reason, immediately following Zhan's movements to push the laptop, sliding it off of his lap to the side. The grip on his thigh was numbing in the best way imaginable, and it was enough to get him straddling the elder's lap with a trained stunt of mounting a bike, his hands holding onto Zhan's shoulders for balance. Being kissed like that, so intimately, Yibo closed his eyes, letting out a rugged sigh, leaning against the source that caused his skin to tingle everywhere. Zhan's voice was too close to his ear when he spoke, and that alone, the breathiness and depth of it, could be considered too much. Long fingers found their way up in Zhan's hair, tugging just enough to tilt Zhan's head back. "Not yet," Yibo shook his head, eyes fixed meaningfully on Zhan's equally heated ones. Leaning forward in his newly acquired seat made of two lean thighs, Yibo latched his mouth on Zhan's in a bruising kiss, hungry and full of years of pent up hormonal lust. Not a safe combination by a long shot.
⁰⁴ zhan x. 1 year ago
@⁰¹ yibo w. "My clumsy baby, my handsome man, my boyfriend" Zhan whispered against YIbo's lips, his fingers gently caressing his cheek, "You're perfect and you're mine either way" an innocent kiss found its way to Yibo's lips to seal the deal. "The one who needs a mirror is you," His tongue stuck out from between his lips playfully. "I'm not taking any arguments." a bright toothy smile graced his lips as his boyfriend's dark chocolate eyes found his.

A small frustrated groan escaped his lips as his mind was quickly intoxicated by his boyfriend's touch. "" He murmured as a pair of perfect pouted lips found his again, "You're really testing my self-control here, clumsy" He warned, pushing the laptop out of the way, his hand found the younger's muscular thigh, tugging him into a straddle in his lap, a kiss at the corner of his month, another one on his jaw, his cheek, then under his ear "If you want me to stop" He whispered, breathlessly "I'll stop"
⁰¹ yibo w. 1 year ago
@⁰⁴ zhan x. "Disagree," Yibo said in a low voice, the hand on Zhan's neck stroking down the length of it before returning to cup his sharp jaw he yearned to touch so badly. His fingers tested the bone structure in small slow caresses and it was enough to send Yibo's bottom lip between his own teeth in a tight bite. "You probably need one," Yibo asserted with a small half smile, closing his eyes as his less damp bangs were brushed away. "Because no one compares to you." Yibo's eyes opened as he spoke sincerely, eyes diving into the depth of his boyfriend's. It meant far more to be called handsome by Zhan than by anyone else, his inner narcissist thriving in it. But then, there were his feelings and attraction. "And suddenly I'm a man," Yibo's parted lips turned into a smirk, the sensation of Zhan's kisses still lingering. Truly, being called a baby in a banter and then a man just had to spur something in Yibo's self-obsessed and Zhan-obsessed brain. He sat up higher, both hands available now, he cupped Zhan's face this time, pressing a kiss of his own to his lips, deeper and bolder than before. He mind stopping. Zhan agreed to stay, Yibo promised to be good, which was in a way a hopeful open door for a future date of similar nature. Whatever it would turn out to be this time, though, Yibo would stick to whatever was permitted. And for now, making-out seemed to be the way to go. And he was not complaining one bit.
⁰⁴ zhan x. 1 year ago
@⁰¹ yibo w. His tree. That was a new one, Zhan chuckled “But you’re /my/ clumsy baby. if anyones gonna wobble and fall in the wind, its you.” the use of possessive the pronoun coming more naturally. Zhan rolled his eyes playfully “If you wanted me to stay, all you had to do was say so” he grumbled, but didn’t protest. He also didn’t say anything about the way ‘I’ll be good’ ignited his mind.

The simplest touch from his boyfriend was enough to send Zhan’s mind into a frenzy. Every ounce of his body was hooked on begging for more. The hand at the nape of his neck sent a shiver down his spine, the half lidded gaze trained on his kiss-reddend lips, almost enough to send any remnants of restraint tumbling into a pit that could only be described as lust. He had half the mind to replace the laptop in his lap with the handsome man he was lucky enough to call his boyfriend. But instead, clung on to the last shred of control he had, he pressed a soft kiss to the corner of Yibo’s mouth “I dont need one to know you are the most handsome man I’ve ever seen in my life” A hand came up to gently brush away Yibo’s bangs, allowing him to examine the perfecton that was Wang Yibo.
⁰¹ yibo w. 1 year ago
@⁰⁴ zhan x. "I'm not a child," Yibo frowned lightly, staring at the other with questioning eyes. He was a grown man, adult, regardless of whether he behaved like a toddler at times. "As if I wouldn't. What if you'd wobble in the wind and fell? What would I do then? Call the firefighters that my tree fell and I don't know where?" Yibo teased with a false angry expression on his face, not missing the chance to use the newly allowed possessive pronoun with Zhan. Yibo suddenly smirked, both that Zhan didn't want him to sleep on another man's bed and that gasp that followed. "Then you sleep here and I promise I'll be good," Yibo said holding up three swearing fingers.

With a newly acquired free hand, he grabbed the back of Zhan's neck, fingers tracing the short hair on his nape in small examining rubs. He loved every moment of this. The one who disliked physical contact, loved being touched right now. And not by just anyone, but by Zhan. From day one, when he bulldozed him down. The hand on Yibo's back felt foreign and he shivered, holding back a telling gasp.

Still, Zhan seemed to be way more rational than he could ever be near him. Which both impressed and upset him. Yibo chased Zhan's lips once the senior pulled away. And the younger was left staring. Lips freshly kissed, parted, eyes unfocused yet searching. He scanned Zhan's face to the smallest detail from this close proximity and, yeah, no, his boyfriend was the beautiful one. "You don't use a mirror, do you?" Yibo muttered while staring at Zhan's alluring mouth, which hadn't had a trace of the cute toothy smile Yibo became so fond of. No, they were alluring in a whole different way.
⁰⁴ zhan x. 1 year ago
@⁰¹ yibo w. A small sip out of the straw his boyfriend held for him confirmed, not that he had any doubts, honeydew. Neither flavors were his typical picks. But he only had himself to thank for the weird boba choices the couple held.

“I dont want you to have to walk back here alone so late at night” Zhan voiced his concerns, frowning at the thought. “It’s dangerous. and I’d worry” He mutters, almost embarrassed for being so concerned for a grown man. Boyfriend or not. “If i’m not allowed to sleep on that bed then neither are you” Zhan pouted, he didnt have a problem sleeping on the other bed seeing as it belonged to his friend, “I dont like the idea of you sleeping on another man’s bed.” But Yibo was stubborn, if this went on, he might end up staying, an idea he wasn’t opposed to, but one that still brought a flush to his cheeks. “Wang Yibo, Jesus Christ” The senior gasped at the mention of their coach...and potential activities he might not approve of. Which was certainly inclusive, but not limited to, the way their bodies were subsequently entangled.

With the hand that had been pressed against the younger’s back, he took the boba from him, placing it on the nightstand. Only breaking the kiss to make sure it was secure before reattaching himself to his boyfriend’s sweet honeydew coated lips. His arm found it way around his boyfriend’s small waist, his hand slid under his thin t-shirt, tracing small lines along the curvature of his spine. With a small nibble to his lower lip, and the last bit of self control Zhan could muster, he pulled away with a content sigh. Happy, but worried about taking things too far “God, you are absolutely beautiful,” he muttered, dazed. Lost in his boyfriends rich chocolate brown orbs.
⁰¹ yibo w. 1 year ago
@⁰⁴ zhan x. "There's honeydew in it," Yibo muttered, his jaw tight in a clench as he was in the middle of chewing the pearls. "Dunno what else, it's a strong flavour," Yibo spoke, unguarded, shrugging ever so slightly before he was nudged. He couldn't help the fond half smile that appeared on his face, eyes meeting Zhan's for a moment. He mirrored the action, holding the boba in his hand up for his boyfriend to taste, while he sipped on the other.

"I don't mind going with you, neither do I mind you staying," Yibo said, voice even and serious in a way that suggested not only determination, but also that he had a choice of none of the above. Yibo turned his head promptly, "I won't let you sleep on the floor!" He narrowed his eyes. "And I won't let you sleep on his bed either." This time, he added less audibly, pout threatening on his lips before he occupied them with a straw. "So if you're staying," Yibo said, eyebrow raising in an innocent suggestion as his sentence went unfinished. It didn't have to be, the message was clear; if Zhan was staying, they either would sleep there together, or Yibo would move to the other bed. "Chill, it's cool. I won't do anything coach wouldn't approve of," Yibo smirked bashfully over the straw, eyes focused on their touching thighs instead.

With the last remaining functioning brain cell, Yibo forced all of his might into carrying out the 'do not spill drink' command. He had it bad, getting intoxicated by the taste and feel of his boyfriend against him. His whole system responded on instinct, parting his lips just enough to accommodate Zhan's, returning each advance eagerly. The whirlwind of emotions intensified with the touch on his face that burnt him so sweetly. It caused Yibo to sigh in conent through his nose and tilt his head, as well as use his free arm, which was stuck between their bodies, for a little leverage and stability, pushing himself slightly higher and experimentally employing his tongue to taste the remnants of the lychee on Zhan's bottom lip. He didn't quite know what he was doing.
⁰⁴ zhan x. 1 year ago
@⁰¹ yibo w. "Thanks" Zhan mumbled back. He took a small sip, trying not to show his surprise when he tasted lychee. He'd ordered in a rush and couldn't remember what he'd asked for. At least his frantic genius brain didn't fail him. "What flavor do you have" He whispered to the figure in his arms, nudging him lightly to let him try the other tea "Ah~"

"You don't have to walk me home, it'll probably be late," Zhan refuted the freshman's offer, not wanting his boyfriend to be walking around campus alone in the middle of the night. "I-.. uh.. I- i mean, if you want me to stay..." Zhan choked on the boba in his mouth, despite the mention of separate beds. The idea of staying enough for his mind to wander again, "I won't kick you out of your own bed" He mutters once haze in his mind clears, "If anything I'll just sleep on the floor... or just go home" Zhan hoped it didn't sound like he didn't want to stay, he did. But their relationship was new and uncharted territory for Zhan, and for Yibo too, he assumed. Besides, if things went the way he hoped they would, they had nothing but time.

Yibo's kisses were sweet, but each one too short leaving Zhan addicted, and longing for more. Hand-pressed against his lower back, he captures his boyfriend's soft pouted lips with his own. Yibo tasted sweeter than boba, prompting him to abandon the beverage occupying his other hand leaned against the wall strategically. His newly freed hand cupped the side of his boyfriend's face gently, stroking the edge of the jawline he'd been abmiring all night absentmindedly
⁰¹ yibo w. 1 year ago
@⁰⁴ zhan x. "Here," Yibo mumbled, trying not to speak too loud over the movie, since he suspected that Zhan would still like to have a peaceful time watching it. The freshman handed one boba drink to Zhan, pressing it into one of his hands. "We can switch later," he added just as quietly.
Yibo was appreciative how this impromptu movie night was not going the way internet and his peers would likely suggest it would. After all, Zhan was his first boyfriend and only second relationship. It thrilled him as much as it scared him. “I will see you home after,” Yibo determined valiantly, the sole reason of the suggestion being spending more time with Zhan. “Or if your overworked genius decides to switch off mid-movie, you can sleep here. I’ll sleep there,” Yibo said, bottom lip between teeth as he gestured towards the bed across from them.
Yibo scoffed slightly at the remark, "You sound like my grandpa." The teasing, mischievous grin and a side glance disappeared the moment his nose was being kissed. He wasn’t yet used to being kissed so freely, but it wasn’t anything he would complain about. He couldn't decide on the boba preference, but he was certain that Zhan's pair of lips was his choice for this act of affection. Yibo pressed up as a response to the brief kiss, practicing his own part in this act. Giddiness spread through him as an arm s around him and the pirates on the screen were forgotten. Yibo squirmed a little at the contact, pressing up once more for another kiss, and then another, both of them short and sweet.
⁰⁴ zhan x. 1 year ago
@⁰¹ yibo w. Yibo's approval was all Zhan needed to press play. The senior knew he would be too focused on a certain boba double- freshman to pay attention to the screen anyways. The imagery of the two of them sharing the cramped bed swam through his mind incessantly. As much as he wanted to entertain the possibility, Zhan felt it was much too soon as the two had only started dating not long ago. Albeit, the senior's experiences in this part of life were scarce, his information was likely flawed, Zhan decided he would rather take things slow for fear of making irreversible mistakes.
Zhan was brought out of his trance but the sudden jerk of his head, removing him from his incredibly comfortable human pillow, before he could protest, a weight landed on his shoulder. A quick glance down confirmed that his handsome boyfriend had, in fact, turned him into the pillow. Zhan let out a low chuckle, he didnt mind, Yibo had him wrapped around his pinky and he probably didn't even know it. "I don't mind either," He replied, eyeing the bobas that were now suddenly shoved in his face, obstructing his view from the adorable freshman "I thought you wanted both of them?" He teased, although if that really was what he wanted, Zhan certainly wasn't going to stop him.
"Fancy meeting you here" Zhan muttered as the freshman suddenly nuzzled against his jaw. He bent down, placing a kiss at the tip of his nose, then his perfect plump lips. He gently s the arm Yibo had been laying on under his neck, his hand landed comfortably at his boyfriend's waist.
⁰¹ yibo w. 1 year ago
@⁰⁴ zhan x. (( I'm uwu-ing through this... I just hope the soft won't get old too soon ;;))

"That sounds better," Yibo approved of the next possibility of a movie for the night. "But only if you like it," he added promptly. For the lack of clear thought, he resolved into taking more time tasting the drinks, in order to decide which one he liked better, even though his brain was way far ahead of any rational thought he had ever had. Not only has he never slept in one bed with anyone else, well, at least not since he reached the age when a member of the family comforting him through a nightmare became just plain stupid and cowardly. Taking into consideration that this would have been his boyfriend he would be sleeping with in a crammy bed, with one blanket, two pillows, where one of them was a poor excuse of a plush turtle head, Yibo was going crazy. Internally. To soothe his own wandering mind, unable to focus correctly on anything other than the places where Zhan's body connected to his in the most precious and innocent way, Yibo moved his legs around the bed in an languid motion of getting more comfortable. Not that he wasn't. But the build-up of tension that grew inside of him needed to be calmed.

He shifted slightly, nudging Zhan's head with his off of his shoulder to exchange the position; Yibo placing his own head on Zhan's shoulder; and absent-mindedly held up both the bobas up in front of his boyfriend's face while he set up the movie. "Which one do you like better?" Yibo asked, eyes fixed on Zhan's sharp jaw. He wanted to touch it. Trace it, feel the bone structure since it seemed to be made like fine art. His handsome, genius boyfriend was a piece of art. In the end, waiting for Zhan to taste the drinks and set up the movie, Yibo moved one lazy leg to lay parallel next to Zhan's, touching from feet to hips, aware how the hip bones were not on the same level (goddamn legs for days) and decided to nuzzle his face into that perfect, chiseled jaw just because he could.
⁰⁴ zhan x. 1 year ago
@⁰¹ yibo w. [[ 'he had put up a few milestones in his head, to better himself. To be the best boyfriend Zhan could ask for.'
cries. im so soff for these two ]]

"Your airhead.." The senior echoed, he prided himself for his intelligence and yet the title had his heart fluttering inexplicably "I'll allow it," He tucks himself closer to Yibo comforting both himself and his boyfriend with the proximity "I'm sorry, clumsy" He apologizes anyways, turning to place a small kiss on his boyfriend's jaw, which was all he could reach from where he laid. "Thank you for being so understanding." Zhan was once again reminded how lucky he was. Not all boyfriends would be comfortable with their significant others running off to meet someone who'd expressly outed their feelings for the other.

"U-uh. " Zhan stammered, no idea what to say to the double kill that had just been shot his way in the form of ad simple 'you're hot' followed by a demand for him to stay over. He wasn't unwilling to do so, if fact it was the exact opposite. The senior glanced down at the small twin sized school issured mattress that the couple sat on. The two of them already took up the majority of the bed, he imagined the way their bodies would have to entangle together in order to compensate for the lack of space. His face grew as red as a tomato. "I-i.. uh. not Yibo-friendly" He echoed, every thought took an extra second to process as the image his boyfriends sleepiing figure pressed against him circled his brain. And thank god for his logical brain, that went into auto pilot, scrolled through the abandonned movie catalog "Um.. Pirates of the Caribbean?" He stammered, through his next movie suggestion.
⁰¹ yibo w. 1 year ago
@⁰⁴ zhan x. "Anytime," Yibo whispered as Zhan's head came to lay on his shoulder, appreciative of the closeness and the trust the other put into him. That was yet another win, not that this was anyhow a competition. However, as this was, in Yibo's point of view, his first mature sort of relationship, he had put up a few milestones in his head, to better himself. To be the best boyfriend Zhan could ask for. Just because Yibo was certain the other deserved it. With a twist to his lips, a determined and contemplative one, upon hearing the possessive pronoun. It lingered in his ears and made his body warm with affection. Yibo turned his head briskly and pressed a smooch against the crown of Zhan's head. "Fine, but then you're my airhead," he had to try hard not to stutter.

He should be honest. Yibo was almost always blatantly honest, sometimes it was for the worse. But this was his boyfriend, for the long term, hopefully. "I was jealous," he admitted bitterly. "You have nothing to be sorry about," Yibo added, lowering his gaze to his hands that held the two large cups of boba. "You value your friendships and that's a good thing. That uh that I get like that is on me. It's my insecurity," Yibo confessed, hopefully making it clear that he didn't hold it against Zhan.

Yibo closed his eyes to hide yet another eye-roll, sighing through his nose, but there was a smirk playing on his tiers. The words coming from Zhan, Yibo interpreted them even more syrupy, pouring over his ego like a honey glaze, boosting his pride tremendously, however, he oddly felt humble about it, bashful even. His cheeks blotchy with blush, lips now in a full, wide grin, eyes still closed as he drowned in those sticky sweet words. Until the last adjective reached his ears. Hot? Zhan's found him hot? Yibo's eyes fluttered open, naturally pouty lips parting in a slight surprise and his head craned a little to be able to look at Zhan's face. "You're hot," Yibo didn't think before speaking, not for a second.

Yibo pulled himself back from his slightly heated thoughts at the gentle cough, looking away from his boyfriend's face, that seemed to be perfect from even such an awkward angle. "That does not sound Yibo-friendly," the feshman pouted, scrunching up his nose for a second. "But if you want to be forced to stay the night to comfort me, feel free to," Yibo shrugged, hoping to tease the other in a way he found effective, that Zhan would get flustered at such an implication.
⁰⁴ zhan x. 1 year ago
@⁰¹ yibo w. Sinking down to lay his head against Yibo's shoulder "Thanks, clumsy" Zhan whispered gratefully. The gesture meaning more to the senior than he could ever imagine. Zhan didn't like to show vulnerability to others, often choosing to handle his emotions by confining himself to his room. Worried about being a burden to others otherwise.
"You're my clumsy, stop fighting it" The more the freshman fought him on it, the more determined Zhan was to make the pet name stick.

"I realized I never asked you how you felt when I rushed off to meet with Tae" Zhan sat up to face Yibo intently, realizing how inconsiderate his actions must've felt towards their new relationship "I hope it didn't make you feel uncomfortable," He remarked earnestly "And if it did, I'm really sorry" The situation between the three of them was unprecedented, and the last thing he'd wanted was for it to cause a rift between him and Yibo. He cursed himself for being too preoccupied to think of the bigger picture earlier.

"But I prefer cute?" Zhan pouted "Handsome, yes. Charming, yes. Cool, sometimes" He listed off the options he was given by his boyfriend "Cute, absolutely, Adorable? even better. Captivating, enchanting, hot." He added on, growing red as he realized what he was doing. SInking back down to rest his head against his all of the above boyfriend's shoulder Uh, thanks" He muttered, unable to muster a /cute/ smile in his state of shock.
"Ahem," He cleared his throat, turning his attention back to the laptop in front of him, "So...the conjuring?" He suggested, diving right back into teasing the younger.
⁰¹ yibo w. 1 year ago
@⁰⁴ zhan x. The sudden thought that blossomed in Yibo's mind at the mention if keeping someone waiting, started up yet another whirlwind of emotions. "Anytime," Yibo cleared his throat, speaking before he fully thought things through. "Anytime you need... me or anything, just call. I'll uh I will be there," Yibo insisted, his eyes determined and his head bouncing in tiny nods so as to support his claim and get the message through. This seemed like a little pick-me-up date after a below average day, and Yibo wanted Zhan to know that he could be trusted with such things.

The eye roll that occured hurt in the most relieving way as his strained, stingy eyes from all the maintenance work on his inanimate baby just needed a stretch, as good as a whole body one after waking up. "I'm not clumsy," he muttered in addition.

Knowing that Zhan had gone to meet Taeyang was not ans easy information to digest, not now, not then when he read it over text. He trusted both of them, in a very strange way, but it didn't ease the particular strong feeling a stereotypical boyfriend meets roommate without the other boyfriend situation, which didn't exactly radiate positive outcome. Especially considering their past. Zhan's words systematically seemed to knock out Yibo's breath and fill him with warmth for the sheer sincerity they carried every time. Why did he trust him so much right off the bat?

For a brief second, Yibo frowned at being called cute in such a fond way, but instead of going the usual route of right out rejecting it, he pouted and lifted his chin up proudly. "I am very cute, yes, but I prefer the word 'cool'. 'Hadsome' is acceptable replacement. 'Charming' is always a safe choice," Yibo spoke, eyes closed and a cocky little smile tugging on the corners of his lips as he backed up against the wall fully. "Just between us, you have the cutest smile I've ever seen," Yibo whispered with a teasing yet affectionate smirk as he leaned in, shoulder against shoulder with his boyfriend. "Uh... anything except horrors," Yibo said, trying to feign confidence in such an embarrassing revelation. To cove the possible slip of attitude, he quickly took a sip of each boba to taste both.
⁰⁴ zhan x. 1 year ago
@⁰¹ yibo w. The senior sat patiently on the bed as Yibo flit around the room setting up for their impromtu movie night. "If you want both you can have both" He offered, more than happy to sacrifice his portion if it made him happy. "I know we never set a time, but I didnt want to keep you waiting" Zhan leaned into his shoulder, intent on scanning through the movies on the screen only to be distracted by the sudden peck on the cheek. The fleeting sensation was all that was necessary for his cheeks to burn red. "If you want that chair, you'll have to pry it from my cold, dead, hands" Zhan deadpans, sticking his tongue out at the freshman, The ownership of his precious chair wasnt up for debate, even for someone as important to him as Yibo.

Zhan nodded along while he explained what had happened to his prized possession, not understanding until the skater explained further. Trucks equals metal thingy that connects the wheels to the board. He stored this information for later. Clearly the sport was important to his boyfriend, and although it had never been something that particularly interested Zhan, he wanted to learn as much as he could. If only for Yibo "So what you're telling me is," A mischeivious grin "Even your skateboard has fallen victim to your clumsiness?"

"It..went" Zhan sighed tipping his head back with his eyes closed, once again reminded of his unfortunate meeting earlier that day, of course Tae was right, theres nothing he could've would've changed the outcome, "He's really hurt. I saw him as a friend, and valued him as such. So I hate knowing I'm the source of his pain." He admitted honestly, swallowing the lump in his throat "Whats worse is knowing there's nothing I can do to fix it. Because, even if I could go back in time and change things, I wouldn't." He turns to the handsome freshman next to him. "The decisions I made led me to you, and I would pick you, Every. Single. Time." A small smile played at his lips. Yibo had really become his light at the end of this tunnel.

He took a deep breath, shaking his head as if to clear the negative thoughts "Anyways, movies." He pulled the laptop into his lap as he moved to sit in the spot Yibo had left open for him, putting the TMNT pillow against his lower back for support "Cute pillow" He mumbled, spotting the masked turtles. "Hmm" He scrolled through the options "What genres do you like?" He asked realizing they had never discussed their movie preferences. He looked up from the screen in time to see the adorable freshman shimmying back into the bed, snacks in hand "God, you are so ing cute" He chuckles. "How did I ever get so lucky"
⁰¹ yibo w. 1 year ago
@⁰⁴ zhan x. Clean, set and finally able to breath over his racing heart, Yibo wiped his palms unconsciously over the white fabric of his shirt on his chest, lips slightly pursed. He slid over the polished floor in his socks to reach the desk, looking the bob Zhan had bought. "Both mine?" Yibo joked, whipping his head around to grin cheekily at his boyfriend. His grin turned less immaculate but more affectionate. "I guess it's not my place to tell whether you're late or not. We never said a specific hour," Yibo admitted taking both drinks out of the bag and first place tem on his nightstand/mini fridge. Flopping down beside Zhan, ready to pull his laptop on his lap start looking for some movie, he gathered enough courage to return the pack he was given before. It still felt foreign. And since last time, he couldn't say he wasn't being cautious about the whole thing. Yibo pressed his lips against Zhan's cheek in a chaste kiss, pulling back as if nothing happened. "Don't insult my chair, okay? If you don't want it, hand it over. I'll take second hand," He piped up very characteristically when the gaming chair was called an 'overkill'. What he wouldn't mention though was Zhan in that exact chair when it was being gifted to him. Like a package deal, chair plus one Xiao Zhan bonus. In that case, the chair. "Oh, I lost a wheel," Yibo added nodding, a bit preoccupied and distracted by the screen of his laptop. "Must've hit the curb wrong or something. It just popped off. Couldn't find it even," Yibo elaborated just a little, catching his boyfriend up on the very unpleasant experience. "I'm glad the trucks are not bent or dented," Yibo said with slight relief, glancing up at Zhan. Right, the man that live inside his dreams and now sat on his bed, in his dorm room, ready to watch a movie so intimately had probably no idea what Yibo was talking about. "The metal bars that keep the wheels on," he explained with a little uncertain smile, getting little flustered from his enthusiasm. "How'd go?" Yibo asked, biting his lower lip, remembering where exactly was Zhan coming from. He wanted to say so much, to comfort him, knowing that he himself must have felt horrible for being one end of the very twisted entanglement.

Yibo moved, sitting up higher on the bed, leaning his back against the wall, before pulling his pillows closer, tucking them against the wall, behind his back and where Zhan would sit, preparing a more comfortable seating, even if it wasn't. "Here," Yibo handed Zhan his teenage mutant ninja turtle head pillow not embarrassed for it one bit. It was well taken care of, even though it was fairly old. You can put that behind your neck or whatever," Yibo smirked slightly without any deeper meaning just to show comfort. "I should've asked you about your preference," Yibo spoke up, cluelessness in his eyes as he scanned Zhan's unfairly handsome face. "You choose," Yibo cheeked his chin forward, gesturing for Zhan to go ahead a while he placed the laptop in the space between them. He himself scooted over to the edge of the bed again to pull his backpack closer and take out a bag of soft candies that had been already opened but sealed with a paper clip and an untouched bag of chips. He tossed them in the space between them again, before reaching for the bobas, and awkwardly shimmer his over the bed back, so he could lean against the wall again with his hands full.
⁰⁴ zhan x. 1 year ago
@⁰¹ yibo w. A smile spread across Zhan's face nearly immediately as soon as the door opened and his eyes landed on the handsome freshman he was so fortunate to call his boyfriend. "Hi" He whispered breathlessly, unable to take his eyes off the younger, although simple, his sweatpants, and tshirt paired with freshly showered hair were doing wonders to make his heart jump out from his chest.
The senior stepped into the not-really-a-hall cautiously, suddenly self conscious of his own unkempt appearance from running around the city all day. His shoes were kicked off haphazardly but he took care to tuck them into the corner neatly, remembering how his boyfriend complained whenever his room was messy. Before following Yibo into the main room. His had been of the same layout, however, hardly this much floor was ever visible when he lived there. A quick once over of the rest of the room, indeed, Yibo was incredibly clean. "Very clean," He commented, before pulling the freshman into his arms "I missed you today," He admitted, placing a quick peck on his soft lips.
"Sorry I'm so late" He apologized, holding up the bag of boba as an offering "But I brought boba?" He'd gotten 2 different flavors, intent on letting Yibo pick as he wasn't sure what he preferred. He placed the bag on the desk before sitting down on the bed unbothered by the lack of fancy chairs, "Dont worry about it, the chair is a little overkill" He laughed at his unnecessarily nice gaming chair. "Did something happen to your board?" He noticed the board and what looked like a board tool lying nearby "What are we watching?"
⁰¹ yibo w. 1 year ago
@⁰⁴ zhan x. The knock was anticipated and it didn't take him more than a few seconds to actually react. However, having just finished a serious operation on his four-wheeled baby, which today had only been three-wheeled sadly he was still kind of all over the place. Even though he finished a while ago, the skateboard was still on his lap with the screwdriver still in hand, fixing the trucks on the bottom of it into place, harmonizing their closeness to perfection. Actually, he was even glad that he got extra time to work on the board and; a) not realize that Zhan was doing overtime with Taeyang for whatever reason and; b) he had time to clean up in the meantime.

Yibo shot to his feet rushing to the door to open it, a blank expression on his face, but his heart was pounding quickly and loudly, and it wouldn't stop for a long while, he supposed. "Hey you" and then the expression cracked. He smiled just the slightest as he revealed the figure of the basketball team captain, who happened to be coincidentally his boyfriend. Yibo would hate to admit that he had his fifth shower of the day just around ten minutes ago, hair still drying, worrying at the idea of looking so unkempt in front of Zhan. Long, purposely loose white brand t-shirt on top and equally loose grey sweatpants on the bottom without the protective shield of his beloved hoodies made him feel slightly more exposed. "Come in," Yibo invited Zhan in, stepping out of the way and eventually close the door after him. "You can take your shoes off here, if you want," Yibo said vaguely waving a hand at the corner in the narrow, not-really-a hall. Yibo smiled with his lips tightly pressed together and he slowly slipped away into the main room, which was lit up brightly. Yibo's bed was closer to the entrance while the other was parallel on the other side of the room, leaving a slot of nothing but hardwood floor in between them. It was clean, spotless, and it terrified Yibo for a few reasons.

"Uhm," Yibo looked at his made up bed that had the laptop already at ready sitting on it. "I don't have a fancy gaming chair, so that's the best I can offer," Yibo said slightly embarrassed for the budget room, pointing at the bed and an worn-out office chair by his desk, that cracked loudly with every weight-shift. Normally, he didn't care, but accommodating a boyfriend in such a shabby yet very clean place was embarrassing to say the least. Yibo quickly gathered the last evidence of his previous work; which was his skateboard leaned against the side of the bed and the special screwdriver lying near, making a heavy dent in the covers. He took both items, returning the skateboard into the small 'hall' area and dropping the screwdriver into its designated container with a label 'skate and '.
⁰⁴ zhan x. 1 year ago
@⁰¹ yibo w. The conversation with Tae had gone longer and more awkward than he'd initially expected. The entire situation was more suitable for a Kdrama than Zhan's own life. It was something he had never dreamed about needing to handle. Uncharacteristic for the pragmatic senior, he was sorely underprepared, and heavily underestimated the emotional toll it would take on him. Promises of a quiet movie night with his boyfriend were the only thing keeping him from locking himself in his room indefinitely over the day's events.

Promised boba in hand, he nearly skipped through the monochromatic halls, looking for the one that led to Yibo's room. He'd come later than expected, and the sun has long since set. Although the two hadn't agreed on a time, he hoped he wasn't holding up Yibo's evening. Standing in front of the proper door, he realized this would be the first time he was seeing his boyfriend's room. He gnawed on his lower lip, suddenly nervous of what the implications of movies, alone, at night might suggest. He shook his head, forcing away his ridiculous thoughts. Knocking on the door before he could overthink any further.
⁰¹ yibo w. 1 year ago
@⁰¹ taeyang c. Yibo's first reaction to being asked about music was neutral. Maybe even positive for it would fill the atmosphere with something he enjoyed as well. He didn't really know Taeyang's music taste, but Yibo wasn't picky to begin with. He has never been hell-bent on one particular genre, it varied depending on his mood and whatever Taeyang had in store, he wouldn't say no. Yibo indeed used his time to fix both of them some water, seating himself down afterwards. He pulled his phone out, texted, checked his email, and everything else one does on social media. Yibo couldn't miss the lingering sadness in the song. Just by the melody of it, he could tell that it wasn't not a song he would play on normal occasion. That, was a song to cry into his pillow at night. Yibo looked up with a raised eyebrow, slightly drawn at the tips, looking at Taeyang who was humming and moving around, preparing the food. Was he okay? Yibo thought without any deep consideration. He was just not used to people playing such heartfelt music while cooking, of all things. He lowered his eyes back to his phone, a little judgment lingering in the glint in his eyes.

"Thanks," Yibo pulled his elbows off the table as soon as Taeyang started setting the table wordlessly. He put his phone to the side of the table, keeping close in case some text messages would come through. "It's food, why would I complain?" Yibo asked, eyebrows narrowing as he took the chopsticks in hand. "It's not spicy, is it?" That would be the only concern he'd have. Other than that, food was food, meant to be eaten and he'd inhale his shoe laces if they were edible.
⁰¹ taeyang c. 1 year ago

@⁰¹ yibo w. Neither of them minded the silence which was how their room would usually be till one of them did something the other hated. Stepping into the kitchen, he looked through the cabinets where he was sure packets of ramen would be stocked and took out two packets that would be enough for them. After that he looked through the fridge and found some eggs and kimchi and took them out and placed them on the counter. Since he was the one who invited the other, it only made sense that he cooked for both of them and honestly he didn't really trust Yibo with kitchen. "I hope you dont mind if i put on some music" He said just loud enough for Yibo to hear and pulled out his phone from his pocket and looked through the songs before playing one of them.

Placing the phone on the counter, he reached out for a pot that seemed just the right size for two packets and poured water into it and let it boil. He took out another pot to boil the eggs. He hummed along to the song as he busied himself with cooking letting his roommate do what he wanted in that time. He liked to sing, not in the i want to be a singer kind of way, but he simply enjoyed it so whenever a particular line came up that he really liked, he would sing along.

It wasnt long before he was done since it was instant noodles however you looked at it. He had already added the boiled eggs cut in halves into the pot along with the ramen. Bringing it to the table, he placed the pot in the center where both of them could reach easily. He took out bowls for and chopsticks and placed them in front of Yibo and then at his side before taking his seat. "Dont complain if you dont like it."

(https://youtu.be/dQkNOzNKBPM the song he played)
⁰¹ yibo w. 1 year ago
@⁰¹ taeyang c. Reading books was a requirement in Yibo's field of study. He read books in four languages to get through each assignment and he has been this way ever since he developed a deep passion for other cultures. This fact was the main reason why the inquiry surfaced. If anything, this could be one of common topics between the arguments, when things were more or less chill. Yibo wasn't an argumentative person, he didn't like to fight per se, but whenever his honest opinion was being looked down upon and disregarded rather than considered and tolerated, he wouldn't stay idle. He listened, he really did. It was an interesting philosophical discourse he very much could implement in his life. It was engaging, so much so that Yibo started thinking about the times when he was at the point in his life where he was feeling like giving up. "I've never given up," Yibo mumbled to himself, his own revelation coming forth at the idea. He looked up as an apology shot his way and his eyebrows furrowed in the slightest. "What are you sorry for? I asked," Yibo reminded his roommate. He didn't mind him talking, not when it was something like this and not an awfully pointed remark about his forgetfulness. Yibo did dispose of the trash, dusting his hands off. He was fairly pleased that he proved the equally bossy roommate that he could pull through with taking out the trash. But they would see the result next time, when he would forget again and another dispute would arise. Following the other, he remained silent mostly. It wasn't awkward, it was the way they were, silent, both reserved, it seemed.
⁰¹ taeyang c. 1 year ago
@⁰¹ yibo w. Taeyang had been watching to make sure Yibo did what he was supposed to do. Despite being a messy person, he despised the smell of garbage that floated around when it was overflowing. His eyes forever looked the same whether he was excited, happy, annoyed, sad. His smiles were rare. It was not that he had any sad history that made him so. It was just how he was. Even when he was flustered, his face would remain the same except for the tiny changes that only few could manage to spot. Some would wonder if he was detached from his emotions. But he wasnt. He was very attuned to his feelings.

He followed Yibo once he stepped out and walked with his hands shoved in his pockets. He was a little surprised when Yibo asked him about the book. It wasnt everyday that they talked about such simple topics. They were either arguing over what the other did wrong or living in their own world in silence. "It was nice. Made me think about things. Like did you know there is thing called accomodator? Which says that there is always an event in our lives that is responsible for us failing to progress. A giving up point. We simply give up because we think we cant do it instead of giving it a shot because of some trauma that had resulted in failure once in the past. It was quite a revelation." He stopped when he realised he had said more words in one go than he had ever said in all the days they had stayed together. "Sorry" He mumbled an apology for going on about something that might not be as interesting to the other as it was to him. Deciding to stay quiet, he let the other throw out the trash before making way towards the kitchen to cook some ramen.


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